Away to the Bahamas Ch. 03


As I mentioned before, they were from New Jersey although had moved there from Southern California for Ben's work in New York City. It became obvious that they were accomplished travelers and most of the places they frequented were warm, sunny locales. They had been all around the Caribbean including the Yucatan coast of Mexico, through Europe most often in southern France and Spain and had even been to Brazil. We had always thought ourselves seasoned travelers but in comparison we'd hardly been anywhere.

"You guys are still young," responded Sandra. "When you're our age I'm sure your list will be much longer. Even now we don't get to get away as often as we like. Even a quick day trip to the local beach is a welcome break from the routine."

"Not to change the subject," said Liz, "but I hope you guys aren't bothered by the swimsuits we're wearing."

She went on to explain our little challenge. She didn't, however, mention the previous days nude beach outing that led up to the dare. Sandra and Amanda just giggled.

"To tell you the truth," said Sandra, "Amanda and I were thinking we might have time to go back to our beach house and put on different suits ourselves. We've both been known to wear t-back bikinis on vacation. In fact, some of those vacations we were talking about you don't even have to wear any bikini."

"You guys are nudists?" asked Liz.

"Well, we've always enjoyed being in the sun and beach particularly when we can be naked. Ben and I started when we were newly married and even after Amanda was born we'd still go to nude or clothing optional beaches. We don't belong to any club or group but we do plan our trips where we can have the option to go without."

Amanda chimed in.

"I grew up going to nude beaches. I mean, when I was little we'd sometimes go to textile beaches with friends or other family members. Mom and Dad never made a big deal of being naked. I learned early when and where it was ok and when I needed to wear a suit. I told some of my close friends about it but it didn't usually come up in conversation."

"Didn't anyone ask you about not having tan lines?"

"I had enough friends going to the tanning salon and tanning nude that they thought that's what I did too. I never understood why they'd want to have no tan line but still wear a suit at the beach."

We asked more questions about their experiences and travels. Ben told us about the Beach at Sandy Hook in New Jersey where there is a designated area for clothing optional sunbathing. They lived only a couple hours from that beach. The house they had rented here in the Bahamas had its own private pool that offer enough privacy that they could enjoy it naked too.

Soon it was time to head down to the boat for the open water dives. I still had slung my towel over my shoulder while we walked but Liz, feeling more confident, had stuffed hers in her bag. Ben and I followed behind the women and I'll admit to enjoying the view of Liz's little g-string. Amanda's suit was one of those that can slide and she had pulled the back into a thin ribbon of material. It was clear there was no hint of a tan line on her toned buttocks.

Delwyn met us at the end of the dock and escorted us to the boat. It looked to be about 42 feet long set up as a typical dive boat with benches along each side in the back with tank racks behind the seats. There was a partially closed cockpit and a flying bridge above that. The front of the boat was open deck with a short railing. Katie climbed down from the bridge and gave us an introduction to the boat and the safety gear on board.

"When we get to the dive location we'll all suit up together and take our time descending. Where we'll be diving is an easy spot for first dives. It's not too deep to a sandy bottom. There are coral heads around the site but we shouldn't have to worry too much about bumping into rocks and coral. We have wetsuits available if you want to wear them but as hot as it is today you might find the water temperature just perfect without one. Delwyn and I rarely wear wetsuits this time of year."

It was going to take 20 minutes to get to the first dive site and we were welcome to sit anywhere on the boat during the trip. Delwyn climbed up to the bridge to pilot the boat while Katie untied us. I watched Amanda standing and talking with Katie as we pulled away from the dock. Liz and I headed up to the front deck to sit with Sandra and Ben. Amanda joined us a minute later.

"Mom, Katie said it should be no problem."

With that, she reached behind her back, pulled the string of her bikini and lifted it over her head. Her boobs had the expected perkiness of a nineteen year old. High, firm and so deeply tanned. I glanced over to Liz to watch her response. She was looking first at Amanda and then at Sandra. I followed her gaze and watched the mother do the same thing. Her breasts were a bit smaller, probably a small B cup size and had a little sag, probably related to her age. They, too, were evenly tanned with the rest of her body.

I looked back at Liz to see her response. She locked eyes with me and a faint smile crossed her lips.

"Seeing as how this top hardly does anything anyway, I might as well join you."

