tagBDSMAwakening of Fannie Ch. 09

Awakening of Fannie Ch. 09


Pt. 1

"Hi Honey. What's up?" Fannie's husband S says over the phone.

"Not much. Just another boring afternoon." She replied as she sat at her desk in the reception area. "Miss Jordan went out to a meeting before lunch and hasn't returned yet. This was a big one and she didn't plan any appointments at all today so I've been here all alone. I hope that she gets back soon and sends me home early."

"If she does give me a call. I've got some ideas about things that you can do for me at home." he said with a chuckle.

"Mmmmmmm sounds good to me!"

"I saw you getting dressed this morning and my dick has been hard thinking about it all day! That has to be the shortest dress that you've worn yet!"

"Cindy picked it up for me the other day so I figured that I would wear it for her today. She checked it out when she called me in this morning for my inspection and said that she has some ideas for later but I've barely seen her since."

"I couldn't believe it when I saw you bend over to buckle your shoes. Your ass was completely exposed and I could even see your pussy winking out at me from behind!" he said obviously excited. "I bet you let other men peek at your pussy all the time don't you?"

"Mmmmmm yes! I don't even bother trying to hide it anymore. Let them look! It makes me hot to know that they can see me. Besides it's what Miss Jordan wants!" she purred.

"I'll bet that you are touching yourself right now just thinking about it aren't you?"

"Mmmmmmm yes!" she said with one hand under her short skirt.

"OK then. Play with yourself!" he said softly.

"I can't. Someone could walk in at any moment."

Fannie's desk is right to the side of the entrance door. Her desk was specially made with a glass front and top to show off her assets to new clients that enter the waiting area. If anyone entered now she would not have time to hide herself from their eyes!

"If you look down through the glass can you see your pussy?"

Looking down through the glass top. "Almost but not quite." The hem of her short dress ended just below her shaven pussy lips.

"OK now spread your legs wide. Do you see it now?"

She spreads her legs as far apart as the desk allowed.

"Mmmmmmm yes!"

"Are you wearing your bluetooth?"


"Alright then with both hands I want you to spread the lips of your pussy as wide as you can."

"But someone could........."

"DO IT!!!!!!!"

"Yes sir."

Fannie puts her hands to either side of her pussy lips and spreads them wide apart. If anyone were to enter now they would be greeted by a delicious sight.

"Now take your middle finger and slide it in."

"Mmmmmmmm you're mean!" she moaned softly as she slides her finger inside to the knuckle.

"Is it wet?"

"Mmmmmm you know it is!"

"OK then you should have no trouble putting two fingers inside."

Following orders she starts to work two fingers in and out of her moist hole.

"Now add another. I want three inside of you. Do it!"

"Mmmmm I wish it were your cock inside of me!"

"Me too, baby, me too. Now add another. Keep going. Work them in."

"Ohhhh that feels soooo good. I can see myself through the glass it's so hot. If someone came in...........ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Keep going. Get them all in now. I want all of your fingers in there. Tell me when they are in."

"Ohhhhhhh yesssssss! They are all in! It hurts but I want more. Make me do more!"

"Have you ever had your whole fist inside of you before?"

"Ohhhhhhhhh no. No. I don't know if I could!"

"You can and you will! Work your fist in there as far as you can! NOW!"

She had a hard time getting her fist in and needed to spread her legs farther apart under the desk. She rolled her seat back away from the desk and put her 5" stiletto heels up on the corners of the desk opening herself up wide and giving her hand better access to her wet pussy. She slides her other hand inside the front of her dress and lets her right breast slip out. She starts to rub her round breast and pinch her erect nipple as she continues to work her entire fist inside of her pussy.

"Are you in?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh god yes. Yes I'm in. I'm in! Ohhhhhhhhh god. Somebody please fuck me. Please!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh"

Fannie was on the verge of orgasm. Her left hand pulling and stretching her right nipple while her right hand is impaled into her hot pussy up to the wrist!

Wide open and facing the doorway just a few feet away she is ready to explode when suddenly............THE DOOR OPENS!

"THAT FUCKING BITCH!" yells a very pissed off Cindy as she rushes in the door.

