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Author's note: This story is intended as a two part series only. However if there is enough interest I may add a third part, as I have left a few open threads in the storyline.



The sharp rap on the door as the brass knocker banged urgently echoed down the corridor causing Jeff Lake to raise his eyes from his journal and look forlornly at the offending portal.

He had just settled down to read an industry magazine, reclining back on the luxurious sofa, whiskey in hand. "God sakes! What is it now?" he muttered, putting down his glass and magazine and standing up.

The knocker rapped again, louder and more insistent this time.

"Coming! Coming!" he shouted. His tall, lean frame strode down the long hallway wondering who would be out in weather like this. It had been a cool but mild afternoon, average for late autumn, then scarcely fifteen minutes prior a howling cold wind had blown up bringing a bitterly cold rain and plummeting the temperature dramatically.

'God forbid if its one of those door to door sales persons,' he mulled to himself. He reached the door as the knocker started again and pulled it open towards him.

His eyes opened in wide surprise. This was no annoying sales person, but the girl from next door; Jennifer Carson.

She was in a state. Shivering from cold as it appeared she had been caught in the storm wearing only a thin blouse and short skirt for protection. Tears streamed down her pretty face and she looked sadly up at him.

"Jennifer! What the hell are you doing out here? Come inside, quickly!" Jeff grabbed her hand and pulled her into the warmth of his house and shut the door on the raging wind.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and guided her to the lounge where he seated her down and then went to the fire place and heaped a few more logs on to it. He then went to the kitchen and poured a double scotch and water and returned to the sorry sight on his lounge.

Sitting next to her her gave her the glass. "Here, take a sip. It'll warm you up."

"Thank you," she replied with a half smile forced through her tear stained face.

"I'll be back in a moment." He jumped up and proceeded to the bathroom.

Jennifer held the tumbler tightly and took a sip of the liquid. It was strong, stronger than any alcohol she had ever tasted. Braving a larger dose she took a mouthful and swallowed it carefully. She coughed suddenly at the unexpected fire in her throat, but as the amber liquid settled in her stomach she felt the warm glow extend through her chest and reach tendrils deep into her belly. She sighed deeply and started to feel better.

As Jeff returned to the lounge, he stopped at the doorway to one side of the lounge and looked at the form of Jennifer as she sat, head bowed, soaking up the heat from the fire and sipping her whiskey. Jennifer, or Jenni as she preferred to be know was eighteen years old, the daughter of Michael and Tracey Carson. He had know the family for about ten years from the time they had moved in next door. Jenni was eight and her older brother about twelve or so at the time.

Jeff had become very good friends with the family, having his own two children, Karen and Brad in their early teens. He was raising them as a sole parent now that a year previous to the Carsons moving in his own wife had died tragically in a vehicle accident.

Jennifer's brother had recently joined the armed forces and his own two children flown the coop a few years ago to pursue their lives elsewhere. He lived alone in the big house pouring his energies into his work.

She looked up and turned her head, spying him at the doorway and smiled genuinely at him.

"I got you a towel to dry your hair and ummm, a box of tissues," he held them out to her as he walked over to the lounge.

"Thank you. You are too kind," she remarked as she took a handful of tissues and wiped the tears from her face and blew her nose.

He sat down next to her. "Now what were you doing out in that weather and why aren't you inside your own house?"

Jenni looked up at him tears starting up in her eyes. "Uncle Jeff." She had called him that from a young age as he had often helped with babysitting the Carson's children and he almost came to know them as his own, especially Jenni.

"Uncle Jeff, I...", she started and then gulped down the rest of her whiskey, coughing slightly again from the fierceness of the liquid. The warmth penetrated deep into her belly and the dizzying effects of the alcohol hit her brain with the most unusual sensations.

"I, I," she stuttered slightly, "I got home and the door was locked and I forgot my key, and mom and dad weren't home and then it started to rain and I had a really big fight with my boyfriend and I was cold and, and I just didn't know what to do!" Her voice reached a high pitch as she finished and then sobbed and buried her face into his chest.

He wrapped an arm around her and let her cry out her anguish. It wasn't the first time he'd had to console a distraught teenager; his own daughter or Jenni.

