tagLoving WivesAye Aye Captain

Aye Aye Captain


Wyatt's compliments were nice, but as her husband, they were pretty much expected. His wide eyes, gaping jaw, and the way he hovered around her as she got ready, said a lot more. She really couldn't believe she was going to wear this out. She couldn't imagine any time in her life, even when she was a single twenty something on the prowl, when she would have worn this little and not been going to the beach. It was a Halloween party, and it was being thrown by his craziest relatives, all in all she didn't expect to be wearing the sluttiest costume.

It was a pirate theme, convenient as Wyatt's bizarre infatuation with everything pirate meant that they could have come up with complete costumes just by raiding the closets. This year, however, something was different. She was different. It was time to press the boundaries. All she needed was a little help.

David was Wyatt's brother, younger, crazier. Trisha was David's fiancée. She was even younger, even crazier. Trisha had taken her shopping for a costume and they ended up in a Lingerie store down town. Who knew this was where you came for costumes? They tried on dozens and after an hour it was settled. Trish got a red one with black trim, Dottie, the black with red trim.

Standing in front of the mirror she was pleased. She couldn't imagine a pirate wearing it, but damn! It sure worked for her. The skirt was impossibly short. The costume was black lace. The ruffled, short skirt was made shorter by the black petticoat she wore under it. Her legs seemed to stretch out impossibly long beneath it, the effect highlighted by tall, skinny boots with stiletto heals. She wouldn't be running anywhere tonight. Wyatt had insisted on the stockings, fishnets with a real seam running down the backs of her legs. There was no chance the skirt was going to cover the elastic cuffs and she had to work not to think of her exposed thighs. Wyatt didn't seem to be working very hard not to notice her thighs. Every time he walked past she could feel his hand brush past her ass cheek. No bending over, she had to remind herself.

Wyatt had foregone his usual captain's costume for a simple sailor. He wore brown pants and boots, a sash and a torn T-shirt. She would be the captain tonight and her hat was made of the same lame and lace as her dress. He grabbed their plastic swords, used them quickly to lift her skirt and have a peep, and they shuffled for the door.

It was a short ride to David's apartment. He parked and they wandered across the complex. A group of teenage boys gawked as she walked by. Not to bad for almost 40! David was sitting on his patio when they got there. He was smoking, not a cigarette, and held a beer. He was dressed but he did not look like going to a party.

Sitting on the porch they learned of Trish and her ex and how he discovered them by turning around half way to work one morning to get a presentation he had left on the counter. He hadn't been gone more than 15 minutes. He wondered if the ex had been waiting in the parking lot for him to pull out.

Anyway, a party might help. No, they all knew it wouldn't, but it was Cousin Shelly's first party and they were going to go anyway. They would be three. She wrapped her arms around her crew and joked that she was the sole captain now, their job was now to do everything she told them and keep her happy or they would walk the plank.

No one would end up walking a plank that night.

They weren't the first to the party but they were early. Sitting with Shelly and another cousin David was forced to go through the events of the day yet again. Commiserating they told him of all the single women that would soon be wandering in looking for some spooky fun. He grumbled and wandered outside. Dottie grabbed her bag to follow him. Drinks in hand, they smoked and talked a little. She tried to keep the conversation away from his ended engagement. David pulled out another of the not-cigarettes and half way through it he was actually smiling. Finishing it, he was giggling. The boots were a bit of a challenge with two rums in her and half a joint but she made do on the arm of the scurvy dog.

The night wore on. The party heated up. The competition was fierce. Pirates abounded and Trish's little red costume came in three times. There was a sexy cop and a cheerleader. A woman dressed as a banana, wearing only a yellow bikini, a grass skirt, and a hat shaped vaguely like a giant yellow penis. They were younger and occasionally their bodies tighter but the attention she was receiving from the men and boys told her she was still ruling the night. The fun for her was her crew. The jealously attentive Wyatt and big brotherly David stayed by her side all night. The rum flowed, the music played. She found she could even dance a bit in the high heels, of course, wearing as little as she did, a little bouncing went a long way. Wyatt was right; she did need to wear more cleavage.

Standing on the balcony, just her crew and shelly they shared another of David's preferred party favors, drank more rum, and laughed. She will never really remember exactly what was said, David said something about Trish, Shelly hugged David, she hugged David, Wyatt hugged her, she kissed Wyatt, David said something about not getting that tonight and she kissed David, She remembers saying something like, "It's time to go home." Wyatt remembers something with the words "service and please." Whatever it was, David went in to call a cab and Wyatt kneeled in front of her and pulled her panties off her ass and down her legs, sticking them in his pocket.

