She woke up breathing heavily, nipples hard, with a throbbing between her legs.

She looked around, expecting to see her beau with a grin on his face but he had long since gone off to work.

"That was interesting," she said aloud. "I wonder what brought that on?"

She got up out of bed to find she had left a large wet spot on the bed. "Looks like I need to change the sheets." She laughed to herself.

She kept shaking her head, trying to figure out what had gone on. He beau had long ago decided that sex was just not in the cards for them. If he couldn't, she couldn't either. An occasional kiss, sometimes a hug was all she got from him. In her soul she longed to be fucked silly but settled for a relationship that had everything but that. The longer she went without it, the easier it was to accept that this was the way it was.

Dream, fantasy, whatever this was, had awakened a part of her she thought she had buried for good. It made her feel alive again.

She pulled off the sheets enjoying the scent of her own essence that filled the room. It engulfed her. Every time she moved the sheets, it got stronger.

"Mmmmm. It's been a very long time since this room has smelled like this."

She thought about wrapping herself in the sheets but decided to be practical & put them in the hamper.

"Guess I better get a shower & get the smell of pussy out of the room."

Part of her was very sad that it had to be this way but she knew that if she encouraged her sensual nature, there would be no putting the genie back into the bottle. So she walked into the bathroom & started the shower.

She stopped to look at herself in the mirror. At one time her beau described her as "oozing sex". It had been so long since she had felt desired that she no longer felt that way. All she saw were all the signs of her age. Cellulite, wrinkles, an over round ass. She sighed. Her one bright spot was she still had perfect tits. Not quiet as perky as they once were but still in good shape. Large dark pink responsive nipples that stood up at a stiff breeze perched in the middle of a dark aureole. She pinched her left one & a shiver ran through her. She smiled.

"Enough! Can't get that started again." She scolded herself.

She opened the shower door & walked into the shower. The hot water felt wonderful. Relaxing. As the steam rose she got lost in her own thoughts. Determined that she was not going to give into her clit that continued to call her name.

She got out of the shower & dried herself off. As she was deciding to get dressed she happened to spot her nipple rings. It was actually more like a necklace for her tits. The rings had tassels on the outside edge with three chains connecting the two rings. She hadn't worn them in ages and she didn't remember having left them in plain sight.

"Hmmmm... I guess wearing these won't hurt too much." she thought as she pushed the ends together to slide the rings around each nipple. She pulled the end of each nipple to slide the ring down farther down. The stood up proudly. She looked into the mirror & admired them. The sight made her smile.

Since she had the chains on, she didn't want to bury those beautiful nipples in a bra so she slipped her favorite sheer black tube top on. The one she wore the first night she & her beau had spent together. He used to love it. Now she wore it for herself.

She walked out to the bedroom & started making the bed. Housework was a great distraction but she was enjoying the fact that every time she bent over, the shirt rolled down past her tits, stimulating those nipples even more. As she bent over the bed one last time, ass in the air she felt something. Maybe it was the fact that she was a bit more stimulated than she had been in months, but she swore she felt a hard cock pressing against her ass. She stood up & it was gone.

"Damn." she thought. That did feel so good.

She finished the bed & walked downstairs to start her day. First things first, she needed coffee. As she stood waiting for her coffee to brew, she felt hot breath against the back of her neck followed by a kiss. it actually felt more like an open mouth nibble than a soft kiss. It made her knees weak.

"What the??" she turned to see if someone had come in the house. There was no one behind her.

"You are losing your mind woman." she thought.

She picked up her coffee & sat at the bar reading the paper. Well, trying to read the paper. She couldn't concentrate. She looked down at her nipples & they were hard as rocks. The morning events had her completely distracted. If there would have been a man nearby she probably would have broken her resolve. The more she tried to think of other things, the more her mind & her body ached for something else to happen.

"Alright woman, this is not getting anything done." She rinsed out her coffee cup & headed to the laundry room to start on the laundry. Sorting didn't seem to go as it should. She was putting colors in with whites. "Pay attention will ya?" she thought as she bent over & pulled the pink shirt out of the pile of whites. As she stood up, her shirt had fallen past her tits completely. As she was reaching to pull her shirt back up, she felt each of her nipples being pinched. Then watched as they were pulled.

That did it. She knew she was losing her mind. But she didn't move. She couldn't. It felt so good.

One nipple was let go but it was followed by feeling a warm mouth start sucking on it.

"Oh god..." she moaned & closed her eyes.

The sucking got stronger. She could feel teeth. Then gently biting.

Her clit was throbbing again. If it didn't stop she was about to cum right there.

She felt her nipples being pulled hard again. Twisted. She wanted to see but was afraid that if she opened her eyes it would stop.

"Oh yesssssss..." she moaned as came. She had to hang onto the washer because her knees gave buckled.

She opened her eyes not knowing what she would see. Hoping she had a dream lover in front of her smiling, but no one was there.

She pulled up her shirt again & shook her head. "You've got a great imagination." she thought. "Now that didn't really happen. You just need some attention." She turned & walked back into the kitchen.

For several hours, she was able to maintain her usual schedule of duties. By the end of the day she was convince it was all in her head.

She had wandered upstairs to clean the master bath. "Nothing like dirty work to get your mind off sex." she thought. She did love her bathroom. Two walls of mirrors, sinks on either end. Garden tub & shower. She cleaned the shower, tub & toilet then started cleaning the counter top & mirrors. As she was leaning on the counter top cleaning the mirror, she felt it again. That rock hard cock rubbing against her ass. She dropped her hand, still leaning, enjoying the sensation.

"Mmmmm..." she purred.

She was watching her reflection in the mirror as her top was pulled down past her tits. She didn't mind. They were loving the attention. She felt arms around her undoing her jeans. Fingers on the sides reaching in & pulling her jeans & underwear down in one continuous motion. As they hit the floor, she stepped out of them & smiled.

She felt a hand press on her back, making her lean back onto the counter. She obeyed. She felt hands pulling at her nipples & the sensation of a thick, long hard cock sliding between her ass cheeks.

"Oh please fuck me."

The hand pushed her down just a bit more, allowing her now soaking wet pussy to be at the perfect angle for her ghostly lover. She felt his cock teasing her pussy. Sliding back & forth. God she wanted that cock inside her.

"Do it please. I want that cock."

With that she felt what she had needed for so long slam deep inside her tight under-used pussy. Ramming in & out, harder & faster. She ground her hips to meet each thrust. It felt so good.

She was watching, listening to the sounds of her juices around a cock. Watching her body react to the motions of an unseen lover fucking her. She knew what she was feeling could not be possible. Yet it was happening. Every inch of her body was on fire. She was completely lost in the moment.

She felt her pussy tightening as her excitement grew. Closer & closer to an explosive orgasm.

"Harder!!!!!!!!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" she screamed as she collapsed over the counter.

She pulled herself up & realized he was no longer inside her. She sighed.

She shook her head. "If I have lost my mind, then I hope I never get cured."

She gathered herself up & not knowing what would happen next.

Over the next several days she was visited quiet often by her ghost lover. He fucked her every way possible in every room.

She was smiling again.

Somehow, housework didn't seem so dull anymore.

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