tagLoving WivesAwakenings Ch. 09

Awakenings Ch. 09


This story is the ninth episode in a series entitled "Awakenings". If you have not read the previous eight episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

I remind you again that I write cuckold stories. While I try to make them loving cuckold stories, they do depict an alternative life style. If you're offended or upset by stories about sexual attitudes and behaviors that are different from your own I strongly suggest that you find something else to read.


I awoke the next morning alone in the bed. Sitting up, I looked around. Slowly I remembered where I was. I noticed that my clothes were neatly folded on Amy's dresser. I got up, used the lavatory and took a quick shower. After I showered I noticed a tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving cream and a razor lying next to one of the sinks with a note that said, Michael, these are for you.

I shaved, brushed my teeth, got dressed and went down stairs. Amy and Mel were in the kitchen. Mel was frying bacon. Amy was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee.

When I walked into the kitchen they both smiled. Amy said, "Good morning sleepy head."

I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 7:35. Shrugging, I said, "I had a long day yesterday."

Amy said, "We understand. We also get up early here. Do you drink coffee?"

I nodded.

She stood up. As she poured a cup of coffee for me she asked, "Do you take cream or sugar?"

"No black is fine."

Giggling, Mel said, "It really is, isn't it."

Amy rolled her eyes and then she handed the cup of hot coffee to me and took my wrist. "Come on, I want to show you something."

As Amy led me out of the kitchen Mel said; "I think you'll like this."

We passed through through a large dining room that featured a massive mahogany table with a matching hutch, buffet and side board.

Looking around, I said, "This is a beautiful room."

"It is, but we almost never use it. We don't do much entertaining."

I sensed a hint of melancholy in Amy's voice, but I didn't comment.

She led me through another door into the living room. Decorated in classic western style, it was a grand room befitting a nineteenth century cattle baron.

The wall on the left side of the living room was taken up by a stone fireplace with a hand hewn mantel. A brown leather love seat and two leather arm chairs were arranged in a semicircle in front of the fireplace.

A large flat screen television filled most of the wall at the other end of the living room. A red velvet love seat and two matching arm chairs were arranged in a semicircle around the television.

The wall opposite the dining room door was solid floor to ceiling windows. A door in the middle of these windows led to a veranda. Guiding me across the living room, Amy opened that door. We stepped out onto the veranda. I suddenly understood the true majesty of their house.

The view was spectacular. The rocky slopes of the Santa Catalina mountains dominated the vista to our left. In front of us there was a deep cactus and cholla filled canyon that stretched for at least a mile. A gentle slope to our right led to a corral and two small buildings. There were four horses in the corral. A man wearing a cowboy hat, a chambray work shirt, jeans and western boots was working around the buildings.

Amy said, "This is the main reason we live in Catalina."

"It really is beautiful."

"We love to come out here in the morning and drink our coffee while we watch the sun come up over the mountains."

"I can see why? Are those your horses?"

"Yes, Mel and I both love to ride."

Laughing, I said, "I figured that out last night."

"It was fun, wasn't it."

"Oh yes."

Amy smiled at me. I smiled back at her.

After a moment I asked, "Who's the man working around the horses?"

"That's Juan. He and his wife, Isabel are our caretakers. They live in a house about a block down the road."

I nodded.

Amy said, "Let's go back to the kitchen. I'll bet it's time for breakfast."

As soon as we walked into the kitchen Mel said, "Sit down, everything's ready."

Three places were now set at the kitchen table. In the center of the table there was a bowl of scrambled eggs, a platter of crisp bacon and a plate with a stack of whole wheat toast. There was also a pitcher of orange juice, a dish of butter, a jar of strawberry jam and a bottle of hot sauce.

Amy picked up the coffee pot. As she refilled our cups she said, "Mel loves to cook and she's good at it which is lucky for me because I hate it and I'm terrible at it."

Mel pulled out a chair. As she was sitting down she said, "Sit down Michael. Last night we sucked your dick and you ate our pussies. You don't have to be shy around us anymore."

Grinning, I sat down. Amy put the coffee pot back on the warmer and joined us.

As soon as we were all settled Mel started passing the food. All three of us were hungry. For a few minutes we did nothing but eat.

Finally Mel said, "How did you like the view from our veranda?"

"I loved it, it's beautiful. This is a beautiful house."

Mel nodded. "Thank you, it's our dream house. We built it three years ago."

Amy asked, "Michael how long are you planning to stay in Tucson?"

"I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. I want to play a little golf here. I have to meet Jeanne and the girls in San Antonio on Christmas Eve. That's my only obligation. San Antonio is a two day drive from here so I guess I have to leave Tucson by the 22nd of December."

"Until then why don't you stay with us? There are at least six golf courses within a twenty minute drive from here."

Mel said; "Michael, we like you. You're fun. We could have a really good time together."

I looked at both of them. "Are you serious?"

Amy said, "Michael, we're very serious. We enjoy our life here, but because of what we do it's difficult to make friends. We always have to worry about being discreet."

Leaning forward, Mel said, "The people in town know we're strippers, but they don't know we're working girls. We try hard to keep that a secret. That means we have to be very careful about choosing friends."

Nodding, Amy said; "Our clients are all residents of the retirement communities. Discretion is just as important to them as it is to us. It's nice to have someone we can be honest and open with, some one who doesn't judge us. Please say you'll stay, at least for a little while."

They both stared at me, waiting.

"You're sure about this. I wouldn't want to impose."

Mel said, "You won't be imposing. Hell, just being able to cook for someone besides Amy will be a treat."

Amy stuck her tongue out at Mel. I laughed.

They both stared at me again.

Shaking my head, I said, "I would love to stay with you, but you have to make a promise to me."

Amy asked, "What is it?"

"If you get tired of me you have to tell me."

They both smiled. Mel said, "Does that mean you'll stay?"

"Let's try it for a week. A week from today all you have to do is say, Michael, it's been wonderful and I'll leave."

Nodding, Amy said, "And you can say the same thing to us."


Mel said, "You're really going to stay?"

"If you'll have me."

She cried, "Yesss." And then she looked at Amy and asked, "What should I make for dinner? It's a special occasion. It should be a special meal."

Smiling at me, Amy said, "She really does like to cook." And then turning to Mel she said, "Before we plan dinner I think we should take a look at today's schedule. This is a work day. We have dates with several gentlemen."

"You're right, we'd better check the book." There was a tone of resignation in Mel's voice.

I understood. I liked my job, but there were mornings when I didn't want to go to work.

Amy stood up, walked over to a door at the far end of the kitchen, opened it and went inside.

Mel said, "That's our office. Amy's getting our appointment book."

A moment later Amy reappeared carrying a book. I recognized it immediately. It was a traditional bound appointment book. While smart phones were now replacing them, during the course of my career I'd seen countless books just like the one Amy was carrying. She sat back down at the table, opened it and found the correct page.

After a second she said, "Mel, you're entertaining John Devers at 9:00. I have an appointment with Mike Patrick at 11:00. You're seeing Mark Raymond at 1:00. Right now the 3:00 pm time slot is open."

Mel smiled. "Good that will give me time to go to the grocery store. I really would like to prepare a nice dinner."

Amy said, "Mel, it's 8:15."

Nodding, Mel stood up. "I'll go take a shower. Is the cottage ready?"

"I'm certain it is, but just to be sure I'll call Isabel."

Mel hurried out of the kitchen.

After Mel was gone Amy stood up. She walked over to a cabinet next to the door that led to the garage, took out her purse and returned to the table.

As soon as she was seated she took out her cell phone and made a call. A moment later she said, "Good morning Isabel. We currently have three guests on the schedule for today; 9:00, 11:00 and 1:00. Is the cottage ready?"

There was a brief pause and then Amy said, "Good. Isabel, I also need to tell you that we have a house guest. He's going to be staying with us for several weeks. His name is Michael Nolan."

"No, you don't have to prepare the guest room Michael will be sleeping with Mel and me."

"Yes, just like Senor Vince. Will you tell Juan about Michael."

"Thank you Isabel." Amy ended the call and set her cell phone on the table. "Isabel and Juan have been with us since we built this house three years ago. They're outstanding caretakers and we recognize that. We pay them well and provide a house for them."

"It sounds like a mutually beneficial relationship."

"It is." And then changing the subject, Amy said, "You've heard our schedule for the day, what's yours?"

"I have to go to my motel, pick up my things and check out; other than that I really don't have any plans. I suppose I could try out one of the golf courses around here, but frankly the drive from San Francisco took it's toll. I'm still a little tired."

