tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAwakening the Deluca Family

Awakening the Deluca Family


Chapter 1: The De Luca Family

Janine De Luca was awakened by the horrible buzzing of her alarm clock and after a moment of disorientation she brought her hand down on the level with a crash and turned it off. She shook her head once or twice and then rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She stretched her arms out and locked out all of her muscles and groaned. With her morning ritual over, she was able to hop out of bed and head to the shower. Janine passed herself in the mirror as she went and was, as usual, content with what she saw. She was 5'4, 125lbs and an absolute stunner. She had long, straight black hair that cascades over the Mediterranean olive skin of her shoulders. She had solemn gray eyes that flashed with intelligence. Her face was fiery and beautiful with large lips and a pixie nose. Her body was stellar, especially considering the fact that she was nearly 40 years old. She had perfectly proportions 36C breasts, well-built legs, and tight muscles on her butt and stomach. She judged success by the fact that her red rose tattoo on her hip was still the same shape it had been when she got it at age 15. All in all, she was quite proud of the way she looked and credited the fact that she was a nutritionist for her healthy, youthful look.

She finished her shower quickly and then got dressed for work and ran down the stairs. She was almost as proud of her home as she was of her body. It was a cute little Tudor house with five bedrooms and two and a half baths. She was so proud of herself for working hard being able to afford it on her own. She was especially proud of her little garden in the backyard and her meticulously cared for pool and Jacuzzi. She had everything she had ever wanted in her life. No things less than her four most precious objects which were in the kitchen now.

Janine was the mother of four and they were all sitting at the kitchen table with their places already set, just waiting for their mother to make some pancakes or French toast. She smiled when she came into the room. She was so proud of her girls. Young women really. They were all beautiful, smart, well-behaved, and yet independent and original. She still woke up some mornings and didn't believe that she had raised them herself from the very moment her youngest daughter was born.

"Hey mom! What are we having," her eldest daughter Jackie asked. Jackie was 22 years old and a junior in college. She was the vice president of her class and also the editor of the school paper. Despite this, she lived at home and commuted to school. She had dreams of being a big city news reporter and Janine didn't have the heart to tell her that there were going to be any city newspapers. Jackie didn't have the heart to tell her mother that she really wanted to be a political blogger. She was a stunningly beautiful girl and Janine was surprised that she went on so few dates. The truth was that Jackie was a little bit intimidating. She was taller than her mother at 5'6 and she was slim at 125lbs. She had blonde hair that was cut into a little pixie cut and blue eyes. Her skin was dark like her mother's but people still did not believe the platinum haired girl belonged to Janine. Jackie had a models body with small, 32-A breasts and slight, but definite curves. Jackie was very proud of her pierced ears and the small, diamond stud in her nose.

"I am thinking...Eggs and toast?" Janine offered and Jackie smiled. Janine and Jackie were a lot alike in many ways and they fought more than any of the others. But Janine would always have a special place in her heart for her first child.

"I hate eggs," Roseanna said and stuck out her tongue. Roseanna was one of Janine's twin daughters. Janine looked at her and couldn't do anything but shake her head and grin. Sometimes she just didn't understand the slightly older of her identical twins. Roseanna was, as Janine had been told by Jackie, "scene." This meant that she wore her long hair in a sort of large, well kempt pile that looked beautiful but was a bit scary. The roots were dark and the top was dyed blonde with baby blue highlights. It also meant that she was a bit morbid, wasn't involved in after school activities, and spend most of her time at rock shows fawning over the bass players. Janine sensed that this was a little bit of a rebellion, but she was willing to accept this over an early pregnancy any day. Roseanna was very short at 5'2 and slim at 115lbs. She had a compact, and curvy Italian body with 34-B breasts and big, muscular ass. She also had many piercings. She had one on her lip, one in her tongue, three in each ear, and one in each nipple that Janine didn't know about. She was 19 years old and at community college.