Fannie freezes in position, her fist lodged deep inside of her nearly erupting cunt and totally exposed. Never looking to either side Cindy passes through the reception room toward the door to her office screaming at no one in particular and shedding her jacket as she passes through.


"What the hell was that?" asked S.

"Cindy's back. Got to go! Bye"

"OK bye." 'click'


Fannie slowly removes her hand from her pussy. So close to the edge, her chore goes unfinished. She straightens herself up and listens as Cindy slams things around in her office. She can hear her screaming at someone on the phone and realizes that this can not be good. She knew that Cindy was going to meet with her best client and it had something to do with her biggest competitor, Ilsa. She is a very attractive blond who always dresses sexy and flirts with her clients to attract business. She is a lesbian that uses her looks to sell but is not attracted to men at all. She once came to see Cindy and flirted with Fannie while in the waiting room. This was before Fannie's transformation. One could only guess how hard she would try if she saw her today!

"Fannie do we have any appointments this afternoon?" Cindy said on the intercom.

"No Ma'am"

"Good! Call the answering service. We'll take no more calls today!"

"Yes Ma'am." This was good news to Fannie. There are two hours left in her work day and she would like nothing better than to go home early and maybe hook up with her husband, S, for a nice afternoon of slow and easy love making. She calls the answering service and readies herself for a quick escape when she hears the word. Several minutes pass.

"Fannie lock the door and come in here. NOW!"

"Yes Ma'am."

'Oh no! There goes my chances for an early exit!' Fannie thought to herself. 'Maybe she just wants to vent for a few minutes. It can't be too bad.'

She locks the front door and looks down to smooth the front of her tiny dress. She turns the knob on the door and enters the office quietly.

Pt 2

Entering she closes the door softly behind herself and walks toward her boss's desk. She stops in front of the desk and can only stare at what she sees behind it. Her boss, Cindy, is standing with her back to the girl facing her open cabinet filled with her sex toys and devices. There appeared to be much more inside now with most items hanging from hooks inside the doors and on the rear wall. What really surprised Fannie is just what the woman wore!

She had on a black leather corset and thong leaving her perfectly round large ass exposed. She also wore a black garter belt with stockings, thigh high boots with 6" heels, and long black gloves that ran all the way up her arms. She looked the epitome of a perfect dominatrix! Fannie's eyes were fixated on her bare ass and she was feeling her excitement building again as she could only imagine the hot things that were in store for her next!

Cindy never looked away from her task of choosing something from inside of the cabinet but she knew that Fannie was there behind her.

"STRIP!" she commanded as she took some items out and turned to put them on her desk.

Again Fannie was shocked to see that the woman was wearing a very intimidating leather half mask covering the top half of her face. Slipping her tiny dress over her head she placed it on a nearby chair and returned for more orders. She stood quietly wearing only her nylons and high heels anticipation the wonderful sex that lies ahead. She could not have been more mistaken!

Taking a few items from the desk Cindy walks around the girl and takes her arms behind her. She places leather cuffs on her wrists and links them together. Next she places a ball gag to Fannie's lips. Fannie opens wide to accept it as the woman pulls it tight and fastens it behind her head. The gag is too tight and causes her great discomfort but the woman ignores her groan and moves on to the next item which is a pair of nipple clamps connected by a heavy silver chain. She pulls out her left nipple and applies the clover clamp and lets go. Before Fannie could make a sound the same is done with her right nipple. Fannie is in obvious pain but it is nothing compared to what is to come. Cindy grabs the center of the chain and gives it two hard tugs straight down stretching her nipples out and almost tearing them off!


Fannie tried to scream through her gag and it would be hard to believe that she wasn't heard throughout the building! The pain was searing and intense!

Her eyes welled up and tears flowed down her cheeks. Her mascara ran down her cheeks like blackened rivers.

"What's this? Are you crying? You big baby! Alright, if you want to act like a baby than I'll treat you like a baby!"

With that she grabs the girl by the arm and wheels her around. She pulls her over to a chair, sits down, and pulls the poor girl over her lap. Off balance Fannie lies with her ass in the air and her face only inches from the floor. The only thing keeping her from falling on her face is Cindy's hand placed on the small of her back. Fannie is totally helpless with arms bound behind her. She is sobbing openly.

