Away Wife



It all started so innocently. And yet here I was, in a hotel room, a white English woman about to have my first sexual experience with a black man, while my husband was in the bar downstairs.

I work in local government. Once or twice a year we go on courses, sometimes a single day, sometimes a few days in a hotel. My husband always "Enjoy the orgy," when I am going away, but we both know that it is nothing of the sort. We have been married for a dozen years and do not want children, so there is no inconvenience.

On this occasion it was the roll out of a new computer system and a three-day course. We were put in groups and introduced ourselves. One of them was a black man named Joseph. Now black people are not unusual in local government in the UK, so I would not mention it, but for what happened. We said who we were and where we came from, but instead of saying Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester etc., he said a place we had never heard of. He was a bit put out, and explained that it was the capital city of his country. He was a civil servant there, and had been seconded to the UK for three years to learn about our practice (good and bad) and take home lessons.

Anyway, he was a nice man, and contributed very well to discussions. He was very polite in a slightly old-fashioned way, which was endearing. After dinner, some folks were going out on the town, and others were going to do some serious drinking. However, I drink very little, and Joseph said that he did not, so we sat in the lounge with soft drinks. He showed me a picture of his wife Rebecca and their children and talked about his country which I found interesting. I asked how often he went home, and he said his country was poor so he could only go home once in the three years, which he had recently done, and had nearly two years to go. I was sorry for him and his wife.

We seemed to agree in the discussions in the course, and chatted together pleasantly, but that was it. I never thought about being attracted and did not expect to see him ever again.

Back home, I was telling my husband about the course and he was pretending to listen. When I told him some of the things Joseph had told me, he suddenly sat up. "So you had a romance with a black man!" he said. I knew he was joking, and said "Yes, of course!" and we both laughed.

That night we had some particularly vigorous love-making and again in the morning. "Twice in one night!" I said. "I should go on a computer course more often." He looked as if he was going to say something, but did not.

He made some remarks occasionally, and I eventually asked in bed "What is it about me and a black man? Does it get you going?"

"Er, yes," he said, and explained that it was a common fantasy for white husbands. Eventually he got me to pretend that I had. I wasn't very good at it, but I would try and describe how I had been attracted and of course the amazing sex. I had to use words like 'cock' and 'cunt' and 'fuck' which was not my habit, but appeared to be necessary and I got used to it. I found this a bit off-putting but it certainly increased the frequency of our lovemaking. Thinking about it so much I realised that Joseph was actually quite a good looking man, and I did like him as a person.

Well, wouldn't you know? The wonderful new computer system caused all sorts of problems, and had to be substantially reworked, so we got called back to a two-day course. My husband was a little embarrassing in talking about my opportunity, but I sort of went along with the joke, though I did say as I was leaving "Understand, only joking".

I did not pay as much attention to the course as I should have, but I actually started to think about Joseph as a possible sexual partner, and felt somewhat guilty at the thoughts which came to me.

That evening, it was Joseph and me in the lounge again. He said that he had emailed his wife, Rebecca, and told her about the course and me. She had replied that I would make a good "away wife". He had replied that it was not possible, but it would be good to find someone like me. I was a bit shocked, and showed it. He insisted that he would never come between a man and his wife, but the away wife was a feature of his culture, and he was telling me because I had shown an interest in his country. His wife would be pleased if he found a woman for safe sex, as many men go with prostitutes and come home with diseases. As I had told him about my husband and our happy marriage, he would not even think of it, but he was finding the time away from his wife a bit of a strain. I thanked him for his consideration, and agreed that nothing like that would ever happen, but hoped he would find someone.

However, that night in the hotel I found myself masturbating furiously like a teenager with a crush.

When I told my husband what Joseph had said, I thought he was going to explode, but he was not angry. It was three times that night, but I refused to pretend that I had actually gone with Joseph. "That's it," I said. "You can do your fantasies yourself." That might have been a mistake.

My husband started telling the story in bed and I found myself (somewhat guiltily) aroused. Even more, I sometimes thought about Joseph during the day. This was not love, just the lust for the new.

