tagInterracial LoveAwakening Amy Ch. 2

Awakening Amy Ch. 2


The next day Amy walked to her job with a spring in her step. For the first time since she could remember, she was looking forward to being in the office all day. Dreams of Mr. Davis had been going through her head all night long, and she woke to find her panties soaked. Even now she could feel the wetness gathering beneath her skirt as she anticipated seeing her boss again.

Once again she was the first one in at the office, so after putting her coat away she made her way into the ladies' room. She stopped in front of the mirror as she walked in, taking a close look at herself as she had the day before, wondering if she could see any difference. Her shining green eyes moved over the reflection of her soft, white skin in the mirror, her cheeks flushed as always from the cold outside. She ran her hands through her long, brown hair then slid them down to smooth out her blouse. Then she noticed the difference.

Unlike yesterday, she was painfully aware of herself as a woman. As her hands moved over the blouse she could feel her nipples hardening at the slight touch against them through the fabric. Their throbbing was echoed by the dull ache between her legs that she'd felt ever since the day before, the empty feeling she'd never noticed until Mr. Davis took her.

Amy's hands slid beneath her skirt as her mind began to wander back to the pleasure Mr. Davis had given her yesterday. She watched herself in the mirror, her pink tongue slowly licking at her lips while she held up her skirt and pushed her fingers into the white, cotton panties she wore. Her eyes closed at the first touch of her hand moving over her mound, stroking the soft brown pubic hair covering her young pussy. A moan of pleasure escaped her lips as she slowly fucked one of her fingers into her wet pussy, thrusting it in and out while she remembered the feel of Mr. Davis's hands on her young body.

Amy could almost hear his voice commanding her to touch herself for him as she leaned against the wall and continued fingering herself. Suddenly she realized that she actually could hear his voice. Mr. Davis was in the office! Amy quickly tried to compose herself, rearranging her clothes and washing her hands. She gave herself one more quick look in the mirror to make sure everything was in place before hurrying out to see her new lover again.

She almost ran right into him as she rushed out of the ladies' room, stopping suddenly directly in front of him and looking up into his eyes with a bright smile. Amy's smile disappeared slowly as she caught the look in Mr. Davis's eyes, her body shivering and cheeks flushing as his regular cold, impersonal gaze stared through her. He nodded to her casually before stepping into his office and closing the door, not even saying a word, leaving Amy standing there confused and worried.

She went to her desk and took a seat, trying to act as if nothing had happened while she went over things again and again in her mind. "I thought he wanted me as his girlfriend yesterday, so what happened? He didn't even smile at me. It was like I didn't matter to him at all." Amy could feel herself on the verge of tears, her spirit crushed by Mr. Davis on the first day she'd ever looked forward to coming in to work. She tried to put it out of her mind and began filing the papers that had been left on her desk, but she couldn't concentrate on it. She kept making mistakes and having to start over. It was almost lunchtime before she finished, having forced herself to stop looking back every couple of minutes to see if Mr. Davis had opened the door to his office yet.

As she turned away from her filing and began to straighten up her desk she heard his door open. There he was, Mr. Davis, standing in the doorway with his dark eyes burning into her and bringing yet another flush to her cheeks. Amy could also feel her pussy aching for him, remembering the pleasure he gave her so skillfully. "Amy," he said in his strong, low voice, "come into my office." She rose on near-trembling legs, walking slowly towards him then following behind as he turned away and moved to his desk. "Close the door behind you," he ordered.

Amy hung her head as she moved meekly to shut the door. "And lock it," he said, "We have something serious to discuss." Amy did as he said, turning back to him slowly, not sure how to react and afraid she had somehow imagined how well everything had turned out the day before. Mr. Davis sat on the edge of his desk, facing her. She couldn't tell anything from the expression on his face as she turned to take a seat in one of the chairs in front of him.

