tagLoving WivesAway Day Ch. 05

Away Day Ch. 05



I felt George kiss my cheek, but pretended to be asleep. I didn't want any conversation just at that moment. I listened as he crept quietly out of my bedroom; Chad's and my bedroom, I reminded myself ruefully.

Rolling over, I buried my face in the pillow George had left and inhaled the scent of his body. I recalled his smell from years ago when his Old Spice shaving lotion mixed with the perspiration of our necking sessions would set my senses reeling. I nuzzled the pillow, drinking his scent; eyes closed to focus my senses on George's musky, male smell that I found so thrilling.

I can't explain it, but tears began to roll down my cheeks, in spite of myself. I suppose it was as if I had just lost my virginity all over again, an emotional experience. It was only a brief spell, though and I found myself reliving the evening.

Things had moved along a bit faster than I intended, though I can't deny that I allowed it and even encouraged it. Still, I felt that Chad had permitted it with his words suggesting inevitability. I suppose he was right. How was I to know that the breeze, in the form of George, would rise up from the past and ignite the flame long since died down?

My body had that wonderfully tired feeling that you only get after really intense physical exercise. It was similar to the lovely sensual warmth that comes over me when I have skied all day long in Switzerland or the Rockies and settle down to an evening by the fire. It was wonderful

Certainly our love making, our fucking, had been physical and intense. My god, but it had been physical! I lay back and enjoyed the tired feeling, letting my fingers slip into my slit and feel the remainder of George's warm, copious sperm trickling from my vagina. George had left a large spot on the sheet, enlarged now as I sat up and more of him poured from my body to add to the mark. I decided to sleep with it until morning.

I walked carefully to the bathroom and cleaned myself up a little. I soothed my tender breasts, watching myself cradle them in the mirror. George had been so very rough, squeezing them hard as we fucked. Through the pain, I felt a glow of pride at having mad a man that filled with passion for me.

I didn't want a shower. I wanted to bask in our combined sex odors for the rest of the night. I must have fallen pleasantly to sleep in just a few minutes.

I was wakened by Chad's telephone call.

"Hi, it's me. Just getting ready to leave, so I'll be home early afternoon," he said. "By the way, I'm sorry I was a little drunk last night. I thought I heard you say something as I was hanging up? But when I pulled it to my ear, a few words, then you hung up. Maybe it was a crossed wire or something? Or was there something else...?"

"No, no... nothing. I guess I did drop the phone though. Maybe just that."

He said nothing for a moment or two, then said, "OK, well, no matter. Be home mid afternoon then. Bye. Love you."

"Yes, me too." I mumbled, and hung up the phone.

I lay back on the bed for another few minutes. But the phone rang again and I considered not answering. But then, I decided it was time to return to normalcy and picked it up.

"Hi, it's me. How are you?" George's voice had a smile in it.

"Oh... good morning. I'm OK. OK, I guess. The guilt is starting to sink in. How about you?"

"I feel great, Jackie. You are a wonderful lover! Don't think I've ever told anyone that before. I mean it! Wonderful! It was too good for guilt. Don't you think."

'George, you are incorrigible. I wish I could say that I don't feel the guilt. I envy you.

"But... truth, now... wasn't it?

"Good? I paused for a time. "Yes, yes, George, my old friend... it was... good."

"Only good?" he said, the swagger coming back to his voice.

"Don't push me." I joined his laughter.

"Just wanted to make sure you were good. Got to get on my plane now. It was.. wonderful, Jackie, wonderful. I hope, when I come back...?" the question hung in the air.

"Have a good flight, George," I said. "We'll talk. OK?"

"OK, Jackie, OK. You're special!"

As I hung up I wondered about that. But it was hard not to feel pretty happy with the phone call, about the nice things. It was terribly seductive. I had to resist, though, I had to, I thought.

I lay at peace on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. "Wonderful lover!" he had said. Well, no one had told me that before, either, I had to admit "Not even Chad," I said, sadly.

All during the call, my finger had toyed slowly with my clit, which very tender, but was responding rapturously. I continued as my mind replayed our lovemaking, our wild fucking.