After some weeks, my husband actually said it. "You know, I wouldn't actually mind if you went with Joseph..."

"No, you'd like it," I said angrily.

"Actually, yes," he replied, and although I was angry with both of us, I thought I would too.

It was a few more days before we took the next step. I had Joseph's email from the course documents and my husband asked him if we could possibly meet for dinner at the hotel where the course had been held. We would pay for travel and a room for the night, as we make enough money. It was all agreed that there was no expectation or obligation.

It was a strange dinner. Joseph appeared in cheap but immaculate clothes. Things were a bit strained at the start but it became clear that the two men liked each other and agreed on a number of points about the world. Finally my husband raised the topic of the away wife, and said that he would give permission for occasional safe sex. Joseph was emphatic that he would always use a condom, as AIDs was a big problem in Africa. He said that he had not been with a prostitute but if he could occasionally get relief with me, then that would remove the need, and please his wife.

I still hesitated, but between knowing how much it would please my husband and my own rising lust, I agreed. Both men looked pleased, my husband possibly the most.

He leaned forward and said quietly "Is it true what they say about you fellows?"

"Ah," said Joseph. "I know what you mean. It is a myth. The average penis of the black man is the same as the white man." It didn't bother me, but my husband looked a little disappointed.

"OK," he said. "You two go off separately and go to Joseph's room. I will stay in the bar till midnight, then go to our room."

So Joseph went off, and after fifteen minutes I went and knocked on the door. He opened it, wearing pyjamas, which I had not expected, and invited me in.

He asked me if I wanted to shower. I said no, but realised my knickers were wet, so went to the toilet to dry myself and put on a spare pair from my handbag. (A bit silly for what was to happen next, but I think women will understand.) God, I was wet!

Joseph again reassured me that I did not have to do anything, but I plucked up courage and started undressing. As I did so he told me that I was a similar size to his wife, and how much he would appreciate holding me.

"You're beautiful," he said as I was finally naked, and took off his pyjamas. Then I saw my first black cock standing hard. It was bigger than my husband's and more than I expected. Automatically I took it in my hand and felt the wonderful bulk of it. I don't think my husband is small, but this was longer and thicker.

"Oh!" I said. "I thought you said black men were the same size."

"They are," he said, "on average. I am above average. I hope this is all right?"

"Er, yes," I said. "You look desperate. Are you going to cover it?" So he put on a condom. (I had some in my handbag, but was relieved that he was prepared.)

Then we hugged, and he groaned. "It is so wonderful to hold a woman again." He caressed my back, my buttocks and my breasts, making little cries, then led me to the bed.

I lay down and he got out some lube. (It was a new tube, I was pleased to notice.) I was going to say "I don't think I need it," but in view of his size kept quiet. He lubed up his cock, and slowly climbed on top of me. He kissed me once on the lips and then on my nipples. Then carefully, so carefully, put the head of his manhood to my cunt.

Slowly, slowly he pushed in just a little bit. Then a little bit more and I began to feel the stretch. I have never had any man enter in such a considerate way. But then I had never had such a big cock before. Then a little bit of back and forth, going slightly deeper each time. I groaned and he asked "Is it too much?"

"No, no," I said. "Just slowly, like this."

The stretching gave way to a feeling of fullness and pleasure. Then he was moving in and out steadily as I held gratefully on to his back. Wow it was good! I had never realised how being so filled up could give such satisfaction. As he hit the right rhythm for both of us, I was in heaven, but all too quickly I could feel him jerking as he held me tight and I grabbed his buttocks.

Not really a surprise, of course, with all that pent-up desire. He held me for a while longer, being careful to support his weight, then withdrew. His cock was now drooping a little, and there was a huge bag of sperm on the end. He must have had a month's worth.

"Thank you, thank you," he said. "You are so kind." He had tears in his eyes.

He went to the bathroom to clean himself up and came back. He kissed me on the lips. No tongue - he was so courteous and respectful. Then sat down and held my hand.

"I am so grateful," he whispered. "But if you are willing I would like to do this again."

