tagLoving WivesAway for the Night

Away for the Night


My wife and I were going out of town for a Wedding. The best part was not only no kids, but Jon and Daina were going with us.

See the four of us have not only been friends for over 15 years, and we have had a foursome, and this trip look like a good chance for round 2.

After we check in, we still had 4 hours till we had to leave. So Debi and I grabbed a drink and headed to Jon & Daina's room.

"What took you two so long to get down here?" Daina asked.

"We only just got here." Debi responded.

"I think Chris should fuck me to make up for it."

"Go ahead, Jon and I will have our own fun."

Daina pull me onto the bed and with started kissing. I reached under her shirt and played with her nipples, as she started rubbing my dick thru my pants.

"Let's all just get naked!" I said

We all started to take our clothes off. I look over at Jon and Debi and he was eating here pussy in no time.

So I decide to do the same. I slowly ran my tongue up Daina's leg until I reach her pussy. I kissed all around it.

"Just lick my pussy already." Daina said as she pushes my head into her.

I licked her till she pulled me up, and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth.

"Oh Fuck!" I heard Jon moan

I turned around to see Debi sucking Jon's dick.

I lay back on the bed, with a good view of my wife, and Daina started to suck my cock.

What a site. Debi sucking Jon's prick and Daina sucking mine.

Jon then sat on the couch, and Debi mounted him, while facing me. I watch as Jon's dick slide into my wife's pussy. She started bouncing up and down on him.

I then pulled Daina on top of me. I slid my hard cock into her.

"Suck my tits." Daina whispered into my ear.

I quickly obliged.

Jon and Debi joined us on the bed.

Debi pulled Daina off my cock and started to suck it. Daina then move in front of Jon and took him into her mouth.

"If you two want to taste each other, just go right to the source."

They took my suggestion.

Soon Debi and Daina were going at it.

I love to watch my wife with another woman. They only problem was Jon and I were standing there with our hard dicks in our hands. We both played with our selves as we watched out wives go at it.

"I can't take it any more. I need some pussy!" Jon said as he pulled Debi off Daina and mounted her.

Daina then lay beside Debi look at me a said

"Come fuck me now!"

I crawled on top of her and slide inside.

Jon was right beside me fucking Debi and I was giving Daina everything I had.

I leaned over and Kissed Debi, Then Jon did the same thing to Daina.

"Switch!" I yelled.

I pulled out and Jon moved over onto Daina, and I mounted Debi. We then switch every couple of minutes, with a different person yelling switch.

Debi and Daina must have cum 3 or 4 times by that point.

"Why don't you two pull out and jerk off all over us?" Daina suggested and Debi quickly agreed with her.

Jon and I look at each other "Sure why not." I said.

"Works for me." Jon added.

I pulled out of Debi's wet pussy and grabbed my cock, and Jon was inches away doing the same thing. I knew we were both close.

"Aim for the face." Jon said as he lunged forward.

The first wave of cum hit Daina right in the chin, the second hit Debi in the cheek as he leaned over. Jon then emptied his balls all over them.

I figured they would be pissed, boy was I wrong.

"Get up here and cum in our faces!" Debi said with a big smile.

I stood up and positioned my self right over them. They move closer together.

"Get ready."

I shot first into Daina's face and then into Debi's. They were both covered after we were done. They looked so sexy, all cover in cum.

"We should start to get ready for the Wedding now" Jon said as he got off the bed.

"In a minute" Daina stated as she and Debi started kissing and licking the cum off each other.

Debi and I walk back next door naked to go get ready.

The Wedding was fun, we had every one there watching us as Debi and Daina took turns dancing with both Jon and I and with each other.

We all got back to the rooms, they went to there and us to ours.

"This time the fun will be in our room" I told them as they went to there room.

After 20 minutes I figured they were either to drunk or tired to join us. So Debi and I started to go at it. She came out of the bathroom naked and I took of my clothes and then started to lick and suck her tits. I worked my way down to her already wet pussy.

"You two still up?" I heard Jon outside the door.

I opened it slowly and saw Jon and Daina standing there, Jon only in his boxers and Daina only in a T-shirt.

"Please come in." I said as I open the door standing there naked with my cock rock hard.

Jon walked right by me and took of his shorts and joined Debi and the bed.

Daina pushed me against the wall and kissed me. I let go of the door, and pulled Daina's shirt off.

She dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick. I could see Jon eating Debi's pussy.

Daina and I move over to the bed.

"I want to suck both your dicks as Daina eats my pussy."

Jon moved up beside Debi, got on his knees. I went to the other side, as Daina buried her face into my wife pussy. Debi gabbed Jon's dick as I slide mine into her mouth. She worked up a good rhythm going back and forth.

"I'm going to cum" Debi screamed as she jacked us both off.

"I need a break. Why don't you two fuck Daina?"

Jon and I got up and went over the couch and sat down. Daina walked over and stood in front of us.

"Suck my tits!"

We didn't have to be told twice.

We sucked her nipples till they here as hard as our cocks.

"Stand up, and switch places with me."

We stood in front of her, with our dicks in her face.

I looked over at Debi, and she was watching with a big smile on her face.

Daina started sucking Jon's dick while stroking mine. She then took me into her mouth.

Back and forth she went.

"I want you to lick my pussy as I suck these two hard cocks."

Debi got on the floor, Daina mounted her face, as Jon and I stood on either side of her.

After about 5 minutes, Daina came all over Debi's face. Debi slide out from under her as Daina kept sucking our dicks.

"I'm going to cum" Jon said as Daina took him further into her mouth.

He shot his load into her mouth, and with a mouth full of cum she pulled my dick back into her mouth. It didn't take long for me to give her my load. Daina swallowed it all.

"I'm done, for the night." Jon said, ans then he gave the ladies a kiss and left.

"Think you can handle the two of us?" Debi asked me as they pushed me onto the bed.

"I'm willing to try."

I kissed them both, and then I moved down to lick Debi.

I went back and forth between them.

I then turned them both over onto there stomachs. I enter Daina from behind. I pumped her 10 times then I pulled out and entered my wife. I went back and forth until they both came again.

"I want to fuck one of you in the ass. Who is it going to be?"

"Fuck Daina, I would love to watch that."

Debi got out some lube, and got Daina ready.

I slowly entered her ass. Debi played with her pussy as I fucked her.

"I'm coming again!" Daina, yelled

"So am I" I said as I pulled out of her ass.

Debi then jerked me off all over Daina's ass.

I collapsed and was a sleep in seconds.

Debi told me after that she and Daina went at it for another hour.

What a great night. We can all hardly wait till the next time.

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