tagSci-Fi & FantasyAwakening Pt. 08

Awakening Pt. 08


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"I'm telling you, demon, this is how she should do it!" Came the gruff voice of Cole, my newest pet. I couldn't find it in myself to call a human my slave. He wasn't a demon who enjoyed it, or relished in the slavery.

"No. What our mistress should do, Dog, is go in there and put them on their knees!" My omnibus said, just as loudly. Her perfect face scrunched up in a mix of annoyance and anger.

Five days, five days they've been arguing (except when I was breaking in my new pet) about how I should deal with the Council. The thoughts were simple, Cole, whom we call Dog, wanted me to do it peacefully. Create connections, set up a meeting rather than prove my worth. My first Pet, the main one, wanted me to go in and burn the place around them. Or start an orgy. Either one was okay with her.

I groaned, pushing my fingers into my temple. "Shut up, both of you." I said, my voice low and threatening. My eyes were closed from the headache they were causing me but I could see that both of them looked towards with wide eyes.

As far as me being their mistress, I was relatively nice. I was more than just nice, I treated it more as a relationship; they were my partners not my merchandise. Normally, I wouldn't command them to do much of anything; it was always a request. But one they both would do. Well, my omnibus would do it without thought, Dog would fit and fume depending on the request.

The silence in the room rang louder than their voices did. I bathed in that silence for a few minutes before opening my eyes. Both of them were naked. I put the rule in place since they had been staying with Victoria and me. It caught the council's enforcer Cole quite off guard. Funnily enough, he was shy about being naked around us. It was almost cute.

The man was a giant to me. He stands at six feet five inches and nothing about his face screamed attractive. He was scarred and burned from past operations for the council. In fact, his entire body had scars strewn across it. No one I've met would find it attractive, but I had a soft spot for interesting people. Physical beauty didn't matter much to me, and to me, the man was sexy. Muscles rippled over his body, not the type one gets from the gym; although I was positive he worked out. They were working muscles, built from a few lifetimes of doing wet-work for the Council. He was a fighter, a sorcerer of Wrath. He's the one the council sends to deal with lawbreakers. He was scary.

In stark contrast to him was my omnibus; a being created of lust and desire. Everything about her screams beauty and perfection. She was sculptured and created by the gods to please them. Her body was soft and sensual with a perfect hourglass figure. There wasn't a flaw on her. Her look could cause anyone to have an orgasm regardless of sexual orientation.

The only thing similar was the chain I had placed on them, though the two were vastly different. I created the chains on my Pet to be worn as a badge of pride. Long, thin, beautifully constructed silver chains hung off her wrists and ankles, another longer one attached to her neck. They looked good on her tanned skin. Dog though, his were meant more to be hidden to other magic users. Constructed to look like bracelets and anklets, and a leather collar around his throat – all of them a dark black.

Dog crossed his arms over his chest and pouted, a grown-ass man, a badass that'd put Special Forces members to shame, was fucking pouting! As I mentioned earlier... interesting people. My Pet simply bowed her head respectfully holding her own hand in front of her bare crotch.

I first turned my gaze to my demoness. "I am meeting with Simon tonight, alone. Lazuli is setting it up since he is technically her boss and owns the strip-club she works at. So, two birds, one stone, gonna try to get a job as well." She nodded, respecting my decision, then my grey eyes turned to my Dog. "And you WILL respect my Pet. I respect her just as much as I respect you. I have already stated multiple times that I was going. Do not let your anger show around me unless I want it too." I said, narrowing my eyes at the man.

Five days with me, my soulmate, and my demon of lust, I found out that Cole's anger was great in bed. I've never really had angry sex before. Victoria would exude jealousy to the point of anger whenever I sexed up a stranger, but it was more in fun than an actual emotion. Being a Wrathful Sorcerer meant that my Dog was more open to getting angry, and I so loved to press buttons.

He nodded after a minute. He agreed to this, to being enslaved. Hell, two days after those chains went on he started talking about how to put protection on me. My power might encompass his to the point where I can't even come up with a good comparison, but he had two hundred years of experience. Not just practice, but practical. The best bit was that it was human experience, not demon like my Pet, so I could put his instructions into use better than hers.

