It is a quiet Saturday night at home. You are not here tonight and I have filled my evening with housework and laundry and other such tasks. I have accomplished a lot during the day and am starting to feel tired. I decide a nice bubble bath would be good.

I run the water and fill it with bubbles. Lower the lights and light a few candles in the room also. I climb into the tub and enjoy the restful feeling it brings about. As I close my eyes and relax, I think about the discussion we recently had on the telephone. You suggested that you ‘give me a bath’. You would sensually touch my entire body as I lie in the bath tub in front of you. I can see this in my minds eye as I think about it and I enjoy the picture.

I get out of the tub and decide to go to bed. My pussy is soaked from the thoughts in the tub but I decide to climb into my nice soft bed without doing anything about it. I know that I will probably dream about you as I drift off to sleep. I put on a nice silky burgundy negligee and climb into bed. It doesn’t take long until I am sound asleep.

I wake up quickly and look at the clock. I swear I hear something and I sit silently to see what woke me. The clock says 3:10 am. I hear nothing and close my eyes to go back to sleep. I must’ve been dreaming. As I do, however, I hear something again. I sit up and wait for more noise. ‘Is the television on?’ I think. I am sure I didn’t have it on, so that is unlikely. It does sound like it is however and the flicker from the light of it is shining into my bedroom.

My heart sinks as I realize that someone else has turned it on. ‘What type of burglar stops to watch television?’ I reason with myself. This starts to wake me up even further as I contemplate what I am going to do next. I very quietly get up and start out of the bedroom to survey the situation. As I step into the hallway, I do see the television on. In fact, there is a very vivid scene on the screen of a woman lying back as a man very expertly licks her pussy. I feel my pussy throb as I see this.

At this point, I know it must be you. You put on a movie to see how long it would take to wake me up. I am sure that I will walk into the living room and see you sitting on the couch stroking your cock as you watch the movie. You know how much I love to find you stroking. Your nice hard cock wrapped by your strong hand and bringing yourself pleasure for me to see. It is so very hot. My pussy throbs even more so as I picture it.

I start to walk down the hallway, when I hear a moan from the couch. I stop, however, because this is not your moan and I am sure it didn’t come from the television. More moans from the couch, where I can’t see yet. A moment passes where I am confused. What woman is in my house watching porno movies on my television while I sleep in the other room? I am no longer sure it is you and am again frightened and puzzled at the same time.

The sound of her moans, do have a reaction on my body. My nipples are hard and I am close enough to smell her nice wet pussy. I am still concerned, who is she? Just as that thought runs through my head, she gets louder. “Yes, Yes…. Oh please don’t stop that” she says. Sounds familiar, I think. I have said that many times while you were licking my pussy. That thought makes me realize something. It is 3:00 something and I probably am being woken up by you. Just not by you alone it seems. This realization makes me think of the times we have discussed such a fantasy. Again, my pussy throbs with anticipation.

I quietly walk further down the hall so I can see more. I know that with your attention to detail that you can hear me but the likelihood that your friend notices me is low. She is a little preoccupied and I know that feeling so well. I can see over the arm of the couch now. Her head is on the arm, her hips pushed up and your head is buried between her legs. I watch as she bucks and grabs your head, pushing you into her. Her moans are louder now as she tells you what a wonderful pussy licker you are. I feel my pussy drip right down my leg at this scene.

The woman on the television screen begins to cum and I believe that the woman on the couch is following her lead. You pull back and begin to finger fuck her hard and as you do, you look over the arm of the couch and our eyes connect. You smile an evil smile at me and I know that you haven’t told her that I am here. I reach up and rub my nipples as I watch you. The girl finally pulls away from you because she can’t take anymore. She pushes you back and leans forward to start to suck your cock. Almost in unison with the couple on the television screen. You are still turned where you can maintain eye contact with me and she can’t see me still.

She is almost naked. She has long, blonde wavy hair. Her body is very attractive and I am enjoying a view of her naked ass as she bobs up and down on your nice stiff cock. You do a good job of staying in tuned to me without letting her know I am there. You reach your hands around and pull down on her head and I just can’t stand it anymore. You watch my hand slide up my leg and under my night gown. You know that I am soaked by this and that I have my fingers tracing across my pussy lips. She is doing such a good job sucking your cock that you begin to cum right across her lips and face. I plunge my fingers into my pussy as I watch this.

She leans back and is amazed that you are still hard. I enjoy hearing her comments about it, knowing that it is very normal – for you, anyway. You put her on the floor in front of you as you stay on the couch on her hands and knees. She is facing the television, where the couple on the screen has started to fuck doggie style. She is leaned over the coffee table and you are still able to look at me without alerting her. You never break eye contact with me as you slide your nice hard cock into her pussy.

It is very wet and pulls your cock in as you enter. I am leaned against the wall with my legs spread so I can finger fuck my pussy as I watch you. The scene is driving me crazy. A porno movie on the television screen and then a live porno on my couch with you involved. You grab hold of her hips and start to literally fuck her nice little pussy from behind. The sound of your bodies slapping together overtakes the room, allowing my moans of pleasure to be unnoticed. I know you hear me, however. You catch all details.

She is begging you to fuck her pussy. Her breasts bouncing as you fuck her hard and fast. You are getting ready to cum, I can tell. I have three fingers buried in my pussy and I am squeezing my very hard nipples as I watch. I throw my head back in enjoyment and you see me do so. I hear you say “Oh yea, get ready for some cum” and I know that you are saying that so I look back. You pull your cock out and cum all over her back and ass. You stroke your cock hard and fast to finish covering her. The two of you start to slow down your breathing a little bit but your cock is still hard. She leans forward and turns to look at you, still amazed.

I do my best to stay quiet but am so turned on, I can barely stand it. You put your fingers over her mouth to quiet her and say “Wait, be quiet”. She stops talking and looks around. I move back a little to assure she doesn’t see me. You say “Did you hear that?” to her. She shakes her head no. You say “I heard something in the bedroom. We must’ve woken up my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend? You didn’t tell me she was home.” She says. Of course, you didn’t say I wasn’t either, did you? She gets up and mumbles as she quickly gets her things together and leaves. You make no effort to stop her. The minute she is out the door, you walk to the hallway and take my hand. You pull me out of the darkness into the living room. You kiss me deeply and I can taste her sweet pussy on you. I reach down to stroke your cock and it is nice and slick with her pussy and your cum. It is so hot and hard in my hand that I feel my pussy throb once again.

You motion to the television, telling me without words to look at the screen. The porno movie is still playing and now the couple on the screen is having anal sex. I smile at you and without a word, I bend over the couch. You slide your cock into my pussy slowly allowing it to be lubricated. You pull it out and then slide it into my nice tight ass. One long deep stroke all the way into my ass feels great. As you press your body up against mine, you put your mouth near my ear. You stop and whisper to me “next time I bring someone here from a night out; we will both wake you up.” I smile and push up against you. What I want now is exactly what I have. What a wonderful way to be woken up.

C K & L

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