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Azalea Ch. 04


I know it's been awhile. I do intend to finish this story, but I still have a way to go. If you're reading this and haven't read the other chapters the characters might be a bit hard to follow so you might want to start at the beginning.

That being said some characters that seem to be taking a bit of a Non Consensual/Reluctance turn, although there is none of it in this chapter. There are many talented authors on Lit that I suggest you peruse if this doesn't appeal to you. This story is being listed under Novels/Novellas and the short description may not be explanatory enough.)

All characters are entirely fictional and any likeness or similarities to any persons are purely coincidental.

Thanks for dropping by.


"Marguerite, love, are you okay?" Rosaline stopped turning down the bed and looked at her friend, her delicate features marred by the concern on her face. Tucking a strand of wavy golden hair behind her ear, she smoothed her royal blue dress down her thighs a couple of times before approaching Marguerite. The redhead had all but stopped changing the pillowcase, holding the pillow and staring off into the distance.

"Marguerite..." her whisper cut off by the creaking floorboard under her foot. Damn. Rosaline looked down and then back up at Marguerite, who had turned at the noise.

"Are you okay love?" Rosaline continued towards her.

Marguerite shook and her slapped the pillow between her hands. "Rosaline, I'm fine, what are you doing creeping about the room?"

Rosaline stopped and put her hands on the footboard. "Are you sure you're okay? You been awfully quiet these last few days. You know you can tell me if something is bothering you?" Rosaline's large brown eyes were filled with worry.

Ah, sweet Rosaline. Marguerite almost wanted to reach out to her, but she didn't want her pity or her sympathy -- it would only make things harder for her. Marguerite took a deep silent breath and forced herself to smile cheerfully.

"Rosaline, it's nothing -- I promise. Sometimes I just think of home and my poor departed mother and father, bless their souls." Marguerite put the pillow on the bed, giving it a couple more shakes and smoothing over the material.

"Oh, yes, it's a been awhile since I thought of home." Rosaline was wistful. "Then again," She smiled brightly. "Jeremy hasn't left much room in my head!" She giggled and Marguerite laughed alongside her. It was easier this way.

It had been a couple of days since she'd see Buckley, and time was passing slowly. The more time between her the and the incident, the better she would feel. She touched her neck gingerly. Lucky for her abundance of red hair, otherwise she'd have raised quite a few eyebrows, not to mentioned questions about the angry purple bruising. Also, it wasn't good for business. Her eyes narrowed, Buckley would have more than just bruises to contend with. With that thought in mind she renewed her assault on the other pillow, punching into shape before settling it back on the bed.


Azalea awoke to footsteps on the stone stairs leading down to her prison. Recognising the voices, her body slumped further. She didn't have the energy to move off the floor, let alone fight again with Buckley. Considering what he'd done last time, he probably would bludgeon her to death given the chance.

"Carnus called. He's not going to be back for a couple of days." Buckley walked down the stone steps leading down to the cellar with James following awkwardly behind while he tried not to spill the contents of the shallow bowl. Buckley stood a full head and shoulders above James who suddenly wished he could dump the contents on Buckley's head.

"Why is that?"

Buckley shrugged as he absently-mindedly dug at his ear with his little finger. "Don't know."

Ugh. He really is a Neanderthal. James gripped the bowl to stop himself from shivering. "What do we do now?"

"Nothing. Just make sure the whore is fed." Buckley surveyed his little finger.

James suppressed an involuntary gag.

When they reached the cell, Buckley hunched over to unlock cell door, dropping the keys as he fumbled with them.


As Buckley bent down to pick up the keys, Azalea came into view and wave a shame washed over James. He knew it was wrong, looking at the ragged woman sitting quietly in the cell. There something very surreal about the whole situation.

The woman was not normal.

James had known some strong women in his life, but in a situation like this, most people would have cried, begged or even pleaded for their lives by now. Lord knows he would have begged by now -- but not this woman.

Azalea looked at him and and he forced himself not to look away as her indigo eyes observed him.

With the clang of the keys opening up the cell, he averted his eyes to watch that he didn't spill her food.

"Bitch, your food is here." Buckley spoke with an air of indifference. He didn't even bother stepping inside the cell, instead leaning against the open door leaving James to go in alone.

James carefully handed the bowl to Azalea almost flinching as she thanked him. Her words almost inaudible, even in the silence.

Quickly he turned on his heel and left Buckley to lock the cell. The shame was now becoming a tidal wave, threatening to drown him in it.


Azalea waited until Buckley had left to start eating, her mind ticking over. If she had heard correctly, Carnus was going to be away for a few days and James, James, James... The poor young conflicted man. He had no idea what he was doing in the this situation. Although he tried, he couldn't hide his reluctance, or regret for that matter. She could probably coax him into helping her in some way, but if all she had a was a couple of days -- it was not enough time.

