Azreal's Captive


Azreal planted his feet and begins to rotate his hips in earnest, plunging slow and hard inside her and pulling back most of the way out, never quite leaving the inside of his vessel, a low growl rumbling from deep in his throat. He growled his next statement. "Feel free to scream, little one. This will hurt soon enough."

He gave her an example by suddenly plunging into her, his unnaturally hard flesh tearing into her soft sex with brutal strength, roughly fucking her now as his instincts came closer to the surface. Chandra smelled like a bitch in heat, scent only increasing his desire. She finally began pushing back, not yet feeling pain, only pleasure... at his thrust, she let out a small yelp.

Azreal continued to punish her, letting her barely more-than-human endurance protect her from the worst of his assault, slamming against her and burying himself deeply within the tight, hot walls of her sex. Chandra cried with each trust, not to the point of breaking yet, in fact, the rough treatment seems to driver her harder. She had taken this much before...

Azreal growled softly and leaned over, hips still grinding into her mercilessly, and his lips travel up the bared portion of her spine to the base of her neck, biting softly, moving his face to the right until his hungry mouth presses against her racing pulse, feeling the hot life within begging him to release it.

Chandra whimpered, knowing what was coming, wanting it so badly. The toll of his assault was beginning to tell; she could already feel bruises forming. But she was determined to hold out, to prove she could take it.

Azreal felt his fangs extend and he plunged them into the side of her neck without warning, feeling her hot luscious blood spilling forth as he greedily suckled it. Fangs scraped against the sensitive flesh as his fucking continues, hands clamped to her hips to keep them locked together for the feeding. That was not necessary. Chandra was beyond the point where she could protest; the grip of the Kiss keeping her in a state of ecstasy from the moment it began. Her whole body vibrated, hot blood feeding Azreal generously.

Finally, he tore his blood-oozing mouth away from her and hungrily licked the wound clean and closed. Chandra finally found breath to speak, and exclaimed, "Please come in me, sir! Please!" Azreal slipped his hands from her hips to underneath her, and crushed her breasts in his powerful hands, mercilessly pinching her nipples as he plowed her into the bed repeatedly, letting his supernatural might penetrate her in new and beautiful ways. He shivered, and then let out an animal howl as a hot stream of his blood exploded from his hard sex, wetting her insides even more so than they were, a film of blood coating them both. Chandra came repeatedly. Just when she thought it was over, another wave started.

Azreal rolled her nipples between his fingers, still buried up to the hilt in Chandra as she gushed delightfully over him, Spent, panting, and droopy-eyed from the loss of blood, light headed, she whispered "Thank you sir... thank you for letting me be your vessel."

The vampire allows himself a small smile of satisfaction. "You are welcome, pet. Rest well." He let her drift to sleep before he withdraw, fingers tracing the bruises formed by his assault. His mind moved forward to how he would take her next...

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