tagLoving WivesAway Day Ch. 03

Away Day Ch. 03


Chapter Three – A Sigh Of Relief


The guilt fell over me like a dark cloud. I drove quickly away from the Motel, my heart heavy. Why had I allowed this to happen? Why was I once again going down a dead end street with George?

“When will I grow up and act responsibly?” I heard myself talking to myself. I pounded the steering wheel in frustration and anger with my weakness.

I drove around town for a while, letting the bad feelings subside. Perhaps I was justifying my behavior, I don’t know.

A very good orgasm is wonderfully relaxing, but a slump in spirits can follow it. Slowly I realized that this was what was happening to me. My mind slipped over the events since I met George. How nice it had been to be with him, how gentle he could be when he wanted to.

“He was so cute when he came between my breasts,” again talking to myself, I looked around to see if anyone was looking. It really was a high to see what an effect I could have on him. He was wild with excitement and it showed in his face and in the thrusting rigidity of his body.

“And his cock is .. well, amazing!” I laughed out loud. I couldn’t help it, I just laughed with pleasure thinking how it felt in my mouth. I just couldn’t help thinking about it. It was long, quite long.

“And curved. Curved like a banana!” I whispered in a questioning tone. I hadn’t seen all that many penises, and I didn’t know that they were sometimes curved. I found myself moving my lips in various ways trying to recall what it had felt like as my lips slipped over the bulging head and then closed around it. And his foreskin had slipped back and made him bare to my tongue. The man behind me honked to remind me that the light had changed.

“If you only knew, what I was daydreaming about!” I said into the mirror. I also noticed that George had chewed the lipstick off me rather unevenly.

I pulled into the car park at the grocery store and did a hurried repair job. I smiled into the mirror, in spite of myself. I searched for telltale love bite marks on my neck. I was ashamed to find a pleased look in my eyes as I found a distinct red welt just below my ear.

Suddenly I knew that there would be another time. It was inevitable. I was even starting to build a case in favor of it. It would definitely be just the one more time, though. Just to finish it off, once and for all.

The thought of meeting again was exciting. The image of George’s long curving cock was like a movie running in my mind. It had been so hard and so tensely erect when I kissed it. Its entire length looked stretched, taut, and eager. It was like a rampant animal with a life of it’s own.

‘And when he came! Ohmigod, there was so much. Like a flood of warm hot cream!” I heard myself say. As I recalled the spurting flow of cream over my breasts and the first splash on my face, I could feel the moisture building between my legs.

I grinned sheepishly, again hoping no one was observing me. Here I was as getting wet between the legs and wearing no panties!

“ What will he think of me leaving my panties tucked under his pillow?” I wondered. I had become a complete tramp. And it was fun.

“But, if I do meet him again, it must be for the last time!” I said firmly.

It occurred to me that I needed a few items of groceries and I walked into the store. I felt the cool air on my bare bottom as I strode with a new youthfulness in my step. I moved quickly through the store aisles and picked up a few items. Then as I neared the checkout line, I passed a display island containing bunches of bananas. I stood examining one of the larger bunches. Suddenly, I could feel my face redden as I realized that I was comparing the large banana to George’s Curved penis. I dropped the bunch of bananas into the cart and hurried to the check-out lane.

Chad was out for the evening and I went to bed early. Reading didn’t put me to sleep and I tossed and turned with my thoughts. In a rush, I hurled back the covers and almost ran down the stairs to the kitchen. When I returned, I was carrying the largest and firmest of the bananas. I told myself that I was just hungry, but it wasn’t so.

Back under the covers, I slipped the large fruit between my thighs and imagined that it was George. I shuddered with the pleasure the thought gave me. The condoms were buried deep in the back of Chad’s nightstand and I rummaged noisily through the other bric-a-brac until I found one. I struggled with the packet, sitting tensely on the side of the bed. Slowly, I unrolled the condom down the large banana and fondled its new velvet-like feel.

George’s cock had been about the same size, it seemed to me. I imagined him between my widespread legs and nuzzled the blunt end of the banana against my vagina. Slowly, I pressed and it slipped into my vagina, wet with my sex juices. With eyes closed and I slipped the long, firm banana deeper and deeper, holding it at last by the very end of the condom roll.

“That’s what he would feel like!” I thought, guiltily.

The curve of his prick would touch all along my tunnel and then at the same time be pressed against my clit. A long shuddering orgasm began in my tummy and soon radiated until a warm glow surrounded the imagined cock as it slid in and out of my pussy. In and out, over and over, slowly, then faster, then rapidly thrusting against my squirming pussy. Until at last, my second orgasm of the day at George’s hand left me comfortably sleepy.