I could almost feel the head of his cock sliding just inside the vestibule of my vagina and stopping. He had broken the first rule, not to go inside me. And then the phone ringing! "My god," I thought, "my husband on the phone jabbering in my ear and I was holding another man's cock between my legs!" I had reached for his cock, meaning perhaps to push him away, but then holding it instead; holding it right there so his warmth could soak from h is cock into my body.

And then, he slipped deeper, and I lost the phone, dropped it beside the phone. What had he said?

"' "Oh Jackie!... I want to.. I want.. "

And then it was inside me, spreading me apart. It seemed huge, parting my tunnel and filling me completely. The unusual curves of his cock made it feel extraordinarily thick, stretching me, filling me. It felt good to be so stretched, though. It felt very good.

I could recall my exact words, too: "Ohmigod! No. Oh, George... you're so deep... its right in me!... oh fucking me... oh George... You're fucking me!"

And then he really, really was fucking me. His thrusts had an abandon born of sheer excitement. He was a little rough as he had always been. Just enough force that it was slightly overpowering, but still it thrilled me in its coarseness. George was so excited, he seemed like a huge animal having me. I spread my legs wide for him and he slammed himself deeper and pulled almost out before slamming our mounds together on the downward thrust. I tilted my hips to meet him, but left my legs splayed out so that he was doing all the work, there was nothing I could have down with my own thrusting that he wasn't doing, lancing into my body with that long curved cock of his. He was sweating with exertion and his cock seemed to me to get even longer. I suddenly found him bumping my cervix and then again and again he banged it. Tiny little orgasms began repeating their throbbing thrilling run between my pussy and my tummy.

I held is biceps, feeling his muscles flex and then tightened around his cock with my own muscles, holding him tight on the in strokes and loosing him slightly as he withdrew. As he sped up I tightened my legs around his hips and spurred him on with my heels as he drove us over the edge. I have to admit, I had never been fucked so long and so hard, ever. Never was there such a thorough fucking.

The upward curve of his cock meant that he was pressed hard against my G spot at the same time he was deep in my cunt. That had never happened to me, either. I had only done that with my own finger. It was shocking that with George pressing so hard against it, that as I orgasmed, I thought for a moment I had urinated. It was an intense pleasure.

In my orgasm, I thrust hard up onto his big cock, kicking my heels against the bed and struggling to consume him. He still felt huge, as if he were splitting me apart. And then as my trembling body met him thrust for thrust, I felt the extreme heat of his liquid pump into me, deep, deep into me. Again and again he spurted his cum into my grasping pussy, until he had spent himself and the juices of our bodies began seeping past my lips and along his glistening cock. It must have dribbled around his balls and then formed the spot now under my hand on the bed. I pressed my hand close to my face, smelling his cum.

At last, he rolled completely spent to my side. He had surely given me everything in his power to give. All of his power had been mine. All of his cock had been mine; I had controlled all that power.

We had lain for a time, stoking each other. George's hand roamed lightly over my body, touching here and there and everywhere, but it was clear that he had used all his energy in fucking me so well. And yet, as my hand lay covering his sticky cock, sticky with my own juices, I discovered that he was getting hard once again. In fact hadn't completely gone soft at all.

He lay staring up at the ceiling. I kissed his lips and found his tongue lolling like a big sleepy dog, where before, I thought he would ram it down my throat, he was so excited. I kissed and bit his nipples and they responded lazily, too. Proceeding down his moist chest, I ringed his navel with my tongue, all the while holding his prick in the light grip of my hand.

And now I was at eye level with the head of a strange man's cock that had touched deeper into my inner space than ever before. Had touched my cervix, and then again and again sought it out with it's deft probing antics. I could feel my own juices start to moisten my pussy once again and George's hand now cupped my mound with a loose fondling grasp. I opened my legs to him once again, welcoming his exploring hand, his delving fingers, and his pleasuring thumb to probe my feminine folds.

Slowly, gently I began to pull his foreskin back. The little eye at the tip of his round dome peeked out. I drew it back more and felt his body tense. It was tight where it had to slide over the bulging head of his dick, and he was probably sensitive, too. I sensed a slight fear in his tenseness that it was going to hurt if I forced the foreskin back. I tried to be careful, then slid it all the way back with my hand wrapped around his great girth. His breathing became a sharp intake, but he recovered as the foreskin slipped back into the groove behind his glans. I pulled still more, exposing the sensitive trench and I saw his hands flutter as if to stop me, then fall back on the mattress as my tongue began licking our juices from the deep track. It tasted good to me and it excited me to be doing this to his cock.

