He tilted his head to one side and answered with a question of his own, "For?"

"For letting me see all of you . . . for letting me show you all of me . . . for this," she told him. She opened her arms up to show him how she wanted to learn more about not only him, but herself as well.

Alan nodded his head and took one of her hands, "Come, I'm ready to eat."

Carol groaned and followed his lead. She moved to the bed, slid onto it and laid her head back against the pillows. He took one of the spare ones and ordered her to lift her hips. She did as he said and soon her pussy was raised in the air. "You can't come. Remember that," he told her. She nodded her head yes in understanding and curled the blanket with her fists.

His hands gripped her ankles and he spread her legs apart. She watched him move between them. Alan ran firm strokes behind each calf muscle massaging them as he settled himself on the bed. He then had her bend each leg, giving her pussy another boost on the pillow. She smelled musky. He could see the lights of his apartment glistening off her juices and his cock was getting hard again.

"You're so wet," he groaned, his fingers moved over the outer lips of her cunt. "This is mine from now on slut . . . no one else's. If you try to use it to get off, if you make yourself come without me telling you to . . . you'll feel how angry I'll be. This is mine to taste, eat, and drink," he told her as he continued to paint her sex with the slick juices that had escaped her.

"Yes Sir," she hissed, her hips lifting by their own accord as they tried to place her pussy closer to the voice that controlled it. "I won't come for anyone but you. I belong to you Sir," she stated.

Alan's voice dropped lower, "Yes . . . you belong to me." He spread her pussy lips open, exposing the pink, moist flesh to the air and he bent his head closer to it. His warm breath covered her opening, caressed her flesh, and brought a moan from deep within her. His hazel eyes watched a slow stream of honey escape her and he placed his tongue against her cunt. The thrust of her hips forced the liquid heat to fall faster and it slipped onto his tongue. Alan moved his tongue up and over the opened flower gathering her offering. He pushed the hot fluid back to his throat and sucked another drop from her cunt before slipping his mouth away from her pussy.

"Oh fuck . . . ohhh my God," she moaned. Her knuckles were turning white from gripping the blanket. Carol wasn't sure how she was going to not come all over his face when that first lick of his tongue over her aroused sex had sent waves of lava over her. She unclenched her eyes and looked down at him. "Sir . . . again . . . please," she begged him.

"What are you?" he asked her as one finger slipped between the folds of her sex and moved up and down. He found her clit and pressed back and forth over it. "Whose are you?" he asked as he took the tender petal and squeezed it between two of his fingers.

Carol's head fell back. Her hips rose and fell. "Slut," she gasped. "Alan's Slut . . . you . . . Oh God . . . I belong to you " she moaned. He continued to tease her clit and slipped a finger from his other hand inside her soaked cunt.

"That's right. You're Alan's slut. I own you don't I?" he asked her as he continued to fuck her slowly. His finger moved to the right of her pussy and he pushed against the wet flesh. "You can't come can you?"

"No," she cried. "No . . . I can't."

"Why?" he asked, inserting a second finger into her and spreading them apart. "Why can't you come?" He twirled his fingers to the right and then the left, screwing her with every thrust.

Her clit was swelling before his eyes. The teasing and twisting of it forced it to become a redder hue. "Why can't you come?" he demanded from her again. His cock was straining to plunge into her depths.

"Because," she gasped. "Because you haven't said . . . I . . . Oh God " She took a deep breath. "You haven't said I could," she cried out as he plunged a third finger. "Oh God I oh . . . my . . . God," she groaned. Her body tensed as she lost control and came. Her mind was telling her she'd failed, but her body was crying with pleasure.

Alan felt her fluids flow fast and he knew she'd come, he pulled his fingers away from her sex and moved from the bed. He left her empty and stared down at her aroused sex. "Slut," he growled, grabbed the belt that lay on the bed and snapped it hard.

The crack echoed around the room and Carol jumped. Her eyes flew to the belt and then to her lover. "I'm sorry . . . I didn't mean to come," she felt empty.

She wasn't scared he'd hurt her, but she felt punished already. He'd left her. The come flowed, but the emotional high she'd been on crashed against the rocky shore and was now just . . . there. The ripples of passion that would have flowed had he kept taking her pussy while she came was a pleasure for her, but now he had abandoned his post and left her wanting and aching for more.

