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- 1 -

This is the true story of how I became a lover, a tale of sexual awakening. Taking place some twenty plus years ago, some of the details maybe sketchy or may have even been embellished by my memory as it looks back with fondness on certain events, however, to the best of my knowledge this is a true record.

When I need to cum, it is these places in my memory palace where I visit most often, finding great arousal in the tale of two young lovers exploring and discovering their sexuality. Many a wank has been had to the events in this tale.

It didn't happen quickly, in fact, the timeline of this story took place over a period of around ten months. This is the story of a journey, and all such tales take many twists and turns as they move on towards the destination. Some parts of this story might be considered tame, or naïve, that's fine, because this is our story. This tale will focus on sexual events in the lives of two young people, the stories of love, friendship, growth and life, in general, are not for these pages.

A bit of background first, as I'm inviting you on a journey, you need to know a little bit about your companions. I met Annie at the Christian Union at a northern British university. I was in my second year, whereas she was starting her first. We had both been brought up in church going families, Annie had even spent time in Africa with her family being missionaries. This church going background meant that as twenty year olds we were, to some extent, sexually naïve compared to many of our contemporaries, it also meant that we were living under a Christian guilt cloud, that many in churches use as a means of control, both individually and corporately. Although this guilt cloud meant that we delayed the act of intercourse, it didn't stop us making love, we just had to be creative, we also at times did strange mental gymnastics to rationalise our actions against our upbringing.

I lived in a house with three other guys, two students and a teacher who owned the house. The owner, also a church goer, imposed a no-sex rule in the house. Annie lived in another part of town, taking a room in a house with three other students, but was planning to move in with people from the CU to be closer to people she knew.

We got together as a couple just before Christmas. A few friends from the CU had planned to spend the night at Annie's house as she was living in a dodgy part of town and all the other house mates were away. We ate and talked for a few hours before retiring. I was to sleep in Annie's room, I had my sleeping bag ready, but we ended up in bed fully clothed, we kissed, talked and slept. Nice, innocent and allowed. Over the next week or two, before we went our different directions for the Christmas holidays we spent several more nights like this, either at her place or mine. Our kissing got more passionate, but we were still respectable, keeping our hands to ourselves.

- 2 -

It was our first night back after the holidays, Annie had moved into the new house, after unpacking her stuff and getting her settled in her Dad left. Discretely, we were going to spend the night together.

As before I was expecting to spend the night clothed, under a duvet. Just before getting into bed Annie says she is going to change into pyjamas, so I wait outside her room as she changes. A few minutes later she is changed, nothing sexy, just regular fluffy pyjamas with something cute on them, like teddy bears or kittens.

We get into her single bed, and settle down, we kiss passionately and as I'm rubbing my hand up her back I realise as she's changed she has removed her bra. We continue to kiss, nibble ears and necks. I can't remember how long this goes on for it could be ten minutes, it could be hours; but I do remember that Annie starts to cry. Again time has taken away the exact words but it was something like: why are we not allowed to make love? That Christian guilt thing raising its head. Anyway, in response I take off my T-shirt as an invitation. She settles on top of me and we start the kissing again, more passionately than before. I have a full-on erection and she must be able to feel it through my jeans. We keep kissing, my hands are around her back and I feel that her top has risen slightly, so I start to touch the skin of her back, tickling, stroking higher and higher up her back. By now the front of her pyjama top has risen and our bellies were touching, the first time our skin has touched so intimately. I have cum, and my pants are filled with a warm sticky mess, does she know? I doubt it. We just keep on kissing.

By now, my hands are tracing arcs up and down her back that are reaching up to her shoulders, each time the top lifting that little higher. So I bite the bullet. I moved my hands around her body and lift the front of her top over her breasts and I feel for the first time the skin of her soft naked breasts on my chest. We start to kiss more passionately than before as we rub against each other. I lift her top over her head and off an arm, she is now effectively topless on top of me, we swap positions, Annie laying on her back, whilst I'm at her side, getting to feel her breasts with my hands for the first time. I rub, massage, tickle and suck her breasts, all the while continuing to kiss.

