tagLoving WivesAwakenings Ch. 18

Awakenings Ch. 18


This story is the eighteenth episode in a series entitled "Awakenings". If you have not read the previous seventeen episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

I remind you again that I write cuckold stories. While I try to make them loving cuckold stories, they do depict an alternative life style. If you're offended or upset by stories about sexual attitudes and behaviors that are different from your own I strongly suggest that you find something else to read.


We'd just finished cleaning up our supper dishes when the telephone rang. Amy answered it. It was Jeanne. The three of us hurried into the living room and sat down on the couch in front of the fireplace.

As soon as we were settled Jeanne asked, "Have you read Ruth's email? She sent me a copy."

Amy answered, "We did. It's sounds like she and David had an exciting evening."

"It does, doesn't it. Michael our friend is well on her way to becoming a full fledged hot wife."

"I believe you're right and David seems to be even happier about it than Ruth."

"Yes, he does."

Mel said, "In her email Ruth mentioned that you have an exciting plan for next week."

"We do, Abby suggested it." Jeanne paused. After a moment she said, "I haven't told you about Abby, have I?"

I said, "No you haven't."

"I'm sorry Michael. I wasn't trying to hide anything. I really wasn't. It's just that we've had so much to talk about lately that I guess I forgot to mention her. I have a new friend. She's very nice. I really like her. Her name is Abigail Martin, but everyone calls her Abby. She's about five years younger than we are and cute as a button. She's not very tall, about 5'2" with long dark hair. She works out all the time so she has a gorgeous figure. Michael, she has large breasts, very large breasts and she says they're natural. She's a legal secretary just like me. Her firm isn't as well established as the firm I work for. The attorneys are all younger and they mostly do accident cases."

I asked, "Does she enjoy working there?"

"She does. I kind of envy her. I don't think she earns as much money as I do, but she works in a more relaxed atmosphere."

"That's important."

Mel asked, "How did you meet her?"

"I met her at Brady's. She enjoys going there just as much as I do." Jeanne giggled. "Abby's even more of a slut than I am."

Amy asked, "Is she married?"

"She's currently on her third marriage."

Raising her eyebrows, Mel said, "Her third marriage? It sounds to me like your friend has issues."

"I suppose she does. Unlike me, Abby's been a slut for her entire life. She didn't marry her first husband, until she was thirty-one. His name was Scott. She said she tried to be faithful to him and I believe her. She lasted for almost a year, but eventually she slipped. She made the mistake of going out with an old girlfriend. They went to a club where they hooked up with two guys. After a couple of drinks they started dancing. An hour later Abby and the guy she was with were fucking in the back of his SUV."

Smiling, Amy said, "That definitely qualifies as a slip."

"It does. When Abby went home that night she was racked with guilt, but the next day she couldn't stop thinking about how much fun she'd had. Abby really does love to fuck. The guy called her the following week. In the midst of her excitement at the club she must have given him her cell phone number. The next day she took a long lunch. They met at a motel. He was married too. After that they started getting together once a week to fuck."

Mel said, "Since they're not married anymore I'm guessing that her husband figured out what was happening."

"He did. Abby's a confirmed slut. Once she started playing around again one boyfriend wasn't enough for her. A month after that first hookup at the club she was meeting two or three different guys a week. Scott gradually became suspicious. He hired a private detective and a week later confronted her with photographs and videos. Abby still loved Scott, so she didn't contest the divorce. She gave him everything, even their entire savings account."

Amy said, "She's not a bad person."

Jeanne said, "No she's just a slut. She doesn't want to hurt anybody."

"That was her first husband. You told us that she's currently married to her third husband. What happened with husband number two?" It was clear that Mel's curiosity had been piqued.

"Three years after Scott divorced her, Abby met her second husband, Dennis. They lived in the same apartment building. They started out as friends and quickly became fuck buddies. Over time Abby and Dennis developed feelings for each other. Not wanting to repeat the mistakes she'd made with Scott, Abby tried to be honest with Dennis from the beginning. She explained to him that she loved sex, she didn't want to be monogamous and she planned to continue dating other men."

Mel asked, "Did that work?"