"That's okay honey," he hushed. "Everything will be fine."

She clung to him as she sobbed and he was becoming acutely aware of her body pressing against him. He had seen Jenni grow from a pretty young girl into a beautiful young woman in the span of a decade.

He remembered her lithe figure from a few weeks back when he went to the Carson's for a pool party. It only seemed like yesterday she was a blossoming adolescent, and now all of a sudden she had flowered into full womanhood. Jenni had strutted about for most of the afternoon in a skimpy bikini, her firm, medium sized breasts barely covered by the two small triangles of material, bounced slightly as she walked. She could easily be a model he had mused, appreciating her slender form: flat belly, nicely curved hips and small round backside.

He studied her closer; She had a fine featured oval face, slightly wide mouth with full lips above a strong jawline. High set cheekbones accentuated her large blue eyes. Her blond hair was tied back in a pony tail falling a little past shoulders that displayed a strength and sculpting from years of sport and activity. She had a feminine grace that drew one's eye; a slightly bowed back highlighting her round butt and long legs on her five foot seven inch frame that led forever upwards to a mound barely hidden by the bikini bottom. When she had climbed out of the pool he couldn't help notice how the wet material clung desperately, drawing inwards slightly at the middle where her labia met. He could clearly see her pussy lips were quite thick and scanning upwards he saw how her erect nipples strained against the top.

Jeff's brain did what all male brains did best in milliseconds. It had almost instantly assessed her as a prime sexual mate. His pulse throbbed and he stared longer. A few times she had caught him looking at her and she smiled coyly and sauntered past him slowly or turned her back and bent forwards at the hip, scratching at something on her foot. His imagination ran riot then and he was sure she was teasing him. He was hard pressed not too make it obvious to his hosts that he was leering at their daughter. He was old enough to easily be her father.

Jenni had calmed down and he handed her a handful of tissues with which she proceeded to blow her nose and wipe away the tears. Jeff suspected that the source of Jenni's grief was the fight with her boyfriend. Ordinarily she was a strong minded girl and the other events she would have brushed off. This personal issue was much more serious and was probably her first real "relationship tester".


She looked up at him. Since she had started to mature as an adolescent she had developed a crush on her "Uncle Jeff" as she affectionately knew him. Despite the age difference she regarded him as handsome, even though he was greying a little at the temples. He was tall, fit and had been like a second father to her over the years. She had wondered why he had never remarried, instead having a series of girlfriends, none last more than six months. She started to have an idea why, when in the last few years her hormones started to exert their inevitable effect on her rapidly maturing body, producing strong urges.

Urges she now knew as sexual desires. The desire to hold a man, kiss him, feel his body pressed against her own, penetrating her, thrusting into her, climaxing. She couldn't imagine being with one person for years, having so little experience. Maybe he wanted variety, a variety she craved also.

"Yes Uncle Jeff," she responded in a low breath.

He hesitated, not sure how to broach the subject. "Jenni, this ummm, 'fight' you had with your boyfriend, is it something you want to talk about?"

Her brain was swimming from the effects of the alcohol and being so close to Jeff. She still held on to him, pressing her body into his strong, warm embrace. The fight she had with her boyfriend, Jason wasn't something she could talk to her parents about, or even her closest girlfriends. They just wouldn't understand. Uncle Jeff was always so kind, understanding and considerate. He was experienced with these matters and she knew she had his confidence.

She swallowed hard and licked her lips. "I, we, I mean, I wanted him to do something and he didn't agree and I got upset and then he started shouting and call me names and stuff."

Jeff felt he was venturing into dark waters, but his interest was piqued, more so by his desire to know more of what made Jenni tick. He felt she was confiding in him things no one else would know, or should know.

"What sort of things Jenni? They can't be bad can they?"

Her mind reeled with the thoughts as she bought them back and her pulse increased as a gentle throb began, somewhere deep down in her loins.

"I, I asked him to lick me," she said almost in a whisper, looking down.

Jeff bought a finger to her chin and raised it so she had to look him in the eye.

"You wanted him to lick your pussy Jenni?"

"Yes, and..." her voice trailed off.


"I asked him to take me in my backside."