"Well, I don't know," I replied, "It depends on my husband."

"No, no," said. "I mean tonight. If you can only wait a while I should be able to do more, and I would really like to do it properly with you."

So we waited, we chatted. We stood and felt each other's bodies. He was quite fit. Not over-muscled, but good to see and feel with my white hands gliding over his smooth black skin. I believe he was feeling something similar as he caressed me with enthusiasm.

He stood behind me and fondled my breasts, as I felt his cock drooping between my buttocks. Then it began to stiffen. I turned and held it as it slowly inflated while he kissed my nipples, which was delightful. "I think you are ready," I said.

I went to the bed as he put on a rubber and lubed it (though I was now sure I would not need it). I lay down, but he told me no, and got me to stand, bending over the bed. From behind he brought his lovely organ to my cunt, but did not enter. Instead he started sliding it along my lips which was really nice. Then he moved to my cunt, and went in easily this time, though I still gasped with the fullness. When fully in, he bent forward and cupped my breasts, saying how lovely they were.

Now he started fucking me. Steadily, properly, just like a woman needs. I did not watch the clock but it was a lot longer than before and immensely satisfying.

I was really hyped up and he stopped. I was disappointed, but then a lubed finger came round and started massaging my clit. It can't have been more than a minute before I exploded in an orgasm. He held my hips as I did and then started pumping again. Now it was serious for both as he went on and on. And on and on.

I started saying "Yes, yes, yes!" and he pumped faster, then I came. Oh boy, did I come! I could just notice him grunting as I did, and then his spasms. He held me, and we fell onto the bed, still joined together, and just stayed like that till he started to slip out.

"Thank you so much," he said. "You're welcome," I said, and we both laughed.

I really would have liked to snuggle down with him and go to sleep, but with a great effort of will went to shower and back to my husband.

"Did you?" he said, and started tearing off my clothes. "Was he big?"

"A bit," I said, and he was in me, pumping away. He fucked me twice more before breakfast, asking me if I had enjoyed it. "Well, yes," I said. And so we agreed to do it again.

Joseph saw us at breakfast and told my husband how grateful he was for this experience, but he would understand if it was the only time. My husband suggested once a month.

But this became once a fortnight, then once a week until Joseph had to go home. We found a hotel near to where he lived and where he could get to by train, and I drove. (It was not one which hosted courses for local government.) On my nights with Joseph, we would usually go to bed early in the evening and have a fairly quick fuck in which I enjoyed his urgent need but did not come. After dinner and a relaxed evening we had a more leisurely session in which he made sure I came. As we drifted off to sleep it was nice to feel his body in bed, a bit less padded than my husband. Then once again in the morning before breakfast where I sometimes came and sometimes did not.

I have to say I had a great time with both men. Though I got used to it, I really enjoyed Joseph's big cock stretching me, and his considerate lovemaking. He always thanked me when we parted. As for my husband, not only was he fucking me more often, he was also more attentive. It was nice to have two men treating me like a lady.

After a few months, my husband said that as we truly believed Joseph was not having sex with other women and I was on the pill, it would be OK for him not to use a condom. I was hesitant, but told Joseph. To my surprise, he refused, saying the rubber reminded him that I was not his wife. About a fortnight later he said that he had discussed this with Rebecca, who also trusted us, and had agreed.

That evening I was a little apprehensive. Though he was equally considerate, somehow he seemed even more desiring. For my part I felt a sort of extra lust, mixed with fear which seemed to enhance it. As he pumped that mighty piston into me, I felt the feeling rising, and as the pulses of his hot sperm gushed into me, that sent me over the edge. I grabbed him tight and said something incoherent and perhaps too loud as I had a great orgasm.

Somehow I felt that I had now been completely, properly fucked by him. I can't explain it, but I had delightful 'naughty little girl' feelings as I went to the toilet with his cum dripping out of me. There were two more spermings and two more orgasms. Now I truly was the away wife!

When I got home, my husband was even more eager than usual (which is saying something) as was I. Strangely he got a kick out of hearing that a man with a bigger cock had dumped loads of sperm into me, and was delighted to learn that I came. He kept asking me to tell him of the experience.