"Why don't you just come back here and hang out with us."

"Aren't you going to be working?"

"Only one of us works at a time. That way we can watch out for each other."

"You're worried about the police?"

"In our line of work they're always a concern, but they're not our biggest worry."

"I don't understand."

"Michael, there are men out there who like to hurt women. Our profession puts us in a position that makes us vulnerable to those men. With our current clientele it's not as big an issue as it was in Las Vegas, but old habits die hard."

"So while one of you is entertaining a gentleman the other one is acting as a life guard."

"That's a good analogy."

Suddenly Amy's purse started playing a tune. She said, "Excuse me, that's our business phone." She opened her purse, took out a second cell phone and said, "Hi, this is Simone."

After a moment she said, "I'm sorry, Chantel's not available right now, but if you'd like to visit with her I can set up a time. May I ask whose calling?"

"Jim Michaels, Hi Jim, Chantel's mentioned you several times. She always enjoys visiting with you. Would you like to get together with her?"

"Today? Jim we do have an opening at 3:00; but I'm sorry, Chantel's not available this afternoon. Would you be interested in visiting with me?"

Amy listened, after a moment she said, "Jim have you been a bad boy? Do you need to be punished? I can be very strict with boys who are naughty. In fact I'll tell you a little secret, punishing bad boys gets me very excited."

"I'd love to visit with you this afternoon. I'm already looking forward to it. I'll meet you in the cottage at 3:00. Do you need me to review the directions?"


"Yes, my honorarium is the same as Chantel's."

"I'll see you at 3:00. Bye Jim."

Amy switched off her phone. As she was setting it on the table next to her other cell phone Mel walked into the kitchen. When I saw her I had to smile. Dressed in a short black skirt and a sheer white blouse that was so tight it looked like the buttons might pop at any moment, she was the epitome of sexuality.

Laughing, I said, "I envy the lucky man you're meeting."

Mel grinned at me. "You like my outfit."

"Yeah, I do."

She raised her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties. I stared at her shaved pussy.

Giggling, Mel said, "When I get back from my date maybe you'd like to play for a little while. John Devers has a big cock and it still gets hard. He loves to fuck and he can go for a really long time. After I'm finished with him a soothing tongue massage would feel very nice."

I was suddenly speechless.

Next to me, Amy said, "It will be good practice for you. When you get home I'm sure Jeanne would enjoy the same post date Therapy."

Mel leaned over. Lasciviously licking my ear, she whispered, "If you lick my pussy, I'll suck your cock."

Chuckling, I said, "The two of you are incorrigible."

Amy grinned. "Yes we are and our goal is to make you incorrigible too."

Throwing my hands in the air, I said, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Mel walked over, picked up my hand and placed it between her legs. "This is always one of your options."

I rubbed Mel's cunt. She was already wet. Smiling at her, I asked, "Are you always aroused?"

Laughing, Amy said, "Pretty much, that's why I want you to stay with us. I need someone to help me appease the insatiable sex monster."

Shaking her head, Mel said, "That from a woman who could wear out an entire herd of Satyrs.

Amy looked at me. "Didn't satyrs used to chase nymphs? That could be fun."

I shrugged. "I'm not sure, but I think they were both part of the same mythology."

Mel said, "It was the Greeks and I don't think they can be trusted. They were always too busy trying to fuck each other in the butt."

"Mel honey, you occasionally let a guy fuck you in the butt."

"I do, but he has to pay extra for the privilege and he has to use a lot of lube. I wonder if the Greeks used olive oil for butt lube? I'll bet they did." Mel winked at me.

I smiled. I couldn't help myself. I really did like these two women.

Rolling her eyes, Amy said, "Shouldn't you be leaving for the cottage? You don't want to keep Bob Devers and his big dick waiting."

Suddenly serious, Mel said, "You're right, I'd better get going. Michael will you still be here when I get back?"

"I'll wait for you."

"Good because we definitely have some unfinished business." Mel turned and started towards the door. "Bob Devers isn't the only one who's going to get his cock sucked this morning."

Amy called, "Hey Mel, before you go I have to tell you something."

Mel stopped and turned around. "what is it?"

"Jim Micheals just called. He wanted a date."

"Did you set up a time?"