Jeff was dumbstruck for a moment. He hadn't expect such an explicit confession from an angel.

She interrupted his thoughts, "Is, is that normal? I'm not weird am I? He said that it was dirty and he said he'd never ever lick any pussy, it was too disgusting and I was a slut if I wanted anal sex."

"Jenni, baby," Jeff said reassuringly, "you're perfectly normal. I think your boyfriend is the weird one."

"So, like you, you've lick a woman's pussy and, and..."

The ice was truly broken now.

"And fucked her in the ass. Yes. Many times."

Her imagination went wild as her mind's eye saw him taking one of his recent girlfriends one her hands and knees, his cock plunging deep in her backside. Her pussy throbbed as a surge of excitement coursed through her chest.

Jenni's inhibitions were evaporating like a summer rain in the desert.

"I, I also wanted him to fuck me without a condom, but he said that was dangerous and I said I was on the pill and everything and he said I shouldn't be because I might want to fuck other guys and I'd get diseases and get pregnant and then he said I was just a dirty whore."

"He's never fucked you without a condom?"

"No sir," she replied submissively. After a moment she added, "I want to feel cum in my pussy."

Words failed him now. What do you say to that?

He held her close. The brazen admissions of her sexual desires were making his blood boil with desire and his cock responded by thickening and growing longer.

"Uncle Jeff, is it wrong to want to have sex with other men?"

He looked into her deep blue eyes. By God he wanted her.

"No baby, it's perfectly normal."

"All at the same time?"

Now he knew what he had on his hands. This young, perfect woman was a hotbed of raging sexual desire driven by an overload of hormones. She needed to be satisfied. However he didn't realise the extent of her rampant urges.

"It's a little unusual," he managed to croak. His throat had gone dry as his own system started to gear up for mating. He swallowed and tried to regain some composure. This young woman was having an effect on him like no other he had ever encountered.

"Uncle Jeff." She looked up at him, her whole body pulsing with desire now.

"Yes baby," his eyes locked with hers and he felt as though he was falling in an endless well of blue.

"Do you want to have sex with me?" She had bared her soul to him and now she wanted to bare her body.

Her stared at her, trying to absorb what she had said. "Jenni, you're a beautiful woman. You could have any man you want."

Her reply was simple. "I want you. Will you fuck me?"

No verbal answer was need. He bent his head down and kissed her full lips. They were soft and warm and as they embraced, his tongue slipped into her mouth. Her breath was sweet and laden with the sent of the whiskey she had drunk and her own tongue writhed around his, sucking it before sending it deep into his own mouth where he sucked and licked the slippery organ.

Jeff held her close to him with one arm and let his free hand roam over her shoulder and down to a breast. He cupped it through the material of the blouse and bra, squeezing it as they continued to tongue kiss.

Jenni's hand fell from his shoulder and down to his thigh. Her body was on fire now as he held her close beginning his explorations of her young body. She moved her hand, almost involuntarily, seeking the one thing she wanted most. Her hand slid up his thigh until it encountered a warm bulge. Placing her palm on it she gently traced it length.

Her pussy throbbed. God! It felt big!

Jeff felt Jenni's small hand slide along his stiffening cock trapped in his jeans and moaned into her mouth as he felt her squeeze it. He was giddy with lust, a feeling he hadn't had since he was a teenager, such was her effect on him.

His hand left her breast and slid down her side and then up underneath the blouse. Fingers felt the underside of the bra then expertly push it up allowing his palm to cup her naked orb. It was so soft and warm in his hand and he rolled the thick nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"Mmmmmmmm," Jenni moaned into Jeff's mouth as an electric spark course from her nipple into her pussy. She felt the slickness between her legs and her heart hammered against her chest as her lust grew.

Jeff's free hand dropped down her back and grasped the bottom of the blouse pulling it up. Jenni knew what he wanted and breaking their tongue kiss grabbed the top and pulled it over her head in a single swift motion. Without stopping she undid the bra and flung it to the floor to join the discarded blouse.

He looked at her magnificent breasts. Perfectly formed they hung on her chest without any sag. Dark nipples, fat and stiff jutted out surrounded by a smallish areola. He pushed her back into the plush leather lounge and cupping the underside of one breast wrapped his mouth around it, sucking in the soft flesh and lashing the hard nipple with his tongue.

