tagInterracial LoveAyesha of Tim Horton's

Ayesha of Tim Horton's


"How's life, Steve? You look troubled," Ayesha Abdulmajid said as she looked pensively at the big and tall young black man who lay in her arms. Steve looked at Ayesha and gently stroked her lovely face, running his hand through her long, curly black hair. From the moment he first laid eyes on her inside that Tim Horton's one frosty December morning in the City of Nepean, Ontario, Steve knew Ayesha was a special woman.

At first, the young Haitian man wasn't quite sure how to proceed due to the difference in their ages. Steve Valcourt was in his late twenties, twenty seven to be exact, returning to the University of Ottawa to complete his long-interrupted Law studies. Ayesha was almost a decade older than Steve, recently divorced from her control freak of a Pakistani husband Yousef Abdulmajid, and living on her own for the first time since she moved to Ottawa from her hometown of Islamabad, Pakistan. Yeah, they came from different worlds, to say the least.

Steve didn't let that stop him, though. When he looked into Ayesha's eyes, the smoldering passion he saw in there almost took his breath away. That's why he kept coming back to the Tim Horton's located across the road from the Super Store which the security company he worked for sent him, day after day. Steve hated his job, standing at the door and dealing with irate, rude, passive-aggressive and at times downright racist people. The upside? His measly paycheck, and seeing Ayesha in the early mornings, of course.

Somehow, seeing Ayesha in the early morning was quite often the highlight of Steve's day. Waking up at five o'clock in the morning in his Barrhaven basement apartment wasn't easy. Running up that hill to get to Marketplace Station so he could catch the 95 OC Transpo bus to get to Baseline Station, and doing so in the dead of the Ontario winter, well, that was no joke. Riding a bus full of government worker types, entitled and boring as they were, that really sucked, but Steve didn't let them get to him. Focus on winning the war, not every battle, that's what he silently told himself.

Ayesha's Tim Horton's became his favorite such spot, and with good reason. Little by little, Steve got more comfortable talking to Ayesha. In the mornings they would exchange pleasantries, and sometimes, he would see her come into the Super Store, in the early afternoon. The dark-haired, brown-skinned, brown-eyed South Asian lady whom Steve referred to in his head as "Ayesha the MILF from Tim Horton's" was something else. Her smile could brighten Steve's day, even if he spent most of his time dealing with irate middle-aged white Canadians who disrespected him at every turn. Yeah, Ayesha was that special. That's why Steve decided he had to have her.

"Have lunch with me, please," Steve said pleadingly to Ayesha, one afternoon as she came into the Store. There was a MacDonald's restaurant inside the vast shopping center, and it was to be the setting of their first non-date, or whatever one might call such an impromptu encounter. After her shift ended at Tim Horton's, Ayesha figured she'd get a few items from the Super Store before she began her long trek back to her house in southern Nepean. At the Store entrance she spotted Steve, looking so handsome in his security uniform, a bright smile on his face.

"Oh, well, alright," Ayesha said, and Steve grinned, and led the way. They went into the restaurant, and spent the next hour talking and laughing over burgers and fries. That's how it all began. It wasn't easy for the outgoing, free-spirited Steve to get Ayesha, a thirty-five-year-old divorcee, and a Muslim woman no less, to come out of her shell, but in the end, his persistence paid off. Now they're together, happy as can be, without a care in the world.

"I hate working at the Super Store, and these rude customers and backstabbing sales associates are starting to get to me," Steve said with a deep sigh, and Ayesha nodded sadly, then rested her head on her lover's chest, listening to his rhythmic heartbeat. Ayesha wasn't quite sure what to say. As a server at a drive-through Tim Horton's, Ayesha had met her share of bad customers. Impatient, rude and entitled men and women, usually middle-aged and white, who felt like insulting her when they didn't get their way.

"Don't let them get to you, my love," Ayesha whispered, and she gently kissed Steve on the lips. Without hesitation Steve kissed her back, then put his arms around her, pulling her close. Just like that, the two of them began making love. Ayesha's hands went to Steve's face, then roamed all over his well-built, chocolate-hued body. Steve grinned as Ayesha's eager hands went straight to his Johnson.

