tagBDSMAwakening Eve Ch. 02

Awakening Eve Ch. 02


If you haven't read Part I, I urge you to do so before reading Part II. And in both cases, I would very much appreciate receiving your feedback. Thank you.


Eve slept fitfully. To prepare her for becoming accustomed to being nude, she had been allowed no sleep clothing, or even sheets. Thus, every time her hands drifted over her body or her body shifted, she was acutely aware of her nakedness and of the attentions that had been forced upon her.

Just before noon, Thomas entered Eve's room to awaken her. It was obvious to him that she was dreaming. Her head tossed back and forth, while she murmured in her sleep "No! Please don't!" Her hands, though, belied her protests as one caressed her erect nipples and the other stroked the downy curls at the apex of her thighs.

Thomas smiled at the sight, and only reluctantly did he shake Eve's shoulder. "Come on, Princess, time to get up."

After a moment, Eve began to awaken. Quite groggy, at first she didn't realize where she was. She finally opened her eyes to discover that she was in an unfamiliar bed, naked, with Thomas standing over her. Recalling the previous evening and flushing at the thought of what had happened to her, she reached for the protection of sheets that weren't there. She was forced to use her hands to preserve as much modesty as she could.

She glared at Thomas, who was wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt that clung to the muscles of his chest and reminded her of his strength and his power over her. Still, she boldly demanded to be let go.

"Not likely, Princess," Thomas responded says with that same arrogant smile that had sent shudders up her spine last night. "Mr. DuBois has plans for you. Big plans."

Thomas had brought breakfast to Eve, and he set the tray on the bed beside her.

"Do you really think I would eat a thing that you give me?" Eve spat. Thomas smiled at the thought of what she would eventually put in her mouth. She read his lewd thoughts and shuddered visibly. Thomas, however, chose not to go down that road just yet. Instead, he simply said "Sweetheart, you are going to need energy, believe me. You will eat, one way or another."

Eve stubbornly turned her head away, when she suddenly felt Thomas's strong hand on her jaw. With one hand, he brought her face back toward him. The other hand held a forkful of scrambled eggs.

"Don't make me remind you that you have no control of the matter," he told her as his hand squeezed lightly on her jaw. "Now, open up, Princess." She reluctantly reached for the fork, but he pushed her hand away and said "Just open up." He proceeded to feed her like a child, adding to her humiliation by reminding her that she is at his mercy.

When Eve ate all that Thomas fed her, he gave her a thin robe. Noting the gratitude in her eyes, he hastened to add "Mr. DuBois enjoys the pleasure of seeing his toys unwrapped each time he plays with them."

Without giving her time to respond, Thomas took Eve by the arm and led her through the huge house. He opened a door and led Eve into a room that resembled a high class spa, or what Eve thought that one would look like since she had never had the money or opportunity to indulge in such luxuries.

In front of a mirror and a counter with a sink and various implements, there was an adjustable leather lounge chair that appeared to be very soft and luxurious. Thomas looked at his watch and said "We won't have long to wait."

Eve was mystified, but she refused to ask Thomas what they were waiting for. Instead, she pointedly ignored him and stared straight ahead of her. He simply smiled knowingly.

Before long, the door opened and Claude DuBois entered the room.

"Good morning, my dear," he greeted Eve. "I trust that you slept well."

Eve said nothing and continued to stare at the wall. Her heart was pounding, though, as she wondered fearfully what was in store her.

Claude continued, "Eve, remove your robe." Ignoring him, Eve crossed her arms firmly across her chest. Rather than becoming angry, Claude simply made a brief motion to Thomas, who effortlessly uncrossed Eve's arms, untied the robe and slid it off of her.

"Tsk, Eve, you must understand that you are powerless. What I command, you must do. There were no consequences this time because you did not know the rules. But now you will. They are quite simple, and you will learn them over the coming days. All of them boil down to one thing. You will submit to me." The authority in Claude's voice clearly said that he would tolerate no defiance.

Nevertheless, Eve tried to appear indifferent to Claude's words. She gave a small toss of her head and said "Hmph!" as she pointedly turned her back to Claude. Thomas moved toward Eve to force her to turn around, but when Claude held up a hand he kept his place.

Claude himself walked around Eve. Facing her, he smiled. Without warning, he grasped her nipples in his fingers and twisted them sharply. Eve cried out and her eyes filled with tears, but Claude continued to twist, pinching firmly at the same time. When Eve's knees finally buckled, he released her throbbing nipples.

"Rule number one. You will never ignore me or turn your back to me when I am speaking to you. Do you understand?"

A few seconds passed without a reply. Claude raised his hands towards Eve's breasts, causing Eve to jump and respond quickly. "Yes, I understand."

Claude nodded his head and said "Excellent. Now, sit." He gestured toward the leather chaise. This time, Eve complied instantly, and she sat in a semi-reclining position. The butter-soft leather felt good against her naked skin, but she wasn't able to take any pleasure in it.

Thomas went to her and placed one of her arms on the arm of the chaise. Before she realized what he was doing, he strapped her wrist firmly to the arm. As he reached for the other, she pulled it back. Thomas briefly glanced up at Claude, then he slapped first one of her breasts and then the other, hard enough to make Eve sob outright. He calmly proceeded to strap her other wrist to the chaise. Moving to her ankles, he strapped them to the chaise, as well. He then shifted a lever and Eve found the foot of the chaise separating, spreading her legs wide.

"Oh my God!" Eve thought silently. "What are they going to do?" Her mounting panic caused her to hyperventilate, making her chest rise and fall visibly.