"I'll teach you to cause me trouble and acting like a baby. Now I'll show you pain!"

Cindy began spanking the helpless girl with all of her might. Each one left a handprint which lasted until the next. Fannie screamed in pain through her gag and the woman continued her onslaught undeterred. Fannie's bottom was now a dark shade of crimson and she could feel it burning. The evil woman suddenly stops only because her hand began to hurt to the point that she had to stop even with the glove on. She suddenly stood up causing Fannie to fall to the carpet with a thud!

"I hope that you've learned a lesson about obeying me now! Get up!" she commanded as she headed back to the cabinet. Turning back she sees that Fannie is still on the floor in the fetal position sobbing uncontrollably.

"I SAID GET UP!" she shouted.

Taking a leather riding crop from the cabinet she quickly goes back to the helpless girl.


She begins to hit the girl with the crop. Fannie tries awkwardly to get to her feet but it is difficult with bound hands and 5" heels. Cindy continues to beat her with the crop on whatever part of her body that was accessible. Finally Fannie made it to her feet and stumbled around to regain her balance. Cindy gave her no time to recover as she grabs the chain attached to her nipples and pulled her toward the large picture window. Fannie had to hurry to keep up for fear that her cruel boss would rip her nipples off! She stood in front of the window in plain view of anyone that happened to look up from the street.

Cindy took two hanging plants down from their hooks on either side of the window and placed them to the side. Looking out onto the street for a moment she grabs the curtains from either side and pulls them together quickly creating an eerie darkness in the room.

Fannie hadn't noticed before that the old plant hanging hooks had been replaced by stronger, reinforced hooks secured to the ceiling with bolts.

Cindy unfastens the cuffs from each other and takes her left wrist and stretches it up to slip the "D" ring on her cuff over the hook. She does the same with the other wrist as she has to pull her arm up and out wide almost lifting Fannie off of the floor. If it weren't for her stiletto heels she would indeed be hanging!

"That fucking bitch thinks that she can just steal my business from me does she? I'll make her rue the day that she crossed me!" Cindy spoke to herself as she went back to the cabinet returning with a leather flogger to take out her anger on the innocent Fannie. The poor girl, still crying, watches helplessly as the cruel woman approached whipping the flogger into her open glove. She wonders what she has ever done to deserve any of this. Wasting no time she whips it across Fannie's left breast causing her already sore nipple to sting!

"Unghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed!


She continued whipping the girl and with each blow was a reference to her enemy, Ilsa, who in her mind she punished this day. On and on she would alternate from her breasts to her stomach. She finished with one last blow straight up between the girls legs and landing directly on her still open pussy lips. Another blood curdling scream came from the girl as her boss stopped just as quickly as she started.

Walking up to the sobbing girl she puts her face within inches of her own and looks right into her eyes. The mask makes her look menacing as she spoke to the girl with bared teeth and under her breath spoke.

"That fucking bitch uses her cunt to make sales. I'll destroy it so that she can no longer use it to get what she wants!"

She twirls and walks back to the cabinet one more time. Reaching in she grabs something from inside and carries it back running her fingers over it as she does. Fannie's eyes widen as she sees what the woman carried. It was a large metal hook in the shape of a fishing hook but with a round ball about the size of a golf ball at the end. It was several inches long and had a rope tied to the other end. The chrome finish shined and gave this new cruel tool a sense of being hard and cold.

She woman puts her body up against Fannie's and places the evil looking device against the opening in her cunt. She brings her mouth close to the girl's ear and whispers.

"Spread your legs and take it, Bitch. If you fight me it will hurt even more."

Fannie didn't know what to do but decided to obey because she knew that Cindy would force it in easy or hard. She spread her legs as wide as she could and still keep her feet on the floor. Cindy, with her body tight against the helpless girl, started to rub the balled end of the hook up and down Fannie's slit searching for the opening. Once she found it, and with the ball just inside of her hole, she grabbed the hook firmly by the shaft pulled it up hard driving the ball home!


It took Fannie's breath away as the hook was now lodged all the way inside of her cunt hole. The coldness of the steel was as much of a shock to her system as was the ball pushing up against her womb!

