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I stay up as late as I can. You went out with friends and I tried to stay up to see you when you got home but couldn't. I don't worry, I know that you always come home to me.

I drift off into a deep sleep, dreaming. It's a wonderful dream, about you, no doubt. I start to stir but am I awake? It feels as if my dream is real.

I was dreaming that you were on the bed between my knees sucking my cock. It feels wonderful! I try to reach down to feel your silky hair as you work on my hard cock but I can't. I'm restricted.

My hands are tied to the headboard! I open my eyes to try to get my bearings. I can't see a thing. Soon I realize that you have slipped a blindfold over my eyes!

I start to regain my senses. I realize that you really are sucking on my hard cock. It isn't a dream. I moan and relax as I enjoy EVERYTHING that you are doing.

I feel you reach up and cup my balls, rolling them between your fingers. Feeling how full they are. I feel your finger slip down and lightly tease my ass with a light as a feather touch. You feel me jump, but you also feel my cock twitch in your mouth.

I moan out your name.

"Oh Angie, that feels sooooo good!" You purr around my cock but at the same time I hear you say, "Does it?"

Wait a minute! That was too clear for you to have your mouth wrapped around my cock.

I freeze, who is that I think to myself. I hear you chuckle your evil little laugh. You know the thoughts that are racing through my mind and you speak them.

"Wouldn't you just like to know?" You tell me teasingly.

You lean over the bed and kiss me deeply. I can taste sweet but unfamiliar juices on your lips. I can only imagine what you have been doing before you decided to wake me.

"You like her skills, do you?" You ask with a smile in your voice. You lean down and whisper in my ear, "If you can make us cum together, I'll tell you who it is." You pull away and lean over to HER as she releases my cock and I can hear the two of you whispering.

"I told her that she can chose which seat she wants." I feel someone climb on to the bed and straddle my head. Soon I can sense a hot pussy near my face. Instinctively I extend my tongue. I feel a little patch of fuzz and that same sweet flavor I'd tasted on your lips. I know that SHE has chosen a tongue ride. Just as she settles down I feel you straddle my hips. Sinking your hot wet pussy slowly onto my erect and throbbing cock.

"Remember, both or nothing." You say as you start to ride up and down on me.

I try to match your movements as I start to lick and nibble on this sweet new pussy. I hear the two of you moan and can only imagine what you are doing.

"Oh Mike, she is sucking on my hard nipples as good as you do babe." You purr as I hear her moan loudly.

Oh I wish I could see this. As if to read my mind you say, "Don't worry babe, I set the video camera up so you could see this later." I growl and attack the soft folds on my tongue even harder.

She moans and you purr as I thrust up hard into you. You both reach down to my chest, each taking a nipple. Each time I thrust or lick, you squeeze and tease. Which gets me going, which gets you going. A vicious circle of ecstasy, faster and faster my hips thrusting. Harder and harder she grinds her warm, wet folds onto my lips. I feel your back arch as your orgasm starts to break over you.

Reaching out you twist her hard nipple, sending her over the edge. Her legs squeezing tight around my head as her juices flow. I suck greedily, not wanting to miss a drop. My cock jerks, exploding deep into your throbbing pussy. You keep riding and milking, wanting every last bit of warm seed.

I feel the two of you collapse toward each other your breathing raged, chests heaving. After a few more licks she can't take anymore. Too sensitive now, she climbs off and I hear her give you one last slow, deep, kiss. "Go clean up babe, I'll keep Mike company." You say as you stretch out beside me, untying my hands.

She pads quickly from the room before I can pull the blindfold off. I hold you close, your head nuzzled into my chest, content, satisfied. "So, who was it?" I whisper to you. "Guess." You say sleepily as you snuggle closer. "Janell." I say, but all I get in response is a sigh as you drift off to sleep in my arms.

"Well, guess I'll have to check the video." I think to myself as I quickly follow you into a blissful sleep.

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by Anonymous

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by KinkyAngel6410/22/18

A great way to wake up

This turned me on, what a great way to wake up!

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by Cosmogirl6607/07/18

Hot! Hot! Hot!

I love the story it is well written! Please write more!

You allow me to put myself into your stories as one of the characters.

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