tagErotic HorrorAzmonidus Ch. 01

Azmonidus Ch. 01


The silence was absolute. It consumed the room like a living presence. There was nothing except for the white light filtering into the room through the blinds. That didn't bother the silence, but rather seemed to compliment it. Gretchen lay still, careful not to disturb the silence as she blinked her eyes. It was early in the morning and the morning hadn't seemed to decide for itself yet whether it wanted to be cloudy or not.

A sharp clacking on the concrete outside of the apartment announced someone walking out to the parking lot, destroying the silence. It tried to cling onto its short lived power, but the day had already begun without it.

Gretchen drew the sheets off of her body and sat up in bed with a stretch. There was something about the morning silence after a night of heavy snow that enchanted her. She enjoyed making it last as long as possible for she knew that moments such as these were rare. The world was often full of noisy irritating people.

She had known it was going to snow heavily this week from the forecast and had been bummed out that she couldn't wear her heels--heaven forbid she slipped on the ice and broke one of them--until she went shopping over the weekend. She found the cutest pair of fuzzy UGGs in the mall that were only $200 and decided she would wear those around campus instead.

Gretchen spent a lot of time at the mall most weekends. She loved shopping because it helped to relieve stress. Her mom had gotten her a credit card as a graduation present two and a half years ago which she had said she would pay for every month as long as her grades continued to impress them.

After she took a shower, Gretchen checked her phone--which was also paid for by her parents--to see if Sarah had texted her yet about their study session. They had agreed to meet up at 8:30 to give them at least an hour before class. Sarah was a short blond girl that was in her Stats218 class. She had been very quiet and reserved until Gretchen had complimented her on her Coach purse. Once they found out that they had a lot in common Sarah had invited her to start studying together every week.

She had a text from Brad--whom she was no longer talking to, he had gotten annoying--and a text from Derek. Derek had been fun to flirt with and he hadn't tried to get into her pants yet. It was okay for them to scope out her finer attributes and buy her drinks and gifts, but she kept the physical stuff to a minimum. Unfortunately there were no messages from Sarah about their study session, so she decided to bridge the gap herself.

"Snowed a lot last night," she wrote. "Hope ur still able to make it. :) See u @ 8:30!"

While she brushed her hair she thought about how much work she had put into all of her classes lately. She should make a point to go out this weekend. She certainly deserved some time to have a drink and scope out the local studs.

Gretchen was picky about men. Not just any guy would do, they had to pay attention to only her. She wasted far too much time with boyfriends back at Clearmont High who had wandering eyes. And the gall of some guys! Caught looking at another girl's cleavage only to lie and say-

Her phone bing-bonged, waking her from her daydreams. She set down her brush and saw that Sarah had written her back.

"I'm heading out the door right now. SYS"

Gretchen finished her makeup and locked up her apartment. Someone had already shoveled a small path through the snow out to the parking lot, revealing faded doodles on the concrete beneath. A discarded stick of chalk poked out from a little pile of snow nearby.

As she brushed the fresh powder off her windshield her wandering mind tried to recall the last time she had seen the little neighbor girl.

- - -

Gretchen walked into the library around 8:50 and saw Sarah wave to her from across the room. She had already logged onto one of the computer in the lab and downloaded the powerpoint presentation they agreed to use as a study guide. She pulled up a chair beside Sarah so they could share notes on the same screen and gave her a brief smile.

"Sorry, I had to stop at Starbucks on the way over," she smiled. "I knew you wouldn't mind if I was a few minutes late."

Somewhere in the midst of reviewing Gaussian processes she began to daydream about the snow outside. How long had it been since it snowed this hard in Massachusetts? When was the last time she'd made a snow angel?

When she came back to reality, Gretchen realized that it was time for them to get to class. She escorted Sarah to class and they took their seats.

During the exam Gretchen continued to glance around as she usually did to keep an eye on how many other students were getting up from their seats to turn in their finished test. She always tried to avoid being one of the last few because it made her feel like everyone who finished before her was gloating.

When she finished more than half of the other students were still working and she tried not to smile as she walked to the front to hand in her test.