"Don't go away. I'll be right back!" Cindy said in a bright tone sounding almost musical.

She heads back to the cabinet one last time. Fannie can hear the woman humming a tune as she appeared to dance her way back. As Fannie begins to recover from the iron hook stuck deep inside of her she watches as Cindy returns carrying a gold cylindrical object which turns out to be a heavy weight. Fannie could only imagine what form of horrible torture the woman plans to carry out with this next object. Her wait wasn't long as Cindy took the end of the rope from the hook and snaked it up and over the chain that ran across Fannie's chest attached to the still painful nipple clamps. There was about three feet of rope left as Cindy attaches the hook on top of the heavy weight through the loop at the end of the rope.

What happened next was perhaps the cruelest torture of all. Holding the weight directly in front of Fannie's terrified face and with a broad grin on her own she let the weight go! It dropped straight down and stopped some two feet from the floor. The weight pulled down hard on her chain while at the same time pulling the large hook up into her pussy with great force!



Pain seared through Fannie's nipples as the clamps bit down hard and stretched them out to their max. The rope pulled the hook up into her pussy hole deep while the curve pulled up tight against her pelvis and clit. Although all of this didn't cause any permanent physical damage to the girl it worked hard on her psyche. Her previous experience with s&m always left her wanting more and brought her closer to orgasm. This time, however, was different. She was being used by someone that she cared for in a way that caused her nothing but pain with the cruel mistress showing no compassion or remorse. Cindy didn't seem to do this for her own sexual pleasure either which told Fannie that she was not only to be used for her sexual desires but for anything that her boss wanted to use, or abuse, her for.

Cindy backed away to look at her handy work. She saw a helpless and beaten Fannie with her arms spread wide and virtually hanging by her wrists. Her head was hanging down and her hair blocked any view of her face. Tears dripped from her eyes and made tiny dark stains on the carpet. The weight dangled menacingly just a couple of feet from the floor stretching her tits down to look like two cones pointing at the ground. The hook shined and looked surgical coming out of her sore pussy.

Her boss turned and walked back to her desk and sat. She shuffled a couple of papers and with her head down went back to work as if nothing ever happened. She would occasionally look up at Fannie, shake her head, and go back to her work.

Fannie was left to hang there in pain reflecting on the events of the day until the end of her shift. She realizes that she may have more days like this in the future which caused her body to shake. She understands that she is a tool to be used by others but there is no way out. No turning back. All she can hope for is if she obeys every order given she might not have to go through something as terrible as this again. She will do whatever Cindy wants in order to please her and perhaps she will not punish her again. Whether it is her fault or not!

Pt 3

Fannie arrived at work right on time the next morning. She now sits at her desk tired and sore. Fannie's husband S was waiting for her when she got home last night. He was a bit randy after their erotic phone conversation and was dieing to have sex as soon as she arrived. When she arrived home and started to tell him about the things that Cindy did to her he became angry. When he saw the bruises and whip marks he became furious but as Fannie continued her story in detail he began to get aroused. She told him of being bound and helpless as the woman had her way with her. He imagined the sight of his wife hanging with her nipples clamped and her pussy stuffed with the strange hook. He took his submissive wife and laid her on the living room rug and pushed his hard cock into her cunt. He started to fuck her hard without even removing her tiny dress! He had her tell him every last detail of her tortures as he pounded his cock into her cunt as hard as he could pushing her sore ass into the carpet. She couldn't speak as he spread her top open allowing her pert breasts to fall out and started to suck and nibble on her sore nipples causing her great pain! He pinned her body as he pumped her hard until she started to heat up and began to work her pelvis to meet his thrusts oblivious to the pain. She started bouncing off of the floor in a mad frenzy with a need to cum herself. She started to climax and as she did he could sense this and slammed his cock home with one last push as he shot his load deep inside of her. He remained inside of her as she had a thunderous orgasm and started convulsing beneath him. When she finally came down he slowly slipped out of her dripping hole and went to clean himself up. By the time he returned he found her fast asleep exhausted from her long day. He put a blanket over her to let her rest for a while as she smiled as she slept.

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