"Roll over," he said. His voice was both demanding and reassuring. He watched her move, saw acceptance in her eyes as well as trust. "You know now . . . don't you?"

"Yes Sir," she said, her pulse racing.

"Don't come again slut. You stole from me the pleasures of the moment, don't do it again," he told her. The first slap of the belt was hard and Carol cried out. She curled her fists into the blankets and bit her bottom lip. "What is your name?" he asked her, another slap found its mark.

"Slut " she cried, tightening her ass cheeks in hopes it would ease the pain. "Alan's slut " she said again.

"When do you come?" he growled, the third crack against her ass made his cock jerk in anticipation.

"When you say I can," she answered. Her ass burned from the slaps. She hadn't been smacked since she was a child and even then it was with her father's hand and only when it was justly deserved. Now as her lover placed a forth searing smack against her ass with the leather belt she felt her hips rise up to meet the fifth. Her pussy was throbbing not only from the loss of his fingers, but from the vibrations that ran through her ass to the muscles of her sex. The sixth lash was the final one. She felt his fingers grab her hips and roll her onto her back.

"You've been punished. Don't make me do it again," he bent his head down to her slick pussy and began to work the frustration of losing that first taste of come out on her. He sucked and pulled at each swollen lip, rubbed his face in the juices of her sex, and suckled on her clit as if it were the life-giving force he needed to survive.

Carol shook inside, every fiber of her being seemed to be alive and on fire. Her voice gasped out, "Sir . . . Sir, can I touch my nipples?"

Alan heard her plea as if it were coming from a thick fog. He looked up, saw the hard buds, saw her fingers clenching the blankets and he growled out, "Yes " His eyes lit up when her slim fingers grabbed the rosy tips and began to manipulate them with hard pinches and forceful pulls. Alan watched for a moment, before the intoxicating aroma of her pussy called him back. His mouth returned to her slick cunt and his tongue began fucking her hot hole with hard thrusts.

He continued to push into her, a finger soon joined his tongue and he lapped and screwed the precious skin that was slick and full for him. He swallowed her come from earlier, savored the flavor, the aroma. He bathed in her scent and when he heard her, "Sir, may I come?"

He only stopped fucking her for a moment. "Yes slut Come for me " His mouth swiftly moved back and opened, covering her entire hole with his tongue and lips. The juice gushed into his mouth and he drank it. Soon she gushed another flowing lava of honey from her sex and that too splashed into his mouth and slid down his throat. The flavor was exquisite and he took all of it until she was heaving and gasping trying to come down from the high she'd been on.

Carol felt as if Heaven itself opened up and swallowed her in. She was lost, the feeling of her Master claiming his prize was more then she could stand, and she felt her body drop limp to the bed. Emotions slammed into her, colors danced across her eyes, and flames licked at her veins. "I can't . . . breathe," she gasped. "Help me," she pleaded.

Alan moved from her pussy to her neck and kissed her softly. He whispered how beautiful she was, how happy she'd made him, and how proud he was of her. He slipped his hard cock into her slick hole. "Shhh . . . Carol," he whispered, tugging on her earlobe as he called her name.

She whimpered and a tear trickled down her cheek. "Alan," she whispered. "I love you." She held him close, cherished the feeling of him holding her and felt her body shiver as it welcomed him.

"I love you," he told her as he nipped his way along her jaw and up to her lips. "You're my Carol . . . my beautiful Carol." He traced her lips with his tongue and pressed his palm to the back of her neck to hold her head gently. He cupped the back of her scalp as he slipped his tongue inside her mouth and made love to the warm cavern.

Carol's legs were weak. She barely managed to lift them to curl around his, but when she did she was able to feel him sink in deeper. She moaned into the kiss and added her own dancing moves to his. She cleaned his mouth, tasted her come. She breathed the scent of her release on him and wished to smell it forever. Carol wanted him to wear her perfume as cologne and she longed to have him dine on her more often. Their mouths separated and she felt the loss of his lips.