"It did at first, but gradually Dennis started to get jealous. As his Jealousy grew, he became increasingly dissatisfied with their relationship. Eventually Dennis demanded that Abby give up the other men. Abby adamantly refused. They argued constantly. Finally they separated. Dennis even moved to a new apartment building."

Mel said, "But you told us they were married."

"Yes, they finally did get married. Two months after they separated Dennis called Abby. He told her that he loved her and couldn't bear living without her. He begged her to give up the other men. Abby refused. It made her feel awful, but she knew that if she tried being faithful to Dennis it would only be a matter of time before she eventually slipped. Once that happened she'd start cheating on him just like she did with Scott. She loved Dennis, she didn't want to do that to him. Realizing that Abby was adamant about her refusal to stop seeing other men, Dennis acquiesced. He agreed to try to live with the current situation. They adopted a don't ask, don't tell approach to Abby's extracurricular activities and started dating again."

Amy said, "I gather that it worked."

"It did. On the evenings that Abby had a date she would tell Dennis that she was visiting a friend. Dennis would accept that explanation without question. During the evenings they spent together they never discussed Abby's friends and Abby worked to hard to show Dennis how much she loved him. Eventually Dennis asked Abby to marry him. Abby was ecstatic. She agreed immediately."

Mel asked, "What happened when they got married?"

"Abby moved into Dennis's apartment. That made it much harder for him to ignore her dating."

Nodding, I said, "Once they were living together Dennis was there watching while Abby was getting ready for her dates. When she was out Dennis was at home alone waiting for her to return."

"That's right. He couldn't bear it. Three weeks after they were married Dennis filed for an annulment. Abby didn't contest it. She wanted to remain friends, but Dennis couldn't do that. He felt that it would be too painful. He needed a clean break. After the annulment was finalized he moved to Atlanta. Abby never heard from him again."

Jeanne sighed. "Michael, Abby is afraid that when you finally do come home you'll react the same way Dennis did. I'm worried about that too. I remember how hard it was for you when you saw me dressed up for my date with Derek Fischer."

"That's why I have to stay away Jeanne. I need time to get used to this."

"But Abby and Dennis took time and it didn't help them."

Amy said, "Jeanne, trying to ignore Abby's dating was a big mistake. They needed to talk about it. They needed to enjoy it together. That's what you and Michael are doing now. When you told Michael about your date with Trent you were sharing the experience with him. That turned it into something that you're doing together."

Mel said, "That still might not have worked for Dennis. Michael is a voyeur. Hearing about your dates excites him. Lots of men are voyeurs, but not all of them."

Jeanne said, "I think it might have helped if Abby and Dennis had tried an open marriage. The two of you are certainly helping Michael."

"While the sex Amy and I are enjoying with Michael is certainly bringing us closer together, I think we're mostly helping him by validating the excitement he feels when he hears about your dates. In our culture a man is taught that it's perverted to enjoy thinking about another man fucking his wife. We're encouraging Michael to relax and enjoy the excitement he experiences when you're telling him about your dates."

As soon as Mel was finished speaking Amy asked, "Jeanne, do you really think a traditional open marriage would have helped Dennis and Abby?"

Jeanne paused to consider Amy's question. After a moment she said, "No, suppose it wouldn't have. It's a numbers problem, isn't it. I am married to an accountant."

We all chuckled.

Jeanne continued. "One of the reasons I love Brady's so much is that on an average night there are at least three men for every woman. It's much harder for a man to find a partner for casual sex."

Amy said, "If an open marriage is going to work both partners have to be getting some action."

Jeanne said, "Maybe they could have tried swinging."

I asked, "Jeanne, would that be enough for you? Think about it. We're a middle aged couple. We'd be swinging with other middle aged couples."

"That would be all right."

"I'm an accountant. I think it's likely that we'd end up with a pipe smoking, college professor wearing a tweed jacket and his fashionable wife."

Giggling, Mel said, "What's wrong with pipe smoking college professors. I think they're cute."

Amy rolled her eyes.

I said, "Absolutely nothing, but last night Jeanne was bored with Bill. Right now she's looking for guys who treat her like a slut."

"Just because a guy's a college professor doesn't mean he wouldn't treat Jeanne like a slut."

Amy said, "Yes, but he also might want to recite poetry while Jeanne's sucking his cock."

"Jeanne's from Minnesota. I heard that girls from Minnesota love to listen to poetry while they're giving head." There was a mischievous twinkle in Mel's eyes.