Jenni's hands flew to his head and gripped it holding him to her breast and she pushed her chest outwards. A stream of pleasure flowed from her sensitive nipple down deep into her loins as he suckled the erect bud . She felt fingertips on the inside of her thigh near her knee moving up slowly. Her body was fully aroused now. Every touch sent tingles coursing through her and as Jeff's hand slid gently up her inner thigh her legs parted of their own accord. Such was her state that instinct was taking over and guiding her movements to their ultimate outcome.

Jeff felt her legs open as his hand approached her soft juncture. He had not been with a woman for a couple of months and his need was urgent. Now was not the time for long love making. His fingers met he pantie covered mound and still suckling her breast he slowly stroked up her puffy slit. He could feel the dampness of the material. She was ready, so ready and he needed her, desperately.

He left her breast and moved between her splayed legs. Her skirt had ridden up exposing white panties. The crotch was stained with her arousal and Jeff could smell her pungent sex odour distinctly. His hormones went into overdrive sending his lust skywards. He grabbed her skirt on either side of her hips and pulled it and her soaked panties off her long sleek legs.

He stared in disbelief at her vulva as her legs, freed of the skirt and panties fell wide apart for him. He looked at the most beautiful pussy he had ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on. Thick puffy outer lips parted to reveal magnificent long, thick inner lips that jutted out from her vulva such was their arousal. The whole area was damp and glistening with her secretions. He looked up from her pussy rimmed in blond hair over her prominent Mound of Venus with it's vee of blond pubic locks and up her slender waist, past her heaving chest and perfect firm breasts to her lust filled face.

His eyes locked with hers. Blue pools of desire, drawing him in as he lowered his mouth and swiftly engulfed her puffy inner labia deep into his mouth.

Jenni looked into Jeff's blazing lust filled green eyes as he knelt there between her outspread legs. All shyness and shame had fled with her inhibitions by now and all she desired was to give herself totally to this man. She watched, almost without thought as their eyes held together and saw his face descend to her most private region, that to which only one other person had ever known, but never as Jeff was about to do.

His mouth suddenly opened and sucked her pussy in, bathing it in warm saliva, his tongue sliding over the delicate flesh.

"AGHHHHHHHH," she cried and thrust her hips forward into his face as her hands gripped the soft leather cushions. Incredible sensations flooded her loins and her pussy throbbed deeply as it had never done before.

His tongue slid with purpose over her puffy inner lips; around and between before settling at the top where the parting began. Expertly he sucked her clit and surrounding labia in, keeping a pulsing sucking motion and licking the underside of her labia where just above her engorged sensitive clit lay.

Jennifer's mind was reeling. Never had she felt such a feeling in her pussy. It felt as though the whole of her sex was in his mouth. The licking of his strong tongue over her hooded clit sending bolts of pleasure through her tight young body. Suddenly he exposed her clitoris and licked the naked organ directly with long strokes. Jenni's hands flew to his head, gripping his hair and jamming his face into her crotch. She was approaching a climax, a big one. She had had orgasms before, solo, but never like this. This was something completely different. It was as though the whole universe had ceased to exist, but for the endless, relentless sensation in her pussy.

Suddenly it happened. Her ragged breathing caught in her throat and her whole body went rigid. The universe opened into brilliant white light as her mind and body exploded with indescribable pleasure.

Jeff hung onto Jenni's quivering thighs as her legs spread even wider and her hands tried to pull him face first into her pulsing sex. Her back arched and she went rigid for what seemed minutes as her orgasm rolled on and on. Never had he had tongued a woman to such and intense climax and it kept on going. Suddenly she relaxed slightly and moaned; a deep satisfying moan that continued as he caressed her clit with his tongue. He had learnt from experience to back off at a certain point to extend his partner's climax, but Jenni's was proceeding further than any he encountered. She was in a constant state of climax as long as he kept licking her sex.

Eventually his need overcame his want to tongue this young woman forever. Slowly he disengaged his mouth from her and he knelt back up, relieving the pressure on his turgid cock, trapped within the confines of his jeans.

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