aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 03


There was a brief moment of consciousness after that, feeling both Tina and Pei- Hua helping me into my bed. I smiled warmly when Pei-Hua kissed my lips softly, and then both girls walked out of the room.

I didn't know it, but once I was asleep Tina and Pei-Hua got some tea. Then they settled in for their usual quiet evening to talk together, something they'd been doing with regularity for several months now.


It wasn't until Monday that I saw Karen again. I took a deep breath before I went into the boba shop, and sure enough, she was there.

Karen saw me the moment I came in, and that nervous expression from our first date was back on her face. She didn't say anything to me when I got to the counter, and I tried to break the ice by going through my usual ordering routine. She went about filling my drink in silence.

I watched her move around, my memory filling in the sight of the curves hidden beneath casual clothes, and the perky breasts I had tasted only so recently.

When she came back and I paid, there was a rather pregnant pause between us. We both knew what was coming next, and I could almost see the veins in Karen's forehead twitching in panic.

"I was going to ask if we could talk." Karen visibly froze when I said that. But I kept talking in an effort to try and relax her. "But I think you need a while to gather yourself together. Would it be better if I came back at 10?"

She nodded.

I grabbed my things, and gave her a meaningful look, then walked out the door.

Once back in my car, I let out a deep sigh. I knew the look in Karen's eyes. She wasn't ready, at least not for a boyfriend like me. And now that I realized who I really was, I wasn't the right kind of guy for her anyways.

We were from different worlds, even though we shared a cultural heritage. She was the studious, innocent type, used to spending her evenings at home; looking for the one true love she could settle down with in the end.

I couldn't even go two weeks without fucking a willing pussy offered up to me. My life was money, and socializing, and flirting with multiple girls all at the same time. Karen and I would never work out.

I was going to have to find a new place to get milk tea.


Monday night, after having our "we're better off going our separate ways" talk with Karen, I returned home.

Emotionally, I felt empty. I felt like it was ME who wasn't good enough for Karen. I was just a shallow man with a big pocketbook, and she was an angel. Inside I felt like crying, though I would never actually start doing it.

I found Pei-Hua in the kitchen, as usual. I walked right up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and hugging myself against her back, resting my head against her shoulder. Her warmth spread through me quickly, filling me with contentment.

I felt her sag back against me, a happy sigh escaping through her lips as she leaned into my embrace. She turned around in my grasp, and then held my face with both of her hands flat against my cheeks. And then we kissed.

The kiss was slow, and tender, and passionate. And for a long time we simply stood in our kitchen, enfolding each other in our arms and softly massaging our lips together.

When we finally broke apart, many minutes later, I looked around at the appliances and the decorations and the whole HOME that we'd made together. The memories of everything Pei-Hua had done for me, from my first baby-steps into making love all the way through the past three years of tenderness. How could I have ever taken her for granted?

Pei-Hua had tears of joy running out of her eyes as she looked up at me and held me, perhaps as overjoyed by our reunion after my time of shutting her out. And then with a coy look, she took me by the hand and led me up the stairs, down the hall, and into my bedroom.

She lay me down on my bed, my back propped up by several pillows, while she stood next to me and began to disrobe. There was a casual way in which she got undressed, borne of familiarity like a long-term girlfriend or a wife. She wasn't trying to seduce me or tease. Her panties didn't match her bra. But for some reason, that unforced manner was sexier to me than anything else.

Pei-Hua wasn't a conquest I'd never seen before. There was no anxiousness to reveal an unknown naked female. She was my Pei-Hua, with a wonderful body I'd seen and possessed a thousand times. She knew exactly how to please me, and how I could please her. She had experienced my best sexual performances and also my worst. I feared no judgment from her, no performance anxiety. And yet, I was still going to get laid.

Pei-Hua smiled as she began to undress me. I knew she got a kick out of doing it for me, and soon we were both completely naked, her pussy moist and my erection stiff against my own stomach.