Clause smiled and caressed her breasts. "Mmm, so lovely. So very lovely." Eve was astonished that the same hands that had dealt with her so cruelly could be so tender. As he caressed the tips of her nipples with his thumbs, making them tighten into firm pebbles, she gasped at the pleasure that followed so closely on the heels of such pain.

"It's time I had a good look at your sweet little pussy, don't you think?" Claude said, smiling at Eve. She blushed furiously at the prospect and the humiliation she felt at being unable to prevent it.

Claude noticed her mortification. He said to her mildly, "My dear, there is no cause for shame. I have chosen you because your body is exquisite. And now it is mine. Think of this as a collector viewing and appreciating a magnificent piece of art."

Of course, Claude's words did nothing to ease Eve's mind, and she fought back tears as Thomas flipped a switch and raised the chaise and Claude took his place between her outstretched legs.

He was silent for a moment as he visually inspected her. Placing his hands on her lower abdomen, he used his thumbs to spread her labia for a better view.

He sighed. "Is there anything more lovely pleasing than opening the petals of a tender young flower?" Moving closer, he inhaled deeply. "Ah! I am tempted to taste, but I mustn't spoil the evening's pleasure." Reluctantly, he backed away.

Thomas lowered the chaise a bit, then turned toward the counter. He worked busily. First, he took a hot, moist towel and placed it on Eve's mons. It was not so hot as to be unpleasant, and Eve actually appreciated the warmth in the cool room.

Thomas then turned his back to her and appeared to mix something in a bowl. After a few moments he turned back to her. Eve's eyes grew wide as she saw that he held a bowl of hot wax. She remained mildly puzzled until Thomas removed the cloth and she realized that it wasn't her legs that were about to be waxed. Again, her cheeks flamed with shame as Thomas began to apply wax to the entire area around her pussy. She closed her eyes tightly as if to shut out even the idea of what was happening.

With quick jerks, Thomas pulled the strips of wax away. Eve had never been a fan of waxing her legs, and the pain of having it done to her pussy was excruciating. She cried out with each tug.

It seemed like an eternity until Thomas finished. Eve struggled against feeling grateful when he applied a soothing lukewarm towel on the area, relieving some of the stinging of her tender flesh. She gave a sigh of relief.

"Does that feel better?" Claude asked with a bland smile. "Please understand, my dear, that if you must experience pain at my or Thomas' hand, it will soon be followed by pleasure." He made a brief gesture and Thomas, who had been removing the waxing implements, flipped the switch once again to raise the chair to shoulder level.

Claude stepped back and Thomas stepped into the V between Eve's legs. Eve could see his eyes roam appreciatively over her smooth skin. She shuddered when he licked his lips, fearing another assault by his mouth. Instead, Thomas ran his fingers over the freshly waxed areas, nodding in satisfaction. He turned to Claude.

"If I must say so, sir, I did an excellent job. She is quite smooth," he said to his employer.

Claude instructed with a slight frown "Be absolutely certain, Thomas."

"As you wish," Thomas replied.

Lowering his head toward Eve's pussy, he began to place gentle kisses all around the area, beginning farther away and gradually making his way toward her delicate inner folds. The sensation was intensely arousing and Eve fought hard to keep her hips from writhing. Her struggles became more difficult when Thomas' mouth found her labia, and she could feel moisture seeping out of her. When he planted a long sucking kiss on her clit, she couldn't hold back. "Aiyeeee!" she shrieked as she arched and thrust her cunt against Thomas' tongue. Her juices flowed into his hungry mouth, and he lapped up every drop.

Finally, Eve's hips stopped bucking and the spasms that had wracked her entire body eased. Claude was delighted that even Thomas, a man who had pleased and tormented many an exquisite pussy, appeared to be dazed by Eve's powerful reaction. His own cock was rock hard and only by extreme concentration and discipline was he able to avoid ejaculating in his trousers. Trying to allay his eagerness for the evening's revels, he snapped his fingers and brought Thomas to attention.

"Thomas, we have work to do," he reminded his servant.

"I'm sorry, sir. Right away."

Eve's hopes that she was about to be released from the chair were dashed as Thomas busied himself with items that he took from a cabinet below the counter. Eve grew increasingly apprehensive when he prepared a tray of medical instruments. Her naïveté as to their purpose didn't keep her from the knowledge that whatever was about to happen could not be good.

Eve's fears turned to certainty when Thomas poured alcohol onto a pad and swabbed it over her nipples. He had lowered the temperature in the room earlier, and her nipples were stiff and erect. With a needle in his right hand, he grasped one of her breasts with his left. The dawning realization that she was about to be pierced caused Eve to shriek "No!" Thomas' grasp was firm, however, and with a swift motion he shoved the needle through her nipple.

Eve's wail could have been heard throughout the house had anyone else been present. Never had she experienced such pain. Her nipple was throbbing in agony and tears streamed from her eyes. Before she could think about it, he swiftly pierced the other nipple. As sobs shook her body, he held her breasts still and inserted shiny gold hoops into the raw and bleeding holes.

Wile Eve's mind was still clouded by the shock of the pain in her nipples, Thomas swiftly positioned himself between her legs. With another swab and another stab, he pierced her clit. The pain was even more intense than that caused by the earlier assault on her nipples, and Eve writhed in pain.

Watching her, Claude murmured "Exquisite." He gazed at her for a few more moments, then leaned down to kiss her gently on the forehead.

"Until this evening, my dear."

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