tagLoving WivesAwakenings Ch. 31

Awakenings Ch. 31


Maureen looked at Ginger and said, "I've never met a couple like you and Scotty. I have lots of questions, but they're kind of personal."

Ginger responded, "We're actually not all that unusual. You'll understand that when you get to know some of our friends. Don't worry about asking personal questions. If we're going to take over your slut training we're going to have to get very personal." She turned and looked up at the television screen.

Maureen, Scotty and I looked up too. Ginger's friend Doug was sitting on the couch. Ginger was straddling him. She was rocking back and forth on his cock while he sucked on one of her nipples.

Ginger said, "I think we've already passed the point where we need to be concerned about being too personal."

Giggling, Maureen said, "I agree."

"So, you can ask us anything, anything at all."

"Okay." Maureen paused. After a moment she said, "Here's a big one. It's the question I wanted to ask earlier. How did the two of you get into this lifestyle? Were you doing this together before you were engaged or did it happen gradually after you were married?"

Scotty said, "Actually the answer to all of those questions is yes."

Maureen and I were both puzzled.

"It's complicated." said Ginger. "All through high school I was a good girl. I played sports, studied hard and most of all I kept my virginity." She laughed. "The boys called me the frigid freckle queen, not to my face, behind my back, but there were girls who made sure I knew."

"High school can be difficult." Maureen nodded sympathetically.

"It was for me. I didn't think I was pretty. I played soccer, basketball and softball so I was fit. I mean I had a nice body, but I was self-conscious about my red hair and freckles."

"I love your red hair and freckles. I always have." Scotty grinned at his wife.

Beaming at him, Ginger said, "And that's another one of the ten million reasons I love you so much."

"She loves me." Scotty wiggled his eyebrows and smiled coyly at Maureen.

Giggling, Maureen said, "I can see why."

"Reeney, don't give him a big head."

Scotty stuck his tongue out at Ginger. Ginger rolled her eyes and said, "May I please continue?"

I said, "By all means."

"Anyway, I was shy. My senior year I had a boyfriend. He was smart, handsome and a good athlete, but he was shy too. In my mind we were the perfect couple, but I knew some of his friends made fun of him because he was dating the frigid freckle queen. They chided him about not getting laid."

Ginger paused. After a moment she said, "His name was Milt Webster. I liked him. I didn't love him, but I liked him a lot. I still like him. He's a nice guy. You have to like nice guys."

Both Maureen and I smiled in agreement.

Continuing, Ginger said, "That spring he took me to the senior prom. It was something I really wanted. We'd also both just turned eighteen. I decided it was time for us to get lucky. Prom night seemed like the perfect occasion. I asked him to get a hotel room. He thought I was going to invite several of my girlfriends and their dates for an after prom party. I didn't. It was just us. I brought condoms and a bottle of wine. Neither of us did much drinking, but I thought we could use a little bottled courage."

Maureen smiled. "You seduced your high school boyfriend."

"I did."

"So how was the sex?" Maureen was caught up in Ginger's story. So was I.

"It was wonderful! Milt was gentle. The wine relaxed me. We were in a hotel room with a king sized bed. We fucked all night. I got so excited that I actually gave Milt a blow job."

Chuckling, I said, "I'll bet he enjoyed that."

"Yes he did, but amazingly, I enjoyed it just as much as he did. That night, the night I lost my virginity, I also learned that I love giving head."

Scotty winked at me. "Believe me she does. My wife is a bj queen."

Ginger laughed. "My husband likes to advertise for me."

Maureen giggled, I smiled.

"Anyway, that night I discovered that I love sex. For the rest of the school year and all of the following summer Milt and I fucked like rabbits. Sometimes we did it in his car. Any time either of our parents were gone we did it in our bedrooms. At parties we'd always try to slip off to a back bedroom. We were insatiable. We couldn't get enough of each other."

Maureen asked, "What happened at the end of the summer?"

"I told you that Milt was a good athlete. He was a really good football player. He had a full scholarship to Purdue University. I had an academic scholarship at Lenmore College, it's in Atlanta. We lived in Memphis. After we went to college we lost touch with each other."

"So you haven't seen him since you both left for college?"

"I saw him at our ten year high school reunion. He lives in Chicago."

"Did slip off to a hotel room with him?" Maureen wanted every seamy detail.