- - -

That afternoon, after she had gone to all of her classes, Gretchen returned home to find that her apartment door had been drawn upon. She dismissed it as the neighbor kids playing with chalk again. Crude. It was an odd looking scribble that seemed intentionally placed there. As she placed a hand upon the doorknob and pushed inside she wondered at their intent.

Was it a game they were playing where she was to be a target of some type of prank? Or was it something more innocent than that? Maybe they just had bad manners and wanted to try their hand at tagging. Were kids that age into gangs?

She pressed the door closed behind herself and felt a tingling on the back of her neck like a wisp of breath, causing her to shudder. She locked the door and instinctually looked out through the peephole. Of course there was no one there--she was just outside. Was she really worried about this? She walked into the other room and glanced out the front window, just in case. Still nothing.

She turned around with a sigh, preparing to let go of her paranoia when she caught a glimpse of a form moving in the shadows of the hallway just outside her bedroom.

She grabbed a nearby stiletto defensively, planning to jab the heel into the eye of her assailant if he charged her. She glanced down and dropped the shoe when she realized she had grabbed her pair of Sergio Rossi's. She found a cheaper heel and ventured cautiously into the hallway.

When she got close enough to make out the form, she realized it was a cat curled in the corner. She shook her head at herself and laughed. It was just the neighbor's cat. It must have snuck in behind her while she was distracted by the scribble on her door. She put down the shoe and bent to gather the animal and take it outside.

Its fur was matted with some kind of dark syrupy goo. She pulled her hand back in disgust and looked at it in the light.


The slightest of sounds came from the carpeted floor behind her causing her back to stiffen. A pair of sinewy arms grabbed her about the middle before she could even finish standing up. She tried to wrench herself away from her attacker's grip, but the arms held fast. She was being squeezed so tight that it was hurting her arms--which were pinned down to her sides and now useless.

"No, please!" she screamed frantically. "I have money! Let me live and I'll give you whatever you want!"

"Yes," a deep voice reverberated from behind her, "I imagine you will."

She felt a hot breath accompanying the words as it flitted across her skin. It smelled awful, like burning hair.

She screamed again, her eyes going wide at the unspoken implications. One of the arms released her and a hand came up to grab at her clothes, but rather than grabbing her it slashed holes all down her shirt and straight through her bra, which split in two.

She glanced down at the hand then and saw that it was black and sported long hooked nails more akin to some wild animal than a human. And the skin wasn't a dark brown like an African man... it was the pitch black of a cloudy night sky. Staring down at his arm was like gazing up into that nothingness, searching for even a hint of moonlight.

She shuddered. From cold, pain, or fear, she didn't know.

Gretchen whipped her head around to try and get a look at her attacker, ignoring the hand pulling at her tattered top for the moment. What she saw made her blood turn to ice.

Two different pairs of eyes looked back at her. Two were you would expect to find them, and then another set, smaller and farther apart up on his forehead. The skin on his face was black like the rest of his body. Something else was wrong too. His nose was much too small and the shape of his head was wrong. Longer, taller than it should have been. This wasn't a man. It was a nightmare.

The monster grabbed her bodily and drug her out of the hall and back into her bedroom. She screamed and tried to twist herself out of its powerful arms. Even one of its arms was enough to keep her from moving anything above her elbow. One of her hands caught the door frame as they went into her room and she clung for her life, a brief glimmer of hope welling up within her, until the tearing pressure on her joints overcame her grip and the wooden frame popped out of her grasp. She tried to hook an ankle onto the door frame, but was unable to find purchase.

Amongst her thrashing and flailing as she resisted, Gretchen knocked her stereo onto the floor. It landed face down, flipping the switch to a local FM station. The volume was still fairly high from the last time she had been listening to music and unfortunately covered up much of the sound of her struggle had any neighbors been around to hear.

Were she actually paying attention she might have found a sense of irony in the lyrics to the song that was playing as it blared through her apartment:

"...can't turn away

I'm hanging by a thread and I'm feeling like a fool

I'm stuck here right between the shadows of my yesterday

I wanna get away

I need to get away..."

