tagSci-Fi & FantasyAyumi, Biomechanical Lesbian

Ayumi, Biomechanical Lesbian


Ayumi owed Caroline a great deal. Before the Escape, Caroline had been one of the scientists working for the irredeemably evil Madame Arch-Designer (M.A.D).

M.A.D's rule over the facility where Ayumi had been born turned out to be so totalitarian that the workers there were as much prisoners as the Biomechanicals. Many soon found her tyrannical rule over them unbearable, and covertly conspired with their test subjects against M.A.D and her legion of fanatical lackeys.

The reasons for assisting the Biomechanicals varied: in many cases, the motivation was love. A great many of the female scientists (M.A.D considered men unreliable) developed romantic attachments to the Biomechanicals.

A great many of those conspirators never made it, and even more Biomechanicals were put to death for even considering escape. M.A.D viewed her subordinates and test subjects as expendable tools to use and dispose of as she saw fit.

Finally, after a nine-year imprisonment, fate dealt the Biomechanicals and their human allies a chance to escape from this hell.

Ayumi fonded remembered the intense passion that simmered between them in the facility. Caroline found plenty of excuses to conduct experiments on Ayumi that involved the horny Biomechanical taking off her clothes. It was agonizingly erotic, as neither one could actually satisfy their desires (except through the secret exchange of pornographic imagery, which of course only intensified their desire to rip each others clothes off and start fucking like animals) due to the constant surveillance.

M.A.D never allowed the Biomechanicals to be taken out of their cells ever, for any reason. So for eight years, Ayumi and Caroline were unable to have any kind of physical contact. They couldn't even kiss one another, because M.A.D would find out somehow and have them both killed. Only women who were not in any kind of prolonged contact with the Biomechanicals were allowed to be engaging in any sort of sexual activity with the Biomechanicals, and those women were invariably picked for their malevolent and sadistic personalities.

M.A.D was fascinated by the study of psychological trauma, and M.A.D's lackeys (usually men with a history of rape offenses) and her volunteer women (violent sadomasochists, a large percentage of them convicts) provided that in ample amounts. Ayumi had been violated so many times she frequently thought about suicide. Ayumi desperately wanted to get out, and the only person she had to talk to was Caroline.

But they did escape, ironically because of the actions of a large group of Luddites who hated the Biomechanicals (but hated the facility workers even more for making them in the first place) intensely.

In their chaotic assault, the blundering mob wound setting the stage for the Biomechanicals' freedom. Their human conspirators took advantage of the confusion and liberated the Biomechanicals from their prison. Although many of them were killed in the process (either by the Luddite mob or M.A.D's thugs), most of the Biomechanicals and their human conspirators did escape.

M.A.D was unbelievably furious, and hired hitmen in secret to kill the conspirators AND their relatives. Fortunately, the conspirators had anticpated M.A.D's pyschotic fury and had hidden their family members long before the conspiring had even begun.

So M.A.D's rage was now directed at the Biomechanicals: the Madame Arch-Designer would not rest until they were all dead. M.A.D had no qualms about wiping the entire existing Biomechanical population if she felt like it, they could all be replaced with a new batch.


"Oh Caroline. Finally we are free." smiled Ayumi.

Caroline was happy, but also cautious: "The Madame Arch-Designer won't stop searching for all of us. One day we'll have to face her."

Ayumi signed, "Yes. But not today. Right now I want us to do to each other what we have been waiting eight years to do."

Caroline smiled naughtily, "Remember your reaction to my lab coat? I think you had a fetish for that costume."

Ayumi nodded, "I remember taking my clothes off for you some many times...I've actually lost count. It was torture....unable to be able to make love to you. My need to get you inside my storage organ and inseminate you was ridiculously powerful."

Caroline had a mischievous expression, "I always found the idea of being swallowed, then inseminated in that secret place by a woman...extremely erotic. It was so alien, so different from any kind of sex I had heard of before."

Ayumi was breathing harder, "It's a very private, intimate experience...unlike anything Biologicals will experience. Biological sex is so external...you do all your fucking on the outside. No privacy at all. But inside me, there will be no way anyone can spy on you. No need to worry about how you are perceived, even by me. I can always turn off my internal monitors (including the intercom), and then you can do whatever you want. You put your hands in your cookie jar and I wouldn't be able to see or hear you. Hmm...there's an interesting image right there. The hottest woman I know...furiously masturbating inside my pseudo-stomach, while I feel the whole event happening within me."