"Hey!" she protested. She didn't mean it. Before she had even gotten it out, his hand was running up her leg. She swayed with his touch. It felt like forever but eventually he found his way to her bare thigh. His touch was warm and welcome. She purred.

Come on you two, the car is here. Walking through the house they waved goodnight to the other stragglers. David wandered over and hugged his cousins. Wyatt didn't move more than six inched from her. If her waist wasn't covered in layer upon layer of frills she would have been able to feel his cock pressed against her. Her face was warm at the thought of it. Her breasts were warm thinking about him touching her. In fact everything was warm. David was back with them as she opened the door to leave.

Waiting out front for them was a Lincoln Town car, large and black. She would have to admit she thought it was a limo at first and a delicious thought of what they could do in the over sized stretched out car. What was coming over her? She was drunk. "Ohhh..." she mewed. Wyatt's hand was on her bare ass. She felt the cold night air on her. She was wet for him already. It was going to happen quickly.

They slid into the car. She felt cold leather on her bare thighs. She felt both of them so close to her. David was talking to the driver. Wyatt was nuzzling at her neck. She needed him to touch her. They needed to be alone.

She studied David. He sat so close to her. He and his brother could clearly pass for each other. Wyatt was older and taller. The five years had been a little rough on him as the mid -thirties were known to be. David was tall and thin, just as Wyatt had been in the tuxedo the night they got married. The image of him in those days came flooding back to her and suddenly he was David and suddenly she was naked and if Wyatt didn't stop moving his hand over her breast. Did he realize the velvet was rough on the other side? Did he realize she was aching for him already and that all she wanted was to be touched?

Her eyes closed. It was coming. It was building in her breast and like an electric charge was storing up in her hot and swollen clitoris. She moved her hips against the seat of the car and there just wasn't contact. She moved her legs together and she purred. She felt his hand on her breast, His bare hand on her bare breast. She couldn't help it now. Her hands reached for something to hold and she found one leg of each man. It was coming. Like water rushing down a hill she could hear it, she could feel it. It was coming. She moaned and gripped tighter. "Don't stop." She whispered and then she felt it. His hand was on her, his finger inside her. She gulped for air. "Don't stop." She whispered again. A last whisper before the moan turned to a quiet cry and her legs turned to jelly. Her wet pussy clamped down on his fingers. He pinched her nipples. His hand moved over her thigh. His lips on her breast.



She opened her eyes. Wyatt's hand was on her thigh, his mouth on her nipple. She looked at David and he was smiling at her, his fingers were plunged deep inside of her and still moving slowly back and forth. His thumb circled slowly over her warm and moist lips.

"Ung." It was all she could think, it was all she could utter. She leaned towards her husbands little brother and just as their lips met she whispered again, "Don't stop."

It had to be some show for the driver. She came twice as the two men she cherished most had spent the drive alternatively kissing, stroking, fondling, and fingering her. She could have come again and again but they had made her stop. "Just wait, captain." Wyatt had told her. She sat breathing heavily. Begging them had not gotten them to let her pull the blouse back over her large breasts. They were still bare and were occasionally being stroked. She laid low in the seat with a hand on each thigh. Teasing. The drive shouldn't have been that long and she wondered if they had intentionally been driving in circles. Pulling to a stop at last she saw the large well lit entry of the Dunhill, the large and exquisite resort for which David was the concierge.

"What? Where are we going?"

"Membership has its privileges. You should probably cover up before we go inside. I have to stop at the desk." David walked away. The small ass ran in the family. "mmmm."


"Oh god, this is going to happen isn't it." He was nestled behind her. This time she felt him hard against her ass. She thought briefly about what that meant. Her skirt was revealing but the concern went away as quickly as it had popped up. His hands were gripping her waist tightly and she had other things to think about.

"Unless you don't want it to. It's up to you."

"I'm going to be your fuck toy?"


"You are going to watch me?"


"You are going to fuck me too."

"Well, only after you have sucked me off."

"Unnngh." She turned to him and kissed him.

"You guys want to hit the bar? Maybe get something to eat?"

She turned and gave David a dirty look.

"Oh, well, good then... This way I guess." He was nervous. She could take care of that.

The elevator ride was quick. Truthfully, quicker than she would have liked. She kissed Wyatt briefly and was moving to wrap her arms around his younger brother when the doors slid open. Damn.

