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Awards Night


We've been talking about going for a couple of months and the night is finally here, the night of the my work awards night. The awards are being held at Wembley stadium so we've both gone up to stay down with my parents in London for the weekend. It's been a relaxed day so far, I've been to for a run, we've made some lunch together and then started to get dressed for the night.

After a warm shower I get changed into my slim-fit black suit, with polished black shoes, a fresh white linen shirt and black tie. Later, while typing up some of my recent research you come down in a simple high waist dress, hair held back showing off the clean lines of your slender neck and shoulders, wearing minimal make-up that accentuates your natural beauty. I put my laptop to the side and walk over to you; placing my hands around your waist I pull you in close and softly place a kiss on your lips, without saying a word letting you know just how beautiful you look tonight.

As I drive us up to Wembley and we talk about the house that I'm soon, finally, moving into you graze my thigh with your right hand, telling me know that you like how I look tonight too and that you are glad that you came. Conversation gets onto the hotel, work have paid for staff to have a double room each, and although we stayed last night with my parents it made sense to stay closer to the venue and have some more privacy for the night of the actual event.

"It'll be nice to not have to be so quiet tonight." you tell me.

"Yeah, but I don't want to get a reputation at work so we can't go too crazy!" I reply with a wry smile

At the awards night I introduce you to my colleagues and some of the PhD students who have been helping with my research before sitting down to dinner. Halfway through the starter you reach out and graze my thigh again, this time stopping at the top, sliding your hand in between my legs and gently squeezing, feeling my cock harden right next to your hand. I can tell you want me, and you can tell that I'm thinking that getting through the night with you doing this is going to be torture. I try to subtly push your hand away but that only makes you ride your hand up higher so that you are now pressing down over my dick, rubbing up and down. Just as I am about to tell you to stop you release and act like nothing has happened, leaving me both relieved and frustrated.

With the first round of presentations underway I grab your hand and indicate for you to follow me. Into the hallway, with everyone else inside the main hall, I pull you in close and press my lips up against yours, biting your top lip. As I kiss down your neck I reach under your dress and rub the surface of your underwear, feeling them start to get wet.

Your breathing gets heavier as I reach around the trim of your pants and slide my fingers down, but just before I make contact with your pussy I pull my fingers back away, whispering in your ear "Time to head back..." leaving you craving more.

Back in the main hall the rest of the night goes tantalisingly slowly. Speech after speech, and two more courses at dinner. Under the table I am now the one in control, talking to colleagues nearby while running my fingers up and down your thigh.

My phone buzzes and I turn to see a text from you "Let's go to the hotel!"

"Wait Katie, be patient..."

As people start to say there goodbyes and move to the dance floor I stand up from the table, leading you by the hand through to the photo booth outside in the hall. After a couple of photos with some of the others we are left alone in the booth. I shut the curtain, turn around and you are already right where I want you, down on your knees, unzipping my trousers.

You unleash my hard cock out from beneath my briefs and, cradling my balls in one hand, you lick it with the tip of your tongue all the way up from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head where you cushion your lips around it with a wet kiss. You continue kissing it and with each kiss go further and further around the head until, as I put my hands onto the back of your head your let my dick slide all the way into your mouth. As you wrap your other hand around my cock I guide you deeper and deeper down on my dick, making you gag slightly, before pulling you up and kissing you. I zip myself up and lead us out of the booth, taking the photo reel out before anyone can see what we have just done.

I place my hand on the small of your back and steer you through the masses of people in the main hall towards the car park. As I do you tell me how you can't wait to get back in the car to continue what we had just started, but before we get outside I turn into an empty meeting room to the side of the corridor and pin you up against the wall. Running my hands down your body, I press my lips firmly against yours and reach under your dress sliding my index and middle fingers down the lining of your pants and into you, making you let out a quiet groan of pleasure. As I continue to draw my fingers back and forth over the upper surface of your pussy, feeling my hand getting wetter and wetter, you push me back, drop to your knees, and release my cock from my trousers once more, this time taking off my shoes and pulling my trousers all the way off. Now you are no longer in the mood for teasing, you go straight down on it, swallowing the whole shaft down your throat, sucking my dick while caressing my balls in one hand and applying a firm up-and-down twisting motion to the shaft with the other. I stumble back but you move your hand from my balls to behind my lower back for support me, sucking harder and faster as I start to be the one vocalising their pleasure.