So it went on, a night with Joseph about once a week (avoiding my periods) and a husband who was happy and sexy. I found it much easier to come and people said I was looking well. Funny, really.

Then the time was up. Joseph was due to fly home, and we arranged the final meeting. We did not go to the room immediately, as my husband had come along and had dinner with us. Joseph thanked him profusely both for sharing his wife and for covering the expenses. "It's been a pleasure," was the answer. "Now you two have a good time, and my regards to your wife." And he drove back home.

So that was the end of it. It had started innocently, and in fact it was innocent all the way. Both husbands and wives agreed, nothing was secret and there was no cheating. We all went back to our normal lives. And I got a letter from Rebecca, saying how grateful she had been that he had had a nice away wife, and thanking my husband for his kindness in permitting me. We were later told that Joseph had written an excellent report which was very helpful, and had been promoted.

Then I got a phone call at the office. "Hello, this is Daniel. I am Joseph's cousin on secondment."



Daniel said he had come to the UK on the same scheme and wanted to meet us. I stalled him, and said I would talk to my husband. We guessed he might be expecting me to be the away wife for him. What should we do?

"I'm not here as a convenience," I said angrily. "Then there will be another after him, and I don't know what. Joseph was a one-off, and one more man than I expected in our marriage. Do you really expect me to do this, just so that you can enjoy your fantasy of..." and here I hesitated, to say it carefully " being fucked by a big black cock?!"

I saw that I was not totally wrong, and burst into tears. He of course started the "you know I love you" sort of thing, but I wasn't listening. Which was probably no loss.

Finally he argued that we didn't know that for sure, he was only asking to meet. If he asked, we would turn him down firmly. If not there was no harm. He might just be bringing news from Joseph and his family. Anyway, as Joseph was so polite, how could we refuse to meet his cousin without seeming very ill-mannered?

They were good arguments, but I suspected my dear darling devious husband was really hoping I would be "fucked by a big black cock" again, as it was this fantasy of his that started it all.

So we agreed, and he said he would make the arrangements.

It turned out he had chosen the same hotel where Joseph and I used to meet. I pointed out a minor quibble I had.

"You stupid insensitive man!" I shouted. "That's exactly where we shouldn't meet!"

"But it will be easy for Daniel to get there by train, like it was for Joseph and for us to get there by car."

"And it will be easy for Daniel to assume this is the same arrangement, and extremely easy for the hotel staff to make the same assumption."

"They might even assume that my husband likes me to be fucked by black men," I added sarcastically.

"Ah," he said. Ah indeed! So he had to make another arrangement. Daniel suggested a restaurant near him, and we booked a hotel for us separately.

As the day approached, I considered all sorts of repellent visions of overconfident men leering at me. But the worst thought was this. Suppose I liked him, even found him attractive? To be honest, I had enjoyed the sex with Joseph and was rather missing it. Should I, could I refuse the chance again?

Daniel proved to be (on the face of it - be careful, I thought) an ordinary man, not bad looking and somewhat better dressed than Joseph. He was ordinarily polite, but not as careful as Joseph. He first wanted to tell us about Joseph and his family, which we were pleased to hear. Joseph had apparently learned a lot from his visit and had proposed some important changes which were already being implemented. It was expected that they would give both cost savings and improved outreach and better service to more citizens. (Though some recommendations were specifically not to follow British procedures!)

He also had a gift from Joseph's wife, Rebecca.

"Better not open it here," he said. "It is in traditional craft style, but not bought. She made it herself over several months to express her appreciation of all you did for Joseph. She said you were so kind to someone you hardly knew. You must be wonderful people." Perhaps he doesn't know, after all.

"And do you have a wife?" I asked. "Won't it be hard being away for so long?"

"No," he said. "I'm not married. And since Joseph's report everyone on secondment gets to come home at least once a year, with an extra trip for men with young families. To be honest, I am looking forward to meeting some nice English young ladies." And he gave a charming smile.

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