Amy, Jeanne and I were giggling. Yes, I admit it. I was giggling too. When you're living with Amy and Mel it's hard to avoid giggling.

Jeanne said, "Michael, I understand. Swinging wouldn't be an adequate replacement for dating for me, but I think it might still be fun to try it. Mel, I've never had a man recite poetry to me while I'm giving him head. It might be an exciting experience."

Mel turned to Amy. "Like I said, she's from Minnesota. You never know what those girls are going to be into. Of course you're from Wisconsin. Maybe you do know."

Shaking her head, Amy said, "Jeanne, I think it's time to get back to Abby and her marriages. You told us that she now has a third husband. How is that working out?"

"It's an interesting marriage."

Suddenly serious, Mel said, "Tell us."

"She's married to a man named Luther Bowlin, he..."

Surprised, I said, "Luther Bowlin! The owner of Bowlin Construction?"

"Yes, that Luther Bowlin."

"Bowlin Construction is the largest construction company in the upper Midwest. Luther Bowlin is a multimillionaire. He's also at least seventy-five years old." I paused to think. After a moment I said, "Wasn't Luther Bowlin's grandson involved in a drunk driving incident a couple of years ago?"

"That's right. Two years ago Luther Bowlin's grandson Peter Bowlin broad sided another car while he was running a red light. At the time of the accident his blood alcohol level was 1.4. He was legally drunk. The car he hit was totaled. The woman who was driving the other car survived the accident, but she spent a week in intensive care. Luther was terrified that his grandson was going to go to prison."

Amy said, "I think that was a valid fear. The courts are getting tough on drunk drivers."

"Yes they are. Luther was determined to do everything in his power to prevent that from happening. The woman sued Peter Bowlin. That was expected. Luther and his attorneys decided that if they could settle the civil action prior to the beginning of Peter's criminal trial it might improve his image with the jury."

I said, "That was a good idea."

"The law office where Abby works was handling the suit for the woman. Abby is the receptionist. As soon as the negotiations started Luther stepped in and took over for his attorneys. He started calling the office several times a day and he visited the office in person several times a week."

"That's how Abby and Luther met." Mel was smiling.

"That's right. Abby has a charming personality and she's a natural flirt. When Luther called the office Abby answered the telephone. Whenever Luther visited the office Abby brought him coffee. It wasn't long before Luther and Abby started chatting with each other."

I asked, "Did they settle the lawsuit before the trial?"

"They did. Despite the fact that the woman made a full recovery from her injuries, Luther's attorneys still believed that in a civil trial she might be awarded as much as two million dollars. Luther offered her four million dollars if she would agree to an immediate out of court settlement. Her attorneys advised her to accept his offer. During the criminal trial Luther's attorneys argued that the settlement the Bowlin family made with the woman was a sincere effort to financially atone for Peter's mistake. The plan worked. Peter was sentenced to a years probation and two hundred hours of community service."

Amy said, "Okay, that's how Abby and Luther met. How did they get together?"

"About a month after the criminal trial Luther called Abby at her office. He told her that the following week he was attending a dinner at the Governor's Mansion and wanted to know if she'd be interested in accompanying him as his date."

Mel said, "Since Luther has a grandson he's obviously been married before. If he was still married he wouldn't be taking another woman to a dinner with the Governor. What happened to his first wife?"

"Luther has five children and eleven grand children. Abby is wife number eight."

Amy clapped her hands together. "Luther is a hound!"

"He is. Abby tells me that he has several escorts who regularly visit him at his downtown penthouse apartment. He often has all three of them visit him at the same time."

Nodding, Mel said, "In his financial position girl friends are a potential problem. Professionals are much safer."

I said, "Okay, I get that, but then why would he want to get involved with Abby?"

Mel patted my knee. "Sweetie, you can't take a pro to a dinner at the Governor's mansion."

"Of course."

Amy said, "It's safe to assume that Abby accepted the invitation."

"She certainly did and she had a wonderful time. Luther picked her up in his chauffeured limousine. She met the governor and his wife, several state senators and the mayor. On the way back to her apartment she gave Luther a blow job in the back of his limo."

"I'll bet Luther loved that." I was chuckling.