I called him Dog because that's what he was. Guard Dog, Attack Dog, Playful Dog. It suited his nature well. Not to mention his favorite position was Doggy Style. Everything just sort of fell in to place, and the pet name (pun intended, sorry) stuck.

"Besides, Dog, you still have to fix our door. Oh, and thank my Pet here that she could put up an illusion so no one would notice." He blushed at that. When I met him, he was trying to kidnap me, so he blew a hole in the front door of our room.

"Yes, my Mistress." He said softly, bowing his head.

I rubbed at my temples again before nodding to him to get to work. My eyes were roving all over Dog's erection. Try standing next to my omnibus for longer than a second. Even if she is fully clothed in the drabbest of outfits, you'd still find yourself being turned on. If she's naked next to you, you'd go weak in the knees. My Dog had amazing self-control despite it being so easy for him to lose that same control.

He turned his back on me, moved to the door, and he started to work. I turned my attention to my omnibus that was physically shaking with the desire to talk. She learned when I get like this, certain rules had to be followed. I normally just let them do what they want until they annoy me.

"Go ahead."

She bowed again. "Thank you, mistress. I'm getting pressure from my kind." I raised an eyebrow at that and was about to ask why before she spoke again. "I see you've forgotten... The ambassador? Wanting to meet with you, discuss?"

"Oh... Right... That. The demons are doing things the proper way, and the humans are doing things the mean way. Isn't that the definition of irony?"

She smiled and shrugged. "I suppose. They had asked me to ask you when you think you'll summon him. He's very anxious to meet you, and it's causing a serious raucous about how he was so honored to be chosen. He's becoming really insufferable."

My head tilted to one side as I thought about it. Leaning back in Victoria's comfortable couch, my arms crossed over my C-cup breasts. "I'd like to wait on that for after I meet with the Council. So far, I haven't broken the Law of Summoning. But, since you put it that way... Tell them this weekend, Saturday or Sunday."

"You can't Saturday!" Came a voice I was longing to hear all day. I was done with my semester, and my final exams were finished earlier this week. I had spent my day home with these two bickering while she was off in blissful silence taking a test. Okay, so not so blissful, but still silent.

"Hello, Victoria." Cole said calmly as she walked through the hole. She smiled pleasantly to him, but that's it. She wasn't attracted to him. Though, she did like watching him and me together, it was more the act than the actors (besides me at least). She likes to watch.

Victoria smiled towards my omnibus' breasts, not wanting to look her in the eyes despite how good it felt. To my surprise, she gave the demoness a kiss on the lips as she walked passed, before plopping down on my lap. Her lips found mine and we kissed. Whenever we kissed, the rest of my problems faded away.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled at me. "Hey. You can't summon the demon ambassador Saturday."

"Uhm... Why? We didn't have anything planned."

She giggled. She had one of those contagious laughs, I couldn't help but smile, so did my omnibus, hell I had a quick glance at my Dog and he had a small grin on his face as he measured something. "Silly... It's your birthday. The big two, one."

I blinked at her, confused. "Is it...?" I asked softly. Everything that had happened up to this point, every change my body made, all the new things I learned. I had completely forgotten it was my birthday. I wasn't keeping track of what was going on in my everyday life. I hadn't learned how to compartmentalize things yet.

She laughed again. "Yes! I have it planned out! We are going to go to the city, visit Lazuli, get drunk legally... Well, you at least. Cole is going to act as our bodyguard and driver. You are gonna have lots of sex! At least one person to each bar we visit. Some of those people will be me! It's gonna be great!"

The damn woman talked so fast when she got excited it was hard to keep up. I only really heard the words city, drunk, bodyguard and lots of sex. When she was finished, she kissed me again, her tongue teasing my lips.

"Do I have a say in this?" I asked after she broke that kiss. She gave me one of her large grins that said simply "not a damn word".

My omnibus giggled softly before she bowed towards me. "If there is nothing else, mistress." She said before simply disappearing.

"So how long before we leave?" Victoria asked groping one of my breasts, looking between Cole and I. There was something else we had found out in those five days. Vicky loves to watch.

"Mmmn... Exactly what I was thinking." I said as she removed herself from me and started heading to the bedroom, shaking her ass as she did. "Dog... Come." I said before following him. He could read the air between us, and quickly put his tools down and followed us. "Good, boy." I said teasingly as I led him through the apartment. I could sense his anger spiking at my words.