With that, she untied the string behind her neck and lowered the top, rotating it around until the back knot was between her boobs and untied that too. Her boobs were larger than the other women and certainly paler in color although the tan lines she had were starting to blend in with the rest of her skin. A short time later I could hear the change in timber of the boat engines as we approached a small mooring buoy above the crystal clear water. Looking down, the water was blue and you could see all the way to a sandy patch on the bottom. Once the boat was tied up and had stopped rocking you could even see fish moving across the nearby coral heads. I was so pumped to get in the water.

Liz, Sandra and Amanda had gotten up and retied their bikini tops and all 5 of us moved back to the rear platform area to get ready for our dive.

As Katie had warned us, the overhead sun with the lack of breeze made it quite toasty on the boat. The idea of putting on a black wetsuit and standing around didn't sound too appealing. I dunked into the water at one of the rear platform ladders to find the water as warm as a bath. I decided to go without the wetsuit and soon everyone else agreed.

The divemasters helped us each into our gear. I couldn't help but notice that Delwyn was more than happy to assist the women while Katie worked with Ben and me. Once we were situated, Katie gave our last briefing.

"This is how its going to work. Delwyn will get into the water first. I'll help each of you take a giant stride off the back platform. Your BCD will be partially inflated so you'll just bob at the surface. Once everyone's in the water I'll jump in too. We'll descend as a group. I'm going to be with Jack and Ben, holding onto one of their straps. Delwyn will hold onto a strap of Liz and Sandra. Amanda will be between Liz and her mom and directly across from Delwyn. Once we're all ready we'll dump air from our BCDs and start down. We'll go very slowly so that each person can equalize their ear pressure. If you feel that you need to go a little slower just put your hand out flat and we'll stop for a moment to equalize. The sandy bottom is only at 25 feet here so no one should have too much difficulty, you all did so well in the pool. We'll land on the bottom and just sit on our knees in the sand until everyone is comfortable. Remember, this is going to be the most fun you've ever had. Just remember to relax and most importantly, BREATHE!"

I don't know if it was the excitement or the wonder of everything we saw but the first dive just seemed to fly by. It didn't appear that anyone had any trouble getting to the bottom. Once there we had a chance to practice controlling our buoyancy, hanging motionless in the water. At first Sandra kept a tight grip on Delwyn's hand but soon even she had let go. We all stayed together as a group and Katie led us over to a nearby coral head to begin our exploration.

Thirty minutes later we were floating on the surface at the back of the boat and taking turns climbing up the ladders. Everyone was talking at once, we were so excited. In retrospect the dive was pretty basic but at the time it was the best ever. We'd seen lots of reef fish, a lobster and even a small moray eel. Katie and Delwyn were smiling as we each described our favorite parts of the dive.

Beside me, Liz was shrugging out of her BC while she was talking to Amanda. In doing so, her left breast slipped out of its restraint in the minimal bikini top. Delwyn's smile seemed even bigger. So did mine. I motioned to her about what had happened.

"Damn it," she said. "That must have happened 5 times during the dive. This suit just wasn't made for too much moving around."

I was a little surprised when she just reached back and undid it.

"I hope no one minds," she said with a laugh, folding up the bit of material and taking it back up to our gear back where she stowed it away.

I was happy to see Amanda and Sandra do the same thing with their tops too, this time putting them completely away.

Katie started laughing.

"You know, I'd expect something like this back home in Australia. We're a bit more laid back down under but this isn't usual for you North Americans. I'm impressed."

"Well then you should feel free to join us," shot back Amanda, "or are you not that laid back?"

"We've been known to get pretty relaxed on the boat at times. We even run a clothing optional charter for a group that comes down every December, taking them diving and to one of the nearby islets for lunch. They have a great time and sometimes the crew even joins in."

"Well then you all wouldn't be bothered if we wanted to go without suits during our surface interval?" asked Sandra.

Delwyn laughed.

"You can dive naked if you want. But remember, we're not responsible for any injury to dangling bits. There are barracuda in the water here and they don't have the best eyesight."

I shuddered at that vision. Not a pretty thought at all. I watched Amanda, Sandra and Ben all strip off the bathing suits they still had on. I decided that I'd follow suit (or unsuit as it were) but would probably put it back on before the next dive.

My wife had a huge smile on her face as she watched me slide the barely there thong down my legs. She was quick to whip hers off too. It felt so liberating and unrestricted. A beautiful day, bright sunshine, Caribbean clear water and gorgeous naked friends. Katie, who had climbed back up to the bridge called down.

"We'll take a slow cruise to the next dive site and that should only take about 15 minutes. We'll still need to stay out of the water for another 30 minutes so enjoy the ride and the sun."

Yes, this was truly a great vacation.

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