I stripped off the rubber and slipped it under the pillow. I peeled the banana’s skin back, pretending it was George’s foreskin, and began eating his cock in the dark. A smile of contentment went unseen by anyone but me.

“Tramp!” I muttered to myself.


“Yes, OK. Sure, I understand, just .. well never mind, I’ll work it out somehow. I think there’s a four O’clock flight, I can be there by about 9PM.” I replaced the receiver, the disappointment showing on my face.

“What’s the matter, George?” Ellen, the secretary, noticed my expression.

“Oh, nothing really. I have to cut the visit short, that’s all.”

I forced a smile. She would have assumed I was concerned about the work. I pondered what her reaction would be if I were to tell her that I was disappointed not to get one more chance at fucking Jackie.

After changing the reservation, I found I had two hours to spare. I walked down the hall for a little privacy and dialed Jackie on my cell phone.

I waited with one finger poised to cut off the call if anyone but Jackie answered.


“Oh, hi! It’s me!”

“Oh, hello.” She said quietly, giving no indication of how she felt.

“Can you talk?”

“Not exactly.” Obviously she couldn’t talk. Someone must be there.

“It’s important. Besides, I want to thank you for the gift you left!”

I heard her stifle a giggle at the other end. “Really? I’m a little tied up just now.”

“Well, I really need, .. .. need to talk .. .. need you .. “ I started.

“Listen, I don’t think I can, really.”

My heart sank a little deeper into disappointment.

“It’s important!”

“Well, .. can you call back, .. in ten minutes?”

“Sure, OK. Ten minutes exactly.

“OK, then.” The click of the receiver was hollow in my ear. I wondered what the hell I was so disappointed about. It was just a piece of ass!

Ten minutes, I started to dial and then stopped myself. I steeled myself for another two minutes and then dialed her number again.

“Let’s see how anxious she is,” I muttered to myself.

I stared out the window. The phone rang only once and I heard her voice.

“Hello?” she said.

“It’s me!”

“You’re late.” She said.

“Sorry, but I’m glad you noticed.”

I heard her stifled laugh. “You are such a rat. You always were!” she said. “What is so important?”

“I have to leave this afternoon instead of tomorrow, Jackie. I really wanted to see you again before I had to leave.”

There was silence at the other end.

“Are you disappointed too?” I asked.

“Uh, maybe it’s for the best, George. Maybe it’s the way it’s meant to be. We have trouble .. you know, trouble stopping .. “

“Yes, but it’s always so nice until we do, isn’t it?” I said, screwing up my courage a bit.

“Well of course it’s nice, I’m not denying it, but it’s also wrong, isn’t it?”

“Jackie, I have a couple hours. .. .. Is there .. can we just have a cup of coffee to say good-bye? Just a cup of coffee?”

“Hmmmm, I .. “

“Come on Jackie, just a cup of coffee. My flight is at 5 PM, how can we get in trouble in just a couple hours?”

Jackie guffawed at that.

“Well?” I said, wheedling a little. “You know what I did with the present you left under my pillow?”

“ .. What?” I heard her quiet giggle.

“Mmmmm, I pressed them close to my nose and inhaled the perfume of your body, Jackie. I felt you under the nylon, the softness of you. And it was wonderful. Made me incredibly hard.” I was whispering softly for effect.

“Did you?” she asked in a small voice.

“Yes, and then do you know what happened?”

“No, what?”

“I rubbed them against my cock and thought of you.”

“Hmmmm.” She said quietly.

“So, can we just have a coffee? You know how upset it makes me, wanting you and not being able to have you. Can’t we just have a coffee?

“Oh, all right, George. I guess I can trust us in a public place.”

“How about the airport? In the coffee shop?”

“OK, but remember, there could be people I know there, too.”

“Absolutely. I understand. What time?” I said, my voice suitably concerned.

“In about 30 minutes?”

I pretended to continue reading my paper as I saw her approaching. She was wearing a short white skirt and a sleeveless blue and white checked top. Her white high heels clicked toward me until she was standing next to me. My hand slipped quickly along her thigh under the skirt. I looked up with my best devilish smile. Jackie’s eyes widened and she swiveled her head looking to see if anyone was looking.

She looked down at me with a mock stern look. My hand found the firm thigh under taut nylons. A little higher and I realized she wore pantyhose. Even so, a brief touch of her mound under the nylon was enough to arouse me considerably.

