tagLoving WivesAwakenings Ch. 07

Awakenings Ch. 07


This story is the seventh episode in a series entitled "Awakenings". If you have not read the previous six episodes of this series I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

I remind you again that I write cuckold stories. While I try to make them loving cuckold stories they do depict an alternative life style. If you're offended or upset by stories about sexual attitudes and behaviors that are different from your own I strongly suggest that you find something else to read.

Jeanne kissed me and then she said; "Baby I know it's late, but I'd still like to play a little more. Do you have any energy left?"

"I think I can get it up one more time, but I might need a little help from you and I definitely need a few more minutes to recuperate."

Jeanne reached down and gave my still limp penis a gentle squeeze. "I'd love to give you a hand and even a mouth. And Mr. Voyeur, while were waiting how about a Julia Ann movie. I've only seen pictures of her on the Internet. I'd love to see her in action."

"Really? You want to watch an adult movie with me? Are you turning into a voyeur too?"

"No I'm a die hard slut. I prefer participating, but I like to do things with my favorite man. He likes to watch, so occasionally I'm going to watch with him." Jeanne was grinning at me.

Smiling at her, I stood up, got my laptop computer from the desk and set it up the bed between us.

As I was opening a Julia Ann movie Jeanne said; "You've done this before."

I laughed. "You caught me."

"I masturbate too."

"You told me that. I'm still amazed."

"I'd be a fool if I didn't. It feels good and it's free."

"You certainly have changed."

"And I can't begin to describe how happy I am about that change."

"I'm pretty happy about it too."

We smiled at each other for a moment and then I started a movie. "Let's try this one."


We cuddled together and watched. Julia Ann was straddling a dark haired man who was probably in his late thirties or early forties. She was wearing an elegant black dress. They were making out.

"I like this movie because the man's a little older. In some of her movies they do that cougar thing with younger guys. Those aren't as appealing to me."

Jeanne smiled. "I don't think they're making those movies for you Michael."

"Probably not."

"I'm finding that I prefer men who are a little older."

"Have you dated some younger guys?"

"Two, they were both in their early twenties."

"How did you meet them?"

"I met one of them in a bar. I stopped after work for a cocktail with some of the other secretaries in the building. He was working as a student intern in one of the nearby law offices. Tricia lined me up with the other one. He's a friend of hers."

"You just said that you prefer older men. You must not have enjoyed them."

"They were the rammers and jammers I told you about."


"Young men get really hard and they recover quickly, but they lack patience."

"They get too excited."

Jeanne laughed. "That's a good way to put it."

We turned our attention back to the movie. The dark haired man had pulled Julia Ann's dress down and unfastened her brassiere. He was fondling her large breasts.

Jeanne said; "She's very pretty. Do you really think I look like her?"

"She could be your twin sister."

"Her hair is blonde, mine's brown."

"That's true."

"I was thinking about becoming a blonde. Would that be all right with you?"

"I think you'd look gorgeous as a blonde."

"The next time we have one of these weekends you'd better be prepared."

"I'll take that as a promise."

We turned our attention back to the movie. Julia Ann was sucking her costars cock.

Jeanne said, "She looks like she's really enjoying that."

"She's either enjoying it or she's an outstanding actress."

"I think she's enjoying it. I know I do. I love giving head." Moving closer, Jeanne nuzzled my ear and whispered; "I'd like to suck your cock right now. Would that be okay?"

"I'd like that very much."

Jeanne giggled. "I thought you might." She moved down so that she was crouching next to my hips and then she picked up my stiffening penis and slipped it into her mouth.

I lay back on the pillows watching Julia Ann suck her costars cock while Jeanne sucked my cock. I was in voyeur heaven.

After a minute Jeanne took my cock out of her mouth, sat up and looked at me. "Michael I want you to imagine that it's me in the movie. I want you to imagine that you're watching me suck another man's cock. Will you do that?"

I was aroused and I really was a voyeur. The idea of watching Jeanne with another man had been lurking in the recesses of my mind for several weeks. Breathless with excitement I answered; "Yes, yes I will."

"Would you enjoy doing that? Would you like to watch me when I'm with another man?"

While I was excited, I was still an accountant. Caution prevailed. I answered, "Eventually I think I might. Right now fantasies are enough. I'm not sure I'm ready to see it for real."