The head was very smooth and a nice shade of rosy pink. I examined behind it as I licked him, staring at the bright redness behind the head. I felt him move, grow against my tongue and encouraged him by taking just the head into my mouth and sucking gently. It responded by swelling and I could feel it move as he sighed his pleasure.

The shaft was long like the shaft of a great war spear that had been bent in a long arcing bow. It was lined with lots of little blue veins and a few large ones. I pressed my tongue against him to feel his pulse. His pulse rate seemed quite elevated and the thumping throb of it was detectable at the base of his big cock and in my hand that held his balls, squeezing them gently and encouragingly.

I knelt beside him, facing his feet. I thought that in this position, the curve of his cock would be more manageable as I tried to take all of it in my mouth. I wanted to take the head into my throat. The curve now worked in my favor and I soon felt the big head pressing against the smaller opening of my throat.

I took a deep breath and pressed down on it. His hand reached up and stroked my ass, in appreciation, then just lay there on my round bottom as I slowly allowed the blunt helmet to stretch my throat and enter the tight channel. I felt his hair against my nose and held him there for a few moments before slowly letting him slide out of my mouth. One final kiss just at the wet, glistening end of him, and I swung my body over his to position my pussy to share the feeling my mouth had just had.

My heart was beating wildly as I impaled myself on the huge member. God, it felt good. I tilted my head down to see it. The pink head poised at the entry looked menacing, thrillingly menacing, like it was ready to break into a great castle. I moved it along my wet slit, watching it mush through the sodden hair and then gaped as the lips of my pussy were pushed up and then aside by it's mass. I squirmed against the blunt, bulging weapon between my legs, watching the light glisten in its sleek wetness. Slowly I swallowed the big headThen it was inside, hot and full. I could feel myself tighten around it, fondle it.

The raw sensuality of the sight of George's long shaft pointing up into my body made me shudder uncontrollably. I squatted over him, the muscles of my legs taut with tension, one hand guiding him, the other on his hairy chest. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever done. I looked up to see his eyes on me.

Smiling, we looked into each other's eyes.

"I never thought that would all go in, George." I heard myself say.

Then we both looked down at the lustful sight between my legs, that huge cock raring and ready. Gritting my teeth, I lunged down onto it and heard, the sharp intake of his breath as my hot body surrounded him. I raised myself again, and saw his lance withdrawing with my moisture glistening all along it's girth.

I could hold out no longer and began a wild lunging, fucking motion on George's big dick. He filled me completely and reached the deepest region of my cunt.

It went in easier now, I must have been stretched from George fucking me and now and I was so very wet with his cum and my own juices, there was moisture everywhere to welcome him. I slipped along the curve of his cock and began riding him with rapid, determined pelvis thrusts. I paused to thrust a pillow under his ass, and with what little strength he had left, he raised himself to help me.

When I pulled away to feel the head of it swab the entire length of my passage. It was thrilling. I pumped and pumped. I rocked on him. My tits swayed wildly until his big hands came up to grasp them. I rode him wildly, having him my way, as George lay over the big pillow, his cock offered to me like the horn a saddle.

I rode him hard and fast, sweat drizzling down between my breasts until at last, I had a long, hard orgasm and fell forward onto his chest, still impaled with his length. Slowly, I felt it relax inside me and then our juices slide down his shaft and onto the sheets of my marriage bed.

While I was thinking these thoughts, my fingers had brought me to an early morning thrill and I lay shuddering and limp.

At last I roused myself and stripped our love sheets from the bed. I was ready to dump them into the washer, when a whim struck me. I carefully folded them full of our sex odors and hid them behind a stack of clean sheets.

"If men can enjoy keeping our panties as souvenirs, why can't I...?" I said aloud, then turned and grinned a crooked smile at myself in the mirror.

No matter what happened in the future, I knew there would come a night when I just needed to sleep with the scent of George's body in my nostrils.

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