tagInterracial LoveAylesbury Wives Club Ch. 02

Aylesbury Wives Club Ch. 02


Doug walked into the house just as Peter got off the phone and said. "How did it go with that redhead you were with this afternoon?"

Peter replied. "She was hotter than her hair color and she's coming here again next week for more of this black cock. I'm teaching her some sexual technics she can use with her husband."

Doug laughed and said. "I suppose that was red hot on the phone just now?" Peter said. "No Man. That's the dark-haired one I told you about. She has the daughter fresh out of college at home and I'm gonna see about giving them the double whammy"

Doug replied. "Hey Man. I thought I was going to get part of this fine white pussy for myself?" Peter said. "Mamma is coming here tomorrow morning and I'll see if I can hook you up with her or her fine daughter."

Doug laughed and said. "I'll flip you for the young one." Peter said. "You better wait until you see her Mother first. She's Hot."

Doug said. "So how are you going to get in her pants?" Peter smiled and said. "Just wait and see. I have plans in the works already."

Peter went on to say. "I want you to hang around the house tomorrow because your going to be a part of our meditation class that I'm teaching." Doug laughed and said. "Man. You don't know anything about giving meditation classes."

Peter replied. "I don't even have a clue what the fuck I did today other than getting a peace of ass. Now why should I have to be an expert in meditation to get any peace of ass tomorrow?"

Doug held the palms of his hands in front of him and said. "OK. Just work it out so I can get some of that white meat tomorrow."

Peter answered the front door and both Marisa and her daughter Jenny was waiting to come in as Peter said. "I'm really glad both of you could make it today. Come on in and make yourself at home and I'll get us something to drink."

After getting settled with their drinks, Peter decided to sit on the floor in the great room in a little circle as they sat and discussed the art of meditation. Peter had put a shot of gin in each of the ladies; drinks which he thought would help him convince these women that he was the meditation guru he had told them he was at their first club meeting he attended.

Doug walked into the room wearing only his weight lifting sweat pants and waited for Peter to introduce him to the two attractive women sitting on the floor. Peter introduced them and Doug shook their hands thinking to himself that they looked more like sisters than Mother and daughter.

Peter said. "I invited Doug to join us today in our meditation group. He is very knowledgeable In meditation and will help guide us through the fine process of relaxation we're going to experience today."

Marisa and Jenny were starring at Doug's muscular body and both women found him very appealing. Doug lifted weights on a daily basis and it payed off when he got looks from all the ladies.

Doug sat down on the floor in between Marisa and Jenny and noticed both women's eye's following every move he made. Doug said. "Well. What kind of stress are you ladies under that brings you here today to join Peter and I in our daily meditation hour?"

Marisa spoke first and said. "I just need to find a way to get everything off my mind because my body is always so tense that I sometimes feel like I'm going to break in two."

Doug said. "I join Peter every day at the same time for at least one hour of meditation after I lift weights in the morning."

Peter started getting in his meditation posture or at least what he thought like he was doing. And asked the ladies to follow all of his moves along with Doug. Jenny had her eyes' glued to Doug's large shoulders and watched Doug's muscles flex each time he made a move.

Doug stood up and began to pull his sweat pants off leaving only his tight brief's as the only article of clothing on his body as he said. "I'm sorry ladies but Peter and I meditate in the nude every day and I had to get comfortable for this to work."

Doug left the brief's on and sat back on the floor as Peter got up and began to strip down to his under shorts and also sat back down and looked around at the ladies and saw that they were smiling and looking at each other.

Both women giggled as they stood up and pulled down their jeans and Marisa pulled her sweater off over her head as Jenny unbuttoned her blouse and they both sat back down with only a pair of panties and their bra's on.

Peter was the first person to speak as he said. "Now. Doesn't that feel more comfortable?" The woman shook their head in agreement as they began doing yoga and at least it resembled yoga as Peters lead them in the motions.

Peter stopped after several minutes and said. "Doug and I always do these things in the nude and I would like to continue our session as I normally would and I was wondering if you would be insulted if I stripped naked here this morning."