"Oh my god you aren't doing the vegan thing again!" her twin said, rolling her eyes. Rachel was the most buttoned down of all the De Luca women. Janine was constantly amazed by how different her two twins were but how they somehow managed to stay closer than any two people on earth. Rachel was everything that Roseanna wasn't. She was conservative, preppy, and had been a cheerleader in school. She had loved to go to football games and had been deeply involved in school activities and wanted desperately to date the quarterback. Now she was taking a little time off before going to college, she'd already been accepted to a prestigious out of state university. She had the exact same height and build as her twin, but her hair was cut in a long angled bob and was as black as Janine's. She refused to even have her ears pierced and called her twin, "pincushion." Like her twin she had a cute, angelic face and deep brown eyes.

The last girl was Tera, she was Janine's baby and everyone knew it. She had just reached adulthood and Janine was ecstatic that she had grown into possible her most beautiful daughter. She was a born athlete and was a member of the high school soccer team. She had long, straight black hair like her mother's but her skin was very fair. She now had the body of a woman and was actually taller than her two twin sisters despite the fact that she was 18. She was 5'3 and weighed 110 pounds. She had a slim body like her oldest sister with 30-A breasts and muscular, but beautiful legs. Janine had been worried for years about boys coming around for her, but felt relieved that Tera didn't seem to have a lot of interest.

"You are all just going to have to accept it," Janine explained as she got down on her knees and shuffled through her messy collection of pots and pans and finally found the griddle. She listened to the cheerful sound of her children talking to one another about their plans for the day. She was amazed every day by how well all of her girls got along. She had been terrified when they were growing up that got to be around this age, her house would be a pit of vipers, but that was hardly the case. It was a surprisingly happy and prosperous home, if everyone was a little too old to still be living there.

"Hey mom, don't forget that Jackie can't pick me up from practice," Tera said, pulling her hair back in a sporty ponytail, "I need you to get me at five." Janine kicked herself for not just breaking down and buying her youngest a car.

"Ok..." Janine said, running through the dozens of things she had to do in her mind, "I might be a couple of minutes late. No more than fifteen minutes,"

"Fine" Tera said and rolled her eyes. Her shoulders slumped as Janine placed an egg on the table in front of her. It wasn't all jolly, I guess. Eventually, all of the food was out of the table and everyone ate quickly and then wiped their mouths. Janine wished her girls happy days and then grabbed the keys to her car and headed out. Jackie, Rosanna, and Tera headed off to their respective schools, and Rachel went to her new temporary job. Janine took a few minutes for herself and sat in at the kitchen table amongst the pile of dirty dishes and drank a cup of coffee.

She eventually sighed and hoisted herself up from her chair and headed to the door. It was a quick ride to work and Janine liked the way it made her feel like she was easing her way out of her homework and into the work world. She was a little bit early that day, but she knew it was going to be hectic. Janine worked for a major insurance company and sometimes it made her feel guilty. She didn't like some of the things that her company did, but she felt like the work that she did was admirable. When a patient went in for any sort of medical procedure they would invariably be weighed. If the insurance company found out that they were morbidly obese, they would hand the file to Janine. It was her job to contact the customer and try to convince them to change their ways. It saved the insurance company money if Janine could design a program to keep the patient on track and it could help save the patient's life. So while Janine felt queasy when she had to tell people who she worked for, she was proud when she got to tell them what she did.

Janine had been right about that day. It was incredibly hectic. The company had recently been reorganized due to a merger with a rival insurance company and she now found that she had twice as many patients and twice as many bosses. It had been what Janine lovingly referred to as a "gigantic pissing contest" ever since the merger as the rival managers tried to stake out territory in the company (or hide from responsibility) and Janine felt lost in the shuffle. Every day felt like she was being told a hundred different things to do and some of the things contradicting other things which she was required to do. The only thing that kept her going was the knowledge that if she did her job right, she was really making a difference in someone's life.

The nature of Janine's job was such that she worked primarily alone each day. There weren't any other nutritionists at her location and she didn't have a secretary. She was usually too busy to feel lonely, but sometimes at life that realization would strike home and she would remember that if it weren't for her girls there would be no one in her life. She hadn't dated in years and while her life felt complete in many ways, she would sometimes think about love and romance and feel a little bit defeated. Soon they'd all be gone and she'd be alone.