He remained quiet though. As we entered the room Vicky was already sitting at the head of the bed, her back against the wall, her legs spread wide. "Have fun, Amellia." She said, patting the spot before her.

As I walked towards her, the cock I had simply vanished. Cole wasn't a big fan of it yet, and I needed to kill some nerves before I met with Simon. I sashayed my way towards my lover and moved across the bed on all fours. I was moving slowly until I was only a foot away from Vicky's damp pussy, with my ass practically hanging off the bed.

"Now, Dog." I purred behind me. "Let me see that anger." I heard a growl behind me as his hands gripped my hips tightly. His eight inch long and very thick, tool pressed into my dripping opening. I moaned softly before scooting away. "No, no, no pup. Lick." I said giggling. For a second it looked like he wasn't going to follow the orders, rubbing his head against my lower lips.

"Yes, mistress." He growled angrily as I heard him situate himself on the floor. Once more his hands gripped my hips and his tongue pressed against my snatch. I gasped as he went in hungrily. Pushing his tongue into me violently. My eyes stayed on Victoria who was watching me while her hand moved. Not only could I feel the anger of Cole I could feel the jealousy of Victoria as she watched me. Not to mention the lust from both.

It still amazes me how easy it is for Lust to affect the other Sins. It was simple, like blowing into embers to get them to re-light into fire. "Not bad, Dog. But the demon is better." I said simply, that got a reaction, his anger and lust spiked as he moved his tongue harder into me almost violently. If I hadn't been feeding from two sources, I can't say for sure if I would have liked it. Instead, I moaned while pushing my pussy against him as he moved his head around.

"Cole..." Vicky said softly, "Lick higher, if you please. You'll enjoy it, I promise."

I felt Cole leave me, and I assumed look up at Vicky. I controlled the Dog, but she controlled me.

"It's simple, Cole. I don't think you deserve her pussy... So, you'll get her ass."

I felt my slave wait for me. "For this time, listen to her as if she was me."

I heard a deep rumbling chuckle from the enforcer behind me, and the soft giggle of my lover in front of me. At the same time, I gave a confused gasp of pleasure as I felt a wet tongue at my puckered entrance. I had never done anal stuff with any of my lovers before. I've played with Vicky's and my Pet's, but never anything to me. When in Rome...

"Victoria is right. Dog's shouldn't get rewards when they don't follow orders." I said. The feeling was weird as he pushed his tongue into me. After the awkwardness of it, it felt pleasant. It didn't send waves of pleasure through me like with my pussy, but the taboo of the act was enough to make it feel good. "Had enough?" I asked. "Now, bury that bone of yours, Dog." I said staring wide eyed at Victoria.

Now, let me explain one thing about Lust Sorcerer's and how their magic affects them. It can make anything feel good. To this day, I can get off on someone licking my elbow if it's a fetish of someone in the vicinity. If it turns my partner on, it turns me on. And my Dog... he loves anal. The pet name (pun intended) of Dog fit him to the fucking T.

I first felt his large head press against my virgin hole, pushing at it to get entrance. "Relax now, Amellia." Vicky said, smiling at me. It was hard to relax. Cole had a long and thick cock. The heat pressed against me as he tried to use his saliva as lubrication. I didn't think it was enough, was the single thought went through me just as he forced himself inside.

It hurt, it hurt a lot at first. The magic was working hard to keep up, to force it to become pleasurable. I gasped in pain as he pushed his cock in. Inch after inch spreading my ass open. Luckily, he moved slow enough so that it gave me a chance to get used to the insertion. Still... fucking ouch!!!

"Mistress... Your ass is the best." I heard Dog grunt behind me.

"Shut up, puppy. I did not give you permission to speak." Anger. Lust. He pushed in a little harder. Press his buttons enough and his anger takes control. He won't listen to my commands unless I pour them through the chains around his extremities. "I don't think he'll get me off like this." I panted to Victoria who laughed softly as she slid a finger into her snatch as she watched my struggle. "I just don't think he's skilled enough." More anger and more lust as he forced his last four inches into me with one thrust.