Tears sprang to her eyes as the beast grabbed her roughly by the throat and slammed her down onto her bed. She reached up with both hands, gagging, and pried the hand from her neck. It moved down without invitation and grasped her nipple between two clawed fingers. She had only traded one hurt for another but at least she wasn't choking anymore. It fondled her other breast and she felt the tingling sting from the scratches left behind when her clothes were torn.

The creature was much stronger than her and quickly had her jeans and panties on the floor despite her attempts to wriggle away from him.

Its other hand reached down and grabbed a fleshy appendage hanging between its legs. Gretchen knew what was coming and with a burst of energy powered by fear she rolled as hard as she could to the left. Fresh pain tore through her chest as the creature tightened its grip on her breast and pushed her back down flat into the mattress. Claws dug little grooves into the skin of her chest.

The beast moved closer and without warning plunged its phallus deep into her. She gasped and smelled its awful breath again, the burnt hair scent stronger than before.

"Why... why are you doing this?" she managed to get out before he thrust into her again, forcing the breath from her lungs.

"I am Azmonidas, Harbinger of Lust," the monster growled. "I have been released from my prison to enjoy the pleasures of your world once more."

She was more terrified than she could ever remember feeling. Nonetheless, her body was responding to the forceful prodding between her thighs. She could feel herself getting wet in spite of the pain. It was a small thing to be thankful for, but being dry raped would have been even worse and could have torn her vagina. He still might with the amount of force he was putting behind each thrust.

Her mind began to drift away from the awful things happening to her body. Away from the hopelessness of her situation. She imagined the snow outside, white and pure. Unadulterated.

Another deep thrust drove the wind out of her. Keep breathing.

She thought of the cat then for some reason. Motionless in the corner of her hallway, covered in blood.

Thrust. Keep breathing.

She didn't want to die. She didn't deserve to die. Did she? Was this what she got for being a cocktease? Karma is a bitch.

The thrusting was getting shallower, more urgent, and the monster's eyes seemed to get even darker, if at all possible.

And then it happened. A torrent of heat unleashed inside of her like a volcano going off. She felt like she needed to throw up. It was hot. Too hot. She felt strange. Feverish.

"Ahhhhh," Azmonidas growled as he climaxed. "Take my seed!"

Gretchen was sweating from the intense heat pouring off her skin. She felt like it was a hundred and ten degrees in her room. She wiggled around on the bed, realizing that she was free from his confining grasp. She pushed off against his bony pelvis with her heels, pulling his cock from her womb. She scooted away from him towards the headboard and pulled her legs against her breasts defensively.

She looked down, feeling a wet discharge from her pussy, and saw that his cum was dripping from her in big black globs onto her sheets. She put her fingers deep inside of herself, trying to scoop more of it out. It was so hot, even on her hand. She wiped the filthy stuff on her bed, smearing black streaks everywhere.

"I'm not satisfied yet, little one," the demon rumbled. "I have much more to take, and you promised to give."

He reached over and caught Gretchen by the wrists and yanked her back towards him. She sprawled across the bed on her belly, trying not to fall off, and was rewarded with an oozing penis in her face.

He started stroking it vigorously and she noticed that even though he had ejaculated it showed no signs of withering. He was still quite hard.

"Open your mouth," he demanded.

She looked up into his eyes, all four of them, and resigned herself to her fate. She knew the strength and ferocity of this monster. Perhaps her only chance to live was to avoid his wrath--and those claws.

She tentatively opened her mouth as instructed. She didn't know if her cooperation changed things but any expectation of civility was dashed when he roughly entered her mouth and rammed himself down her throat with one stroke.

She gagged hard as his cock reached its target and her nose bumped against his crotch. Thankfully he was already withdrawing his girth when she realized that he was completely blocking her airway.

She sucked in a lungful of air before he crammed himself back into her mouth. She tasted the remaining juices from their previous copulation. It was like eating charcoal.

He went all the way to the back of her throat again and she gagged hard a second time. When he pulled out this time, she felt the bile rise in her throat and could do nothing to stop herself. She turned her head and vomited on the floor.

