Away Day Ch. 01-02


My fingers circled round the bud of her clitoris, whipping her excitement higher. Perhaps I had forgotten the signs. Perhaps she was more ready than I had anticipated. Because, suddenly she was thrusting her pelvis forward against my fingers, her eyes screwed up as she bit her lip and her legs began to tremble.

She was cumming damn it! . . . . I hadn't even got it in her and she was cumming!

"Ohh God! Uhh! Uhh!" she almost screamed as I finished her off with my fingers.

My entire hand was covered in her juices as shudders rippled through her body. She slumped forward onto the dresser.

As Jackie regained her breath, I eased my zipper down and released my cock. Just as I was guiding it to her cunt, she stood bolt upright.

I slipped my cock between her legs and thrust forward. It was just like when we were teens. She would let me rub it against her panties and I would go ballistic. It felt good and I loved the way her ass felt round and soft against me. I stood holding her, letting her recover. Her hands were on the dresser and she leaned close to the mirror, letting me fondle her panty gusset with my cock. Of course, I wanted more than this, and began working her panties down over her hips.

"NO! George, . . . we can't. . . I shouldn't have let you do that. I'm sorry."

"But . . " I said, dumbfounded.

"I'm sorry. I just can't . . . it isn't right. We are both married people now."

"But look how ready I am. You can't leave me like this. Can't you at least . . do something." I pleaded.

Surely a wank wasn't out of the question.

"I have to go. Chad will be expecting me. I'm sorry. Really, I'm very sorry."

This was like a replay of our earlier years. Damned Roman Catholicism! How many times had I got her to the point of giving in, only to be fobbed off with that religious crap. It was happening again as she picked up her dress and wrapped it around her beautiful body. I can still remember looking at her body, clad in white panties, bra and warm brown stockings. But it disappeared as she reached around to snap the dress in place. All that was left was the lithe long leg glowing in nylon, framed by the slit in the skirt.

I knew there was no point in fighting her. I wanted her to come willingly; but it wasn't going to be, not this time. She had been the only girl I dated who could control me and make me accept it. I always respected Jackie in comparison to the others even though the others gave me what I wanted.

She smiled as she reached up to give me a kiss on the lips. She looked into my eyes for a long moment, then closed her eyes, shook her head sorrowfully and turned away. I watched the sway of her hips as she made for the door.

"Will, I see you again? I'll be here tomorrow, too . . . if you're passing?" I felt pathetic. Cheated. "Or dinner?.." It was no use, but I tried.

The afternoon sun slanted in through the open door, casting her in a soft orange glow. It was so bright, her face was completely in shadow and I couldn't read her expression as she answered.

"I'm not sure . . . I don't think so, . . .maybe." she answered as her heels clicked out of the door. I was plunged into darkness as t closed with a thud behind her.

I flopped backwards onto the bed. So near . . and yet so far! I reached for my cock.

"Fuck!" I cursed. And then I laughed out loud.

"How does she do it? How does she keep me wanting her?"

There was a smile on my face in spite of the ache in my balls, just like in the old days. I closed my eyes and thought of the thrill of seeing Jackie's breasts in those tight bras. I thought of the thrill then .. and the thrill even to this day, years older. Still smiling, I began stroking into her imagined wet pussy. I could almost feel the way her pussy would have cushioned my cock as I pressed between her legs.

"I blew it!" I thought, "She isn't going to come back."

Chapter two.


I rushed home stricken with guilt. I had left my children and gone to a cheap hotel with a teenage boyfriend who had jilted me because I wouldn't let him have me. It was insane, on the face of it. Leave out all the morale issues, such as sneaking around cheating on my husband. But more than that, here I was being attracted to a man who had already demonstrated he was not to be trusted.

Waiting impatiently for the light to change, I looked around and found no other traffic. I slipped my hand under my skirt and felt my panties. They were just drenched with my juices, just like in the past. I felt defeated. When would I learn?

Fortunately I arrived home a few minutes before Chad and managed to get the sitter away before he came in. He found me at the stove, starting dinner and put his arms around me. I had a flashback immediately; it was just the way George had done in the motel. I felt his cock press against me in just the same way as George had done. His hand slipped into the overlapped part of my dress in the same way, too.

