tagLoving WivesAwakenings Ch. 10

Awakenings Ch. 10


This story is the tenth episode in a series entitled "Awakenings". If you have not read the previous nine episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

I remind you again that I write cuckold stories. While I try to make them loving cuckold stories, they do depict an alternative life style. If you're offended or upset by stories about sexual attitudes and behaviors that are different from your own I strongly suggest that you find something else to read.


Amy and I put the furniture back in place. After we finished I walked out to my Escape and brought my bags up to the guest bedroom. I'd be sleeping with Amy and Mel, but since there wasn't any spare storage space in their room the guest room was going to be my closet.

As soon as my bags were put away we went back downstairs. Mel was just leaving. She was dressed in a pink miniskirt, a pink brassiere, pink fishnet stockings held up by a pink garter belt and pink spike heeled pumps.

When I saw her I said, "You look fabulous."

Giggling, Mel asked, "Good enough to eat?" She lifted the hem of her skirt. Once again she wasn't wearing panties."

I laughed. "Sit on the counter. I'll do you right now."

Shaking her head, Mel said, "Sorry baby, at this moment this pussy's not for you. For the next couple of hours it belongs to Mark Raymond."

Amy leaned over and whispered into my ear, "You're a cuckold, get used to hearing that."

"The lessons continue." I was smiling.

Amy slipped her hand down the front of my jeans. As she wrapped her fingers around my cock she said, "Isn't that what you want?"

Mel was watching me.

I slowly nodded. "Yes, that's exactly what I want."

Still holding my cock, Amy said, "Good because we're eager to help you."

Mel leaned against the kitchen counter and stuck out her rear. "You can't have my pussy, that has to be clean and fresh for my date, but you could still give me a good bye kiss."

"It is the proper way for a cuckold to say good bye to his wife when she leaves to meet her lover." Amy pulled her hand out of my pants and gave me a little nudge.

I got down on my knees behind Mel, spread her beautiful milk chocolate cheeks and pressed my lips to her anus. She let me kiss and lick her for a moment and then she said, "Okay, move over, now it's Amy's turn. She's a cuckold too."

I stood up and stepped away.

Dropping to her knees behind Mel, Amy said, "I think this may have to become a regular ritual in this house." She spread Mel's cheeks and kissed her ass.

Giggling, Mel said, "I'm on board with that plan. I love having my ass kissed, but I want to do a little kissing too."

Amy stood up. "Don't worry baby, Michael and I will both be happy to give you a turn. After all, you're a cuckold too."

Mel gave me a wink and said, "I'm am and I'm proud of the title. It means I love my sweetheart enough to let her enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer."

I grinned at Mel.

Amy was grinning too, but then she glanced at the clock on the wall. It was ten minutes to one. Suddenly serious, she said, "Mel honey, you'd better hustle that luscious brown ass of yours down to the cottage. You don't want Mark Raymond to get there before you do."

Sighing, Mel said, "You're right. I'll see you in an hour and a half." She hurried into the garage. A moment later we heard the garage door open and then a car started.

Amy turned and walked through the door into the living room. "We'd better go out to the front porch and wait for Mel's date."

I followed her. As we sat down in the rockers we could see the Mercedes convertible with the top down turning into the cottage.

Amy said, "We generally use the Mercedes as our transportation between the house and the cottage."

"A few little luxuries can make going to work much easier."

"That's exactly how we feel."

Glancing towards the road leading to Mel and Amy's property, I noticed a plume of dust in the distance. I watched. After a moment a car came into view. I turned to Amy. "I think Mark Raymond is arriving."

Amy looked. "I think you're right."

We both watched. The car came closer. I could see that it was dark green BMW sedan. I said, "You're clients drive nice cars."

"They're all retired professionals. Money isn't an issue for them."

"You should charge more."

"We could, but money isn't an issue for us either."

The car turned onto Amy and Mel's road. As it slowly passed us we waved. The driver, a man in his sixties, waved back.

Amy picked up her cell phone and called Mel. "He just passed the house. He's alone. It looks good. Have fun. I'll see you in an hour or so." Amy shut off her cell phone and stood up. "Michael, I have an hour before I have to get ready for my date. I'm going to sit on the back veranda and read. Would you like to join me?"

