B.D.K. Ch. 01


All characters are fictional and over eighteen. Special thanks to VinsanityOrElse for the editing and feedback. Feel free to leave a comment with either encouragement, suggestions or criticism. Enjoy!


retrospect, it was nothing short of a miracle that I'd known Kelly for four years without any suspicion towards her secret. We met freshman year of college on a co-ed soccer team, quickly developing an open rapport and becoming close. We didn't spend every waking moment together, but we did meet fairly regularly, getting a meal or taking a day hike. Our conversations had almost no boundaries, ranging from religion to relationships, politics to poetry, sports to sex. We were affectionate with each other, always greeting one another with big hugs. She would sometimes take my arm when we walked together, or leap onto my back from behind; we were always laughing and horsing around. After a couple years we had become so openly attached to our friendship that we decided not to risk it by pushing for something more. And so nothing overtly sexual ever happened between us until the night she told me her secret.

I'd spent a lot of time ogling Kelly over the years, in shorts and sports bras, summer dresses or jeans and tight low cut shirts. She was absolutely gorgeous; there was no doubt about that. Her body was the perfect combination of womanly curves and muscular athleticism. Long, smoothly defined legs thickening into wide hips and an incredibly full round ass, which she loved to show off in tight shorts. Kelly's waist narrowed into a taunt core, her belly flat and slightly rippled in the way of fit women. She was in terrific shape, and her chest was stacked with breasts that defied metabolic sense. They were easily DD, resting on her ribs like two lush, rounded teardrops, and her deep cleavage had a tendency to jiggle distractingly when she ran or walked or did anything at all. She was not wispy or unattractively ripped; she was a strong, well-built young woman.

I had a habit of resting my hand or elbow on Kelly's head (she was about 5'6" and I am 5'11") and her hair was thicker and softer than any other I have ever felt. It was a glossy deep chestnut, waving slightly below her shoulders where it hung to her mid back, naturally highlighted by the summer sun. Kelly's highlights were brightest where they framed her strikingly beautiful features. She had high, wide cheekbones that dipped into concave cheeks, dimpled slightly with her infectious grin, a strong jaw and deep green eyes. It's hard to convey in words the precise magic of her face, but locking eyes with her was intensely intoxicating. I would frequently find myself captured in her gaze, enchanted for a brief moment by some tension I couldn't identify, before she would break it with a goofy grin and a joke.

The night things changed started at an otherwise unremarkable college party. There was music and dancing, obviously drinking. Small clumps of kids in various raucous conversations and people getting friendly on couches. We had arrived together but spent most of our time there apart on an unspoken understanding. We mingled and danced, meeting eyes across rooms and over the shoulders of the people we were taking to. We would exchange a wink or a knowing smile, and occasionally came together to laugh conspiringly about something ridiculous we'd heard, or to rate fellow partiers who'd been hitting on us.

Eventually we found our selves on the couch together, the party winding down around us. We were sitting close, her warm thigh pressed against mine and the skin of her arm brushing against me as we laughed about something. She caught me in her eyes as the laugher slowly faded between us, and I remember once again feeling a hint of strange energy, though I could not place it.

"Do you want to get out of here?" She asked suddenly, patting my thigh.

"Sure," I said, grinning, "your place? Watch a movie or something?"

She agreed and we were up and out; stumbling, laughing. kicking at nothings. It was a short trip, and we were walking through her door in minutes. At some point during the walk we had stumbled upon the topic of gender roles and identity.

"I think some guys just feel the need to be macho all the time because they don't really know themselves, you know?" Kelly was saying, "It's like, they have no real, strong personality so they co-opt this shallow image of masculinity and try to make it real for themselves, cause they don't have anything else."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," I said. "I think everyone naturally has a mix traits that are traditionally considered male or female." Kelly smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye that I wouldn't understand until later.

"I mean, this will sound silly but my soul is deeper and older than any gender role," I continued, "I think it's stupid to hide parts of yourself just because they don't fit in with the bullshit arbitrary gender stereotyping." Kelly smiled and laughed with a certain mysterious warmth.

"What?" I asked, sensing something was up.

"Oooh... nothing," Kelly replied, still grinning broadly.

"Alright, whatever" I said, throwing my hands up with a chuckle.

We drifted onto her couch, our conversation slowly mellowing and quieting as the excitement of the party died away and we eased into the comfort of each other's familiar company. It was nearly one in the morning, and I yawned into a slight pause.

"Austin... can I tell you a secret?" Kelly asked. I realized, she was suddenly nervous, and it wasn't like her to ask permission to say something. "I-It's something I haven't told anyone in a long time because last time I did it didn't go so well...but I-I really trust you, and...It's sorta been weighing on me and I'm an little drunk but, but you have to promise we'll still be friends, I-If I tell you," She stammered. I was wide awake now, and the fear and apprehension in her voice and on her face was painfully clear.

"Kelly, of course you can tell me!" I said, pulling her into a reassuring embrace. "Are you kidding me? You're like my best friend, I fucking love you, you ought to know that," I said, kissing her on the top of her head. She smelled like heaven on earth, and I could feel the heat of her body and the soft warmth of her breast against my side, but now was not the time for those thoughts. "Nothing is going to end our friendship, I fucking promise."

"Noffin?" She said, her voice muffled in my chest.

"Nothing." I stated firmly, giving her a reassuring squeeze.

"I'm transexual," she said

"What?!" I blurted dumbly. I was in instant shock. My grip on her slacked thoughtlessly. Kelly a transexual? I simply could not wrap my head around it. There was just no way my best friend/dream girl for years was anything less that a woman.

She slowly pulled back from my embrace and the look on her face was pure terror. I could see tears in her eyes and the color draining from her cheeks.

"I-I have a penis," she said, her voice slow and shaking. Then it suddenly hit me, how much pain my paralysis was causing her. My heart melted for her, finally revealing her deepest secret to her closest friend and getting cold shock.

"Kelly, I'm sorry, that's totally fine, fuck, I'm just ... you just blew my fucking mind! You're still my best friend, just ... wow... you seriously have a dick?" I was gushing. "I just had absolutely no idea ... I would have never guessed ... you're like the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen, I..."

"You think I'm gorgeous?" Kelly interrupted, "A gorgeous girl?"

"I...yes." I paused, "If you've chosen to live as a girl, you are one, and yes, there is no doubt in my mind you are fucking gorgeous." Kelly's typical healthy glow returned to her cheeks as she cracked a huge smile and began to laugh with relief.

We talked about it for almost an hour, the history of her body, how she had come to be who she was, the story of her first and only boyfriend who had outed her to the entire school, leading to such persistent and vicious bullying that she had moved to a different state and vowed to never tell another guy, trials of self esteem and self-acceptance she had faced, everything, all the while finishing a bottle of wine between us. Finally our conversation was slowing down, Kelly cuddling comfortably in my arms.

"I'm glad I told you," she said.

"I'm glad you trust me," I said, kissing her on the hair. There was a long pause. Then, from nowhere she asked the big question that had been floating around in the back of my mind for the past hour.

"Do you want to see it?"

"Uhh... yeah.... Actually, I kinda do," I admitted slowly, "Does that make me gay?"

"Dude, who cares," she said, untangling herself and getting up from the couch. She turned and faced me and I was reminded what a goddess she was. I watched her perfect ass flex out of reach as she stood and her jeans clung to the muscular lengths of her thighs. