tagIncest/TabooAwakenings Ch. 01

Awakenings Ch. 01


I found an old notebook as I was cleaning out the attic of the house we recently bought. It was handwritten by a girl named Jenny. I couldn't believe the story that unfolded as I read those old and worn pages written in ink. I decided it was too good and needed to be shared with the world. Here is Part 1, unedited.

I was one of the last virgins at my school primarily because I was a late bloomer. I was still barely 5 feet tall with tits that weren't much more than swells on my chest capped with tiny brown nipples. But I knew something was different when school began. The first time it happened was during history class. My teacher, Mr. Kelty, was this real hunk right out of college. The first few weeks of school I couldn't keep my eyes off him. The more I stared the more I could feel my body responding.

One day my body reacted more strongly than ever. I could feel my tiny nipples poking into my blouse and a powerful tingling between my legs. This kept up all class and I wanted desperately to touch my pussy. I mean I'd rubbed myself off plenty of times, but I'd never felt this kind of urge.

When the bell rang I ran to the bathroom and shoved my hand into my panties. I was surprised to find my pussy slimy and my panties wet with juices. I found my sensitive spot and rubbed it hard and fast. Less than a minute later my body began shaking. I did my best to suppress squeals from a really intense orgasm. When I was finished my panties were drenched. I almost died when I bumped into Mr. Kelty as I was leaving the bathroom.

"Hello, Jenny. You look like you just ran a marathon."

My face was flush and I knew my braless nipples were poking through my cotton top. He looked down at my hand and reached for it. I thought I was busted.

"What an interesting ring. Can I take a look?"

The ring was an emerald in a unique silver setting my mother had given me for my birthday. He grabbed my hand and pulled it up close to his face. I hadn't washed so I was sure he could smell the pussy juice all over my fingers. I was really scared, but also excited.

"Jenny, that's quite a ring," he said taking a deep whiff and raising his eyebrows at me, and then saying, "Don't be late for class."

The next day I wore my short plaid skirt with a pair of pink cotton panties. As I walked towards Mr. Kelty's classroom I saw him walking towards me. I was all nerves and dropped a book. I turned to pick it up, and then realized Mr. Kelty could see my ass as I bent down. As I stood up and turned around I accidentally bumped into him, dropping all my books.

"Oh, hi Mr. Kelty. I'm such a Klutz," I said turning red.

I squatted down in front of him to pick them up. My face was inches from his crotch and I couldn't help but stare at the large bulge of his cock. I felt my nipples getting hard and my pussy begin to flow.

"Here, let me help."

Mr. Kelty knelt down to help me. I was squatting with my knees apart and saw him staring directly at my panty-covered pussy. I was sure he could see the wet spot beginning to form in the crotch from my leaking cunt. He handed me two books looking me right in the eyes.

"Here you go, Jenny. Now you be careful. And by the way, if you have time stop by to see me after school. I want to discuss something with you."

I was nervous for the rest of the day, not sure what he had in mind. I waited for school to clear out, then went to Mr. Kelty's room and opened the door.

"Come on in, Jenny," he said locking the door behind me.

He walked over and leaned against the side of his desk. As I approached him I realized how much he towered over me. He put his strong hands on my shoulders and looked down into my eyes.

"Jenny, I know girls your age go through changes, and sometimes these changes are really confusing. You shouldn't be afraid of them. I want to help you any way I can. Would you like that, Jenny?"

I nodded my head yes, not quite sure where this was leading.

"Good. I'm going to ask you a few questions that might be embarrassing, but it's just part of the process. Jenny, do you think of boys a lot?"

I nodded.

"What happens when you see a good looking guy? Does your body do things that you can't control?"

I nodded again.

"Tell me what happens. Exactly."

"Um, well, I get all tingly inside."

"Do your nipples get hard? Do you sometimes get wet between the legs?"

I nodded, looking down at the floor.

"Do you ever touch yourself when you feel like this?"

I looked up at him and slowly nodded my head. My head was spinning and I could feel my pussy flowing freely. I looked down and noticed a huge bulge growing in Mr. Kelty's trousers, which just added to my excitement.

