tagNovels and NovellasAzalea Ch. 01

Azalea Ch. 01


Trying something a little different here.

All characters are entirely fictional and any likeness or similarities to any persons are purely coincidental.

Thanks for dropping by.


"You whore!" Buckley wheezed, kneeling as his broad frame doubled over with his large hands trapped between his legs.

Azalea probably would've laughed if she could focus. Fog surrounded her; somehow, her mind wasn't connecting to her body. Every movement was effortless, yet, slow and weighted. She kept forgetting...

James swallowed very slowly. There was something incredibly wrong with this scene as her surveyed the woman in center of the dirty cell. Her wavy ebony hair resembled a bird's nest, littered with bits of hay; her light skin bore cuts, blackening bruises and scrapes. Whatever it was she was wearing previously, now barely covered her high breasts and her sex. Any exposed skin that hadn't been damaged in some way was smeared with dirt.

The woman turned her head slowly and looked him in the eye. It was unnerving, but, he couldn't show weakness, no matter how much he wanted to turn away. Instead, James adjusted his focus past her to wall but stopped short when her head suddenly snapped back. Oh heavens above... I think Buckley just broke her neck.

Buckley grinned menacingly as he slowly stalked towards the woman. Pulling his right arm back he punched the woman in the face, feeling a crack of satisfaction as her left eye socket broke under the force of his calloused fist. Her head snapped back and stopped. "Stinkin' whore." he spat, bringing his shoulders up and cracking his thick neck. He didn't even see her move before, how was it that she'd managed to land one in the cojones? The woman stayed motionless. Buckley's eyes narrowed.

How long have I been here? Is this hell? No this isn't hell, I've already been there. The thoughts were forming slowly in her mind, then they stopped. Pain... sharp pain... I've got to get back. Get back to where? I've got to get back or I'll never see the sky Azure...

"Leave her. She's gone for the moment." Buckley and James whirled around. "Come back tomorrow." the rasping voice commanded. "I must have the key."


Azalea fell to her knees, gritting and grinding her teeth. Her eye socket was healing itself; the pain causing waves of heat to pulse through her. She scratched her nails against the concrete floor in an effort not to cry out. In moments her entire body was coated in perspiration, her breath panting against the silence. As the pain subsided, Azalea eased herself to ground and lay on her side. For several minutes her mind was blank.

What happened? Slowly she recalled the big golden haired man. Buckley. Buckley and his enormously angry phallus. Something happened when he tried to penetrate her. Azalea wished she her mind hadn't been so clouded. Then he punished her. She felt the tendrils of anger rise up from her gut. He was the one who had broken her eye socket.

There was someone else. The young ginger haired man. Azalea didn't know what his name was. Wait... there was one more person. Something he wanted... a... key? "A key?" Azalea whispered into the dark. This is ridiculous. There was no key. False legends embellished by Chinese Whispers. For centuries she'd been pursued for different reasons, but 'The Key' was at the top of the list. She rolled onto her back and sighed. The unmistakable metallic smell filled her nostrils. She knew it was her own blood. Azalea shook her head slowly. The things people would do for the promise of unlimited power. It wasn't a legend, it was a curse.


So it was true. No one could have sex with her. Carnus sat at his mahogany desk and stared absent mindedly, rolling the whisky around his tumbler. Buckley was an idiot, thinking with anything but his brain. A normal woman would have been dead by now. Carnus knew that she was resilient, abnormally so. He'd never seen it with his own eyes, but he'd been waiting a very long time for this.

She'd never even touched Buckley when he tried shove his large cock into her. Carnus almost chuckled when Buckley shot across the cell and slammed into the corner clutching his balls. Better Buckley than himself. Still, it was a shame. Azalea was a beautiful woman, waist length hair, a lithe body with pert breasts and those long, long, long slender legs. Even though he knew she wouldn't, Carnus could envisage her begging on her knees; stark fear in her indigo eyes.

Yes, perhaps he would find a way to make her beg, make her promise to do anything, and perhaps she would.

Thrill coursed through Carnus, his thick member straining against his pants as he imagined her fearful acquiescence. Releasing his cock, his long fingers stroked his length as he saw himself grabbing a fistful of her black hair and forcing himself into her mouth. "Suck it." he would command, and she would, her full lips working around his cock. She would take him, but, he would feel her resistance, and so he would simply be forced to grab another fistful of hair with his other hand and fuck her mouth.

He wouldn't be gentle, no, not Carnus, he would brutalise those beautiful lips, make her take him all the way into the back of her throat. She wouldn't be prepared for his length, she would choke, her gag reflex kicking in when hit the back of her throat. He would pull out just enough for her to control it as he shoved his cock back in her mouth. She would struggle, breathing heavily through her nose, tears streaming from her eyes. What beautiful sight, Carnus thought as he pumped his cock inside tight fist. He could hear her laboured breathing and her choking cries; it was music to his ears.

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