tagMind ControlAwakening Ch. 03

Awakening Ch. 03


I took a nap, sorely needed, and had a nice dinner of delicious, not, hospital food before my kids showed up. I still didn't understand what was going on with me, or how I managed to see these sex scenes in my head. I didn't understand if they were memories, fantasies, desires, what they were. It appeared, at least on the surface, that skin to skin contact seemed to initiate it, although that wasn't completely accurate, since I saw Doctor Shakari's desire to fuck that young man, even though she had latex gloves on. She was holding my cock though. But the first time, yeah that was bare skin. So maybe it was bare skin for the most part. The whole thing was quite perplexing, and I was beginning to have serious worries that maybe I was going crazy, or that maybe I really was still in a coma and this was some kind of weird kinky dream.

Either way, the thought that a hug from my kids might cause these images and emotions within me had me worried. I wondered if I would see the same thing from guys? That could be scary, or maybe even revolting.

Did I have any control on this? Could I influence the desires of these women, or was I limited to viewing? Could they be blocked out some way? No, there seemed to be some influence I was exerting on them. Clearly the last images I felt from Tina were of her fucking me. Did she want me? Was I a fantasy? Had her fantasy changed? Maybe it was really a desire and her mind was expressing a desire for me? It clearly wasn't a memory since we hadn't fucked before. I suppose it could be a desire. Maybe that was really it. Somehow I was sensing their desires, some very deep, some closer to the surface because of, what? Closeness? I'd intentionally touched Tina to see if I got the same image, and I hadn't. I got one that was based on her current place, where she was.

Much of her fantasy, if we call it that, was based around this John character. I wondered if he was real, or a made up character. Obviously Amy had a desire to have a sexual encounter with Tina. I couldn't really tell if there was a return attraction or not. John dominated her thoughts, at least until we got to my room. Maybe by her being turned on because of all the sexy thoughts she was drawn to me momentarily? Might be interesting to try and work that out a bit more. I wondered what Amy would be thinking when I did therapy tomorrow?

"Hey DAD!" My daughter called from the door, stretching her arms out toward me for a hug as she walked in. "God we're so glad you're alright! When the hospital called and said...."

She walked down the aisle between the shelves of food stuffs, past the empty checkout lanes to the front doors. Inserting a key and twisting she locked the door. She turned and walked back down the aisles, headed toward the back of the convenience store. She pushed through the swinging door marked "employees only" and headed to a breaker panel, quickly flipping off the switches one at a time until most of the store was dark. With a grin to herself she walked back out into the store, the only lights being those from the security lights near the front of the store and the lights from the line of floor to ceiling coolers keeping the soda, milk and other dairy products cold. She walked expectantly, looking down one aisle after another, looking for someone before she heard him behind her.

"Here I am."

She turned to see him. Tall, at least six foot, rugged looking, hard sculpted features, an unruly mop of almost black hair. He reached out to her, but instead of allowing her into his arms, he clasped her hands in his and drew her backward, past a number of aisles until they were invisible from the front of the store. With a grin he stepped up to her, reaching for the t-shirt she wore with the store's name emblazoned over her left breast. His hands tugged the shirt from her black slacks and pulled it up, tossing it over his shoulder. Still grinning he reached around her back, unclipping the bra and drawing it off her arms, exposing her C cup breasts, her hard nipples and her puckered pink areola. He knelt in front of her and unsnapped her pants, pulling them down over her ass and down her legs. He tugged her slip on black shoes off her feet and the pants as well, leaving her in nothing but a tiny purple thong.

"Oh yes." She moaned softly as his face moved toward her chest, his lips closing around her left nipple and sucking it deeply into his mouth. His hands found the string of the thong and worked it over her hips, pulling the material down her body until she could step out of it, leaving her completely naked, standing in the store aisle.

His hand only took moments to find her pussy, his fingers finding her wet lips between behind the dark curls of her pubic hair. He stroked between them over and over again as he kissed and sucked her nipples. He broke his embrace of her body suddenly, standing up and quickly moving to take his own clothes off. Her hands helped, their efforts to undress him urgent to them both. His clothes went flying every direction until he was as naked as she, his hard cock jutting out toward her. He stepped toward her, grabbing her under the ass and lifting her, her legs wrapping around his waist as he lifted her higher, his cock temporarily trapped between them. He lifted her higherstill, his cock finally freeing from its temporary imprisonment. She could feel his hard helmet press against her lips as he eased her downward, his fat head splitting her wet lips and pushing into her.