Caroline added, "Since I'm the one who can isn't sterile and have a true womb...which isn't the case with all you Biomechanicals ...that leaves all that empty space. I, for one, know that storing female Biologicals and inseminating them isn't the only thing you Biomechanicals can do with your false stomach."

Ayumi nodded once, "Correct. I can use my internal tentacles....usually used to pull the Biological woman out of the storage area once she is impregnated...and fuck her with those cables while she is still in me. Why, you interested? You always did take a great deal of interest in how my extension cables worked. No wonder the Biomechanicals got all those special upgrades for miscellaneous purposes over the years. I fondly remember you installing them directly onto my systems...especially my tentacle upgrades."

Caroline softly moaned, "I've always imagined how sex between us would be with those upgrades involved."

Ayumi had an incredibly lusty expression on her face, "I LOVE what I can do with my tentacles now. I can do so much more than just wrap them around your body. I can do so much with them in fact....there should be a whole new sexual position book created. The possibilities are quite amazing."

Caroline signed, "We've got through so much...waited so long...let's do it. Right here, right now."

Ayumi smiled softly, "My sweet darling. How long have we waited for this moment? We shouldn't wait any longer."

Caroline was blushing, her body aflame with desire: "Fuck me Ayumi. Fuck me like you've always wanted to."

Ayumi almost cried, "I love you so much. I've always loved you."

Caroline began to walk towards her lover, "My Ayumi."

Ayumi smiled broadly, "We'll start out like Biologicals have sex...then I'll show you just what these upgrades have done to me."

With that, the two women embraced and ground their mouths against each other: Biological and Biomechanical.

"I can't wait to get you out of these clothes!" breathed Ayumi heavily.

Two of Ayumi's tentacles shot out, and then three triple-jointed fingers emerged from the ends of both extensions. In a very short time, Caroline's blouse and pants were opened. Then item after item of Caroline's outfit was removed, and flung aside. Ayumi removed her clothes more slowly, more deliberately with her hands. Then Ayumi dropped her human disguise, revealing her light grey-skinned head, neck, and forearms; whitish-blue almond-shaped eyes with a slight tint of black; white hair with some black streaks; and the exotic white-black-green large-stripe patterned body.

Ayumi had both pairs of their soaked panties in her clawed tentacles. She placed Caroline's panties in her mouth, and then offered her own panties to Caroline.

Years of unrequited lesbian lust and love came to the surface and Ayumi's saturated panties were stuffed into the horny scientist's mouth.

After feeding on each other's juices for a while, Caroline smiled knowingly at Ayumi.

"Admit it Ayumi. You have no real idea how Biologicals have sex, and further more you think prefer your own way."

Ayumi looked genuinely embarrassed by her ignorance, "I admit...I am out of my element with this whole external, hands-on lesbian sex thing."

Caroline raised her hand up, "You don't have to explain. I'll be more than happy to teach you at another time. In the meantime, do what you are comfortable with....what you know."

Ayumi nodded, "Thank you Caroline. Now to show you what I can do."

At that moment, two more long tentacles appeared from Ayumi's back. Then the extensions slowly went to work on Caroline's nude body.

Two of her tentacle hands suddenly shape-shifted into more softer-looking, multiple-fingered devices. The now softer-than-skin, fully-functional hands began to go to caress one of Caroline's vulnerable globes.

Ayumi's normal hands and mouth pleasured Caroline's other breast. Now Ayumi's other two tentacles adjusted their hands' shape and started to grope Caroline's plump butt. Yet another pair of tentacles, these two featuring lube-covered vibrators (one the size of a large dildo) at their ends, now was displayed in front of Caroline's face.

Ayumi smiled at Caroline's visible excitement, "Thanks for the upgrades. They came in handy when I needed to masturbate...a woman can do a lot more with multiple hands. I especially like...this ability."

At that moment, the tentacle with the dildo-like vibrator actually became wide enough to match the vibrator's size.

"Now I can fuck your pussy, but not yet, with the whole thing. And of course I can always..." smiled an embarrassed Ayumi, bending down until her face was aligned with Caroline's pussy.

At the that moment, the thinner vibrator tentacle snaked its way around Caroline's butt...and then began to force its way up the entrance to her bubble butt. As soon as Caroline softly cried out at the pleasure caused by the tentacle, Ayumi buried her grey-skinned face into Caroline's pussy.