He kissed her neck, replacing the feeling of loss with another shiver of passion. Teasing the soft flesh, he pulled it into his mouth, and sucked gently. He took one hand and slid it down her side. The other left her neck to support his weight while he lowered his head to her right nipple. He sucked it in, drew it into the warmth of his mouth, and pleasured her with bites. Her fingers dug into his hair and pushed him further onto the large globe of white flesh. Opening his mouth wider he took in more of her skin and sucked harder.

Carol could feel her climax building again. She lifted her hips and met him thrust for thrust as her body began to clench around him. Her nails snaked trails down his ribs then up his back. Her hands rested on his hips and she pushed him into her. His mouth left her breast to move up and kiss her again. "Come for me Carol," he muttered into her mouth. "Come for me baby," he groaned as he shot his seed into her slick opening.

Her climax tore through her again and she coated his cock with the honey he'd craved. They rode the tide as it crashed to the shore. Each one milked the other. His cock continued to drive into her, massaging the fleshy sides of her pussy while she clenched his softening member. They came together and with each whispered word they both calmed down.

Alan held her close, pressed kisses over her eyes, and whispered to her how precious she was. Carol felt the warmth of his words spread through her and she whispered the same words back. Soon they both were breathing semi-normally and Alan rolled to his back. Carol snuggled against him. They fell asleep, each lost in dreams that awoke them early the next morning. Both were hungry for more . . . yet something else too.


A week went by then two. Alan stood looking over the water feeling alone and missing Carol. They'd made steps in their relationship and he was anxious to get back home to her. He'd promised her that he would add a new element to their play and he was as ready to introduce it as she was to enjoy it. He turned to go. Grabbing his sports coat from the hotel bed, he made his way to the lobby. His steps faltered as his eyes drank in the sight of a brunette standing in front of the hotel desk.

She had just slipped a key into her purse when she turned around. Her eyes flashed brilliantly and she closed the distance between them. "Hi," Carol said. Her smile lit up the room.

"Hello," he grinned back. "I see you've got yourself a room." He nodded toward her purse. "Know someone here?"

"Yes . . . but I wasn't sure I could get a key to his room, so I got my own. I thought he'd be at his meeting. But I guess he's late," she chuckled softly.

"I bet he doesn't even go," he winked. Alan pulled her into his arms and kissed her soundly on the lips. He grasped her hand and took her back to the hotel clerk. "She'll need a refund on that room. She surprised me and she can have a key to mine."

The clerk smiled and quickly issued the refund as well as establishing Carol's name on the registry. They both made their way back to Alan's hotel room. Each casting glances at the other. Once they were inside, they melted into the kiss that they would have given each other had it not been for the clerk. Alan's arms came around her and pressed her close to him. He wedged her between the door and his body then chuckled into her neck. "God woman . . . you and doors, they'll be the death of me." She laughed and wiggled herself away from him.

"You don't mind me coming?" she asked. "I didn't ask you know," she followed her statement with a wink.

"On the bed you saucy minx," he growled out. Alan took his tie off and tossed the sports coat across the chair. He watched her fingers move over the buttons of her blouse exposing the soft skin, the full breasts, and the nipples that were full and erect. He pulled his belt from his pants, saw her shudder, and stopped his movements. "We won't need this will we?" he asked. She said nothing just stared at the leather.

Alan looked at her for several minutes. "What? You know I'd not use it unless you did something you were told not to do. You also know I gave you several new rules to remember. What are they?" he asked. He'd changed his tone of voice; gone was the humor and fun, in its place was a voice that spoke of control. "Tell me the rules slut," he ordered.

Carol shivered at the change in his demeanor. She looked at his hazel eyes, drank in the rippling muscles of his arms as he held the belt in his firm grasp. "Your name is Sir and mine is slut. Your slut Sir, Alan's slut." Her lips trembled, "I can't touch myself unless you tell me I can."

She took a deep breath and her eyes fell to the belt, "I can't come without your permission, or give myself to another without your permission." She stopped talking and watched him moved closer to his dresser.

"What else . . . I added it over the phone the night we talked. Remember?" he stared back at her while his hand gripped the drawer of the dresser.

He pulled it open as she spoke, "I am supposed to be completely honest with you, and tell you when I'm not comfortable."

"Good . . . before I begin to question you . . . do you have anything you want to tell me?" he asked. He turned back and watched her shift uncomfortably under his stare.