"STOP!" His voice was raised only slightly, but to Amy it was like a shout. Amy froze and looked at him almost fearfully, afraid she'd somehow displeased this man she still craved. His voice lowered again, "Did I tell you to take a seat, Amy?" She shook her head slightly, no, feeling the tears start to well up in her eyes again as she realized her mistake. He gestured her towards him, "Come here, girl." Amy moved forward slowly, dropping her eyes to the ground as she approached him. She stood before him with her head bowed, cheeks burning red with shame as she waited for him to speak again.

Mr. Davis looked down at her, smiling to himself at the way she stood there, filled with shame and scared once again. He could feel his cock rising again as it had this morning when he first saw her and remembered the feel of her virginal pussy wrapped tightly around him. It had taken plenty of self-control for him not to return her smile and taker her right there. But he knew that she still had to learn her place and had held off until now to gauge her reaction to his earlier snub.

"Now Amy," he began, "I can't help but notice that your work today has been...somewhat uninspired. You seem to be a bit distracted. Why is that?" Amy's lip quivered slightly as she listened to the soft tone of his voice. She finally took a deep breath while he waited patiently as if time didn't matter, and managed to force out a reply, "I...I...I don't know. I thought you were mad at me. You didn't even talk to me today, and I was so looking forward to seeing you again after the way you made me feel yesterday. I never felt like that before."

Mr. Davis suppressed another smile of pleasure at her words and hardened his voice once again, "I thought you understood the rules as I explained them yesterday, but I see I gave you more credit than you deserved." He frowned, waiting as she looked up at him quickly then lowered her eyes once more as he stared her down. The tears were slowly running down her face as she finally realized what she had just done. Her voice came to him in a little-girl's whisper, "I'm sorry, Sir. I forgot. I promise it will never happen again."

"It better not," he said. "I don't intend to waste my time with someone who can't remember one, simple rule." He watched as Amy flinched at his words, obviously upset with herself for not paying attention to what she was doing. "Like I told you yesterday, girl, fixing a mistake after it's done really doesn't solve much. There must be some sort of punishment to make sure you learn not to make the same mistake again. Don't you think so, Amy?"

"Yes, Sir," she said immediately, "Anything that you ask of me, I will enjoy." Amy breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the worst was now past. She could feel her body growing excited again, thinking back to the way he used her just one day before, anticipating even more pleasure at his hands. She began to shift her weight from one leg to the other as her young pussy grew wet again, the ache of her need upon her.

Mr. Davis just sat there watching her, seeing the response of her body as she submitted to him willingly. He stood up in front of her as she began squirming in front of him, growing antsy with her need and waiting with eyes lowered to feel his touch. His eyes followed her movements, noting the way her young nipples poked out against her thin, cheap blouse. He made a mental note to see to it that this girl in front of him learned to dress better and had the means to come to him in the clothes he would pick out for her. He then filed it away and turned his attention back to the pretty, young thing before him who was waiting breathlessly with anticipation.

Mr. Davis moved to her side as Amy stood there, head bowed, finding the wait unbearable. She could feel him beside her, see him moving next to her. She trembled as his hand came around her waist and touched the small of her back, her breath coming even more quickly at the slightest touch of him against her.

"Bend over, Amy, and place your hands on my desk." His hand on the small of her back began to push her forward, bending her over at the waist. She was surprised at first, not understanding. Then moving quickly to comply with his command as she remembered, she bent forward, placing her hands on the edge of his desk to support her weight as he guided her into the position he desired. What was he going to do to her? Amy realized she didn't care. She could already feel the wetness dripping down the insides of her thighs just from having him notice her, guide her, command her.

"Now Amy, I want you to remember the rules. I'll repeat them for you one more time. First, you will ALWAYS refer to me as Sir. You will never question anything I ask you to do. And you will trust me. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Sir," she answered immediately, blushing again at the thought that she had forgotten something so simple earlier.

"Good girl, if you had remembered that earlier you wouldn't need to be punished now. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Sir," she answered again, "I deserve whatever punishment you decide on." Amy dropped her head again, still remembering her shame.