"Thank you, I'd like that very much, but I was wondering, do you have wireless Internet?"

"Of course, if you'd like to use it, the access code is taped to the side of our router. The router is in our office. That's the little room off the kitchen."

"May I go in there?"

"Certainly, Michael you should feel free to go anywhere in this house."

"Thank you."

"I'm going to change and get my Kindle. I'll see you on the veranda."

I went into the kitchen office, found the router and wrote down the access code. Then I went upstairs to the guest room, started my laptop computer and entered the Internet access code.

Once I was logged on to the Internet I took my computer downstairs and joined Amy on the veranda. She was lying on a chaise lounge wearing a thong bikini that was so skimpy it would have created a scandal on a public beach.

Momentarily setting her Kindle down, Amy looked up at me and said, "Make yourself comfortable."

There were two more chaise lounges, but there was also a patio table with four chairs. I set my computer on the table. As I sat down in one of the chairs, I said, "I like your bathing suit."

"You really are a voyeur."

"Through and through, it's in my blood."

Amy laughed. "I'd love to lie out here naked, but I want the tan lines."

"You want the tan lines? I thought most women tried to avoid tan lines."

"Michael I'm a nude dancer. One of the tricks to nude dancing is making the guys believe they're getting to see something they're not supposed to see. Tan lines help create that illusion."

"So if we sit out here tonight after the sun goes down, you'll get naked?"

Shaking her head, Amy said, "Michael you are incorrigible."

"I try."

Amy smiled. "It's really easy to understand why your wife loves you so much. I've only known you for one day and I'm already enamored with you."

I shrugged.

Still smiling, Amy said, "Michael after dinner I promise you that Mel and I will both get naked, but it won't be out here. This is the desert in November. As soon as the sun goes down it gets cold out here."

"Okay, but I still like the part about getting naked."

"I'm sure you do Mr. Voyeur. Now, unless you want to discuss something that doesn't involve my getting naked I'm going to go back to my book."

"As long as you're placing that limitation on our conversation I can't think of anything I want to talk about."

"Be quiet and let me read."

"My wife says that to me a lot."

"I'll bet she does and since you've been gone I'll bet she misses you. I know I would if I was her."

"She's too busy dating other men to miss me."

"Michael, after the weekend the two of you just had in San Francisco do you really believe that?"

"No, I guess not."

"Damn right I guess not. This is cuckold lesson number three, or is it four or maybe even five. I'm losing track."

"Let's go with three."

"Okay, cuckold lesson number three; fucking has nothing to do with love. Cave men established that fifty thousand years ago and ever since then it's been an accepted truth. Jeanne is dating other men for one reason and only one reason, it's fun."

"You're going to have to keep repeating that over and over again."

"Baby, that's why you're in cuckold boot camp. Now can I read my book?"


I logged onto my email site and signed into my account. There was an email from Ruth. It had been sent the previous afternoon.

I opened it.


The office is running well. Jason continues to be a good manager and Bernie Kyle is an excellent assistant. Charles and Edith Montgomery stopped by today to inquire about you. I assured them that you're doing well. They send their love.

I talked to Jeanne during lunch today. She is ecstatic. She had a wonderful time with you in San Francisco. She now hopes that you might eventually be able to forgive her and maybe even accept her new life style."

I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to update you on my personal life. Right now I only feel comfortable talking about this with you and Jeanne.

Saturday night both of the kids were at parties, so David and I had the house to ourselves. Following what has become our usual routine, we watched an erotic movie with the sound off. During the movie David lay between my legs and licked me while I told him about my dates with Nick Granger. Nick's that guy I was going out with just before I met David.

We were both having fun. I'd already had two orgasms. I was about to go down on David. Recently he's started to feel self conscious about the size of his penis so he has trouble fucking me. I've tried to reassure him that his penis feels wonderful inside me, but he won't believe me. He's now certain that after experiencing a man like Nick Granger I could never be satisfied with his tiny cock. Nick's big cock was exciting, but I love David so his cock will always be special for me. Unfortunately I can't convince him of that.

Anyway, just as I was about to go down on David he got up, walked over to his dresser, took out a package and brought it to me. I opened it. Inside there was a large, very life like rubber cock. It was ten inches long and thick.