The demon watched her passively as he stroked himself. When she finished retching, she looked back up at him and wiped her mouth.

"You empty yourself so that I may fill you again," he stated matter-of-factly. "Stick out your tongue."

She did as he asked, bracing for another throat fucking. Instead, he continued to pump his fist along his shaft and placed the tip at the entrance to her mouth. He began rubbing himself forward and back along her tongue. She cringed at the burnt taste but tried to remain still.

"Suck on it," he urged, pressing farther into her mouth. His hand latched onto the back of her head preventing her from pulling away.

She wrapped her lips around his slippery cock and had barely begun to move her head when she felt him throb and a mouthful of liquid erupted out of him. It was burning hot. She tried to open her mouth wide and let it drain out onto the floor beside her puke.

"Drink!" He squeezed her head harder and she felt his claws scraping at her scalp and neck. "DRINK!"

She closed her lips around him again and attempted to swallow as another two jets of cum his her in the back of the throat. It was like trying to drink straight hot sauce. She gulped quickly as he came, and the fever returned. Swallow. Her belly was on fire. Swallow. He was feeding her lava.

He released her head and she pulled away, coughing.

"It's so hot!" She moaned, sweating again.

She scratched at her belly, at the pain, trying to get rid of it. But something else was happening too. Her nipples were painfully tight on her breasts and the sheets rubbing against them reminded her of how sensitive they could be when she was aroused. Her clitoris was becoming swollen as well and she could feel herself getting wet again.

She glanced at the still hard cock in front of her and then up at its owner.

"More? Is there more?" She asked him timidly.

"There is more, little one. Until you have been filled and I have been emptied," he growled.

She reached out and began to stroke him slowly with her hand until he came closer. Then she licked the last drop of semen from his last orgasm still clinging to the underside of his cock. Still disgusting burnt flavor. Hot like a jalapeño. But she wanted it. Needed it.

Eagerly she stroked him faster, pulling more of him into her mouth. Sucked him in until he touched the back of her throat and then stuck her tongue out to let it slide along his shaft as she drew him out. Her body was so hot she felt like she might melt. She moved faster, pulling him in and then sucking hard as she drew back. She tried her best to relax the muscles in her throat and get him deeper. He began to move with her rhythm, helping her.

"Hurry," she urged him as she stroked with her hand, "I need more. I need your cum!"

She dove back onto his cock, sucking hard, twisting her tongue around him and then pulling off with an audible 'pop.' When she felt him start to twitch again, she pressed her face against his crotch until she couldn't breathe and resisted the urge to gag again. She used her throat muscles to swallow against his tip and that pushed him over the edge.

"Ahhhh!" He let loose a third torrent of black semen and she hungrily continued to swallow.

The heat overwhelmed her almost instantly. She felt it radiating out of her pores, across her skin, against her nipples, down between her legs, pressing against her clit.

Still she continued to swallow as much as she could until an orgasm racked through her core like a bolt of lightning. She shook from the power of it until it reached her head and darkness enveloped her vision.

- - -

When Gretchen awoke she felt strange. Her body was stiff, but it wasn't painful--almost like her skin was too small. She went to look at herself in the vanity mirror on her dresser. Her eyes went wide. Her breasts were significantly larger. She brought her hands up to her chest to cradle them in her hands, testing their weight, and noticed the muscles of her arms flexing when she bent at the elbow. She was toned like she had spent all of her adult life sculpting her figure at the gym. She flexed in earnest and was surprised by the strength she felt. She also noticed that the lacerations on her chest were healed and left no sign of scarring.

How long was she asleep for? Had the entire thing been some sort of twisted nightmare?

The music still blared from her radio on the ground. She picked it up, turned the volume off, and set it on the dresser. The sun was still up, its muted light shone through the window. Her sheets were in total disarray and had been smeared with streaks of black in places. She glanced down at the floor where her pile of vomit still remained next to the bed. She still felt the heat deep inside of herself. The longer she thought about it the more aroused she became.

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