“I’d better sit over there!” She chided.

“Do you really need a cup of coffee?” I asked, waving for the check.

We walked slowly down the concourse until I found a series of vacant gate areas and pulled her into one of them. We were soon pressed tight together. I could feel the skirt and taut nylon of her pantyhose against my leg and soft breasts against my chest. I searched for her tongue, but found her teeth closed at first.

I slipped my hand lower on her back and pressed her close. Slowly, she revolved her body and straddled my extended leg. Jackie opened her mouth to my probing and I felt her gently dry humping against my thigh. My cock was rigid and pressed against her inner thigh.

She broke away from the kiss and looked at me.

“You said we would behave ourselves, I believe.” She said, a reluctant smile on her bright red lips.

“What do you expect, when you look so gorgeous. What do you expect after leaving me all alone last night with just your panties? And me feeling them in my pocket all the time you took to get here?”

“You did not!” she said sharply, but the glimmer of pleasure was not covered up.

I took her hand and led it into my pocket and the pink panties. She felt them as if making sure they were really hers. And leaned back in my arms, pressing her mound hard against my thigh.

“You devil!” She said. She left her hand in my pocket and I nudged my cock so that she would feel it.

“Oh! My god, you’re hard again!” she whispered hoarsely in my ear. Her fingers moved along my length.

I went to the aisle and looked up and down to make sure we were likely to be alone for a few minutes, and then returned to grab her tightly to me once more. Our tongues were exploring each other immediately, and I felt her suck on mine for a moment.

I slipped my hand up along her body and felt her arm trap my hand against her body so that I was cupping her big breast. I stoked it and then massaged the nipple. Her tongue twirled around my mouth and her nipple hardened in my grip. Slowly, I slipped that hand away from her breast and heard her murmur something.

My hand slid down over the soft little bulge of her tummy and down the front of her skirt, searching for the top of her pantyhose. Jackie cooperated by sucking in her tummy and my fingers slipped inside the elastic of her pantyhose and dove under the elastic of her panties.

The thatch of hair felt familiar under my hand, even though it had been a long time since I had felt it. Struggling against the waistbands of panties and pantyhose, my finger found her moist slit and then her clit. I could feel it harden at my touch. And then the smooth creamy richness of her juices lubricated my exploration.

We stood like that and I felt her part her legs slightly, letting me extend my hand and finger deeper. Slowly I teased her clit while Jackie sucked on my tongue and pressed her lovely body closer. I would have taken her right there, but she wasn’t having anything more daring.

And so, I probed and twirled her clitoris and the entry to her wet pussy through the sodden thatch of hair until I felt her tense up and tense again, thrusting her mound hard against my hand and thigh.

“Oh .. oh .. ohhh. .. ah!” she sighed into my ear.

She bit hard on my ear lobe and I felt her shudder hard against me and then sag in my arms.

As her orgasm finished, my flight was announced over the loud speaker.

“Is that yours?” she said panic in her voice.

“The hell with it.” I muttered.

“NO! You have to go, George. I told you we couldn’t be trusted! We have to stop this, you know!” In spite of the words, it was written on her face that she didn’t want it that way either.

“How can I walk onto the plane like this?”

Jackie looked down with a wide grin at the way my cock thrust against my pants.

“Cold shower?” she asked brightly.


We walked toward the other concourse and I resigned myself once again to an unsatisfied need.

“You had better wash your hands, George!” she whispered. “I’m afraid that won’t smell very good. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, no! I’m going to have your smell in my nostrils all the way home, Jackie! You’re taste, as well!” She squeezed my arm hard and grinned happily down the hallway.

“I’ll be back in a month .. ..” I said, the question unspoken.

Jackie looked down. “But, .. ..”

“No butts. We have to see each other!”

She nodded slowly. “Maybe. Let me think about it. You do the same. OK? Don’t make me answer right now.”

I nodded with a knowing smile and headed toward the security doorway.

“George!” she called.

I went back expectantly and leaned forward for her whispered message.

“I hope the magazine is wrong about those machines making you impotent!” she said, then pushed gently against my cock so that no one would notice.

I went through the device and turned to wave, holding my briefcase in front of me.

“I think I’m OK?” I called to her. I watched her smile, wave and then turn on a pointed heel and click away from me.

I spent the next two hours nursing the worst case of lover’s balls I had ever had.

“What is a guy at my age doing with lover’s nuts?” I muttered.

“Pardon me?” my seatmate said.

I shook my head at his question and put the newspaper over my lap to cover my discomfort.

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