"You're getting excited right now, aren't you, Jenny?"

I nodded looking away embarrassed.

"That's okay. I want to teach you that it's all right to have these feelings. And when you do, you should do something about it. Like you did yesterday. I could smell your pussy on your fingers. You don't mind if I use words like pussy do you?"

I shook my head no. It excited me for him to talk dirty, but I didn't say so.

"Have you ever let a boy feel your tits or finger your pussy?"

I shook my head no even though my girlfriend and I had done it to each other.

"Do you think you would you let a boy do it to you?"

I shook my head yes, not sure what I was getting myself into.

"Would you like to try it with me first - just so you'll know what to expect?"

I was paralyzed with both fear and excitement. He didn't wait for an answer. Mr. Kelty lifted me up onto the desk. He reached under my skirt and pulled off my panties, which were already damp from anticipation. Then he reached up and pinched my nipples.

"Doesn't that feel good? You see there's a connection between the pleasure points in your tits and pussy. By doing this, your pussy should be getting ready for my fingers. Can you feel it in your pussy?"

I nodded. Not only could I feel it, if he kept it up I was going to cum before he even touched me down there. Finally, he took his hands from my tits, lifted my skirt and spread my legs, exposing my naked womanhood to his gaze.

"You have such a pretty little cunt, Jenny. That's another word for pussy, but I'm sure you already knew that. It puffs out just right and looks so delicious with those light brown curls around the crack."

He put his hand above my cunt, and then pressed his thumb into my slimy slit. He then rubbed it over my sensitive spot and I felt jolts of electricity shoot right up through my head.

"This sensitive spot is called your clit, Jenny. When I rub it you can feel it in every part of your body."

Next he shoved a finger deep inside me, then a second. Once I was loose he moved them in and out rapidly. I lifted my legs in the air to give him a better angle. My head was spinning and I found myself gasping for air. I grabbed his arms and screamed as an orgasm washed over me. My pussy made little squishing sounds as my juices coated his fingers and hands.

"Now I'm going to do something that'll feel even better, okay?"

"Are you going to fuck me? I've never done it before."

"No. Just trust me, okay?'

I nodded my head. He put my feet on his shoulders and laid me on the desk. He kissed my legs and the insides of my thighs. He moved his head lower and I felt something warm flick across my clit and then go inside me. I looked up and saw he was using his tongue on me. Then he shoved two fingers back up my cunt while continuing to lick me. I could feel a huge explosion building inside. I closed my eyes and let it happen. My whole body lifted off the desk as a wave of pleasure started in my cunt and spread through me like wildfire. I screamed out loud and thrashed back and forth. I could feel juices pouring from my cunt which Mr. Kelty lapped up with his tongue. This went on for about a minute before I was finally able to catch my breath.

"There. Now isn't that better than doing it by yourself?"

He stood and I could see the outline of the huge cock in his trousers. I continued to stare like a little girl in the candy store.

"Now I have a problem. As you can see, I have this big bulge in my pants that needs attention. Do you think you could help me?"

Without waiting for an answer, he unzipped his pants. Out flopped this huge slab of meat that had to be nine inches long and as big as my forearm. Now I was scared. Mr. Kelty took my hand and placed it on his massive cock and wrapped my fingers around it. Then he guided my fingers up and down the shaft, finally letting go while I continued.

"That's it, Jenny. A little faster. Try using both hands. Good. Okay, now lean forward and put your mouth over the tip."

I was a little hesitant to put it in my mouth, but when Mr. Kelty put a hand behind my neck and pulled my face to his cock I didn't resist. It was so big I had to open my mouth wide. He guided my head up and down in synch with my hand strokes. I could feel him pushing deeper into my mouth and thought I would choke.

"That's it, Jenny, suck it. Now use your tongue. Yea, that's real good. Oh god, Jenny, I think I'm gonna cum... oh god... here it cums... aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh..."