"Ohhh god yes. So fucking good." He groaned as he began to gently bounce her up and down in his arms, her tits bouncing in front of his face as he worked her farther and farther down his shaft.

"Oh fuck me. God yes fuck me." she moaned.

"I know just the place." He said, carrying her down the store aisle.

"Where are we going?" She squealed playfully.

"Where else?" He asked with a devilish grin.

"You wouldn't. Not there!" She squealed in protest, but made no effort to stop him.

"Damn straight. What would your husband say if he saw us fucking?" He said as he carried her to the front of the store. He set her on the black rolling belt of one of the checkouts, the two of them completely visible to anyone who might happen to drive by, the security lights illuminating them in front of the floor to ceiling windows.

"He'd fucking kill us both!" She laughed as she leaned back from him, using one hand around his neck and the other behind her to support herself as he started driving his cock in and out of her pussy. "Ohhhhh fuck yes!" she cried loudly as he stroked deep into her.

Oh shit, I muttered to myself, shaking my head and intentionally thinking of fishing, water, the lake, my boat...anything to block the images that were suddenly flooding into my mind. It seemed to work, the image of her fucking on the conveyor at the store pushed aside for the moment.

"... you were in a coma. We were all so worried about you." She finished, giving her head a subtle shake to clear the images in her mind that the hug had obviously and untimely brought to the surface.

"Hey, sweetie. You okay?"

"Yeah, fine! It's you we've been worried about. They told us in the ER what happened, and that you were in a coma. They didn't know how long you would be in one, or if you would ever come out, so we just waited. We came to visit, but we don't think you knew."

"If I did, I don't remember." I said as her husband stepped around my daughter to shake my hand.

She stood in front of him in her wedding dress, the full flouncy skirt arrayed around her, her veil pulled back over her head. Her long blond hair was tied back and braided with small blue flowers.

"We have to hurry." She whispered as she pulled the skirt of her dress up, revealing a shaved smooth pussy. She walked to a chair in what looked like a hotel room and bent over, pushing her ass and bare pussy out at him. He stepped behind her and undid his pants, his tux pants falling around his ankles as he pushed down his boxers. He rubbed his long cock up and down her lips for a second before pushing forward, driving his long cock deep into her. His hands reached for her hips to hold her still on the chair as he started stroking into her. He pounded his cock into her pussy over and over again, driving it deep into her, his thighs slapping against her bare ass.

"That's it baby. Come in me! Fill me up with your cum!" She moaned as he stroked into her over and over again.

With a groan he drove himself deep into her and let loose, his cum flowing into her and filling her pussy until it dripped out of her onto the chair and the backs of her calves.

"Oh yeah baby. Such a good come for our last fuck." She cooed as he pulled his pants back up and stuffed his softening cock into them.

She reached to a table, pulled a pair of lacy white panties off of it and worked them over her white high heels and up her calves until she couldn't get them any farther. She stayed bent over and slipped off the chair, pulling the panties up and covering her sexy little pussy, capturing his cum inside her. She turned around to face him, leaned forward and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

"You're still the best fuck I've ever had baby. Maybe someday we can pick it up where we left off."

"Maybe." He said as she turned and walked away in the white wedding dress.

It took me half a second to absorb what I had just seen/felt/experienced. She definitely wasn't his wife, my daughter. I didn't know who she was, if it was someone he knew and wanted to bone or someone he had. Either way, it looked like they were in for a rocky road.

"Hey dad. How you feeling?" My son said as he stepped into the room. He reached out and gasped my hand strongly, giving it a firm shake. "Nan will be up in a minute..."

"Robert! We need you to solve an argument." His wife Nan said as she stepped into the living room with her best friend Stephanie, both of them wearing tiny little bikinis.

"What's that?"

"Well, we were downstairs tanning, and we got into an argument about whose body is sexier, hers or mine."