"Wow, what's on today? God I love it when you dress like this. Why can't you do it more often? It pleases me so much?"

He nuzzled my ear, nibbling almost the same way George had done. My pulse went up just as it had with George. Ruefully, I realized that my panties were already wet, so that wouldn't get any worse. I didn't really have a story why I was dressed in Chad's favorite style, silky dress, silk panties, bra, garter belt and hose! And so, I pretended that it had been for him. I told myself that it was not that bad a white lie. After all, Chad was forever begging me to dress this way. He thinks I can go around all day in garter belt and hose!

"I know what you like!" I murmured, and leaned back into his arms.

Again it bothered me that I had done the same thing with George just two hours ago. I felt a little like a tramp, but turned my lips to accept Chad's tongue between my lips. His hands felt bigger on my breasts than George's had. Chad was good with my breasts too, just as George had been. It was just that George had been my first. There is something about that a girl just doesn't forget.

Chad's hand slipped down inside my panties immediately. I started slightly, afraid of him finding me cooking dinner with my pussy already very wet, indeed. I thought that would strike him as very strange. But, men are willing to believe that it is only they who have that effect on their wife, I guess. He seemed pleased that I was already so wet, with just his hand on my breast and a hand stuck down the front of my panties, twiddling the top of my slit. I realized that I was home free.

It shouldn't be this easy, I told myself. Chad went to change clothes, leaving me kissed and slightly aroused, finishing our dinner. I shook my head in wonder, gazing through the steam.

"My god, what a day!" I said to myself.

"What's that?" Chad called from the top of the stairs.

"Nothing, nothing at all. Just talking to myself."

"It's only dangerous when you start answering yourself!" he called. I heard his laugh as he walked down the hall out of earshot.

"That may be my next thing! I can't take the life of a slut!" I whispered to the asparagus. There was no answer, thank heaven.

I continued thinking about the astonishing events of the day as we watched a movie after dinner. And then it was time for bed.

"I'm off to bed. It's been a long day and I need to get out of these clothes" I said with a long yawn.

Chad followed close behind me, turning out lights and checking doors as he went. He startled me a little as he walked into our bedroom.

"Oh Jackie, leave them on! Leave them on! I love you like that."

I had unsnapped one stocking and stood with it hanging half down my leg in the best tradition of 'bag ladies' on a New York street. Dutifully, I put my foot on the bed and fastened the garters once again, posing for my husband.

He stood behind me once again, his hand on my stomach and another cupping my breast.

"Oh, god, you look so hot this way!"

He fondled me and cuddled me and nuzzled me, making me feel good all over. My ear was wet where his tongue had kissed it and then his whispering breath sent a shiver of pleasure all the way to my clitoris.

"What would you say to a little game-playing, sweetheart? Tell me more about your first love, what was his name? George? Yes, George. Let's play-act how he took your cherry, sweetheart."

I stiffened at first, but then realized that it was accidental that Chad should bring this scenario up once again on this of all days. This had been a fairly frequent request for years. I never quite understood why.

"When the lord wants to show you that you are wrong, he sure gives it to you!" I thought to myself.

"Chad, you know that he didn't do that! Why do you always want to hear me tell you that all over again?" I groaned. Inside, my stomach was clenched tight with guilty tension.

"I know, but it is fun to think about it. You know what a pervert I am and how you drive me wild with passion, don't you?" he said hoarsely into my ear, between the gentle little bites.

"Come on, let's play!"

I let him lead the way to our car in the dark garage and we began kissing and fondling, just like George and I had done years before. My dress was soon off my shoulders and his lips nibbling my nipples as I sat on my knees next to him.

"He would lift them in his hands.." I said, tentatively.

Chad lifted both breasts out of the cups and pushed my Maidenform bra down. His hands lifted both of my breasts and his lips were wet on the nipples. I felt the stirrings of pleasure all through my rather large breasts.

"Like this?"

"Yes.. mmmmmm." I said.

"What was his name again?"


Was he good with these? Did he make you moan?"


"Did he make your little white panties wet?"

"No, he liked me to wear pink." I said, giggling. Now why had it occurred to me to correct him on such a tiny detail? I had no idea; no idea at all.

"Oh? So, did he make your little pink panties wet, Jackie?" he whispered tensely into my ear. It made me shiver.