She leaned over me and kissed me, our tongues playing together before she nibbled her way down my chest and stomach before wrapping her lips around my engorged shaft. Her tongue teased and tickled at my balls, and then when the head started twitching of its own volition, Pei-Hua slid up my body and straddled my hips.

From my pillow-propped position, I had a great view of Pei-Hua spreading her nether lips and placing my mushroom head against her wet folds. Then she leaned in and pressed her lips against mine at the same moment she began to descend, and I could feel the new tension in her kiss as my shaft opened her up for the first time in a long while between us.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.

All the communication was in our eyes, and it was understood. A tender affection I'd never truly felt before flowed out of me and into her. Our souls were connected, positive chi passing back and forth between us, setting our nerves on fire and melting away the anxieties in our hearts.

Making love to Pei-Hua was the most incredibly intimate moment of my life, and when our orgasms came, they came simultaneously, the pleasure peaking in our one mind together.

So much of my life was a matter of me enjoying myself, a girl enjoying herself, and perhaps we could spend some time in each other's orbit to mutually get some pleasure out of it.

But this was different, and as my sperm embedded itself in Pei-Hua's inner walls, and my pecker felt the hot splash of her own nectar roiling inside of Pei-Hua's body, we were one person.

I couldn't imagine my life without Pei-Hua in it.

So even after all of my morose realizations that I was a jerk with an addiction to pussy... just a shallow fucker... here I sat, wondering if I was in love.

Was the player in me thinking of settling down?

That thought simultaneously thrilled me and scared the crap out of me. Deep down, most everyone wants to find someone special to spend the rest of their life with, and life in happiness forever. American social life was filled with miserable single adults wishing they could find romantic happiness.

But I sure as hell enjoyed screwing multiple girls, having flings, and being a bachelor. Settling down at my age, still in college, was a terrifying prospect.

Pei-Hua had collapsed against my chest, her big tits crushed against me and her head resting on my shoulder while I wrapped my arms around her, stroking her spine.

A moral clash came back into my head only minutes after a cathartic orgasm had seemingly wiped out that idiotic part of me. I still had some remnants of my Karen-mode.

But then my head and my own family reasserted themselves. I was me. I was the master of this house. And while Pei-Hua perhaps deserved more from me, she was still the servant girl and had shown no desire to make me settle, nor prevent me from enjoying other women.

I had the perfect life and only my stupid conscience had tried to ruin everything. With that out of the way, the Azian Playa in me was BACK.

As if to prove my point, I heard a knock at the doorway.

Tina was leaning against the doorjamb, a mischievous grin on her face. Her hair was back in a bouncy ponytail, leaving two long bangs to frame her face. She looked over to Pei-Hua and my naked forms, still entwined on the bed together and asked, "Mind if I join in?"

Pei-Hua managed to turn her head and look over to Tina, a smile on her face. She looked hesitant for one moment before wondering, "Now?" in her cute voice.

I glanced back and forth between the two girls; there was obviously something they'd discussed that I didn't know about.

Tina sauntered in, her hands going to her halter top and removing it, showing off a lacy bra that WAS designed for seduction. "I think this is the perfect time to spring this on him."

Pei-Hua looked at me, then with a deceptive smile I'd never seen on her before, she dismounted me and sat back on the bed, my cum still oozing out between her legs. I assumed she was going to back off and watch Tina fuck me.

Tina undressed quickly, although not without a little bit of flaunting to tease me. But then her next movements caught me completely by surprise. Tina, now fully nude, climbed onto the bed, and then crawled directly over Pei-Hua's naked body until they were flat on the bed, chest to chest. And then Tina's head dipped down as the two women tasted each other's lips.

My eyes fully bugged out, and already I could feel the blood surging out of my brain and down my body to re-fill my dick. I watched as their tongues sparred, never dreaming that this could happen. I had always kept the girls in separate compartments in my mind. Pei-Hua was my girl of home. Tina was my plaything outside.

But now both were coming together in an intimate embrace, and when Tina began to kiss her way down, stopping to suck Pei-Hua's big tits into her mouth and hands, I felt like my heart was about to stop.