"He wanted to see you this afternoon."

"Oh" The disappointment in Mel's voice was evident.

Amy said, "Don't worry sweetie, I know you want to cook this afternoon, so I told him you weren't available. He's going to see me instead. Is that okay?"

"Of course it is. Is that all right with you?"

"Yes, it's just fine. He told me that he's been a bad boy and needs to be punished."

"That's Jim, he's a kinky little guy."

"Should I take him across my knee and spank him?"

"No, make him bend over one of the kitchen chairs and use the riding crop. Don't get carried away. He's married, you don't want to leave any marks. After he's begged you to forgive him make him lick your pussy and your ass, then make him jack off in front of you."

"He'll enjoy that?"

"He'll be absolutely ecstatic."

Giggling, Amy said, "We aim to please."

"Yes we do and now I have to get to the cottage so I can please Bob Devers." Mel turned and hurried into the garage.

A moment later I heard the garage door open and a car start up.

Amy glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 8:50. She picked up her cell phone and her coffee cup and walked over the coffee pot. As she was filling her cup she said, "Fill your cup, were going to go out and sit on the front porch."

I poured myself some more coffee and followed Amy through the living room into a small foyer just to the left of the stone fireplace. She opened the front door and we stepped out onto a wooden porch.

This was the first time I'd seen the front of the house in the daylight. Across the road was an expanse of open desert overgrown with cactus, cholla and shrubs. To the east, towards the mountains there were two small houses. The first was a stucco house similar to many of the houses I'd seen in Tucson. This had to be the house used by Juan and Isabel. Beyond that house there was a small stone cottage. I assumed that this was where Mel was about to meet Bob Devers.

There were four unpainted wood rocking chairs placed side by side on the front porch. Amy sat down in one of them. I sat down in the chair next to her.

Sitting in a rocking chair on a wooden porch, on a crisp desert morning, staring at the mountains is a serene experience. Neither of us said anything. We just sipped our coffee and rocked in our chairs. I could easily have spent the rest of my life in that rocking chair, but of course that wasn't possible. Eventually the realities of life always seem to find a way to interrupt periods of peace and serenity. In this case the interruption arrived in the form of a late model dark blue Lexus sedan.

Amy and I watched as the car slowed at the corner and turned onto the road into their property. The road was rutted and narrow, so the car moved slowly. It passed us and continued down the road towards Isabel and Juan's house and the cottage beyond.

Amy said; "That's Bob Devers."

She picked up her cell phone and pushed a button. After a moment she said, "Bob's on his way in. It all looks good. Have fun, see you in an hour or so." Amy set her cell phone down and turned to me, "Everything seems to be going smoothly. What would you like to do now?"

"I know Mel wanted me to wait until she got back, but I think this might be a very good time for me to go to my motel, pick up my things and check out."

"I agree. I think Mel would too." Amy stood up. "Michael, I can't begin to describe how happy we are that we met you. Both Mel and I are looking forward to several fun weeks."

Standing up, I said, "I am too."

"Do you have everything you need?"

"I do."

Amy kissed my cheek and said, "I may see you before my one o'clock appointment, if not I'll see you at five."

"I'll be here."

"Do you know how to get back to the highway?"

"Keep the mountains at my back."

"That will work. Bye MIchael."

"Bye Amy."

Amy took my coffee cup and went inside. I walked across the gravel and sand front yard to my Escape. As I backed out of Amy and Mel's driveway I smiled. My journey was turning into a truly amazing adventure.

I hadn't unpacked at the motel so picking up my bags and checking out didn't take long. It was just before 11:00 when I pulled into Mel and Amy's driveway.

Mel was sitting in a rocker. She was waiting for Mike Patrick, Amy's eleven o'clock date, to drive by. As I was parking, she stood up and walked out into the yard.

"Michael, park next to the driveway. We're going to need the Mercedes this afternoon."

I nodded.

Mel went back to the porch and sat down. After moving my car, I joined her.

As soon as I was seated, I asked, "How was your date with John Devers?"

Chuckling, Mel said, "We had a good time. John's funny, he makes me laugh. He also has a big cock."

We both noticed a silver Buick coming down the road. We watched as it slowed and turned the corner into Amy and Mel's property.

Mel said, "Mike Patrick's right on time."

We waved as he drove passed. He waved back.

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