".. Yes." I mumbled, after a time.

"And what did you say to him?"

"I said, "no......... George . . . we can't. . . I shouldn't have let you do that. I'm sorry."" I said quietly.

I was suddenly remembering realistically too. But I was also recalling saying something like that again today.

"And did he put his finger in my darling's pussy, then?" Chad's finger was between my legs, pulling the panties away, feeling how the wetness had saturated my entire pussy. My panties were sodden against the back of his hand. He slipped easily along the slippery folds and then slipped two big fingers easily into me.

"George. Don't put it in me! Please George, please! Not inside me.."

I heard myself saying the same words as this afternoon.

The fingers probed and found wonderful nerve endings, nerve endings that were connected directly to my nipples, my clitoris, even my toes which curled up tight with pleasure.

Chad had laid me across the seat and was between my legs. His hand struggled with his zipper. I helped him unzip and eased his cock out.

"No, no, George, we can't! ,, ,. George. Don't put it in me! Please George, please! Not inside me.." I repeated the same phrase.

Chad was a wild man now, eagerly spreading my legs and yanking my panties aside.

"NO George, NO! We can't!" I struggled against his strength. I watched helplessly as his cock bobbed menacingly. My mind was completely in playback mode now. I wanted that cock inside me in the worst way, but I was back in George's car fighting him off like a tiger.

"George! No! Just put it against me!" I said urgently. "Please don't put it in me! Please, George, I like you to rub it against me. Just rub it between my legs. I love the way it feels. It's so big and hot. I don't want to get pregnant. Just press it between my legs. Please George?"

And he did. He fell against me. His cock was hot. I could feel every vein through the thin fabric of my panties. It felt hot pressing against the length of my pussy lips. Just like heaven. He thrust and thrust and I humped back against that big cock and dreamed how it was going to feel someday, sliding into my pussy for the first time.

"Ohh God! Uhh! Uhh! GEORGE!" My voice sounded loud, screaming over his shoulder and echoing on the walls of our garage. I had once again saved my virginity.

I felt his cum spurt on to the front of my panties and another great dollop between my breasts. Again and again he humped me, again and again I felt the warmth of his sperm. And then he sagged against me, completely spent.

"Oh, George, that was nice. You feel so good like that!" I was trying to make up for not letting him open my virginal pussy once more.

"God, Jackie, that was thrilling. My god you made me so hot, I covered you with it. You were great, dear."

In a way, it surprised me to find that it was Chad kissing my neck, Chad soothing me down from my orgasm, Chad worrying that he had got his cum all over my panties. I thought about the wonder of that moment all night long.

The next morning, the thought of that strange turn of events pestered me once again. I realized that in the throes of passion last night, I had really been calling George. I recalled with a sick feeling that in our car last night, in our own garage, safe and sound, I had wanted nothing more in the world than for old boy friend to shove that big long cock into my virginal cunt, even if it split me wide open! I had hungered to feel him shove it into me, to find that hymen and to slam his body through that taut membrane, to impale me on that huge manly organ until I truly screamed with orgasm.

I realized all those things. And I knew just as surely, that they were wrong desires. They were things I shouldn't be wanting. They represented all the things I thought were sins for a married woman to want. And yet, here I sat, a married woman. I knew suddenly that desire like that doesn't go away. It exists in married women just as it does to young virgins yearning to give up their hymen.

I sat staring out the window, wondering what I was going to do. Not what I should do, but what I was going to do. Could I actually let this end? This friendship and this lust; could I really just walk away? My panties were already wet thinking about it. I still had a baby-doll nightie on and my finger was pressing into the wet puddle between my legs as I thought. I looked at the phone and then out the window again.

My marriage was reasonably good, my sex life with Chad was reasonably active and for the most part, I thought good for both of us. He found role-playing and sexy undies more stimulating than I was willing to admit, but I allowed myself to be talked into it to satisfy him fairly frequently.

"Maybe we can continue just having a really good friendship! George must want that too, or he wouldn't be here." I reasoned out loud.

It was rationalization in the most blatant form, but I ignored that little voice on my shoulder.

"Maybe just friends.. with no actual sex .. we won't actually fuck .. just friends.. I think we can ..