As the passion fades, we start to talk, and Christian guilt raises its head. She confesses to me that this is not the first time she has been like this with a guy and that she has done 'everything but sexual intercourse.' Those were the words she used, very formal. Wow, I wasn't expecting that. A slight twinge of jealousy that someone had touched those breasts before me, that someone had touched her pussy, going where I had yet to go. But it also was very arousing. The thought of my quiet, shy, Annie, in bed, naked with another guy had me curious. I had only just briefly experienced her sexuality and it was exquisite. So, what had she done? How far had she gone? How often? What was her definition of sexual intercourse? Had she felt this other guys cock? Had she made him cum? Had they tried to fuck? Had he been inside her? How far would she be willing to go with me? These were just the strange and kinky thoughts that went through my naïve mind. Or are these my thoughts now, because sitting here writing this now, I've got a mighty erection and a rapidly beating heart.

For my part while holding her semi naked form, I confessed my sexual past, how I had felt the breasts and fingered a past girlfriend whilst at school, tame. To be honest my only real sexual experience was in wanking, but I didn't confess that.

We held each other for a while longer before she put her top back on, only turning the lights on to look at our necks where our amorous activities had left plenty of love bites, and we slept.

- 3 -

Due to college commitments, we couldn't spend another night together for a couple of days, but when we did it was worth it. Sneaking her into my room, remember the no-sex rule, I'd changed into shorts and T-shirt, initially Annie had gotten into my double bed fully clothed, but once under the covers changed into tracks suit bottoms and T-shirt, taking her bra off from under her T-shirt. I have often wondered what would have happened if whilst changing her trousers I had reached across and stroked her leg. Would I have scared her off or would I have increased her arousal? Who knows? Anyway, enough conjecture.

We started off kissing and cuddling, the larger bed affording us more space. As our kissing progressed I sneaked an exploratory hand across her braless breasts, as she offered no resistance, I caressed some more, enjoying their soft and unique feel through the material of the T-shirt. Annie laid on her back, whilst I snuggled up against her side, my left hand guiding the way. Again, the time can't be measured, such was the intensity of our young passion.

Still fully clothed, she spread her legs, I climbed on top of her, and there I was between them, in such a sexual position for the first time, this was the first of many new experiences for me. My erection rubbing against her pussy, with only several thin pieces of cloth separating us. I proceeded to grind against her, up and down against her pussy, Annie so receptive beneath me. I don't know how long I lasted, not wanting to push my luck, not wanting to stop. Eventually I came, another sticky mess in my pants, I don't know whether Annie also came, I hadn't figured out female orgasms yet, but to be honest, neither had she.

I once more resumed my position at her side, kissing and caressing. I now lifted the T-shirt above her breasts and unashamedly felt them, caressing, squeezing, holding. These were woman's breasts as opposed to the breasts I had felt before. Soft, yet substantial, not overly large, with a woman's areola and nipples. I started to extend the reach of my hand, first onto her chest, then her belly and then lower. I continued my stroke from breast to belly, eventually gaining the confidence to go further.

I slowly, put my hand under the waist band of the tracksuit bottoms, going lower and under the material of her knickers. I then, for the first time felt the hair of her pussy, those were the days when pussies were only shaved in porn films. Middle finger extended, because after all, you only fingered a girl with that finger, I felt my way lower. Annie opened her legs, and allowed me to explore. Through the hair I could feel her warmth. Moving aside her pubes I worked my way inside her lips. Deeper I went, parting the delicate inner lips, like a barrier showing her womanhood. I felt the moisture of her excitement. Slick with anticipation I eventually found her waiting vagina. Offering no resistance, in and out, I thrust my finger, going deeper each time. Kissing passionately, legs spread, my hand on and in her pussy, we entered new territory. I can't remember, now, how long I fingered her for, it was just good.

It was my turn to lay on my back, as I did she propped herself on her side, and ran her hand into my shorts and grasped hold of my erect penis. Another first; this was the first time anyone but me, had held my aroused penis in their hand. She began to expertly jack me off, up and down her hand went in my shorts, till I eventually came in her hand. Innocent? I didn't care, she was an expert with that hand.