After work Janine almost forgot that she had to pick her daughter up from practice and nearly made it all the way back to her home before she turned around and headed towards the school. Tera looked angry when she got there. She had her soccer ball propped saucily on her hip and she was staring at her mother.

"You're late," Tera said, whipping her ponytail around as she flopped into the car with her dirty cleats.

"I know honey," Janine said, "I am sorry. I told you that I might be late."

"You forgot, Rachel or Roseanna told you about it when you got home or something huh?" Tera asked and stared out the window, pointedly not looking at her mother.

"I can honestly say that is not the case, why didn't you just get a ride with a friend?" Janine said, realizing she had missed this prediction by only a few short seconds.

"Because you said you'd be here, and I am not rude. If I said I'd be here, I'd be here," Tera said. Janine didn't feel like fighting.

"Come on, its Taco night. I know it's your favorite. No one else likes it as much as you," Janine said, attempting to change the subject.

"Okay," Tera said and smiled, she wasn't a little girl anymore, she got over these little things faster, not like a teen. She was a woman. That was one thing that Janine knew for a fact, there was little that could really get to her youngest daughter and when it did she was able to get over it quickly and smile.

They both walked into the house a few minutes later and the twins were already getting dinner together. Jackie arrived a few minutes later and Janine's favorite part of the day commenced. The whole family would prepare the dinner together and then they would sit down at the table and talk and eat and Janine would feel whole in a way that she never imagined that she would have in her life.

Finally, the girls would go their separate ways to do homework, watch TV, hang out with friends, or talk on the phone. Generally Janine would finish up any of her work on her laptop and try to convince at least one of her daughters to watch TV with her or go for a run. Generally she was successful with the former, but less so with the latter. As the sun finally fell behind the trees in the De Luca family backyard, everyone would make their way up to their various rooms (Only Rachel and Roseanna had ever shared space but once they got to high school, Roseanna had moved to a room in the attic to gain privacy) and go to bed for the night. Little did Janine know that the peace that settled on her home that night would be short lived and something new, wild, and perhaps more wonderful would be rising with the sun.

Chapter 2: An Old Secret, Nearly Revealed

The next day began largely the same, with the same morning routine and the trip into work. However, things changed from there. It was one of the most stressful days at work Janine could remember. It just seemed like the work had piled up behind her back and she now found herself surrounded by tasks that she hadn't even remembered starting, but which now needed to be finished. She spent most of the morning on the phone with customers who seemed either distracted or angry, all the while fighting off constant memos from her various bosses regarding new issues. Further, she had forgotten to schedule a yearly performance review session and she was now in a good deal of trouble and was probably going to have to come in on a weekend to begin the process. She felt downright tired by the end of the day and felt like she was already sleeping as she drove towards home.

Janine felt the stress of the day gnawing at her as she ate her dinner with the girls. She heard them talking and enjoying themselves, but couldn't manage to get into it herself. She didn't think that the girls noticed, but they were so in-tuned with her behavior that they could tell she had a bad day and that another one was on the way. They pretended like nothing was wrong because this was what their mother would prefer that they do. Minimize the stress and help her to relax.

That night, after dinner, Janine went up to her room immediately and had a plan to relax. She was generally a shower person as she was very busy and because she liked to do it early in the morning, before she went to work. However, sometimes she felt that the best way to relax was to fill the tub up almost all the way to the brim and lay back in the water for a while. She had been imagining it almost from the moment she got to work that day and it was basically the only thing keeping her going.

Because Janine never worked outside of the office on Tuesdays, she was allowed to dress very casually on those days. She removed her t-shirt, bra, and blue jeans and then slipped off her panties while the water slowly inched its way up to the top of her claw foot tub. The water was steaming up the mirror and Janine was starting to feel better already. She was surveying the bath when she noticed a box of bubble bath that one of her daughters had gotten her for Mother's Day. She usually just like a normal bath, but on a whim today she decided to pour in a large batch of the bubble bath. Quickly, the water got frothy and white and before she knew it she was ready.