"He did. The following Saturday night he took Abby to dinner at the Kennsington Grill."

Mel asked, "Isn't that the restaurant Derek Fischer took you to on your first date, the restaurant where you and Michael used to celebrate your wedding anniversary?"

Jeanne quietly answered, "Yes."

Realizing that Jeanne was still feeling guilty about that I quickly interjected, "When I finally do get home it's also the restaurant where we're going to celebrate the beginning of our new life together."

There was a pause and then Jeanne asked, "Do you really mean that Michael?"

"Yes Jeanne, I really mean that."

"Thank you sweetheart, thank you so much."

"You're welcome. Now we'd better get back to the story before Amy and Mel are consumed by curiosity."

Amy stuck out her tongue at me. "Admit it, you're just as eager as we are to hear what happened."

"Yeah, I admit it. You're right. I am."

Jeanne was giggling, but she still resumed telling the story. "During dinner Abby opened up to Luther. She told him everything. She enjoyed Luther and she decided that there wasn't any reason to hide her life style from him. Her intuition had been correct. Luther appreciated her honesty and was enamored with her open attitude about sex. He confided that he had a similar attitude. He admitted that he cheated on all of his wives and then he told her about the escorts that regularly visited him at his downtown penthouse apartment."

Mel smiled. "Honesty is an important part of any worthwhile relationship."

"It is. After that Abby and Luther became close friends. They had dinner together at least once a week and Abby was Luther's regular escort when he attended social functions. She was going to charity bazaars, art museum openings and elegant dinners with important people. Abby was having a wonderful time."

Amy said, "I don't blame her. I think we'd all enjoy a taste of that life."

Nodding, Mel said, "I agree, but when did they get married and why?"

"I'm just getting to that."

"Be patient." Amy winked at Mel.

Mel stuck her tongue out at Amy.

Jeanne continued the story. "About three months after they started dating Luther called Abby and invited her to lunch. Abby was surprised. This was a first. At seventy-eight Luther is still a workaholic. He always eats lunch at his desk. They met at a restaurant near Luther's office. Abby was nervous. She was afraid that Luther had grown tired of her and she was about to get her walking papers."

Smiling, Amy said, "She was enjoying the lifestyle. She didn't want to give it up."

"That's right. As soon as they finished ordering lunch Luther started telling her how much he'd enjoyed the past few months, how much he enjoyed her company. That made her even more convinced that he was ending their relationship."

Mel said, "She thought he was trying to let her down easy."

"Exactly, but then he started talking about how she's added stability to his life, how all of his business associates are enamored with her and how compatible they are with each other. She was confused. Suddenly this wasn't sounding like a let down. And then Luther totally blew her away. He asked her if she would become the next Mrs. Luther Bowlin."

Grinning, Amy said, "I'll bet that did blow her away."

"Luther quickly explained his proposal. As Abby listened to him it began to make sense. The divorce settlements with his previous three wives had been financially difficult for him. Abby was well aware of that. They'd discussed it frequently. That was one of the reasons Abby was so surprised by Luther's proposal. Luther's children were also an issue. They were even more concerned about protecting the family fortune than Luther was. If Luther married Abby they were terrified that she might cheat them out of their inheritance. Luther loved his children. Protecting their financial interests was his primary concern."

I asked, "What did he propose?"

"He offered to provide Abby with a weekly allowance of five thousand dollars. She would also be allowed to live in the Bowlin estate on Island Lake west of the Twin Cities. The estate had a full time cook and house keeper. Of course Luther would take care of all of the household expenses."

Mel said, "Five thousand dollars a week and a mansion with servants. That's a damn good deal. What did she have to do in exchange? She was already sucking his cock."

"She had to sign a prenuptial agreement relinquishing all claims to the Bowlin family fortune."

"That's all? Hell I would have signed that prenup in a flash."

"Abby felt the same way. She never had designs on the Bowlin family fortune. While she liked Luther and she enjoyed the glamor and prestige that came with his position in the business community, she was smart enough to understand that when he was gone the glamor and prestige would go with him. Abby has many vices, but avarice isn't one of them. She immediately agreed to sign the prenup and also informed Luther that the allowance wasn't necessary. She wanted to continue working at her job. Since she wouldn't have any living expenses her salary was more than enough money for her."

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