He opened the door to the room. She got the slight impression that it was larger than most rooms. She had an urge to explore but she didn't get the chance. In the room Wyatt had his hands on her hips again, this time, under the skirt. He tugged twice and the petticoat was stubborn. He tugged a third time with real strength and it gave way and dropped to the floor at her feet. She stepped out of it.

"Orders for us captain?" David was smiling now. Whatever nervousness he seemed to have had was slipping away. She couldn't really speak. She gestured and grunted and he took off his shirt. Wyatt's hands moved over her. No sooner had Wyatt freed her breasts again than David had descended on her. He was on his knees in front of her, his mouth pressed firmly to her nipple.

"I need to sit down."

"Not yet." said Wyatt. His mouth was on her ass. She felt his teeth and then his tongue. She leaned forward on the heels and pressed her breast firmly against the man on his knees in front of her. Wyatt pushed at her and struggling, she spread her legs, opening for him. His tongue wasted not a minute. His hand on her ass spread her and he licked at her, the tip dancing over the small tight circle of her ass. David went lower as well. Down her body he went until her skirt covered the top of his head. She felt his tongue on her. He wasn't exactly there but fuck it, he was close enough. She didn't balance entirely. She swayed and the men's hands held her standing. Another orgasm was washing over her and her legs were shaking.


Like a command to a well trained pet she complied following him through a door onto a bed. She collapsed at once looking up at them. David was stripping down. Wyatt's pants were off and he wore only the tight T-shirt. She managed the strength to lift herself to sitting and then saw his cock. Tall, glorious, and poised for her, she moved forward and took it.

She devoured his waiting member; she licked at it and pulled his ass to bring him ever deeper into her throat. She tasted cum on him already, playing with her tended to do that to him. David stroked her thigh and she saw him kneeling before her. With a wave of her hand she brought him to standing. She looked up at her husband and she smiled down at her. "Oh god." She said releasing him. Sliding her hand between David's legs she gripped his ass and brought his cock now to his mouth. She worked one and then the other. She opened deeper and sucked longer than she had ever sucked cock before. She was nothing but a fuck toy tonight. She was going to be a good one.

She lost herself in the night. She couldn't remember when she had finally lost her dress but the next day she found it torn entirely down one side. She wished she could remember being ravaged like that. She would sit at work weeks later and remember. She would remember being on her hands and knees with her husbands cock impossibly deep in her throat and how she didn't move herself. Each long stroke of the cock in her pussy pressed her down on the cock in her mouth. She remembers clearly David calling her name as she rode on top of him and how she corrected him. "You call me fuck toy!" Nights in bed she would remember Wyatt at the foot of the bed watching her fuck the shit out of David. How it drove her insane and the longer she looked in his eyes, the harder she thrust her hips down on him, the deeper it drove his dick into her. She remembered how as she sucked on David's cock long and slow, running her tongue the length of his engorged shaft how delicate he had been when he slid his still hard cock slowly into her tight ass. They hadn't done that often, and she had never enjoyed it the way she had that night.

She had been a fuck toy, a slut like she never imagined. She pleasured two men in every way she could think of. She would think back on how she had laid on the bed with a cock in each hand waiting for one to move and when it had been Wyatt's she had gone down on him again. Sucking him furiously until David too had regained his stiff shaft and moved in behind her to fuck her again, fast and hard, pulling at her legs to spread her open wider for him.

She could also remember falling asleep between them. David had kissed her long and passionately before rolling over to go to sleep. She had thought Wyatt was already sleeping but as she rolled over to him he had opened his eyes.

"Do you love your fuck toy?"

"Yes, Dot. I love my fuck toy almost as much as I love you." He smiled as his eyes closed.

The next morning David was gone. She was sleeping pressed against her husband, his arm around her gently snoring. She showered and came back to find him stirring. Climbing back into bed, he kissed her and made love to her slowly and delicately.

She couldn't count the number of orgasms that had come that night or the number of fantasies that came out of it. David had never said anything about it again. He would smile at her from time to time. Once, by the pool, she had flashed him her tit and he smiled. If he was ever different to her it was only that his hand was sat more gently on her shoulder as they passed in the kitchen or their talks about his life more open and honest. She did discuss it with Wyatt. Often in whispers lying in bed as a kind of foreplay that always led to incredible sex.

It all seemed a fantasy, more than any Halloween could ever possibly be again. She did, however always seem to find a party for the holiday, and each year, an incredibly sexy costume.

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