tagSci-Fi & FantasyAwakened by Death

Awakened by Death


Inspired by Vampire: The Requiem and Mage: The Awakening. Of those who are familiar with the systems, you will recognize this as a mage awakening and some of the terms. I would also like to thank my new editor, who is god-sent in a time of need and very good at what he does.


The young woman looked out of place among my human admirers, a Virgin Mary among devil-worshipers. I watched her from my perch over the crowds. The thumping of the music in the place shook my frame as the notes invaded my eardrums. I noticed it always smelled like sweat and sex in here. The cold metal of the rail I held vibrated to the music. The strobe lights swirled and dotted along the mesmerizing throng of humans, creating a euphoric sight to the untrained eye.

The humans in the crowd had smug looks on their faces, dressed in their "punk" attire, as she passed through them. I concentrated, listening to her light breathing and the soft scent of soap of her skin. She was pleasingly normal to the eye, with young features, wide eyes and delicate limbs. Her unkempt hair was pulled back and her eyes framed due to bad sight. Her clothing was unflattering, her brown skirt hiding her slender legs and shapely hips. Her white blouse gave weight to her frame, enlarging her pert breasts. Only a tropical vest gave her shape, slimming her waist. She looked nervous and skittish. Considering this was a den of addicts and whores, it didn't surprise me.

My allies and I thrived on the weak of humanity, giving them hope and purpose. I suppose that's why I craved her, because she had purpose, hope and most importantly innocence. These cattle that frequented my haven were used in every way. She was fresh and so easy to manipulate, even without the use of my powers. Who would of ever thought she could be so dangerous to my kind just by reading the contents of one book? Killing her would be a waste, but what else could I do? The information in her mind was too dangerous to let her go. But that dilemma could wait; I wanted her desire above all else. That's why I called her here.

She bent over the bar to ask the tender of me. His eyes popped out of his shiny head but with a wary look he pointed her to the elevator. Rodgir was guarding it, only letting up whom I permitted. Though quiet and attentive, he was large and held a feral look about him, much like myself. He was a Beast of course, making him as loyal as he was dangerous. She made her way over to him. When she faced him, she shrunk at his presence. Before she could say anything, he put up his hand. He leaned towards her, his nostrils flaring. She looked concerned but didn't move. After a brief second, he leaned up and led her into the elevator. She disappeared from my sight as the gentle thrum of the elevator moving filled my ears pleasantly. Rodgir shot me a look and I shot a toothy grin at him. Finally the elevator reached the top floor. A shot of adrenaline and anxiety ran through my system, thinking of what was to come. She was so unsuspecting, this was going to be delicious.


Everything had been so strange these past couple of days. First the almost threatening invite, the strange bar and now the bodyguard that smells people. I began questioning why I came. The gentleman who had come into my bookstore had looked of aristocratic old money. I had treated him like every other customer, not paying any specific mind to him. He seemed disinterested in most of the store until he saw the book on the counter, a piece of my personal library I had accidentally left out. I had been skimming through it, having just purchased it from a estate sale. It was old as hell, half of the pages were brown with age and the cover was a torn, dirty cloth. I had made it to the second page, before realizing it was in a language I didn't even recognize. It had seemed very similar to Nordic runes though with more slopes, curves and some unrecognizable symbols. I looked it up online and was able to find a language chart pointing out what they meant. It was a phonetic language, formed by sounds. I had managed to translate the first few pages, before the Baron, what I had taken to calling the stranger, had visited my store. They talked about magic physics and some undead theories, it seemed. It was just my luck he was interested in it.

When the gentleman's eyes swept over the cover, a dark shadow seemed to cover his irises. It was an unsettling experience. He came over to me, behind the counter with the book and a unnatural glow seemed to fill his eyes as his demeanor changed to social. His words seemed to caress my ears like a silk ribbon, "May I see this piece of merchandise?"

I felt compelled to say no, but instead replied, "Of course, though it isn't for sale. It's part of my personal collection." A slight sneer formed in the corner of his mouth as a white gloved hand grazed the cover of the book. When he lowered his soul-piercing gaze to the book, I realized that six silver arrows graced the cover. The man flipped through the pages with a cat-like dexterity, careful but quick.

After a few moments, he looked back at me. I felt a slight pressure in my head as he spoke, "Allow me to bargain with you for it. I promise to make it more than worth your while."