Finally Tina ended up half off the bed, her feet planted on the floor while her face buried itself between Pei-Hua's legs, and quite noisily she began to slurp up all of the mingled fluids inside of Pei-Hua's tasty pussy.

Upon hearing that sound, I could not resist myself any longer, and my cock was fully recharged.

I got off the bed and circled behind Tina. I bent at the knees, lined up my shaft, and plunged forward into Tina's juicy pussy.

She moaned at my intrusion, and picking up vocally where we'd left off on Friday, she lifted her head out of Pei-Hua's crotch long enough to say, "Fuck yeah! Fuck me, baby! Fuck your slut!"

I actually began to mutter loudly while I drilled her. "Hell, yeah! Take it. You like that? You like feeling my cock split you open? Is it deep?"

"Oh, yeah! Sooo deep. Fill me up, baby!" And then she returned her attention to eating Pei-Hua out. I reached down and thrummed my fingers against Tina's oversensitive clit, and was quickly rewarded when her legs trembled and her pleasure center exploded in orgasm.

Tina went nuts with her facial and tongue motions on Pei-Hua. Then surprisingly, Pei-Hua's moans switched into muttered Mandarin, joining our cacophony of sex talk. She began spouting cute curses and urging Tina on, telling her to suck on her clit, rub her tits harder, and shove that finger deeper into her ass.

Pei-Hua finally shrieked into a girl-induced orgasm, and then Tina turned her focus back to getting me off. She rammed her hips back and called out to me in guttural English, a sharp contrast to Pei-Hua's Mandarin urgings. "Come on baby. Ready to fire away? Fill me up. Fill me so Pei-Hua will have to suck it out of me. Don't you want to see that? Fill me! FILL ME!"

And so I did. I slammed my hips forward one final time, and then I fully unloaded into Tina's grasping pussy, filling her with a huge load of spunk that shot out in spurt after spurt.

Tina howled happily as she felt the warm fluids splattering against her insides, and she kept squeezing with her inner muscles to coax even more out of me. And when I was finished she slipped forward and clambered back onto the bed, spinning around and lowering her steaming pussy down to Pei-Hua's lips.

Tina sat upright and facing back to me, rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples for her own pleasure and my viewing benefit, and I watched as a veritable river of cum splurted out of Tina and down into Pei-Hua's waiting mouth.

It was a messy exchange, and several droplets formed along Pei-Hua's face while Tina rode her tongue and lips, finally bracing her hands down on Pei-Hua's heavy breasts. Tina's oversized clit was swollen and pulsing on its own while Pei- Hua licked and caressed it, and Tina's voice filled the room as she spat out nasty words in Mandarin to urge Pei-Hua on.

When there was nothing left and Pei-Hua had licked Tina into another orgasm, Tina finally got off and licked up all the leftovers from Pei-Hua's face, four hands pawing at each other's bodies while two sets of very different, but perfect, breasts rubbed against each other.

When the girls were done playing, we all fit into my oversized shower and cleaned up. They coaxed one last erection out of me, and with both girls on their knees they treated me to a dual blowjob, their tongues meeting in French kisses with my shaft trapped between both their lips, until finally I sprayed my last load into both of their faces.

After one final rinse, we all slipped naked into my bed, spooned all together. I held Tina's petite body against my chest, my hands clutching at her silicon pillows happily while I smelled her hair. And my Pei-Hua, always comforting, always giving, held on from behind me, slowly rubbing her still erect nipples into my back and stroking my arm, content in giving me so much happiness. I could feel the tangible warmth enveloping us, a bond closer than simple lust binding us together.

The hole in my heart wasn't bothering me so much anymore. Every guy, even the shallow players, need a little love. For some guys, one sweet girl like Karen would be perfect. But me, I had the great sex, the money, the red-hot nympho, and the caregiving lady of the house.

I had my cake, and I was eating it to. And I sure as hell wasn't going to let either of these two gorgeous women get away from me.



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