"Yeah. My tits are so much bigger than Nan's," Steph said as she untied the strings of her bikini top and took it off, exposing her big double D tits, tanned bronze without a single tan line on them. Each one sagged down slightly turning her obviously hard pink nipples upward.

"Mine aren't that small." Nan shot back, taking her own top off and exposing her smaller, firmer C cup breasts, equally tanned. Her dark pink areola covered nearly a third of the front of her breast and her large fat nipples pushed out from the center of each, poking straight at his face as the two stood between him and the TV. "Besides my pussy is a lot sexier." Nan added, tugging the strings of her bikini bottom and pulling it off so her fat round pussy lips were exposed.

"That's not fair. You know he's going to pick you if you show all that." Steph said. "But two can play that game." She tugged the strings of her own bottom and tossed it aside, leaving her as nude as Nan was. Her pussy exposed a significantly larger amount of her soft feathery inner lips, which protruded down slightly from her full outer lips.

"Wow. How is a guy supposed to decide which of you two has a sexier body? If I say Nan, then you'll be mad Steph and say I'm just picking my wife because we're married, if I say Steph then I'm in trouble with my wife. How about I just say that you are both very beautiful and equally sexy?"

"I'm not at all sure that's going to do." The two of them said almost in unison as they bent over and pulled the coffee table away from the sofa. They each stepped around their side of the table and converged on him, Steph immediately reaching for his shirt and pulling it up out of the waistband of his pants while his wife started tugging his athletic shorts down. It only took moments for the two of them to have him completely naked. Nan quickly turned around, facing away from him, and bent over at the waist. Reaching between her legs she grabbed his cock and aimed it at her already sopping wet pussy and sank herself down on it.

Steph stepped up onto the sofa, and facing my son, stepped across him, lowering her pussy to his face. He reached for her ass and pulled her to him, quickly licking up between her pussy and across her clit. "Oh yeah. You're right, he does lick good." Steph moaned after several long slow licks. "But I still want to fuck that cock!"

"When I'm done." Nan moaned loudly, pistoning her ass up and down so her pussy stroked the full length of his shaft. "Your tongue is good, but there just isn't a substitute for a real cock stuffed in your pussy."

"Yeah, I know." Steph moaned as Rob eagerly licked up her pussy and flicked his tongue across her clit, two of his fingers buried deep into her pussy. "But if he keeps this up he's going to make me come."

"Isn't that the idea?" Nan moaned. "Oh fuck I'm gonna come... Oh shit... oh shit...OH SHIT!" she screamed as her whole body stiffened and began to tremble, her pussy contracting around his cock as her orgasm hit her hard.

After sitting on him for well over a minute she pulled herself off him and crawled across the floor to lay down on the deep pile carpet, her head pointed toward the huge three sided mirror in the corner of the room. "Steph. Come down here." Nan called.

Stephanie pulled herself from Rob's face and climbed off the sofa. She walked over to Nan and then dropped to all fours, her tits hanging down until they were practically touching Nan's rock hard nipples.

"Come on honey. Fuck her from behind. Give it to her really hard!" Nan called from where she was laying under Stephanie, her hands cupping both of Steph's tits.

Rob got off the sofa and crawled to where Nan was kneeling, wiggling her ass and pussy at him. He grabbed her hips and aimed his cock at her pussy, driving it into her tight tunnel with one swift stroke, bringing a cry of surprise and pleasure from Steph.

"That's it sweetie. Fuck her hard. She's been begging me to let her fuck you, so give it to her good!"

Rob started stroking into her pussy with abandon, his hips slapping into her bare ass with each stroke, making her tits swing and sway under her. Nan arched her back lifting her own tits up until Steph's tits were rubbing and brushing hers.

"That's it baby. Fuck her hard. Look in the mirror. Can you see her big tits swinging? Can you see what they're touching?" Nan cooed from below her friend.

Steph's big tits were swinging, rubbing and brushing Nan's nipples, one of Nan's hands pushed between her own legs as she fingered her pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck yes. God yes I'm going to come!" Steph squealed, throwing her head back and closing her eyes.

"That's it baby. Make her come hard on your fat dick!" Nan called from below.

"OH shit, I'm going to come baby!" Rob groaned, his eyes locked on the mirror and the view of both naked bodies rubbing against each other.