"I'm not sure," I replied. He gave me a card with the address on the front printed in a nice sans-serif font, on the back he scribbled a date with a time, without brokering an argument and told me to consider it. Then he left, leading me to this place a few nights later.

I had come to the decision not to dress special and kept a cold lump of steely reserve in my chest as I progressed through the place. Faced with the bodyguard at the elevator, something just didn't feel right about him. The anxiety in my chest amplified when I got in the elevator. I kept thinking about how attractive the gentleman was and how suspicious this all seemed. The elevator glided to a stop after a few moments, giving out a small ding as the doors slid open. I straightened my back and stepped out.

The second floor was so dramatically different in mood and decor that it took me a moment to adjust. The floors were a rich auburn color and spotless, making me guilty about wearing shoes. All of the walls were a taupe color with lighted paintings of people upon them. There were two dirt brown leather sofas facing a large mirrored window looking down on the rest of the place. A shin-high coffee table of mahogany graced with a crystal vase of deep purple rhododendrons was placed in the center of the sofas. The lights were dim , giving off just enough light to see everything clearly. A small hallway was carved into the wall behind the sofas, however it's contents were unapparent at the angle I was standing. Little of the pounding, harsh music could be heard and a drift of the fresh smell of the flowers was on the air.

But as beautiful as the room was, the gentleman standing before the mirrored window was far more catching to the eye. After a few mere seconds, he aimed those piercing ebony eyes at me. He turned to face me, an unnatural grace in his limbs. From his thin lips in a voice of silk, "Please come in and make yourself comfortable, Ms. Tchirhart." I meekly moved to the nearest couch and sat down pertly, keeping the bag containing the book close to my side. Taking a moment to calm myself, I was able to take in his appearance fully. He looked to be in his late 30's, with a stocky build and moderate height. He had long black hair, tied back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck. His features were short and ruddy, with a long nose, thin lips, arched eyebrows and small eyes. His suit was a sharp black with light navy stripes in it. Loafers and a unbuttoned white shirt underneath the jacket gave the entire ensemble the relaxing after a meeting look. He had a amused grin on his lips as he looked at me. "Would you like any refreshments, Ms. Tchirhart?" His tone casual and friendly.

I replied curtly, "No thank you. First how do you know my name?"

"It is not hard information to come by, Ms. Tchirhart."

"Please call me Tammy. I feel 20 years older when someone addresses me like that."

"Of course. How rude of me, I am Baphmet Viscer and if you couldn't tell, the owner of this establishment."


"Very nice to have a name to the face, Mr. Viscer. However, I can't help but ask why you would have me come here?" She was quick this one. She seemed suspicious. It was going to make my life a little more difficult.

"To business it is then. I have interest in the article I saw the evening I came in."

She interrupted me with a polite tone, but carrying an edge of defiance, "And as I have told you before, it is part of my personal collection and thus, not for sale."

"That article is of great interest to me and my associates, my dear. I am willing to pay any price for it."

" Why would you have such great interest in a book, Mr. Viscer?" The question gave me what little room I needed to get her into the other room. I could of just killed her and taken the book already, however this little game was amusing , for the moment. I just couldn't decide if I wanted her body or blood more. Which caused me to wonder if my ulterior motives were obvious to her.

" It is a book of the occult, if you couldn't tell already. It holds many secrets of the arcane in relation to the world. I'm assuming you have already found a way to translate it." Her eyes widened in response. I knew that she did and that meant she was....awakening, I believe the witches called it. I would have to do this quickly as I had never seen the process, making me wonder if she was already capable of throwing power around. Her naivety was her weakness. I did not want her any less.

I continued, "Please allow me to show you my generous offer so that you may consider it." I walked over to her and she hesitantly stood and followed me to the bedroom I had set into the back of the guest room. I had the lights all the way up for her considering I did not need them. I had a metal briefcase set on my bed. I could hear how her pulse increased and the sound of her teeth clicking together. How I wanted to tangle my fingers in her hair and taste her virginity. I had decided by that point, I wanted both her body and blood. Though due to the circumstances, I would have to take her body first.