"But maybe someday you will be. I think I'd like that. I think sometimes I'd like you to watch. You're a voyeur and I'm beginning to understand that I'm an exhibitionist."

"You enjoyed wearing those tight sexy clothes to dinner tonight. You loved knowing that all the men in the restaurant were watching you."

"I did, I really did. It's taken a while for me to get enough confidence to start doing it, but now I love wearing sexy clothes. I'm even wearing sexy clothes to work."

"How are those conservative attorneys you work for taking that?"

"So far they haven't said anything. I do notice them oogling me when they think I'm not watching them."

"You enjoy that, don't you."

"Michael I love it when men look at me. I love being a slut."

Jeanne leaned over. As she was about to put my cock back in her mouth we both noticed that it was starting to grow. She kissed it and said; "It looks like somebody's soldier is waking up again. Let's see if we can give it a little encouragement." She slipped my cock into her mouth and began sucking me in earnest.

The combination of the movie, Jeanne's naked breasts pressing against my thigh, our kinky conversation about watching her with another man and of course, her marvelously skilled blow job all combined to get me fully erect in less than a minute.

As soon as I was hard Jeanne looked up me and smiled. "It looks like you're ready for tonight's main event."

Laughing, I said; "I'm not sure I know what that means, but I'm definitely eager to find out."

"Michael dear, I told you earlier. Tonight you're going to fuck my ass."

"I remember you saying that, but I wasn't sure you were serious."

"Oh I am definitely serious. I really want to know what it feels like."

"Okay, what do we have to do? I've seen it in the movies. Sometimes they put in plugs to stretch you out a little."

Jeanne stood up, walked over to her purse, opened it and took out a small tube. I assumed it was lubricant. As she returned to the bed she said; "Tricia told me that as long as I liberally lube up my butt I'll be just fine."

"Tricia told you that? Is she into anal intercourse?"

"She loves it. Jodie's tried it too, but she's just so so about it. She doesn't mind it. She'll do it if a guy really wants to do it; but I don't think she'd ever initiate it. "

"But Tricia loves it." Laughing, I added; "Paul must be a pretty adventurous guy."

"In his own way, I guess that's true; but I'm fairly certain that Tricia has never let him do that with her."

"She hasn't? I don't understand. You just told me that Tricia loves anal sex. Paul is Tricia's fiancee."

"Michael I'm going to tell you something about Tricia and Paul, but you have to promise that you'll try to keep an open mind. Will you do that?"

"Of course."

"No Michael, I'm serious. I think this might be difficult for you. You have to promise."

"Okay, I promise."

"I told you before that Tricia has a boyfriend."

"Yes, Randy Parkman."

"She also dates other men."

"Yes, in fact you just told me that she's started dating older men."

"That's right. Michael, Randy Parkman and the other men Tricia dates are the men who get to fuck Tricia's rear, in fact they're the only men who get to fuck Tricia at all."

"You're telling me that Paul doesn't get to fuck Tricia, but other men do?"

"That's right."

"Then why is she planning to marry him?"

"She loves him."

"Jeanne, you're not making any sense."

"Michael, your oldest daughter is a dominant. Do you know what that means?"

"I think so, you're telling me that Tricia is a dominatrix."

"Kind of, but I don't think she'd ever use that term. For Tricia being a dominant is more of a lifestyle choice. Michael, Paul is a submissive. Tricia loves Paul, but he's not so much her boyfriend as her slave."


"Yes and Tricia refers to herself as a superior."

"Isn't that a little arrogant?"

"It's only within the context of the game they play. There are several other couples all into the same fantasy. Randy Parkman and his wife are part of the game too, only in their case Randy is the dominant and his wife Carol is the submissive."

"But it's just a game."

"That's what they call it, but they're pretty serious about it. In many ways Paul really is Tricia's slave. He does all the household chores; the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, everything. He's not even allowed to work. His job is to take care of Tricia."

"And I gather that he doesn't get to have sex with Tricia."

"Not in the traditional way. He eats Tricia's pussy." Jeanne paused. After a moment she added, "And her ass." She watched me to see how I reacted to that.

I said, "Don't worry, I'm not shocked by that. Remember, I'm a dirty movie aficionado. That's pretty common in those movies."