As I feel myself edging closer and closer to orgasm I place my hands on the back of your head and you take yours away, now sucking my cock with your mouth from tip to base only occasionally taking time for respite and to suck gently on my tingling balls. Then as you ride your lips up to the tip of my cock and apply a sopping wet kiss I pull you up off the floor and push you back up against the wall by the door, pulling a chair along side me. This time I thrust your leg up so that your foot is on the chair, creating the perfect space between which I know I can do whatever I want between your legs.

I lift your dress up over your head and unclasp your bra with my right hand. Kissing gently down from your lips, to your neck, breasts, abdomen, hip and inner thigh, I stop only briefly to nibble on one of your now fully erect nipples. Now kneeling with my head directly between your legs I run the back of my hand down your hip to your inner thigh and pull my tongue in to lick your clit.

Gently at first but gradually firmer and faster I lick your clit up and down, squeezing your left thigh as I do so. By now you have grown much louder, but the sound of people in the main hall and music on the dance floor nearby is drowning everything out. I can feel that you are ready for it so I moisten my index and middle finger in my mouth before putting them both inside your pussy, massaging back and forth while continuing to lick and suck your clit.

As I do this you start to feel your legs go weak, you've been wanting to fuck me for hours and now and can't wait much more "James, James, come up, I want you inside me" you beg.

But that only makes me push my head down even further, showing you that tonight I am the one in control.

After I feel your clit start to swell and throb in my mouth I move my head away, stand up, but leaving my fingers firmly inside you, and say into your ear "Are you ready?"

"Yes!" you plea.

I take my fingers out and ask again "Are you sure?"

"Yes James, yes just f..."

Cutting you off mid-sentence I turn you around so your arse is facing me, with a small arch in the small of your back and insert my rock hard cock all the way inside your pussy making you let out a gasp as I do so.

Grabbing tightly either side of your arse, I thrust my hips back and forward against you, making a audible smack of skin against skin and making you moan with every thrust.

Then as I hear the music outside get louder I pull your hair back gently and fuck you harder and harder until I hear you shout "Oh fuck!"

I command you to "Get on top", pulling out my dick and lying down before, facing away, you jump on top of me. Grinding your hips up and down on my pulsating cock, you lick your fingers and use them to rub your swelling clit. The position feels incredible for both of us but I this won't make me cum and I want to fuck you harder so I use my hands to lift you up, telling to you that I want to get back in control.

You stand and face me, and in one smooth motion I lift your left leg up to waist height and force myself back inside you, causing you to let out a cry of pleasure. It is still loud outside, but I know that if you keep making this much noise someone will hear and come to investigate the noise, so I put my the palm of my hand over your mouth and continue to fuck you as hard as I can. This drowns you out at first but as soon as the sensation of gratification starts to bubble up inside you bite my hand, knowing that this is the only way to stop yourself screaming.

It hurts, but I like it and it doesn't stop me smacking my hips against yours. As your bite down on my hand gets harder and harder I pull my hand away, lifting up your other leg now supporting your whole body in my arms, and I swing you across onto the nearby table. Instinctively you get yourself on all fours and I reach around grasping my cock in one hand, tugging it towards your pussy. I enter you with my hands squeezing either side of your hips before running them up your body to caress your breasts as I fuck you with long, fast strokes from behind.

As I get closer and closer to the edge I stand back up gently pulling back on your hair and smacking your arse as you tell me "I'm going to cum baby, keep going, fuck me harder!"

Knowing we are both almost there I move my hips as fast as can, creating a loud audible slap each time my hips meet your arse cheeks. As you scream in my name I squeeze your hips hard, cumming deep inside of you, feeling the uncontrollable sensation rise up from my toes, through my now tight chest all the way to my head.

Your legs tighten together as your pussy contracts around my cock; letting my body rest on top of you we embrace; breathing deeply, holding each other, enjoying the moment.

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