The two tentacles that were pleasuring Caroline's left breast now wrapped themselves around both of Caroline's upper arms, while the original two tentacles now were holding Caroline's stomach in place. Essentially Caroline's body, from the waist up to below her neck, couldn't move. This, of course, only made the sensations even more intense.

For a while, Caroline writhed in almost immobile ecstasy as her pussy was eaten by Ayumi; her ass was being fucked by one of Ayumi's tentacles; and a new pair of manipulation tentacles shot out from the top of Ayumi's shoulders and resumed fondling Caroline's massive breasts. All the while Ayumi was masturbating furiously with her slender hands.

Finally, after Caroline had orgasmed several times (as she was very over-stimulated), Ayumi decided to try something else.

Ayumi stopped licking Caroline's pussy and stood up, moving all of her tentacles away from Caroline. The exhausted Caroline was now grasped by her shoulders, arms, and torso and lifted clean up over the ground several feet. More tentacles wrapped themselves around Caroline's legs, and now Caroline was being held up in the air in front of Ayumi. Ayumi's large vibrator tentacle now snaked out, placed itself on the ground, and pointed it straight up in the air.

"Guess what my plan is, my darling?" said Ayumi.

Caroline was having difficulty keeping the excitement out of her voice, "You are going to move my pussy up and down on the vibrator."

Ayumi nodded, "Nervous? Because I can stop if you want to."

Caroline's hormones did the talking, and she spoke quietly: "No. Just fuck me Ayumi."

Ayumi paused, then began fucking Caroline up and down on the vibrator using her other tentacles to move her. Soon Caroline was actively trying to force the large dildo up her pussy, Ayumi in turn started to actually coordinate the movements of all her tentacles. Soon Ayumi had gotten a fucking rhythm down: move the large tentacle back when Caroline was coming down, then quickly ram the vibrator upwards into her pussy when Ayumi was moving her upwards.

Caroline eventually wanted to take the advantage, since by this point she was crazed with very intense lesbian lust. After Ayumi happily released her from her grip, Caroline literarily pounced on her biomechanical lover. During Caroline's advance, Ayumi only used her hands and mouth.

For what seemed like hours Caroline unleashed her sexual frenzy upon Ayumi. Their fucking was passionate, intense, white-hot, near mindless, and lust-crazed. They made a virtual cacophony of loud, wanton sexual noises of all kinds the entire time. Their language was astonishing unrestrained in its honesty and intensity, in that it was all amazingly dirty and extraordinarily profane declarations of a very, very sexual nature.

Finally, they were too exhausted to continue. The ability to reason slowly returned to them, and now they looked at each other.

"Was it as you dreamed it would be?" said Ayumi softly.

Caroline was tired but happy, "Yes. Actually better. For so long I've wanted you. Now I finally got to have my Ayumi."

Ayumi smiled, "Your naughty little test subject still hasn't lost any affection for you. You know, I never did get rid of all those pics you gave me. All those positions....hardly becoming of a scientist."

Caroline shrugged, "Well it was hardly a one-sided exchange. You did manage to covertly assume sexual positions under the guise of normal exams...going along with all my excuses."

Ayumi laughed, "You took photographs of my nude body for so-called scientific research. Is that really what those photographs were for?"

Caroline shook her head, "Come on Ayumi. You already know the answer."

Ayumi nodded, "Always have known. Always will. You know.....Caroline....if it wasn't for you I would never have survived my imprisonment."

Caroline looked pained, "I really...don't want to think about all that. Let's not dwell on what we can't change."

Ayumi's face brightened, "True. Caroline, I was thinking. You and I frequently exchanged messages regarding....reproduction. You talked about being willing to bear my children."

Caroline nodded, "I was willing then, and I am ready now. We know each other so well. Seven, wasn't it that we agreed upon?"

Ayumi smirked, "Yes. You still remember what the procedure entails?"

Caroline looked excited, "I've been thinking about it...for so, so long. For years I wanted to go all the way with you. You are the love of my life, my Ayumi."

Ayumi smiled broadly, "I wouldn't impregnate any other woman. Only you belong inside me. As per tradition, I will shield our offspring from harm until they develop to the point where they can take care of themselves. I assume this is acceptable to you?"

Caroline nodded, "In four weeks. Keep them safe until then."

Ayumi raised her eyebrow, "Sure you can handle this? I don't sit back and watch like some Biomechanicals would. I'm a more active participant."