"I came Sir," she whispered.

"When?" he asked.

"Two nights ago," she replied. "I missed you. I thought of you, but couldn't reach you. I tried the hotel and your cell phone, but I couldn't get to you."

He stared at her for several minutes. "Was it good?" he asked.

Carol looked at him, "Yes, it would have been better had you been there with me." "I know slut That is why we have the rules," he growled out and pulled her ankles to the edge of the bed. She didn't fight him. She knew the rules; she'd broken them and now she was to receive her punishment. "That pussy is mine That come is mine and I tell you when you can have it. Right?" he asked her.

"Yes Sir," she answered back. Her sex was on fire as she anticipated the pain that would be her punishment. The pain hurt, but the pleasure that followed was more arousing then anything she'd experienced before. She'd only been punished that first time and when she came without his permission she felt dirty. She felt as if she cheated him out of a most precious gift. "I'm sorry Sir," she lowered her head and waited for his instructions.

"Slut," he said. "Look at me, if this hurts too much you call out Raven."

Carol's head tilted and she nodded her understanding. She'd been online recently, learning more things about this new part of her life and this was her safe word. "Will it always be Raven?" she asked.

"Yes," he told her. He threw the belt to the floor and grabbed her right ankle. He dropped the ties to the bed, thankful he'd brought several for the business meetings he had during his time away from home. Alan tied her right ankle down, then her left. He moved to the head of the bed and secured her wrists with the remaining ties he'd pulled from his dresser. "Do you have spare clothes?"

"In the car."

"Good," he pulled his pocket knife from his back pocket and ran the sharp blade over the thin material of her shorts. Her breasts were already exposed to him. She had undone the buttons before her confession and she hadn't bothered with a bra. He gazed at her bald sex. It too was unhindered by underclothes. Her tattered shorts lay under her ass and he pulled them out and tossed them away. He sliced the shoulder seams of her blouse and ran the blade up its sides. Soon that too was on the floor. "You knew you'd be punished. Didn't you?"

"Yes Sir," she told him.

Alan moved toward the belt, bent to pick it up, then stopped. "Did you come a lot slut?"

"Yes Sir."

"Were you hot? Did you want my cock? Did you want my mouth, teeth, and tongue?"

"Yes Sir."

"You got my come didn't you. You took if for yourself."

"Yes Sir."

Alan dropped the belt. "I didn't come without you slut. I only came with you on the phone when we talked. I haven't come again since that time."

"I'm sorry Sir," Carol whispered. Her pussy was on fire. His words of missing out on fucking her and eating her out forced erotic images into her mind. She was slick from wanting him, but now she was even more wet from just his voice and his words.

"You'll not come tonight slut. You've had your time. That is my cunt to possess and fuck. That's your punishment. You'll not need Raven tonight . . . but you may someday, so lock it in your mind . . . I'll not repeat it for you."

Carol cried out in frustration. "Alan . . . that's . . . " She stopped her words when she felt the slap on her right thigh.

"What's my name?" he asked.

"Sir," she answered, her pussy throbbing from the look of hunger in his eyes.

"It may not sound fair, but it wasn't fair for you to break the rules just because I wasn't home." Alan stripped out of his clothes and grabbed his cell phone. He sat on the bed and punched in the number of his second in command. While he waited for his associate to pick up the phone he ran his thumb over Carol's cunt until he found her clit. "Quite," he told her when the voice on the other end said "hello."

Carol bit down on her lip as her hips lifted up in search of more of his touches. As he talked, she felt his fingers move to take her clit between them. He twisted and teased the tender morsel. She wanted to see what he was doing and brought her head up from the pillows to watch him slide the nub with hard strokes. Her juices were easing slowly from her and they refreshed the honey that had already been making itself known since she'd pulled into the hotel parking lot.

He talked to his associate for several minutes longer then was necessary. His fingers glided back and forth over her clit before coming to her pussy lips, and massaging them one at a time. He saw her body shift in a silent plea for more. He ignored her wants and worked her pussy with first one finger then another. When the call ended, he placed the phone on the floor and looked back at her face. "You're a good girl," he told her.

She smiled softly. Carol felt his approval and she too felt proud for not making a sound. She knew she could do this. She would try with all her might to listen to his commands.

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