Shaking her head, Ginger said, "No, I was very direct about my interest, but Milt made it clear that he was off limits. He was married, had a two year old daughter and his wife was pregnant. While some men can fool around on the side, others can't. Milt is one of those men who can't."

Turning to Scotty, Maureen said, "Did you know about Milt? If you did, I'm sure you must have been worried when Ginger went to the reunion. You had to be afraid that she'd fall for him again? He was her first love. Many women never get over their first love."

Scotty smiled. "Yes, I knew about Milt and no, I wasn't worried, not in the least. Like most men I have my insecurities, but I don't have any doubts about Ginger's love for me. While she may not be physically faithful, her emotional commitment is beyond question."

"Scotty's right, I love him with all my heart and soul. I can't imagine life without him. He's also the perfect husband for me. I crave variety. I could never be happy fucking just one man. Scotty understands. He doesn't get jealous. He knows that the other men are nothing but playmates. He trusts me. He lets me play around. Not many men could do that."

Ginger paused and then she chuckled as she added, "Actually, Scotty doesn't just let me play around. He encourages it. It excites him. He loves to watch me with another man or a woman."

"I do. I can't explain it and I don't apologize for it, but it is true. I love watching Ginger with other men and yes, women too."

Maureen said, "So you're bisexual."

"While I don't really think of it that way, I suppose you could say that. I prefer cocks, but pussies are fun too. I love sex and I don't see any reason to limit myself to only half the population."

Turning to Scotty, Maureen asked, "Are you bisexual too?"

"No, I'm totally enthralled by the female form."

"That's true, but he does do three ways with me. I love having two men at the same time."

Scotty nodded. "Yes, but I'd rather watch you with two guys."

"That's my husband, he loves to watch."

"Do you do that very often, have two guys at the same time?" Maureen was obviously intrigued by this new revelation.

"Not often enough. Most men are too homophobic to be comfortable partying with another guy. Some guys can't even handle having Scotty in the room while we're partying. We do belong to a sex club. I guess it's not really a club. It's more like a group of open minded people who get together once a month to party."

Maureen's eyes lit up. "Really? I want to hear more about this."

Ginger said, "There's generally twenty or thirty people at a party. It's pretty much anything goes, lots of fucking, some group sex, several doms will be there with their slaves. There will usually be a couple of cuckolds locked in chastity cages. Do you know what a chastity cage is?"

"I learned about them the other night. Michael is friends with a couple who are just beginning to explore a dominant submissive cuckold relationship."

"Yes, Ruth and David, Michael told me a little about them on our way over here and you mentioned David earlier."

Maureen continued. "Ruth has a new boyfriend. When they get together they're going to make David wear a chastity cage."

"Very kinky." Ginger was smiling.

Turning to Scotty, Maureen asked, "Do you ever wear at chastity cage at these parties?"

Shaking his head, Scotty said, "No, that's just not me."

"I didn't think so. You're more like Michael. You both like to watch. You're voyeurs. That's the thrill you get out of this lifestyle." Maureen paused for a moment and then she added, "And you both love adventurous women. Micheal's wife just recently figured out that she wants to be adventurous, but she's adventurous now."

Scotty winked at Ginger. "Adventurous women, it's true, I do enjoy them and I happen to be madly in love with one."

Ginger grinned at him and then she turned to Maureen. "Yes, I think you understand my husband and I agree with you that your friend Michael appears to be very much like him, although I think he's still working on reconciling himself to all of this."

I said, "You're right, but I'm much closer than I was five months ago."

"You've done well. It took Scotty over a year, but you had help. I'm afraid Scotty had to do most of it on his own."

"I did have help. I was lucky, I realize that." I looked at Scotty. "I'd like to hear how you did it."

"Let's let Ginger finish her story."

All three of us turned to Ginger.

"Okay, where was I?"

Scotty said, "You were going to college."

"Yes, so that summer I'd learned to fully appreciate and enjoy sex, but I was still prudish enough to believe that I needed a boyfriend. You know, one man, one woman, all that hogwash."

"Yes, I fully understand that concept." Maureen was shaking her head.

"Anyway, I found a boyfriend right away. His name was Rick. He was a cute guy from South Carolina who was eager to have a girlfriend who loved to fuck. Believe me, we did. We were like a couple of rabbits. We fucked constantly. I actually gave him his very first blow job."