"Yeah, if the person's clean it's really not that big a deal. In adult movies it's a frequent accompaniment to oral sex."

Jeanne laughed. "I thought I was more worldly than you, but I guess that's not completely true."

"I think you now have more practical experience than I do. Most of my knowledge was acquired vicariously."

"We can teach each other."

"That would be fun."

"I have to admit that you took the news about your oldest daughters kinky lifestyle rather well."

I shrugged. "I assume they're happy."

"I think they are. They certainly seem happy."

"They're not hurting anybody. It's their life. They get to live it anyway they want."

"Michael Nolan you are a truly remarkable man."

"I'm trying Jeanne, I really am."

Jeanne smiled at me. I smiled back at her. She kept smiling.

After a moment I said. "What?"

Still smiling, she said; "You took a shower just before I got here, correct?"


"And I took one right after I got here and you joined me."


"So we're both clean, right?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"Wanna try it? I'll do you first."

Chuckling, I said; "Jeanne the prude is definitely gone."

"She certainly is. So do you?"

"Sure, why not."

"Lie back on the pillows. I'm going to start by sucking you."

"Just a moment." I picked up my computer. After I set it on the desk I got back on the bed and lay back with my head on the pillows. "Okay."

Jeanne positioned herself between my parted thighs. As she wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my erection she said; "You still have to fuck my butt tonight. If you feel like you're going to cum warn me so I can stop."

"I will." I quickly added, "At least I'll try."

"I'll try to be careful too."


Jeanne slipped my cock into her mouth, gave me a few quick sucks and moved down to my balls. I was certain that she was trying to make sure I didn't cum by accident.

She kept her fingers loosely wrapped around the shaft of my erect penis while she kissed and licked my balls. Afraid that I might cum, I focused all of my attention on maintaining control. I really wanted to avoid an accident.

Jeanne whispered, "Pull your hips up, it's time."

Both excited and anxious, I pulled my feet back and elevated my hips exposing my anus to Jeanne. She placed both hands under my butt cheeks and raised me even higher. I felt her tongue at the base of my ball sac. I held my breath. She moved lower. Her tongue was in the crack of my ass. She explored it. She found my anus. I felt her tongue circling it and then I realized that she was probing it. My wife of twenty-seven years, the woman who was too inhibited to suck my cock unless she'd been drinking, was licking my asshole.

It was a strange sensation. While it wasn't unpleasant, it wasn't particularly pleasurable either. I immediately grasped that this was a perceptual pleasure. There were nerve endings in the cock and the pussy that produced real physical gratification. The anus didn't have those nerve endings. The pleasure was derived from the participants perception of what was occurring. I was inclined to think that Trisha enjoyed it because she was a dominant. To her, receiving this pleasure was a validation of her position. I suspected that Paul enjoyed giving her this pleasure because it was an expression of his submission.

I was curious to hear Jeanne's reaction. My guess was that she was going to find both giving and receiving this pleasure exciting. At this point in her life she viewed herself as a libertine, a woman totally devoted to sexual gratification, a woman who was willing to try anything regardless of how daring or unconventional it might be.

I smiled to myself. Why not? Life can become awfully mundane. What's wrong with being daring and unconventional? Absolutely nothing. I relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of my wife's tongue in my ass.

After a moment Jeanne pulled away and moved back up next to me. She kissed me. I kissed her back. Knowing where her tongue had just been didn't bother me at all.

Jeanne asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

"I think so, let me do you and then let's talk about it."

"Okay." Jeanne rolled over and got up on her knees. "I think doing it like this will be easier."

As I positioned myself behind her I said, "I think you're right."

I took a moment to slowly lick Jeanne's cunt. Breathless with excitement, she said; "Just doing that is wonderful. Michael right now I'm so excited. This is so slutty."

I smiled. I knew my Jeanne. I gave her cunt three more long slow licks and then I moved up to the crack of her ass. As I did that I brought my right hand to her sex and started gently massaging it with my fingertips.

Jeanne gasped. "Oh my god Michael."

My tongue explored the full length of Jeanne's ass, but I carefully avoided her anus.

Giggling, she said; "You're teasing me."

I found her engorged clit and rubbed it gently with my thumb. At the same time I started placing soft kisses in the crack of Jeanne's ass. Slowly, methodically my kisses moved closer to her asshole. I could feel the tension in Jeanne's body build as she anticipated what I was about to do.