I for one, went to sleep in a state of euphoria. I had honestly gone where I had never gone before, and never expected to go so quickly. The next morning, I was in Uni for a lab class, but Annie was free so she stayed there in my bed. I made it through my morning session, occasionally stopping to smell the sweet aroma of Annie's pussy on my fingers, I was surprised no one commented.

I remember walking past the student's union thinking, should I get some condoms? But I chickened out, that Christian guilt again. So, I raced back to my house, and found Annie, still under my covers, so locking my room door I slipped in beside her. It didn't take much. A couple of kisses, a couple of caresses and we were soon stripping off our clothes, flinging back the duvet, and for the first time I was looking upon Annie's naked body. Her full soft breasts, perfect in shape, her delicious nipples standing erect. The soft sweep along her belly to her soft fair pubes. This was the first time I had been sexually naked with a woman. For my part, I was relatively fit, though not muscular, my penis when erect, is I would guess average, not over large, not small, but at that moment it was fully erect greeting the sight of this beautiful woman before me.

For the next few hours, we explored our bodies, I got to know every part of her body. The delicious folds of her pussy. The way the downy soft hair covered her outer lips, enclosing the wonder within. I stared in fascination at the way her small delicate inner lips guarded the entrance to her raggedy edged vagina. Her cute shapely bottom, so firm, so caressable. But most of all, I was mesmerised by her pussy, that naivety again, but here was I laying between the legs of a desirable, horny, young woman.

I climbed on top of her, her legs spread, for the first time my penis was rubbing against a pussy, my mind was in ecstasy. I rubbed it up and down her pussy, daring only to feel the warmth, scared that it might enter her. I guess had I entered her then, remembering her earlier tears, we would have fucked away, but by waiting we learned to explore our bodies further. It was that Christian guilt that kept my penis out of her that day, so it did have its uses.

She made me cum, delicately caressing my penis, time and time again that afternoon. She watched with delight as my face contorted in ecstasy each time I ejaculated. That afternoon, my duvet was soaked with my cum and her sweet smelling pussy juice. For my part I fingered her, many times, and not just sticking to my middle finger. At one point, I recall her asking me, how many fingers I had in her, well at that moment I was finger fucking her with two.

So, the afternoon wore on and as my housemates returned our session drew to a close. We hadn't fucked, Annie hadn't orgasmed but that January afternoon was the first time we'd made love. We then washed and I dressed her. Strange, I know, but I had the idea that I was being romantic.

- 4 -

It wasn't until the weekend when we could spend another night together, but Christian guilt had got us so we kissed, cuddled and had a brief fondle. But something had changed, Annie just got changed in front of me, no more changing under the covers. We'd seen each other naked, so why bother with the pretence?

Our guilt didn't last long; our passion and desire were too strong. With a fear of her getting pregnant and Christian guilt stopping us fucking, we found other ways of having fun. One we quickly learned was for Annie to sit astride my naked body, only wearing her knickers. She would then grind against me till I came, this would cause her great pleasure as well. Whilst she was riding me, I would play with her breasts, I would always treat them carefully and gently, however, one time she told me to grab them harder.

As Annie is a real woman and this is a true story, we soon came to her period. We had to slow down our pace a little, sore breasts and cramps do change a libido even one as strong as Annie's. Towards the end of her period she was back riding on top of me. I remember asking, if she still had her tampon in why didn't she take off her knickers. So, she did, and she reseated herself with her pussy lips around my penis. The warmth of her pussy along the length of my cock, sliding back and forth the intimacy was intense, I eventually came, my semen covering her pussy. We spent the rest of that night naked, waking up in each other's arms.