As I examined it David asked me if I'd like him to fuck me with Nick's cock.

Michael, I stared at him for a moment. I wasn't sure what to say, but then I saw the longing in his eyes. Realizing that this was what he wanted, I said yes. Michael, it was wonderful. It wasn't as good as the real thing. Having Nick's muscular body on top of me while he thrusts his big cock in and out of my cunt is an amazing experience, but I have to admit that the rubber cock was a pretty good substitute. I had another orgasm and it was memorable.

Once I recovered from my orgasm I gave David a blow job and let him cum in my mouth. As soon as he finished ejaculating I kissed him and we shared his cum. This was something we read about in the cuckold stories on the Internet. David is hoping that some day I'll be sharing Nick Granger's cum with him.

Afterward we lay in bed cuddling and talking. David wants me to call Nick and start dating him. He's hoping that he'll eventually get to watch the two of us together, but he tells me that just the thought of Nick fucking me drives him wild. He wants to be my cuckold. He would love to help me get ready for a date and then happily wait for me to return home and tell him every detail about the sex Nick and I enjoyed.

I'm pretty sure that Nick would be open to the idea of getting together with me. I recently talked to several old friends who still see Nick. They said that he asks about me all the time and they also told me that they've seen him at parties with women they knew were married.

While I have to admit that I'm intrigued by the idea, I'm also afraid of it. I fear that this might be one of those situations where the fantasy is exciting, but the reality is disastrous. I love David so much. I don't want to risk doing anything that might jeopardize our relationship.

We are considering an alternative. Jeanne told me about Brady's. I told David. He wants to do it. He wants me to go in with Jeanne. He'll come in a few minutes later and sit at the bar by himself. He wants to watch me do it all; meet a guy, dance with him, make out in a back booth and most of all go out to the parking lot with him.

Michael, we're seriously considering doing this. Do you think we're crazy? I really want your opinion. I value your judgment and you're in the middle of a similar situation with Jeanne. Please give us some advice. David is pushing me to try it. While I have to admit that I want to do it too, I'm scared. I love David so much. I can't bear the thought of doing something that might hurt him.


I leaned back in my chair and sighed. Ruth was my closest friend. She was asking for my advice and I didn't know what to tell her. I closed my eyes and tried to think.

Noticing my sudden disquiet, Amy set her Kindle down and asked, "Michael honey, what's wrong? It looks like you just got terrible news. Is Jeanne all right?"

"Jeanne's fine."

"Then what's wrong sweetheart?"

I looked at Amy. Both she and Mel had demonstrated a keen understanding of interpersonal relationships, especially sexual relationships. I needed advice and they were my best resource. For a moment I was concerned that discussing this situation might be a violation of Ruth's trust, but I quickly realized that wasn't a valid concern. It was highly unlikely that Amy and Mel would ever meet Ruth and David and if by some remote chance they did end up meeting they certainly wouldn't be passing judgment on their sexual inclinations.

Deciding that the advantages of discussing Ruth and David's situation with Amy and eventually Mel far outweighed the disadvantages, I said, "A close friend is asking for advice about her sexual relationship with her husband."

"Do you feel comfortable discussing it with us?"

Amy's use of the plural pronoun us made it clear that anything I told her would eventually go to Mel too. That was all right with me. I trusted both of them. Nodding, I said, "Yes, I trust you both and I value your opinions."

Amy smiled.

Deciding to give her some background, I said, "I guess it started with the problems I was having with Jeanne. Ruth runs my accounting office."

"She's your secretary."

"No, Ruth is a lot more than that. She actually runs the office."


"She's also my friend. Ruth and I confide in each other. She knew about everything that was happening. The Saturday before I began my trip I was meeting with an elderly couple who were both valued clients and old friends. Ruth was there too. The couple noticed that I seemed upset and asked me about it. Since they were close friends so I told them everything."

"Wasn't that the same day you walked in on Jeanne and that man?"

"The meeting with Charles and Edith Montgomery was that afternoon."

"You must have been noticeably upset."

"I was. Charles talked with me in private. What he told me was a complete surprise. When they were younger his wife had been part of a group of women who regularly dated other men with their husbands permission. They even enjoyed weekend retreats at luxury resorts with other men."