"Excellent, Amy." Mr. Davis removed his hand from the small of her back. She could feel the loss of his touch and hoped she would soon feel it again. Her hopes rose as she felt his hand move to the hem of her skirt and begin to lift up, flipping it up onto her back until her ass was exposed to his gaze. He leaned over, both hands taking hold of the waistband of her cheap, cotton panties and starting to pull them down. "One other thing...you won't be wearing underwear to the office from now on. I want my little slut ready for me with nothing in the way."

Amy let out a soft moan of pleasure at His words, "Oh, yes Sir." She could feel the thrill of being called his slut running through her body, mingling with the electric shock of his hands moving down the soft skin of her long legs as he pulled the panties from her. She lifted one foot, then the other, as he pulled them free.

"Do you have any idea how soaked your panties are, Amy?" he asked, chuckling softly behind her. She felt her cheeks burning as she blushed again, "No, Sir...I don't. I just know I've been wet all day thinking about you."

Mr. Davis smiled. "I'm pleased to hear it, Amy, but that doesn't mean you're not going to be punished. Bad girls like you who can't remember simple commands deserve spankings. That's what you're going to get, but I don't trust you to keep quiet yet when you're being disciplined. So you'll have to hold these in your mouth." He suddenly reached around and pressed something against her mouth. Amy opened up obediently, not even realizing what it was until she was holding her soaking wet panties balled up between her teeth.

He looked over her body, enjoying the sight of this pretty, young girl standing with her legs spread bent over in front of his desk, her wet panties held in her mouth as she waited to receive her punishment. Mr. Davis began to remove his belt quietly. He then doubled up the thick black leather in his hands and snapped it together, grinning as Amy flinched at the sound. "Remember this, Amy...you're getting 10 for your disobedience. If you drop your panties we'll have to start over. Now are you ready?"

Amy nodded slowly, tensing up in anticipation of the leather meeting her skin. Mr. Davis held the doubled-over belt in one hand then swung it forward softly, just tapping it against her young, white ass. "That's one." He repeated the motion, "That's two."




Amy was enjoying the feel of the leather softly meeting her ass and was unprepared when Mr. Davis pulled his arm back fully then brought the belt down onto her ass with a loud SMACK! She cried out at the sudden pain, and her panties fell onto the desk in front of her. She looked down at it with a horrible, sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Looks like we'll have to start over again, Amy...won't we?"

Amy nodded slowly and said, "Yes, Sir."

Mr. Davis picked up her panties and pushed them into her mouth again, forcing them deeper and looking into her eyes. "Don't disappoint me again, Amy." She looked back into his dark brown eyes and nodded seriously, even as she tasted her juices for the first time as she clamped down on her panties. He moved behind her again, raising the belt and pulling his arm back completely again before bringing it forward with another loud SMACK! He hit almost the exact same spot, adding to the rising pink color on Amy's pale white ass as he counted out, "One."

Amy groaned around the panties in her mouth but held on this time, wiggling her stinging ass as Mr. Davis continued to spank her with the belt. Each slap rang out in his office, and she could feel warmth spreading through her entire body as the soft leather continued to redden her ass. Finally, He counted out, "Ten," and dropped the belt...moving to take the panties from her mouth and watching as she stood there gasping for breath.

"Did you enjoy that, little slut?" Amy was shocked by his question at first until she realized that the warmth had spread to her pussy as well and she was dripping wet again. "Yes, Sir," she gasped, dropping her head to His desk and wiggling her shapely, young ass; squirming in her need.

"Do you need to cum now, babyslut?" His hand smacked her ass lightly and she squealed at the pleasurable sensation of his skin meeting hers, the burning pleasure of his hand on her ass, managing to get out a breathy, "Yes, Sir," as her pussy tightened again. Her entire body was shaking on the edge of orgasm at the feel of His hand on her bright red, spanked ass.

To Be Continued...

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