Still rubbing Jeanne's clit with my thumb, I pressed my lips to her anus and gave her a deep kiss. She shuddered. I extended my tongue and circled her. She emitted a low moan. I pushed my tongue into her. Jeanne cried, "Oh my god Michael, that is so nasty. I love it."

I pushed my tongue even deeper into her. I was every bit as excited as Jeanne. She was enjoying this and I was discovering that I loved giving her this pleasure. Jeanne pressed her ass into my face. Still rubbing her clit with my thumb, I closed my eyes and made out with her asshole.

Suddenly Jeanne arched her back and screamed. I kept my face buried in her ass while her entire body shook with pleasure.

Gradually Jeanne's orgasm subsided. She collapsed on the bed. I moved up and lay next to her. After a moment she kissed me and said; "That really was fun."

"Yes it was."

"Which did you enjoy more? Doing it or receiving it."

"I think doing it."

Really? Tell me why."

"You got so excited while I was doing it. I'm discovering that I enjoy giving you pleasure."

"You rubbed my clit while you were doing it. I think that made a difference. I didn't play with your cock because I was afraid I'd make you cum. I still want you to fuck my butt before we go to sleep."

I understand and you were right. If you'd stroked me I'm pretty sure I would have cum."

"After we shower in the morning I'll give you a blow job. I'll do it as part of the blow job and make you cum."

"I'd like that."

"I like giving pleasure too."

"I know you do."

"That's why I like going to Brady's Pub so much."

"I know that."

"I suppose you do. You know me pretty well. Does it bother you? You know, because I like to give other men pleasure."

"It did at first, but I'm getting used to the idea. Seeing you happy makes me happy."

"I promise that you'll always come first."

"Is that a pun?"

Jeanne giggled. "Yes, I guess it is."

I kissed Jeanne. She smiled, but then her smile disappeared. I watched her. It was obvious that she was thinking. Finally she said; "Michael I want to say something. I think it's important."


"I'm afraid that you might take it the wrong way and I don't want that."

"I'll try to listen to you and understand what you tell me. If you think it's important you do need to tell me. Remember, the only way this can work is if we're completely honest with each other."

Jeanne nodded and then she took a deep breath and said; "I understand why we fell in love, got married and are so happy with each other. We're very similar people. We care about each other and we're both usually considerate about each others feelings. I say usually because I really fucked up on this one."

I smiled.

Continuing, Jeanne said; "I think that's one of the reasons I enjoy dating other men."

I suddenly understood exactly what Jeanne was trying to say and I had to admit that it made perfect sense to me. It actually helped me understand and accept what she was doing.

"Jeanne I think you're telling me that both of us are givers and once in a while you'd like to have sex with a man who's a taker so you can focus all of your attention on pleasing him."

Jeanne considered that. After a moment she said; "That's exactly what I was trying to explain. Is that all right? I mean I wouldn't want that all the time. You're a wonderful, caring lover. I love you and sex with you is always magnificent, but once in a while it would be fun to have sex with a really demanding man."

"Yes, it's all right. In fact it helps me understand what you're doing."


"Yes, it makes sense to me."

"Thank you Michael, thank you for having such an open mind."

"So tell me, is Trent Peters a demanding sex partner?"

Jeanne stared at me. Suddenly realizing that she thought I was upset, I said; "Jeanne I'm not angry."

"Okay, but you have to understand that the last time we talked about him you hung up on me."

"Yes, I'm sorry about that. There are still going to be times when my emotions get the better of me. Also, the sex we've enjoyed this evening has helped me a lot. I don't feel as neglected as I did before."

Jeanne nodded. "That's why I knew I had to come out here. I had to make sure you knew that I found you sexually desirable."

I smiled. "You've done a pretty good job of that."

Jeanne smiled back at me.

I said, "So tell me, is Trent Peters a demanding lover?"

"Michael, are you sure that you're not angry."

"Yes, I'm positive."

"Then I don't understand, why are you asking me about him?"

"Do you remember what I said to you during our telephone call last night? It was just before you told me about Trent Peters."

"We talked about a lot of things, but the call ended so disastrously that I've forgotten most of it. After you hung up all I could think about was how to find a way to talk to you again."

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