Carnus' patience would have worn thin enough by the time he returned. There was no doubt about that, and that left Buckley.

Azalea fell asleep to the visions of her thoughts.


Her right hazel eye flickered under the light morning light. The smell of bacon and eggs invaded her nostrils and she wrinkled her nose as she tried to open both eyes.

She moved her head to the side.


The sharp pain stopped her instantly.

"C'mon sleepy head!" Cassandra's cheery voice called out from the kitchen.

Sabrina groaned. This was not good. How much did I drink last night? Ugh.

"C'mon, you'll feel much better after you get up and have something to eat. Good Lord girl, I really thought that your wild days were almost over. Boy was I wrong!"

"Errr." was about all Sabrina could manage as she tried to sit up on the couch. She sat with her head in her hand a looked down in disbelief.

"You mean I've still got last night's clothes on?" Sabrina groaned some more.

Cass walked out of the kitchen. "Ah girl, ye-es! You are a rock when you pass out! I was not going to try peeling off your clothes at 4am in the morning, even if there's not that much to peel off!"

Sabrina threw a cushion at Cassandra who squealed and warded her off with a bright green spatula.

Flopping down again on the couch and resting her arm on her forehead she thought back to the night before.

Oh yeah, that's right, Friday nights.

Sabrina smiled as snippets of memories flashed through her mind. Hot, sweaty and grinding. Hmmm.

And that man. That man!

Her nipples hardened as she shivered involuntarily. In an instant she was back up against his coupe in the parking lot, inhaling him as his lips traced an invisible trail down her neck.

Sabrina groaned.

"Are you okay?" Cassandra's head popped up from behind the counter.

"What? Ah, yeah... I'm think I'm a bit hung -- don't worry. I probably just need some water."


Yeah right.

Sabrina was going to need more than just some water -- she was going to need an ice cold shower.

Slowly she got up off the couch.

"I'm just going to use the shower."

Cassandra waved her off towards the bathroom door.

Once inside, Sabrina dropped her skirt, and g-string to the floor in one fluid movement. She kicked them away from the door as she peeled off her black shirt and unhooked her bra, dropping them both in the small pile.

The water was a welcome feeling as the spray washed over her neck. Sabrina forcefully massaged her neck as her stiff muscles relaxed under the heat. She couldn't remember the last time she'd felt this hungover. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as some of the ones she'd had in the past.

Rocking slowly under the shower her thoughts drifted again back to the night before and the dark stranger. Thinking about it now, it probably wasn't the smartest idea to be so eager to leave the club without telling anyone.

Azalea had been missing for eight days.

It was such a helpless predicament.

Several years ago Azalea had said that if she ever went missing that they were not to alert the authorities, and reluctantly they'd all agreed. Once or twice, they'd tried to get Azalea to tell them why, but it was no use. Other than her being currently missing -- nothing ever seemed out of the ordinary. They all concocted their own theories as to why, but nothing had occurred to support them and eventually they forgot their concerns... until now.

Sabrina sighed.


Once again Sabrina was transported back to the parking lot with the feel of the stranger's body against hers, and his undeniable erection pressing against her pussy. The heat throbbed double time between her legs as her nipples prickled tightly with a vengeance. Her hands strayed to her lips, squeezing and kneading them between her two fingers as her fingers worked against her clit.

Sabrina was instantly slick.

She imagined that they couldn't wait, and she heard the unzipping of his pants and felt the movement of her g-string to one side. The thick head of his cock barely nudged her lips for second before unceremoniously plunging into her. Sabrina's breath hitched and her head dropped back banging it against the cool tiles.

She imagined that he would grip her tightly to the point of bruising her, but she didn't care. She knew he would fuck her hard and repeatedly without any indication of slowing down. The visions and craving were causing her palpitating pants to echo in the bathroom. Her breasts squeezed tightly between her tensed arms as she plunged two fingers into her pussy. She locked her hand in a vice-like grip between her legs, fucking herself frantically, as she rubbed her clit.

Sabrina was walking a fine line of tipping over the precipice, yet somehow not quite being able to let go.

Thrusting her fingers even harder, her legs tensed as she whimpered, not knowing how long she would be able to keep it up.

Without warning the first wave came up like hard slap, completely taking her breath away and her legs shook so violently she had grab the top of the shower screen.

Sabrina pumped her fingers in hard a couple more times as the second and third waves washed back over like reverberating echoes.

Sabrina panted in disbelief.

She couldn't recall ever coming so intensely. She dropped to her knees, as her breathing subsided and she was left with the echo of the shower.


Yes, I know there's a lot going on. It should iron itself out soon.

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