"Go ahead honey. Fill her hot little cunny with your cum. We'll just get you all hard again and make you squirt your hot cum all over our bodies!"

"Ahhhhgggg." Ron groaned loudly as his body jerked, driving his cock fully into Stephanie and pumping the first gush of his cum into her pussy.

"YES YESSSSS!" Stephanie screamed as her own body shuddered in orgasm, feeling his cock pumping shot after shot of hot cum into her pussy. She collapsed on top of Nan, her chest heaving and her sweaty tits rubbing around on Nan's as she fought for breath while Ron leaned forward, keeping his cock buried into her as the last little squirts of his cum were forced into her over-full pussy. His cum dripped from her pussy onto Nan's, where her hands rubbed the combined cum into her own pussy lips, her moans testifying to the orgasm her own fingers had brought about.

"She had to fuck...I mean go back to the car and get something out." He said, shaking his head. "Sorry. Don't know where that came from."

"No worries." I answered as he let go of my hand. That was....well...weird. I knew that Nan's friend Stephany came and visited regularly, but I had no idea that my son had the kind of thoughts he did. But if the images were accurate, and so far I had to assume they were, I'd be lusting after both their bodies if they wore those bikinis too!

"So how you feeling dad?" My son asked as he stepped away. "You've been out a long time!"

"Yeah, ten weeks or so I guess."

"You remember what happened?"

"Yeah, right up until I hit the side of that car. Dumb broad pulled out right in front of me, fricking yacking on her cell phone instead of paying attention to traffic." I said with a scowl.

"Well, at least you're alright." My daughter said, as she sat down on the corner of my bed and rubbed my good leg through the blanket.

We all chatted pleasantly until Nan came in about five minutes later, reaching across and wrapping her arms around my neck to give me a huge hug. "Hey dad! I'm so glad to see you're..."

Nan walked out of the workout room, where the tanning booth was located and into the basement bathroom where I was showering after helping Rob tile the basement floor. I was surprised to see her as she stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and locking it with a soft click. I watched through the clear shower door as she stepped across the floor, one foot crossing the other, making her hips wiggle and her firm round breasts bounce ever so slightly.

She slid the door open and without a word, stepped into the shower stall with me, closing the door behind herself. She reached for the soap and took it from me, holding it out under the water for a moment and then slowly rubbing it around on my chest. Her hands roamed my body slowly, one hand with the soap, the other spreading the suds around as she touched everyplace on the front of me, her hands finally settling on my flaccid cock.

My hands moved to her breasts, cupping them softly and rubbing my thumbs back and forth across her nipples while she gently massaged my soft cock, its length growing slowly in her hand. As it hardened her motions changed from massaging to stroking, her soft delicate hands wrapping around it even though her fingers couldn't quite reach all the way around my fat prick. "So big." She whispered softly as she stroked both hands up and down its full length, one hand sliding over and cupping my head before sliding back down toward where it met my body. "Put it in me. I want to feel your fat cock in my pussy."

She didn't wait for a response, she just turned herself around, facing away from me, holding my cock with only one hand now as she used the other to brace herself against the wall of the shower. Slowly she pushed her ass out at me while at the same time tugging my cock to pull me toward her. She rubbed my head between her lips, the softness of her pussy caressing the sides of my head, the heat from my engorged cock flowing into her own pussy, warming her. "Move closer, please." She practically begged when she was bent almost all the way over, her ass pushed out at me almost as far toward me as she could reach without letting go of the wall.

I shuffled my feet forward slightly, her ass pulling away as I did until I was half way across the shower. When I stopped she pushed back again, slowly inching my head into her, my fat head slowly spreading the entrance to her tunnel, stretching it slowly as she pushed steadily against me. "Oh yessssss!" she cooed softly as my head slipped into her, her hot confines surrounding me, heat from her hot pussy radiating out through my body as the heat from my cock radiated through hers. She pushed steadily back, expanding her tight tunnel around my fat shaft until her ass was pressed against my hips. Slowly she began to rock herself forward, and back, sliding her pussy along my cock, her velvety walls caressing my shaft, while my mushroom head teased the nerve endings deep inside her, sending little waves of pleasure running up and down her body, from her pussy to her nipples.

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