I spoke as I went over to the case and opened it, "$25,000 dollars even. You can walk home with it tonight." Her eyes went to the strapped 100 dollar bills in the case. Unlike usual, greed did not fill her eyes, instead her brow furrowed as though she was thinking. Releasing the case, I went over to in front of her. I put on my best sympathetically sultry look as I cupped her chin. , gently forcing her to look upon my face. Having her undivided attention, I spoke, "Please allow me to sway you." I had lowered my tone and could tell it's effect.

She was rosy in the cheeks and her eyes were severe, but that of a puppy's first heat. The scent of her wanting sex tickled my nose. This was too easy, I kept thinking, as I wrapped my arm around her. She flushed further as she felt my fingers gracefully slide up and down her back.

She lowered her gaze as she brought her hands up to my chest, gently pushing me away. Getting only six inches away, her gaze returned to my face with a gentle nudge from my hand. "Please, Mr. Viscer, this is unnecessary." Her voice trembled as she attempted to keep her resolve, her breathlessness seemed to make me even more daring.

I leaned down, very close to her face and whispered, "Oh, it's very necessary." I brushed her warm pink lips with my own. Feeling her body stiffen and her pulse triple, I pushed my tongue into her mouth, curling it around her own. My hand at her jaw crept into her hair, twining itself into the strands. I could feel her push against me in meager attempts to resist. Smiling inwardly, I tugged light on her hair while sucking on her lip, feeling her resistance evaporate. The bag with the book dropped to the floor as our kiss turned to one of sheer passion. I let my hand that was not occupied with her hair caress down her side and grabbed her leg, curling it around me. Heavy breaths came from her as my hand cupped her bare thigh. She was well shaved and her skirt rode up with my hand. I couldn't get enough of her taste, smell and reactions to my touch, encouraging my hunger-laced lust.


He was in control. No questions, no protesting, no gently guiding him, no commanding him, either. Not that it bothered me too much. I was so wanton with want for him, I managed to break all of my suspicions and doubt. He was good, almost too good. From the musty earthen smell that clung to him to the faint coppery taste in his mouth, I melted into him. My pulse was astronomical in pace and I was extremely moist between my legs.

He spotted my jawline and neck with kisses as his hand slid up my leg to my flower. Heavy, moan-laced breaths escaped me as his mouth traced down my collarbone to the hollow between my breasts. My hands instinctively went to the buttons on his jacket, fumbling to get them undone. The hand in my hair began to loosen and undo it, letting it fall to my shoulders. I felt like a child as I fumbled with his buttons and his hand trailed to my vest and with practiced ease, undid it. He let my leg go as he pushed the cloth off me. He then went to my white blouse, having it off in seconds. My ordinary black bra made me self-conscious, though it didn't bother him. He looked like a man possessed as he claimed my mouth again and found the zipper to my skirt. I finally got the buttons on his jacket as the skirt fell to the floor. I felt like an idiot standing there in my boots and underwear; so I slid the boots off using my feet. As I looked back up, I realized he had removed the jacket. His fiery eyes seem to sear across my skin, leaving heat and need in their wake.

I held myself up, preparing for another assault but he watched me instead. My head went to the side as I quizzically peered into him. He then grabbed the bra, gently pulling me to him. I slowly started undoing the buttons of his shirt, focusing on that task as he ran his hands against my bare flesh. I shivered and arched in reaction, goosebumps forming on my skin. I finished with the buttons quickly, revealing the chest underneath. Formed muscle, defined by sharp lines and pale flesh greeted my gaze. He also had risen scars, forming mars upon the perfection of his body. He looked down upon me as a finger traced the outline of one on his side to his midsection. A deep sigh came from him as I did this, than self-consciously stopped. I slipped my hands under the shirt, sliding it off his arms. I looked up to him and swore I could see flecks of red in his eyes. His expression changed when he looked at me and his leaned down into me, his lips gracing my ear, "Do not fear. I...want you too much." This line sent shivers into my spine and cold into my stomach.