"And their husbands knew what was happening?"

"Yes, Charles told me that it took time; but he eventually not only learned to accept what Edith was doing, he actually enjoyed it."

"Michael, you're not alone."

"No, I'm not. That's becoming abundantly clear."

"So did you tell Ruth what Charles told you?"

"I didn't have to; while Charles was talking to me Edith was in the outer office talking to Ruth."

"And she told her everything."

"That's right."

"Did Ruth start thinking about cuckolding her husband after that conversation?"

"Not exactly. There's more. Even though they're in their seventies Charles and Edith still have an active sex life."

"Good for them." Amy was smiling. It wasn't a sarcastic smile.

That made me smile. I continued. "They told us that after the meeting they planned to go home and watch a Diamond Foxx movie. Diamond Foxx is a porn star. Charles and Edith believe that when Edith was in the prime of her hot wife days she looked a lot like Diamond Foxx."

Nodding, Amy said, "I get it, watching one of her movies is a walk down memory lane for them."

"That's right."

"Okay, how does that relate to Ruth and her husband?"

"After Charles and Edith left, Ruth asked me if there were any porn stars who resembled Jeanne or her."

"She must have been aware of your passion for the erotic cinema."


"Sorry, I couldn't resist."

We both laughed.

I said, "Ruth and Jeanne have been friends for years. I suspect Jeanne may have occasionally alluded to that particular passion of mine, especially after a glass of wine or two."

"So are there any porn stars who resemble either Jeanne or Ruth."

"Oh yes."

"May I ask who?"

"Are you an aficionado of the cinema?"

"No, but this evening, after dinner, I can now assure you that Mel and I are going to ask you to share some of the highlights of your collection with us. I assume that you do have a collection."

"I do."

"On your lap top?"

"Of course."

"We have the necessary equipment to connect your laptop to the big screen television in the living room."

"This has the potential to be a very interesting evening."

"Honey, with Mel and me it's always going to be an interesting evening."

"I believe that."

"So tell me more about Ruth and her husband. Was there really a porn star who looked like her?"

"Yes, Roxanne Hall."

"We'll certainly want one of her movies on our viewing list this evening."

"That's easily arranged."

"Okay, so what happened?"

"That night Ruth and her husband bought a Roxanne Hall movie on the Internet. They watched it in their bedroom. Ruth said it led to the best sex they'd had in a long time. After that they started watching Roxanne Hall movies whenever they had an opportunity. It wasn't long before David was telling Ruth that when he was watching Roxanne Hall with another man he was imagining that it was her."

"His cuckold inclinations were beginning to surface."

"That's exactly what was happening."

"How did Ruth React?"

"She'd been a witness to everything that had been occurring between Jeanne and me so the situation wasn't completely foreign to her. Prior to meeting David she'd also been rather adventurous, particularly with a man named Nick Granger. Nick was consummate lover, but he was also a number one rogue. When Ruth met David she immediately realized that while that he wasn't nearly as exciting as Nick he was a solid, reliable man."

"Outstanding husband material." Amy was nodding.

"That's right, so Ruth immediately dumped Nick and married David."

"And now that David's cuckold inclinations are surfacing Nick is being brought back into the picture. Is he still around?"

"Apparently he is. I think it's time for you to read Ruth's email."

"All right."

Amy read Ruth's email. After she was finished she said, "Oh my." And then she looked at me and said, "Micheal, I can see why you're perplexed. This is a complicated situation."

I nodded.

Shaking her head, Amy added, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we're going to have to table any further discussion until this evening. I need to get ready for my three o'clock date. I'd also like to include Mel."

"I would too."

"This afternoon while she's cooking dinner would you please tell her everything you just told me."

"Of course."

"Then the three of us can discuss it while we're eating dinner."

"That's a good idea."

"I have to go upstairs, take a shower and get dressed for my date."

"I'll be fine here. I'm going to read the rest of my emails and then I'll put together a video show for tonight."

"Oh yes, I want to see Diamond Foxx and Roxanne Hall and you said there was a woman who looked like Jeanne. I want to see her too."

"I'll put it all together."

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