I felt his cock swell in my hands just before a hot jet of sweet tasting cum splashed against the back of my throat. He held my head down and several more streams of cum filled my mouth. I couldn't hold it all in and felt it drooling from my lips, over my fingers and down my chin. When he was finished he pulled out of my mouth and picked up my panties to wipe himself off.

"Most guys like it when a girl swallows his cum. It won't hurt you. Some girls I know even like the taste. What did you think, Jenny, did it taste good?"

"I guess," I mumbled shrugging my shoulders. I was actually excited just to have made him cum. I knew if he wanted to fuck me I was going to let him.

"Well, Jenny, that's all for today. Maybe we can get together on Friday, okay."

I wiped off my fingers and face, then put on my panties and left. When I got home my older brother John was in the kitchen fixing a snack. I was so horny that I could feel my pussy tingling as I stared at the bulge in his jeans and his broad muscular shoulders under his T-shirt. I went right up to my bedroom, climbed up on the bed and fingered my pussy and clit under my panties. After a few minutes I shuddered and gasped with a small orgasm.

I was in such a hurry I had left the door open. I looked up and saw my brother trying to hide in the hall. I pulled off my top and continued fingering myself while pinching my tiny nipples. I looked back at the door and could tell he was jerking off while watching. Without thinking, I bounced off the bed and ran into the hall. My brother didn't have time to react. We stood staring at each other, me naked from the waist up and John standing with an erect penis poking out from his jeans.

I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him while pressing my pussy against his cock, wrapping one leg around his thigh. Our tongues played with each other. I felt his hands on my ass. I could feel his hardness against me, but I wanted him in me. I reached between us grabbing his throbbing cock and working it under the crotch of my panties until it met the hot, moist folds of my pussy. I felt him enter me and shuddered with another orgasm just from the sensation. I pulled myself up on him and he cupped my ass for support. I came crashing down on his cock and felt a brief flash of pain as he broke through my cherry and burrowed deep inside me. I repeatedly lifted up and slammed down on his cock, desperate to get a thorough fucking.

John spun me around pressing my back against the wall and continued to fuck me hard. Suddenly I felt my head spinning. I screamed. I was consumed by a tremendous orgasm. I was jerking and bucking as he continued slamming into me. Then I felt something warm in my cunt and knew he was filling me with cum. This sent me into another orgasm, which lasted until he finally pulled out and lowered me to the floor. I could fell stuff seeping from my cunt and making a mess of my panties.

I looked up and saw his glistening cock bobbing in front of my face. Without thinking, I leaned forward and put it in my mouth. The taste of our mixed juices was like an aphrodisiac. I licked and sucked it like a starved child. I could feel him grow bigger as I continued to use my lips and tongue to stimulate his engorged cock. He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth just like he had fucked my cunt. A few minutes later I felt his cock swell. He flooded my mouth with hot cum just like Mr. Kelty. He pumped a lot of cum into my mouth, which caused some to flow from my lips and down my chin. When he was finished I swallowed and decided I liked it.

I went back to my room without saying a word. I removed my skirt and cum soaked panties, and pulled on a pair of loose fitting shorts and a T-shirt. I tried concentrating on homework, but all I could think about was John's cock. I rubbed my pussy to a less than satisfying orgasm and was just about to go looking for John when mom came home.

Later that night I awoke because I had to pee. As I was walking down the hall I heard sounds coming from my parents room. I put my ear to the door and could hear the bedsprings squeaking. My mother was gasping and grunting. I knew she must be getting fucked by dad. Then I heard my mother - Miss Goody Two-Shoes - start talking dirty.

"Fuck me, John... fuck me hard with that big cock... oh shit, it feels so good up my cunt... Oh god I'm gonna cum... give it to me baby... yes... YES... AAAAAAHHHHH... UUUUNNNGGGHHH."

I cracked the door open and peeked in. The bedside lamp was still on so I had a really good view. My father was on top of mom whose legs were pinned to her shoulders. I could see his cock slamming into her pussy. She had a death grip on him and her feet were shaking as she continued to grunt and gasp out of control. My dad pulled out and flipped mom onto her stomach. I couldn't believe the size of his huge cock. It looked even bigger than Mr. Kelty's cock.