I was shocked to find the bright yellow telephone I was toying with fall off the hook and into my hand. My heart pounded nearly out of my chest as each button yielded under my finger. Finally the last number, an 8. My finger was poised over the button..

"George, it's me. Are you still mad at me?" I tried to suppress my nervousness with a little giggle.



The following day I was sorting through my dirty clothes when the phone rang. It threw me a bit because I hadn't given anyone the number.

"George, it's me. Are you still mad at me?" she giggled.

I sighed, pretending to be angry.

"Oh, Jackie, I can never stay mad, you know that. No, I'm glad to hear your voice. Thought you might be mad at me, though. I was just tying to figure out why I still liked such a devastating prick-teaser!"

I was relieved to hear her laugh, just as I remembered from years ago. So, I thought with pride, I still have the old charm. At least where Jackie is concerned.

"You rat! You say the meanest things to me," she giggled. Look, I do want to talk to you. It was really nice seeing you yesterday. If I come for a drink, can you behave?"

"Sure. Heck. Kid, you know me." I found myself tense, hoping I didn't scare her off.

"I'll be there at two. Is that OK."

"Yeh, that's fine." I was trying to think of something to add that might win some favor with her, but too late, she had put the phone down.

Just after two o'clock there was a knock on the door. She looked a little disturbed.

"Is everything alright?" I asked as I let her in.

"Yes. . . . sort of." she answered uncertainly.

"Sounds like a 'no' to me. Come and sit down on the bed with me . . the room's a bit short on furniture."

We sat side by side on the bed. I put an arm around her.

"Now tell me what's the matter."

"Its . . I don't know . . . it's partly what happened yesterday and it's partly . . well, its Chad." She hung her head obviously upset about something.

"Look Jackie, you have nothing to be ashamed of about yesterday. I was out of order. I guess I wanted to relive those times we had . . remember, in my old Chevy? It was wrong of me and I'm sorry." Of course, I wasn't in the slightest bit sorry. I just wanted to get into her pants. But then I thought this approach might get some results.

"Its not just that. It's Chad. He's not been giving me much attention lately. What with his work and golf and that damned computer. I'm just not feeling important; I don't feel good about myself. Yesterday, I felt, well, . . .wanted."

She turned up her head to look at me. I looked into her lovely brown eyes and kissed her. It was just a brief kiss to test her response. As I broke away she remained eyes closed and mouth parted. Seems it had ended too soon.

"That's because you were wanted yesterday! Wanted even more urgently today!" I said, trying to reassure her.

I kissed her again. Longer this time. My tongue explored her mouth and do you know what, Chad? She loved every minute of it. Her tongue searched to find my tongue and they entwined, teasing each other. I wasn't going to make the same mistake as yesterday. This time I was going to fuck her. I was going to fuck your wife, Chad. I was going to send her home full of my spunk. Like the thought of that Chad? Another man's cock flooding your lovely wife's cunt.

As we broke the kiss, I said "God you're driving me crazy. You're just too gorgeous."

"Yesterday, I realized how important you are as a friend. I know that it is not right; both of us are married. But, on the other hand, if it is so important.. .. is there a way to have some part of it? Or can you stand.. .. you know, the limits? Oh George. . I'm so sorry about yesterday . . . . I'm sorry I left you . . er . . unsatisfied."

Then her face hardened into a mock frown.

"But, you deserved it. You snuck around with Laura behind my back, you know!" she dug her fingernail into my side.

Christ Chad! I wasn't expecting that! She guided me back so that we were lying on the bed, our feet still on the floor. Now she had an impish look on her face, as she leaned over me and kissed me heavily. One leg slipped over mine so that her thigh lay between my legs.

"Do you remember the night you guys crashed our pajama party at Judy's house?" Her face had a relaxed look of remembered happiness.

"Oh god, yes!"

I laughed and pushed my tongue into her mouth, blotting out her words. Jackie sucked on my tongue as her hand undid the clasp of my trousers. I thought back to the first time she did this in Judy's parents' bedroom amongst the coats and scarves of all the visitors. She was a long time convincing but it was worth it. Hope you appreciate what I taught her Chad.

Zip undone, I lifted a little so she could ease my pants down. She must have meant business; she pulled them right off, struggling to get them off over my shoes. Ahh, that glorious feeling of a woman's hand on your cock, eh Chad?

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