I slid my tongue along the line of his neck, following it up and the groove of the muscle back down to the collarbone. I proceeded even farther by circling his nipple. I then lightly nipped at it, and sucked. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders as his hand trailed down the center of my body. He then domineered another aggressive kiss from me as the tips of his fingers grazed the cloth covering my mound. I drew in sharp and quick, as lightning pleasure tickled me. His hand then slipped underneath the cloth, caressing the sprinkle of hair leading to the core of my desire. His fingers lingered there, striking the cords of my want, tickling them this way and that, filling me with the tension before release. Sweat formed on my hairline as heat seared my midsection and tenseness filled the lips of my flower. He then drove his finger inward, up toward my spine. This finger bypassed the proof of my virginity and tickled my most sensitive spot, spiking the coming orgasm. I tasted his mouth with heightened senses as the release came closer. I begged, my voice not my own, "Please, don't stop. I'm so close." He smiled with predatory satisfaction as his hand continued with renewed vigor and I came, hot fluid filling my crevice and my bud clenched, filling me with peace.

With this, he pushed the scrap of cloth left on me off and unsnapped my bra with uncanny speed and grace. He then pushed my naked body suddenly and forcefully onto the bed, kissing me deeply. I felt his ready and willing member as his tongue filled my mouth. I was overwhelmed with burning desire as he removed his pants and was shocked at the width and length of his bulging manhood. He pulled me to him as his hips intertwined with my throbbing loins. He pushed the head of his meat against the lips of my pussy as his hands cupped my hips. I bit my lip as he slowly entered penetrating my hymen and he quickly hilted me. I cried out in a throaty mixture of pleasure and pain.


The smell of the blood coming from her cunt was driving my beast insane. My eyes were surely red from the hunger. The sensation of her untouched insides was the only thing keeping me intact, as she was searing hot and gushing wet. She was gripping the sheets above her head and her eyes were closed as I began to rock my hips back and forth. Low-pitched moans came from her as I put my arm under one of her legs. She was overwhelming my inhuman senses. Watching her writhe in the ecstasy I was giving her, the smell of her cunt's sweet languid juices laced with her blood and the feel of her was almost too much. I pounded her a little faster as I felt my canines and claws extend. I kept the mind set to flip her over, knowing if she saw me, it would send her into blind fear. As enraptured as she was, fear is an all-consuming emotion blocking or stopping all other emotions.

With practiced ease I flipped her off of her back and onto her stomach, never seizing my relentless pounding of her cunt. I was sure I heard a gasp of surprise, but it could have been my imagination. I tangled one hand in her hair keeping her face down. The sight of her jiggling tits as I pushed into her amused me. Feeling the strange pressure of release, my beast ravaged against my control again, knowing it was soon time. My kind amazingly does not lose the ability to orgasm, simply the ability to reproduce. Once the pressure came, it was soon over and my dick twitched with the reflex of coming, though no fluid came forward. The orgasm was hollow, too quick and with none of the pleasant side effects my body once enjoyed.

Finally, and with a little reluctance, I gave into my beast. Using my hand still entwined in her hair, I pulled her head back and to the side, revealing the subtle curve of her neck. She was panting from the hormones still raging in her system.. I grabbed her arm and ran my lips down her neck. I bit down savagely, my canines punching holes into her shoulder and producing a 'ah' sound from her. She shuddered in pain as I drank deep. Echoes of her thoughts came to me. They were of confusion and want. She finally fell limp with unconsciousness, a signal that I had taken enough to kill her. I let her go and her body fell to the bed, her hips still in the air. I did not bother to lick the wound as I would probably burn the body. "Such a waste," I said as I began to dress. The body was already pale, making me realize she would have been beautiful as one of the undead.

I sighed and went back to the viewing room. I picked up the bag with the book. With almost careless motions I discarded the bag and began to leaf through the pages of the book. It was all in High Speech, meaning I would have to take it to a Mage to translate it. That meant I would also be paying a heavy price for such and only a Lich or Free Council would do it.

My thoughts got interrupted by a light moan from the other room. Did I not finish her off? I could of sworn I did. I swiftly stepped back into the room, only to find the girl sitting on the bed with her head in her hands facing the doorway. She smelled of sulfur, soil and a rotting corpse. As her onyx-like eyes looked up at me, I finally saw the aura above her. A cloaked mist like woman of half flesh and half bone came two feet up from the girl . My resolve barely kept as I informed her, "You've awakened." Her eyes seemed to burn holes in my dead soul as I heard a torrent of voices fill my ears. The screams and cries of Stygia put me to my knees, as overwhelming pain lanced through my mind. I clasped my hands around my ears, squeezing my eyes shut against the pain, screaming at nothing, as I tried to block them out.

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