It only took Marisa and Jenny about five seconds to decide and they shook their heads that they didn't mind if he was naked and Peter got up and pulled down his under shorts. Doug watched their reaction as they starred at Peter's huge cock sticking straight out between his legs and got up and pulled his own brief's down and throw them on the coach.

Doug and Peter took their seats between the two ladies and acted as if everything was normal for them and continued back to doing their yoga moves. Marisa was blushing and held her hand over her eye's and tried not to giggle but it came out anyway as Jenny said. "Mother. This is so natural and you shouldn't feel ashamed at the human body. It's perfectly natural for everyone to be comfortable in meditation."

Jenny leaned back and pulled off her panties than lowered the straps of her bra and twisted it around and unsnapped the hooks and threw it on the coach along with Doug's shorts and said. "Come on Mother. Get with the program."

Marisa giggled and said. "I just can't get totally naked in front of these guys." Jenny got up and walked over behind her Mother and unsnapped her Mother's bra and said. "Now slip off those panties so we can get back to our session."

Peter and Doug were both watching and looking the women over and took notice that both women were almost identical in size and shape. Both had dark long hair and Marisa's tits may have been fuller than her daughters. That may have been from having two children and both had tiny waists and nice little round bottoms.

Peter was checking out their bushes and noticed they both were neatly trimmed into neat little patches as if they compared each other before leaving the house. Jenny was busy herself checking out the guys and came to the conclusion that both men were the same size in the dick department. They were trying to get back where they had left off a few minutes ago but Doug was getting distracted watching Jenny's tits jiggling around as she moved her arms. Doug and Peter, where starring at each other and both guys were thinking the same thing. They had to find a way to get Mother and Daughter apart so they could go forward with their plan.

Peter spent the next several minutes doing his version of yoga moves when he said. "We have to pair off now and work in two teams and help our partner in achieving total relaxation." Peter was the first to move around in front of Marisa and Doug slid around until he was sitting in front of Jenny.

Peter began getting himself into position taking Marisa's hands into his and placed them on his thighs as he stretched his legs straight out around her body and said. "Put your legs over mine and stretch them out and let your mind go blank." Doug did the same thing with Jenny and they too were in the same position as Peter began chanting.

Doug was doing the same thing with Jenny and after a couple minutes Peter spoke out and said. "This just isn't going to work if we are going to achieve our goals here today. We must pair off into separate rooms so we can have total concentration with our own partner."

Doug said. "May I suggest that we go into separate bedrooms with our partners where we can concentrate and stay more focused on our meditation."

Jenny smiled when Doug suggested the idea of separate rooms because she felt both her and her Mother would be more relaxed if they separated.

Doug took Jenny by the hand and led her out of the room and down the hall and before turning the corner, Jenny looked back at her Mother sitting on the bed with her legs wrapped around Peters and wondered if these men were really gay.

Jenny spent the next thirty minutes in Doug's bedroom meditating and practicing yoga. She was sitting on the bed with her back facing Doug while he massaged her tits as she lay back against his chest. Jenny sat enjoying his touch in very deep thought until she finally said. "You're not really gay. Are you Doug?"

Doug sat with a lump in his throat not able to speak as he continued to gently massage her tits and rubbing his thumbs over her nipples making them as hard as rock. Jenny finally turned around and said. "Well?"

Doug hesitated than said. "What makes you think I'm not gay?" Jenny laughed and said. "Give me a break. I'm not a yoga expert but playing with my boobs wouldn't exactly be considered yoga. Besides. I took a few classes about a year ago and we didn't even get naked. Nor was it even suggested that we get naked. Besides. I saw the way your cock got hard when I stripped my clothes off and the way you and Peter just starred at us."

Doug waited before giving Jenny his reply than said. "Peter has been my friend for a long time and we own this house together and do business together and we play together. Peter and I thought you and your Mother came here today for our help with a stress problem and that's what we are trying to provide for the two of you today."

Jenny turned completely around until she was sitting between his spread legs on the bed and reached down and took hold of his hard black cock and began to slowly stroke it and said. "Why don't you lay back on the bed and let me give you what your really looking for?"