Maureen said, "That must have been fun."

Laughing, Ginger said, "I've never given a blow job that wasn't fun."

"That's my girl." Scotty grinned.

Certain that my wife had adopted that same sentiment, I chuckled.

Ginger continued, "Early that fall Rick joined a fraternity. I'd looked at the sororities, but they didn't interest me. I was content living in a dorm and making my friends there. Rick's fraternity demanded a large portion of his free time, so I found myself with free time too. One of the benefits of going to college is that its a great place to meet young men and believe me, I did."

Sighing, Maureen said, "I went to college for one semester, but we didn't have much money and I was shy so I didn't actually get to participate in many activities and then I had to drop out."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I've been thinking about going back now."

"Really? What a good idea."

"I'm excited about it, but finish your story. We can talk about my college plans on another night."

"Okay, At first it was innocent. Guys in my classes tried to strike up conversations. In the library, guys would deliberately sit down at the table where I was studying. Guys would even approach me while I was walking across the campus mall and ask me out. For a few weeks I tried to be the faithful girlfriend, but then I began to realize that Rick wasn't keeping me happy and there were a lot of cute guys at Lenmore. On a Friday afternoon in early October, an older guy, a junior, a lab assistant in my intro to biology class, asked me to go to a party at a friend's apartment. His name was Steve. He was handsome and Rick had something going on at the fraternity, so I said yes. They had a keg of beer and a stereo. We drank, we danced, Steve and I ended up fucking in a back bedroom. It was a wonderful evening."

"It sounds wonderful." There was a hint of envy edged with sadness in Maureen's voice.

At that moment I realized that before I left to go home one of my tasks was to encourage Maureen to try going back to college. I knew it wouldn't be the same. She wouldn't be at parties fucking hot guys in the back bedroom of a seedy apartment, but it would still be a good experience for her and right now Maureen needed a few good experiences.

Ginger said, "That night I realized that I neither needed nor wanted a boyfriend. I was only eighteen. I wasn't ready to make a commitment to another person. The next morning I met Rick for coffee and broke up with him. That night I went out with Steve again. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I told him that I would love to be his friend, but I didn't want a boyfriend and I intended to start dating lots of guys. Surprisingly, he understood. We were friends and fuck buddies until he graduated the following year."

Maureen asked, "Did keep seeing him?"

"No, after he graduated he went to the University of North Carolina to get a masters degree in botany. We lost touch for awhile."

"Did you do it? Did you date lots of guys?"

"I did, by the end of my freshman year I was a full fledged campus slut."



"Did you ever have any problems? You hear all these stories about fraternities giving girls drugs."

"Reeney, you're right, there are a ton of shitheads in the world, but there are also a lot of nice guys. During my first two years in college Steve and his roommates took care of me. After they graduated I had other friends who watched out for me."

Ginger chuckled. "During my Freshman year, just after Christmas, I got invited to a party at my old boyfriend, Rick's fraternity. One of Steve's friends found out that they planned to give me a drink laced with quaaludes and have a private gang bang with me. Steve and his friends decided to accompany me to the party. The fraternity guys didn't want to let them in, but I was adamant. I told them they were my guests and if they didn't let them in I was leaving. They relented and admitted them, but they still tried to drug me. They told me they had a special Jamaican rum drink just for me. Steve and his buddies told them that if it was so good they should drink it first. A scuffle broke out. The drink got poured on the floor and we left. We went back to Steve's apartment where we had our own party. My friends didn't need quaaludes to get lucky."

"Are you telling us what I think you're telling us?"

"Yup." Ginger was smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

"How many were there?"


"And you did them all?"

"Every one of them had a turn."

Maureen gaped at Ginger.

Ginger said, "Reeney, they were all friends and nice guys. Every one of them wore a condom and they were all considerate. We had fun."


"Reeney are you getting judgmental?"

"No, I mean I'm trying not to, but I've never met anyone who's..."

"Pulled a train? Reeney honey, they were my friends, mostly we laughed and giggled."

"Did everyone watch?"

"No, it would have been okay with me, but most guys are kind of shy about that, especially college age guys. They're a little insecure about they're friends judging they're performance." Ginger smiled. "We actually had quite a few parties like that. Most of the guys were usually so excited that they came pretty quickly."