Caroline smiled slightly, "I expect nothing less from you. Give me the hunger-inducement drug...I might as well experience the whole aspect of this."

Ayumi shook her head knowingly, "You want the arousal element. The fact that this substance links hunger and sexual stimulation....it has fascinated you for years. I'll give you what you want....what you've always wanted."

So Ayumi began to replicate food from her side compartments, and used her telekinetic abilities to move that food to the only table. Item after item of super-fattening food materialized and was put on the large table.

Caroline laughed, "I was wondering why you put that beat-up table there. And that couch."

Ayumi had a michevious look on her face, "By the time you're done eating you'll be a couch potato...in more ways than one. I doubt you'll be able to move."

Caroline nodded, "Let me know once I've gained enough weight to pass the fractal encryption-encoded safety system."

Ayumi pulled out the silver-tipped, neon-green liquid capsule, and used one of her tentacles to hand it to Caroline: "Will do. Are you ready to begin? Just swallow that...and only a little. I need to ration it...as it takes forever to synthesize more."

Caroline swallowed less than a tenth of the metabolism-slowing substance, then handed it back to Ayumi.

Ayumi tilted her head, and walked up to Caroline: "Any minute now Miss Caroline and it will take hold of you."

Ayumi was right: the substance's effects were already taking effect.

"I'm so fucking horny all of a sudden Ayumi. I need to eat, and I need to EAT NOW!"

Ayumi handed Caroline a cupcake, and suddenly Caroline snatched it right out of Ayumi's hands. Caroline tore into the sweet confection like she hadn't eaten in years. After she devoured the chocolate cupcake, she sat on the couch and started to eat. French fries, slices of vanilla-cake, ice cream, cheeseburgers (four different varieties!), cooking lard, doughnuts, it all started to find its way into Caroline's stomach.

"AHHHHH!" Caroline cried out in sexual stimulation as the subsequent arousal hit her. "MORE! MUST GET FATTER! SO MUCH FATTER!" she screamed in a mixture of lust and hunger.

Her metabolism rate had plummeted to a crawl. Fat began to accumulate on Caroline's body. Slowly but surely she did get fatter. With no clothes on, her weight gain was plainly visible. A second chin was slowly forming, her face was beginning to round out, and her cheeks were getting softer. Gradual folds of fat were beginning to form and sag downwards slightly.

Ayumi was right next to Caroline, and could clearly see what was happening to her girlfriend's body. Her belly was starting to bulge outwards, and become round and soft. Love handles were beginning to form, her breasts were acquiring more size, and her butt was getting bigger.

Ayumi lewdly traced her tongue around Caroline's growing neck, and Caroline's eyes rolled back as she softly moaned. "Let me help you, my growing goddess." said Ayumi breathlessly. Several tentacles shot out from Ayumi's back, and began to stuff food one item at a time into Caroline's mouth.


"Relax and let me stuff your face. You don't have to do anymore work." said Ayumi softly.

So Caroline sat back on the couch as the biomechanical lesbian fed her at an amazingly rate. While feeding her, Ayumi also buried her face between Caroline's legs. Two additional tentacles began pleasuring Caroline's breasts, which were slowly getting larger in size as Caroline's face was stuffed by Ayumi.

Both of them lost track of time, as Caroline was too busy enjoying being pleasured by both being fed and by being sexually stimulated by Ayumi. Over the next few hours, Caroline grew to amazing size. Finally Ayumi stopped feeding her as the chemical wore off.

Caroline was hugely overweight now, and too fat to move. She had almost four chins; a very round, soft face; and big cheeks. Her body was hugely wide and round. Her butt was absolutely enormous and plump, as were her breasts. Her belly looked like it was the size of a small car. Her legs were now too fat to be useable, and were covered in layers and folds of glorious fat. The same was true of her arms. She had absolutely huge love handles. Her entire body was covered with folds and layers of thick, smooth, soft, sexy fat. She had ballooned in size to a hugely overweight goddess of wonderfully sensual flesh. Every slight movement she made caused her body to jiggle and wobble as if it were jello.

Ayumi was overjoyed by Caroline's new look: "You are so gloriously fat....so amazingly sexy!"

Ayumi now used four of her tentacles as very tall legs to lift herself upwards until her body was several feet in the air. She leaned forward with the four legs as balance, and pressed her thin body against Caroline's extraordinarily huge, soft body.

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