She eased herself into the water and gasped at how good it felt. She heard herself humming contentedly without even realizing she was doing it. She sat in the tub for five minutes without even moving, just breathing in the smell of the bubble bath and the steam. She had by now completely forgotten all of her problems from the day and was even looking forward to getting to work the next day and setting everything straight.

She was thinking about the trip she needed to make that week. She had to go to her daughter's father's house, to drop off her twins. Neither of them had a car yet, and Jackie wasn't going to drive them. They wanted to see him before Rachel went away for college and things got more complicated.

It was just when she was about to fall asleep that the door to her bathroom was flung open and Rachel stomped into the bathroom with an angry look on her face. Rachel was a very sweet girl but sometimes she was very self-absorbed. She had already forgotten her mother's earlier unease was completely caught up in her new problem. Janine felt her blood run cold as her daughter barged into the bathroom.

"Rachel! What are you doing in here?" Janine said, shaken. She was thanking God a hundred times a minute that she had put the bubble bath into the tub.

"Jackie," Rachel said, dramatically flinging herself down onto the toilet lid and putting her hands in her face. Janine slouched down in the bathtub and tried to get her thoughts in order.

"What about her?" she finally managed to blurt out.

"Her friend Dennis, you know him," Rachel said, sitting up and talking with her hands. Janine nodded, "Well he asked me out, and I think he is really cute."

"Okay," Janine said without moving.

"Well," Rachel said, standing up and pacing around the room, "Jackie says that she doesn't want me to go out with him and she also said that she doesn't want me to go out with her and her friends all the time at her school. She doesn't have any reason. He is a really nice guy. She is just being a bitch to me and I really don't like it."

"What do you want me to do sweetie?" Janine said, "You girls are adults, you have to figure your own things out now."

"MOM!" Rachel said and flung herself down on the toilet again.

"What?" Janine said, feeling claustrophobic and annoyed.

"I just want you to talk to her and get her to change her mind about this. It isn't fair, like you said we're adults I can choose to date whoever I want to date," Rachel said, suddenly realizing how uncomfortable her mother was.

"Okay sweetie. I promise I will talk to her. I will do it tomorrow after work or something. I just...had a bad day today. Would you mind just letting me sit in the tub for a while?" Rachel was feeling a bit embarrassed now and she was placated by her mother's promise.

"Sorry mom. Thanks," she said sheepishly.

"I am not upset," Janine said, feeling a bit guilty now, "I am just tired."

"It's okay," Rachel said, standing up and heading for the door, "Just don't forget to talk to Jackie for me okay?" she asked and Janine nodded her head once more. Rachel closed the bathroom door and Janine heard the bedroom door close as well and Janine was certain she was alone again. She sat for a while and then let out a sigh of relief. That had been much too close.

Janine shivered as the water had lost its intense warmth and she wasn't really in the mood for a soak anymore. She pulled herself up out of the tub. The water dripped off of her chin and down her thin, elegant neck. She stood up and stepped out of the shower and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled at her pretty face, her perky breasts, and her flat stomach. She ran her hands along her tanned legs. Then she stopped and looked concerned. There, between her legs was her five inch cock. The little secret in her life that she had barely kept from Rachel. She sighed with relief, but it was a short-lived relief. Within 24 hours her secret would be out.

Chapter 3: Janine's Cock

Janine got dressed and went downstairs. She felt more in control now that she had her clothes on. She even felt good. She had come face to face with one of her greatest fears and had managed to avoid a disaster. She walked into the kitchen and saw Tera and Jackie playing cards at the table. She smiled to herself. Her twin daughters Rachel and Roseanna were easily very close as is the nature of twins. Often times they were so close that the other two felt left out. As a result, Jackie and Tera had developed a very close and special bond despite the fact that they were separated in age by four years. When the twins went to go do something and Tera felt left out, Jackie would go to her youngest sister and get her out of the house. It worked out very well and it made Janine very proud of her eldest daughter. Jackie had just won a hand when Janine went into the kitchen. She was smiling and looked beautiful.

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