tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAzure's Defeat

Azure's Defeat

bySean Renaud©

The rain was coming down so hard it felt like it was literally pounding down on the Azure's cowl. He'd had his doubts when Tempest had threatened to flood the city if his demands for one billion dollars weren't met but it seemed he weather wizard wasn't bluffing or exaggerating the limits of his power. The Lono Amulet had truly given him godlike powers. Azure could only hope that the fiend was still growing accustomed to his powers.

Not once in his entire life had Azure even entertained the idea of surrendering to one of his enemies. He had always found away, it didn't matter if they were space aliens with orbital death rays, vampires with mind control, robots from the future sent to kill his unborn grandson or mutated amphibious reptiles out for free pizza he would find away to stop them. Only this time he didn't have any clue what he could do to stop this.

There was no need for him to scan the warehouse, he knew that it was a trap. Just on a whim Azure decided to try opening the door before resorting to picking the lock or the more direct approach of simply kicking the door down and much to his surprise that actually worked. "I'm here, there's no need for this. I came alone just as you demanded."

"And unarmed?" Tempest's voice echoed throughout the seemingly empty warehouse. Azure pulled his cape open and slowly turned around revealing his utility belt had been removed. "Good."

"What do you want fiend?" Azure spread his arms wide and slowly turned around to face the sourceless voice. "I have done as you asked now spare my city!"

"I want the same thing I've always wanted my handsome friend." A spot light appeared on Azure. " Strip down. You may keep your cape, cowl, boots and gloves but everything else must go."

"You're a monster!" Azure shouted angrily. "You swear you will spare my city if I follow your instructions?"

"I swear it." Tempest answered.

Azure refused to give this criminal the satisfaction of seeing hearing him plea for mercy. Whatever was planned he would bear it like a true hero. He was thankful that he was being allowed to keep his mask though. Asure knew that his expression would easily betray just how helpless he actually felt peeling off his custom silk woven armor. "You know you won't win don't you Tempest. In the end evil never does."

"Yadda yadda hero. I've already won and the longer you stall the more of your precious city will find itself underwater." Tempest cackled. "I like your body, you're tight. Tight like tyger." Tempest taunted. "Nice scars, did I give you any of those? I really like that one on your shoulder." Azure did his best to maintain his composure but it was difficult with Tempest's taunts. The scar on his shoulder was one he'd gotten from Tempest, specifically the Sword of Storms and it still ached during thunder storms.

Azure peeled the bottom half of his costume away. Just like his arms and back his legs were riddled with scar tissue. He could remember how he got each one. The gash on his leg when he hadn't quite cleared a wall in a single bound, a half dozen bullets that had grazed him and his personal favorite a scorch mark up the back side of his calf from a firework when he was twelve years old. "I can't wait to get a taste of you hero."

"Shut up. You know I'm going to beat you. So you may as well hurry up and get it over with you diabolical villain!" Azure put his fists defiantly on his hips. He hoped that he looked like a hero staring down a beast and not a terrified man facing what could easily be the end of his existence.

He knew which he was when a door opened and light spilled into the otherwise dark warehouse. He could only see Tempest's silhouette in the portal. Azure was suddenly aware of just what a small man he really was. He was only six feet three inches and weight just under two hundred and forty pounds with less than four percent body fat.

Compared to him Tempest was seemed like a behemoth standing there triumphant. Standing at one inch beneath six feet and weighing perhaps two hundred pounds including gear he seemed to have been chiseled from granite. Azure felt the man's hungry gaze and subconsciously took a step back. Tempest stepped out of the door way for a for a moment Azure could only listen to the thunder of his foot steps.

"My don't you look delicious?" Tempest stepped into the light and rested one hand on Azure's chest. Considering intimidating he was Tempest had a soft almost feminine touch. He seemed to be fascinated with the definition of Azure's abs and the outline of each and every scar. "Do they hurt?" Azure refused to answer his tormentor. The actually tickled slightly when he ran his fingers across them. "Oh, you intend to be silent?" Tempest bit down on Azure's shoulder hard enough to leave an imprint behind. "That's fine. We'll just see how long you can keep acting so stoic hero." Azure was suddenly aware of every inch of his body, especially the parts where Tempest's curious fingers lead and cunning tongue followed shortly after.

Azure gasped when Tempest's fingers closed around his cock. "Do you know how long I've waited for this hero?" Tempest started slowly stroking Azure. "How long I've wanted to feel this weapon in my grasp?" Gradually Tempest squeezed on his nemesis' flesh, massaging it to its full length. "I've had to watch you for years running around in your skin tight armor. Watching you run and jump and flip. Have you ever seen anybody as magnificent as yourself?" Tempest crooned. "I know I haven't."

Not being in control was one of the worst experiences that Azure could imagine. It wasn't the unsettling fact that a man was handling him. It wasn't even that he'd been defeated. He'd been captured before, he'd been hurt before, he'd nearly died. Twice. This was the first time someone had made him into a victim. He was a victim. In the eighteen months since he'd first started fighting crime he'd never really thought about what it felt like to be a victim, to be unable to determine his fate.

As bad as it was that he couldn't control his own fate it was worse that he couldn't even control his body. Despite everything his cock was hardening in this man's grasp. Azure wanted to hate the feeling of this bastard's lips and fingers on his flesh but it made his skin tingle a lot more than it made it crawl.

Tempest sank to his knees and did his best to engulf Azure in a single go. He wasn't able to though, he could barely get half of Azure's flesh into his mouth before he was forced to back off and try again. It took him several tries and almost a minute but Tempest managed his goal of completely swallowing his rival. He held that position, with his nose brushing up against Azure's pelvis for as long as he could hold his breath. When he pulled away his lunges had a pleasant burn to them.

Azure felt his leg starting to twitch each time his tormentor deep throated him. His cowl covered his face so Tempest wouldn't have been able to see his face flushing or his eyes rolling back with pleasure. Tempest would know that he'd conquered Azure when his mouth suddenly flooded with warm semen that he gobbled down without a second though. Azure clenched his fists in anger. He'd never thought he'd be violated by someone sucking his cock, he used to insult people with that threat. That shame paled in comparison to when Tempest rose up and kissed him. Azure recoiled slightly, the taste of his cum was repugnant.

"Oh my." Tempest reached up and gently slapped Azure on the side of the face several times. "That was a lot of fun." Tempest kissed his victim on the cheek and then walked away. "Oh, you'll know where to find me next time, I'll call by flooding your city again."

Tempest opened the door and behind it was the svelte figure of a young woman. Before he could react a leather clad foot collided with the side of his skull knocking him out. "Did you destroy it?" Azure asked glaring at his nemesis.

"Smasho crash boss." Cyan replied.

"Now lets make sure he ends up some place where he'll have plenty of male attention!" The two crime fighters had a good laugh over that.

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