I moaned loudly, feeling him fully inside of me. "Ah... Good dog." I moaned out, pushing myself back to him. He stayed embedded in me for a few seconds before he started to move.

Where the walls of my pussy wanted to spread for an intruder, it took the muscles where the man currently was more time. Not that it didn't feel good, it just felt different. Moans still escaped my lips as he pulled out slowly.

"That all you got?" I managed to gasp out when all that was in me was the head of his member.

"Bitch." He growled before impaling me again. I cried out in pleasure and pain as he started to move his hips more. I felt him slide in and out of me, his saliva from before spreading deep into my rear as he pounded away. It wasn't just the new sensations of a new hole being filled; it was everything else. His hips when they slammed at me were just a little higher than usual. Not to mention that the slapping sound of his balls smacking against my very wet snatch filled the room. That alone was pleasant.

My eyes went to Victoria as she started to moan as well. She was still playing with herself. I expected to see her fingers in her pussy, but instead she had two of them buried in her rear. She was enjoying herself, her fingers playing there while her other hand pulled and tweaked at her nipples.

"So fucking tight." Grunted Cole from above me as he rammed his rod inside.

"I did not give you permission to speak." I said through gritted teeth. Gritted to keep the moans out as I tried to threaten my slave. It didn't work that well as he picked up the pace.

"Yes... Mistress... Slut..." He grunted again, his anger getting the better of him. I'll punish him later, maybe my cock in his ass since he likes that so much. Then I couldn't think as something was brushing against my clit.

I looked down to see Vicky's legs between my own, using her toe to give me even more pleasure. That was new too. I was vaguely aware of my thoughts going to the point of "she just wanted to mess with me" but at that point I didn't care.

I threw my head back and moaned like a bitch. My back was arching slightly, pushing his cock even deeper into my ass. "Fuck!" I groaned out as he jackhammered into me. Vicky's foot, his balls slapping against me, and his large tool pounding at my hole was too much for me to take. "Cum... Cum now, Dog!!!" I screamed out in pleasure as I felt my pussy contract around nothing as I climaxed.

I felt him push in and my rectum squeezing his cock tight, probably too tight if I could judge by the grunting he was doing. "C-Can't! Too tight." He finally said as I was still convulsing in orgasm. My body twitching violently as he tried to thrust into me. I felt his member swell inside of me as I calmed down, and then a torrent of heat filled me. It brought me into another wave of orgasmic pleasure as I felt it fill me up, then start dribbling out of me, the heat oozing past my dripping pussy.

"Fuck... That was... New." I said after a few minutes, looking up at Victoria who was smiling.

"Did you like it, love?" I nodded in response as I felt my slave slowly pull his member out.

"Your work is done, Dog, get back to work." I said, looking over my shoulder at him. I gave him a smile, and he returned a nod as he took his leave.

"Ready to head to L.A.?"


The club that Lazuli worked at was entirely different in the daytime. For one thing, there weren't really people hanging outside. We could only see a bouncer at the door, presumably to protect the dancers that were getting ready for their shift to start. The bright neon signs that promised pleasure and booze weren't buzzing away happily. The muffled sounds of bass music banging on the walls wasn't there. It was odd.

"You sure you want to do this alone?" Vicky said, worry drenching her words.

I nodded and smiled at her. "It's my problem, besides, they don't really know about you and I don't want them too. We've seen enough TV shows to know that if this goes bad they'll come after you."

"I don't mind."

"I do, babe." I said, taking her hand and kissing her fingers. "I'll shoot you a text when I'm done." She nodded and kissed me passionately before I left the car.

The bouncer stopped me at the door. "Help you, miss?"

"Uh... Yes... I have an appointment with Simon." I said, smiling up at him. The magic in me told me information about this large man's sex life. It did that when meeting new people, regardless of if they were noticing me or not. I ignored it for the most part. I wasn't trying to seduce him.

"Oh right, boss-man told me 'bout that. Go on in, Lazuli should be waiting." He said before opening the door. I smiled again and walked inside.

If the outside looked odd, the inside looked like an entirely different place. During business hours, the lights were turned down low, only the spotlights on the stage shone brightly. If you couldn't make out the colors of the decorations before, now you could. To be honest, it didn't look bad. But I also understood even more why it was so dim when customers were in.

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