Doug lay back on the bed as he felt Jenny's slim fingers wrap around the girth of his cock as he watched her scoot backward on the bed and lower her head to lick the tip of his cock. Doug's cock was rock solid as Jenny opened her mouth and took the large head of his cock inside. Doug felt her tongue swishing around along the edge of the head of his cock as he lay back and moaned.

Jenny scooted her body back further until she was able to lay herself completely down with her legs straight out and rested her head on Doug's leg as she began to suck his cock. Doug moaned as he glanced down at Jenny's head as he watched her sucking his cock into her mouth. Her beautiful long hair was covering his upper thigh and tickled him as she moved her head around working on his stiff cock.

Doug reached down to stroke her hair as Jenny sucked on the head while she reached down to massage his large balls. She seemed to be really skilled at what she was doing as Doug said. "I bet you were a very popular girl in college?"

Jenny didn't answer Doug but continued to suck on his cock with great skill moving her tongue in circular motions around Doug's cock. Jenny used her hand to begin to spread Doug's leg out so she could move her head down to lick his balls into her mouth.

She was moving her tongue around his ball sack than took each ball into her mouth and sucked hard than letting it pop back out of her mouth than quickly took the other into her mouth and did the same thing making him jump each time she released one of his balls from her mouth.

Jenny continued this several more times until she took his cock back into her mouth and furiously began to move her tongue around its length as she worked on making him cum. Doug laid back and enjoyed the pleasure she was giving him with her mouth and knew he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

Doug could feel Jenny's tits pushing into his leg as she worked her mouth on his cock and arched his ass up off the bed giving her more access to his stiff cock. Jenny didn't let up at all for the next several minutes and Doug could feel his balls tighten up and he was ready to shoot his load into her mouth as he said. "Oh my God. I'm going too cum."

Jenny began to massage his ball sack and work her mouth around the head of his cock and waited for the big man to cum in her mouth. Jenny didn't have to wait very long as the first spurt shoot deep into her mouth as she swallowed and waited for the next spurt to enter her mouth.

Doug yelled out. "Oh God . . . That's it . . . Eat it all." His cock jerked again and as he shot another load into her mouth as Jenny continued to hold her mouth tight around his cock making sure she didn't drop any of his seed.

Jenny continued to massage his ball sack and moved her hand tight up along the length of his cock keeping her thumb pressed into the large vein where his cum traveled up and milked every last once into her mouth before lifting herself up and looking straight into his eye's and said. "Now. Isn't that better than fooling around pretending to be gay?"

Doug looked up at her pretty face and laughed as he said. "Yeah. You're a hot little bitch and talented with that mouth of yours." Doug continued. "Where did you learn to suck cock like that?"

Jenny looked at Doug but didn't answer him as she starred straight ahead for a few seconds than said. "Wait right here for a minute. I'll be right back." Before Doug had a chance to say anything to Jenny, she hooped off the bed and ran out of the room and down the hallway. Doug suspected she was on her way to see what her Mother and Peter were doing at the moment.

Jenny ran out the door and down the hall and stopped just short of the bedroom door which she found was now shut. Jenny reached for the door knob and slowly gave it a turn and gently opened the door just enough to peek inside to check on her Mother.

As the door opened, Jenny leaned forward and looked inside the room and what she saw completely surprised and maybe shocked her for a few seconds. Jenny could see Peter on top fucking her Mother and as she starred at their body's she saw her Mother's legs wrapped around Peters ass and saw his black ass moving up and down and rotating in circular motions.

Jenny could hear her Mother moaning with each thrust of Peters big cock and carefully listen to the sounds of Peter's cock slicing into her Mother's pussy. It sent shivers down her spine but at the same time she knew her Mother was enjoying herself sexually for the first time in years.

Jenny's Father and Mother had been divorced since she was a little girl and her stepfather ever worried about was making money and didn't seem to care about her Mother's personal feelings. Jenny slowly shut the door and ran back to the room where Doug was still sitting on the bed waiting for her return.

Once she entered the room, she closed the door shut behind her and turned the lock and walked over to the bed and climbed up between Doug's legs as he sat there laying back against the headboard.

Doug said. "Well. Did you check on your Mother while you were out?" Jenny looked in Doug's eye's as she took hold of his thick cock, not saying a word and wrapped her fingers around it and began to slowly stroke it making it as hard as it was when she was sucking him minutes ago.