Dad grabbed mom's hips, lifted her ass in the air and plunged his gigantic cock back up her cunt from the rear. She grabbed the headboard. She was gasping and groaning as dad repeatedly hammered her from behind. Dad reached around and grabbed her tits which were hanging from her chest like a cow. This seemed to excite her even more. Mom put a hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy while dad continued fucking it. I couldn't stand it and began fingering my gash which was already dripping wet. I wished so much that I was my mom getting dad's big cock rammed up my cunt. My body shuddered and I gasped out loud as an orgasm took me unexpectedly. Just then I heard my dad grunt and cry out as he filled mom with his cum. Mom started talking dirty again.

"Oh God yes, fill me with cum. I can feel it splashing against my cunt. Oh baby, shoot it in me. Oh shit, I'm gonna cum... oh god... aaaaahhhhhh... oooohhhhhhh..."

They both thrashed around on the bed for several more seconds until dad finished dumping what must have been a huge load into mom's cunt. He rolled off her onto his back. I watched as his glistening cock slowly deflated. Mom finally rolled over and licked dad clean.

I couldn't stand it anymore. After peeing, I snuck into John's room and crawled into his bed. Although he was asleep, his cock immediately came to life when I put my hand on it. I went down on him and took his cock into my mouth. His hands went to the back of my head pushing me down on him as he continued to grow harder. I started to gag when I felt him pressing against my tonsils, but he kept pressing my head down so I couldn't pull away. I opened my throat and felt his cock slide deeper until my mouth was pressed into his pubes.

I shifted my body to make the angle better placing my ass up near his head. John pulled one of my legs over his face. I felt something warm and wet probing my cunt and realized it was John's tongue. It felt soooo good. I was grinding my pussy against his mouth as he licked and sucked me to incredible waves of pleasure. I was gasping and moaning so much that I had a hard time keeping his cock in my mouth. Finally I just lost it. My body stiffened. I jerked and thrashed above him about as I shrieked. I could feel John's tongue lapping up the juices which poured from my cunt. It seemed like minutes before I could breathe again.

John rolled me off him then mounted me from the top. I spread my legs and lifted my knees. The tip of John's cock found my open cunt lips. Pleasure surged through me as I felt him sink deeper and deeper into my fuck hole. When he was all the way in me I wrapped my arms and legs tightly around him. His cock slammed repeatedly in and out of my steamy cunt. Our lips and tongues met in a wet kiss. I could still taste my pussy juices on his mouth which just added to my pleasure. I could feel his cock bottoming out on my cunt each time he thrust into me. I was moaning and gasping out of control and couldn't figure out whether I was having one continuous orgasm or just building to one really incredible cum.

"Hey, sis", John said as he propped himself above me with his cock buried deep inside me, "when I cum I'm gonna pull out so I don't get you pregnant. You wanna finish me with your mouth?"

I nodded yes, not really hearing what he said.

"Good," he said pulling out of me, "now roll onto your stomach. I'm wanna fuck you dog style."

I got on my stomach, spread my legs and lifted my ass in the air. John got behind me and pressed his cock into my slimy cunt lips. He easily slid deep inside me, then grabbed my hips and started fucking me hard and fast. I couldn't believe how good it felt this way. His cock hit my cunt from a different angle sending all kinds of new sensations through me. Words were spewing out of my mouth as though someone else had possessed me.

"Fuck me, John. Harder. Yes, shove your big cock up my juicy cunt... fuck me... fuck me... oh god yes... deeper... oh shit... aaaaahhhhhh."

I was completely out of control. I felt my head spin as wave after wave of pleasure consumed me. He pulled out and turned me over until he was straddling my tits. He had his cock in his hand and was furiously jerking off above me. I snapped out of my daze when something warm splashing against my face. His first blast kept spraying my face like a firehose. I parted my lips. A second blast splashed against the back of my throat. He pumped his cock between my lips as spurt after spurt of cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, finally taking him into my throat where he pumped the last of his huge load. I could feel his stuff leaking from the corners of my lips and running down my cheek and throat.

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