"Damn, you want it bad, eh?" Steve said, laughing as Ayesha grinned naughtily, then kissed his chest, while stroking his already erect member. Ayesha kissed a path down Steve's chest, and made her way to his groin. Steve held his breath as Ayesha stroked his dick with both hands, then brought her face inches from it, and stopped. Steve looked into Ayesha's eyes, and the lovely temptress smiled wickedly.

"Beg for it, my dear Steve, I want you to be reminded who's in charge," Ayesha said tersely, and she teased the hell out of Steve by flicking her tongue near his dick, while stopping shy of touching it. Steve's dick throbbed in Ayesha's hand, and she knew that she had him at her mercy. Steve groaned, and then uttered the magic words while Ayesha patiently waited, a smug smile on her lovely face. How she loved doing this to him...

"Please," Steve whispered, and Ayesha grinned, then took his dick into her mouth. A happy sighed escaped Steve's lips, and the young Haitian leaned back on the bed, and he gazed down as Ayesha as she sucked his dick with gusto. While sucking Steve's dick, Ayesha fingered his ass. Having fucked Steve's ass with one of her dildos before, she knew he loved having his ass played with. In no time, Ayesha had Steve harder than a rock, and from the look in his eyes, she could tell that he desperately burned for her. Ayesha ached to be on top of him, but first, she needed him to do something for her...

"Before I let you fuck me, I'm going to dominate you, now lie down and stick your tongue out!" Ayesha said in that sexy, bossy tone that Steve liked so much. Grinning, Ayesha rose up, and then lowered herself onto Steve's face, squatting down until her big derriere covered every inch of his handsome visage. At once Steve began licking Ayesha's ass, sticking his tongue deep into her asshole, and the Pakistani MILF moaned in pleasure.

"That's it, Steve, lick your sweet Ayesha's ass," she said, clucking her tongue for emphasis. Steve did as he was told, fingering Ayesha's wet, hairy cunt while eating her ass. There was nothing Steve loved more than eating ass, and Ayesha of Pakistan had one of the best he'd ever seen. Gripping Ayesha's ass with both hands, Steve worked his tongue into the forbidden depths of her asshole, and that's when Ayesha went buck-wild. The mature South Asian beauty squealed in delight as Steve pleasured her like no man before ever has.

"Love the way your booty tastes, Ayesha," Steve said, laughing, much later. Ayesha turned to look at Steve and smiled, mystified and thrilled by this strange, wonderful young man. Even though they came from opposite sides of the world, no one ever understood her or made her feel as loved and appreciated as Steve did. The Haitian stud was something else, and Ayesha was getting dangerously addicted to him. Which was more than okay with Steve, by the way.

"Don't stare at it, come fuck it," Ayesha said, laughing, a daring smile on her face as she pulled away from Steve and got on all fours. Steve looked at Ayesha's big brown derriere as she shook it from side to side, and his dick hardened instantly. Grinning, Steve got behind Ayesha, and playfully smacked her thick brown ass. Ayesha laughed, and pressed her derriere against his groin, and purred like a kitten.

"Oh damn, you're so going to get it," Steve said breathlessly, and he gripped Ayesha's hips, holding her firmly into place. With a swift thrust he entered her, burying his dick deep inside her warm, tight cunt. A happy, excited squeal escaped Ayesha's lips and she arched her back, bending all the way down. Steve bucked his hips and thrust into her, stabbing her cunt with his hard dick, delighting in the happy sounds she made. All night he'd been craving her, and now, at last, they were one.

"Give it to me, big man," Ayesha squealed, and Steve grabbed her long black hair and yanked her head back while thrusting his dick deeper and deeper into her. He'd been with his share of ladies in his lifetime, but Ayesha was like no other. The prim and proper South Asian beauty with the fearless smile and passion-filled eyes was something else, and he couldn't get enough of her. Indeed, he could get lost in Ayesha if he wasn't careful. Try as he might, Steve couldn't see that as a bad thing...

"You get me," Ayesha whispered to Steve, much later, after he'd pounded her pussy into submission, just the way she liked it. Steve grinned and kissed Ayesha on the forehead, and then pulled the covers over their pleasurably sore bodies. Outside Ayesha's place, the Ontario winter raged in the form of a fierce snowstorm. Tomorrow, another busy day of work awaited the lovebirds at the Super Store and Tim Horton's, respectively, but that's okay. For now, they have each other, and that's more than enough for them.

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