Jenny kept starring in Doug's eye's as she stroked his cock and said. "I want you to fuck me. Move down on the bed so I can straddle your legs." Doug scooted down as he laid his head on the pillow and waited to see what Jenny was going to want him to do next. She seemed to want to take control and watched as she moved her legs on each side of his and kept hold of his cock as she looked down and raised her ass off his body and positioned herself above his cock.

Doug watched as Jenny slipped her fingers in the slit of her pussy as if to see if she were wet enough to slip his cock inside. Doug watched as she moved herself forward and placed the head of his cock inside her pussy lips and slowly rocked back and forth trying to lodge him inside her.

Doug placed his hands near her knee's as she continued to rock back and forth until the head of his cock popped inside her tight pussy. There was no mention of using a condom and Doug certainly wasn't going to mention anything because he loved the feel of a bare white pussy around his cock.

Doug felt that Jenny would have said something if there was any danger of pregnancy as he felt his cock work itself inside her a couple more inches. She was tight but seemed to have some experience as he watched her work herself down on his cock. Doug arched his hips up to help get more of his cock inside her pussy and this made her moan as she said. "Oh Yeah. Push it inside me."

Doug didn't hesitate as he arched up again making his cock push all the way inside her pussy as he watched her body stiffen once he was fully embedded in her pussy. Doug was about to reach around and put his hands on her little round ass and gave her ass cheeks a squeeze and took a firm grip and lifted her body up a few inches and let her drop back down on his cock as he arched up again.

Jenny's eye's were closed and her hands were resting on Doug's chest as she sat on top letting him control the movements with his large hands. "Oh fuck. Its so good."

Doug continued to thrust up inside her as he held onto her ass and felt her pussy gripping his cock as if to keep him from sliding back out. Doug moaned and said. "Oh fuck. Baby. Your pussy is so tight."

Doug kept up his pace as he arched his legs up with each thrust of his cock and felt her ass squirming around on top of him as he said. "You're not going to want to fuck any of those white boys after today."

Jenny moaned and said. "Just keep fucking me like that with your cock. Fuck. It's so big." Doug didn't say another word as he gripped her ass hard and began to piston his cock in and out of her tight white pussy.

Jenny leaned forward resting more of her weight on Doug's chest as she rotated her ass around his cock as she felt his grip on her ass keeping her pinned above him. Jenny moaned again and said. "Oh Yeah.'‘'‘God . . . Fuck . . . Me . . . oh hh Shit . . . Fuck me . . . "

Doug responded back and said. "God. You're as tight as a virgin. Move that little white ass around for me."

Doug felt her pussy tighten up and her whole body went stiff as she reached her first orgasm. Jenny hollered out. "Oh . . . God . . . Fuck Me . . . Oh . . . Yes . . . Oh . . . Fuck . . . Yes . . . " Her whole body shuddered for a few seconds until her orgasm tapered off and she relaxed on top of him.

Doug didn't let up on his strokes inside her pussy as he watched her begin to rotate her ass again as she pushed her pussy down hard on his cock and started to shudder again as she reached another orgasm. "Oh Fuck . . . Keep fucking me Hard . . . Fuck . . . That's it . . . Oh Yeah . . . Fuck it . . . "

Doug felt her body relax even more this time as she struggled to regain more energy as he kept pistoling his cock inside her pussy. Doug wanted to cum inside of her and hoped he could bring her too at least one more orgasm before he did.

Doug could feel her pussy milking his cock again and he knew he couldn't hold back much longer. Jenny arched her back making her ass push down against him as he continued to push up as deep as he could in her pussy. He could feel his cock and balls tighten up and knew it would only be a minute or two before he was spewing his seed deep inside this beautiful young woman's belly.

Jenny was grinding her pussy down into his cock as she held onto his chest with her hands as her body started to quiver for the third time. Doug pushed himself in as deep as he could with each stroke of his cock as his speed slowed down a bit as he felt the cum ready to explode from his cock. He kept watching Jenny and waited a few more seconds as she reached her third orgasm and listened to her scream out as he shoot his thick load of cum inside her belly.

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