The next weekend we went to the CU ball. Annie looked stunning in her black ball gown. I knew underneath all she was wearing was black lacy knickers, I also knew that later I'd get to remove the gown and play with what was concealed beneath. Later back at her place I first free her delicious breasts from the top of the gown, playing, sucking, and caressing. I then remove the gown and leave her standing there in her sexy black knickers while I undress. Once naked I lay back and she mounts me, through the knickers her lips engulf my cock and she grinds away and soon I am soaking her panties with my cum. We soon fall asleep in each other's arms, Annie still wearing those cum soaked knickers. How we managed I don't know, but we would often sleep well in her single bed. For a while we would fall asleep, Annie holding my penis and me cupping her pussy.

The next day she surprised me by donning some more lingerie. I can still see it now. She was wearing a white satin camisole and white French knickers, still my favourite, which as I caressed and felt her, amplified the softness of her breasts and pussy. Later as she was riding me, the feel of Annie's satin covered pussy against my skin was almost as exquisite as her naked pussy, but not quite.

- 5 -

So, as I'd mentioned I'd not given Annie an orgasm, she wasn't complaining, we were still having fun. However, that was about to change, I'd read about the clitoris, and how rubbing it was pleasurable, and could lead a woman to orgasm. I just didn't know where to rub. So in the days before the internet and Wikipedia or instant access porn, I used a biology textbook, and did some research. I now just needed to put my new anatomical knowledge into practice.

Valentine's Day was approaching, and we'd had the idea of massaging each other. Where that idea came from, I don't know, maybe a magazine or a newspaper. As we didn't have any oil our first attempt was with moisturiser, not brilliant but functional. So, we decided to get some from The Body Shop, at the first opportunity. However, before then I had something to try. After our alternative massage attempt, Annie was sitting on my double bed with her back against the wall. Her legs were spread wide open and I was fingering her pussy. With my finger, rhythmically fucking her vagina, I gently pulled it I out, glistening with her juices and traced my way along her pussy until I found her clitoris. Gently stroking it, I sent a shock through her body. She said she had never felt anything like that before. I kept stroking for a while longer, but the intensity of the sensations pulsing through her pussy was to much and she asked me to stop. She didn't orgasm, but at least I knew where the right place was.

At The Body Shop we got ourselves some massage oil infused with Sandalwood, and on Valentine's Day evening we tried it out. In her white satin lingerie, we made out before sensually massaging each other with our oil. Afterwards, laying at the side of her as she spread her legs to open her pussy, my hands slick with the oil, I gently stroked her clitoris. Rubbing gently at first, but getting into rhythm, up and down over her juicy and oily pussy, she eventually came. Arching her back as the orgasm shuddered and radiated through her. She couldn't last long this first time, and soon her hand was on top of mine stopping me moving.

She had a kinky streak often wanting to try new things. Once after we had both came, I was lying face down on her bed and she was snuggled in beside me. She was tickling up and down my back and onto my buttocks. She explored further and was soon fingering the edge of my butt hole. Sure enough she was poking a finger gingerly into my hole, however, unlike her pussy it isn't naturally lubricated. So, she opens her legs, reaches down, lubes up her fingers from her pussy and returns to fingering me. Done carefully, lovingly and skilfully having your butt fingered is quite erotic.

- 6 -

Around this time, a film called The Lover was released, promising at least twenty minutes of love scenes, we went to see a late night showing. This night Annie was on her period and as she was using tampons, we could still get each other off. Arriving at my house we sneaked in and she sneaked up to the toilet to pee and change her tampon, I remember debating with myself whether to suggest she not replace that tampon for a while.

We sexily undressed, all over each other, and got into bed. I was on top of her looking down, my cock rubbing up and down her warm pussy until I came, squirting my juices all over her delicate folds, without fear as the entry to her womb was blocked.

Looking up at me, I remember her face illuminated by the orange from the street lamps outside, I even remember that she was wearing Wedgewood Cameo earrings. She looked up at me and asked if I wanted to take the tampon out and make love. I was tempted, boy was I tempted, I even lightly fingered the string, needless to say I didn't remove it and I made her cum by way of compensation.

- 7 -

So, for a while we perfected our skills, most of the times we would spend together we would at some point end up naked pleasuring each other. I would finger her to orgasm, while she would make me cum either by hand or by riding me, now, more often than not with her naked pussy against my bare cock.

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