"You had a lot of parties like that?"

"During my Sophomore year I kept my dorm room, but I mostly lived with Steve and his friends." Ginger leered at Maureen and asked, "Have you ever been bathed by five guys at once?" And then she giggled.

Maureen laughed. "No I can't say that I have, but I will admit that the idea does appeal to me."

"Anyway, I was a little wild in college."

"That's putting it mildly." Maureen was still laughing.

"But I still studied hard. I graduated magna cum laude and got accepted to law school at Duke University."

I said, "That's a good school."

"I studied hard there too, but I also continued fooling around."

"She was a law school slut." Scotty winked at his wife.

I was, but then at the end of my third year of law school my life changed."

"What happened?" Asked Maureen.

"I was at a party. It was thrown by three friends of mine. They were third year law students too. They lived together in a big house."

Scotty said, "It wasn't just a house it was a mansion."

Nodding Ginger said, "One of them came from a wealthy family, a very wealthy family."

"But he was a nice guy. He wasn't a snob." Added Scotty.

"He was also very good in bed." Ginger winked at her husband. He chuckled.

She continued. "Anyway about an hour into the party I noticed this guy looking at me. It wasn't rude. He wasn't staring. Actually, it was kind of cute. It was like he was covertly watching me. I started stealing glances at him. I'm sure that if anyone else had been paying attention to what we were doing they would have gotten a good laugh out of it."

Maureen and I smiled.

"After about a half hour of this game I decided it was time to meet my mysterious admirer. Pretending to go to the bath room, I circled around so I was standing directly behind him. He had no idea I was there. He was scanning the room looking for me. For a minute or two I watched him. He really was cute. I definitely had to meet him. It was obvious that he was shy, so I knew I'd have to take the lead. I stepped closer to him and ever so slightly pressed my hip against his. It was a crowded party. Everyone was jammed together, so he still didn't notice me. Realizing that any kind of subtle approach was futile, I took direct action. I tapped him on the shoulder and told him he was cute. That startled him, but I did get his attention."

"Damn near scared me to death." Scotty was shaking his head.

"That was you?"

Nodding to Maureen, Scotty said, "Yes, that's how we met."

Turning to Ginger, Maureen asked, "Was it love at first sight?"

"It was." Ginger glanced at her husband.

He agreed, "Definitely."

Ginger continued. "For over two months it was a story book romance. We were inseparable. I was head over heels in love with Scotty. I even stopped dating other guys. I didn't think I would ever do that for any man."

Noting the the implication of Ginger's statement I asked, "What happened after two months?"

"Out of the blue my old college fuck buddy, Steve called me. I hadn't seen or heard from him for over five years. He got my telephone number from a guy we both knew at Lenmore. Steve told me he was a salesman for a pharmaceutical company. He lived in Cincinnati, but he traveled a lot. The following week he was going to be in Charlotte for a few days and asked if he could drive over to Chapel Hill and take me to dinner. We were close friends in college. I wanted to see him again, so I agreed to meet him for dinner."

Ginger looked at Scotty and sighed. "When Scotty came over that evening I made my first mistake."

Maureen said, "Your first mistake? That would imply that you made several mistakes."

"I did."

"Okay, what was your first mistake?"

"I didn't tell Scotty about my plans to have dinner with Steve. You see, Scotty didn't know anything about my adventurous side."

"Why not? Were you ashamed?" Maureen's tone wasn't accusatory, she was just trying to understand.

Shaking her head, Ginger said, "No I wasn't ashamed, I was afraid. I was afraid that if Scotty knew the truth about me he wouldn't want anything to do with me. I really did love him and I was young and very confused. I should have told him about my past the night I met him, or at least during the next few days. I didn't and as our relationship became more intense it got harder to tell him. Finally I decided it would just have to be be my deep dark secret."

Maureen said, "I could see myself doing the same thing."

Ginger continued. "Anyway, that was Friday night. My dinner date with Steve was the following Wednesday. All that weekend and the Monday and Tuesday before my date I tried to fuck Scotty into oblivion. While I kept telling myself that I was only going to have dinner with Steve, I knew deep down inside that I really wanted him to take me back to his hotel room and fuck me silly. Steve was a champion in bed. The desire to experience him again was overpowering."

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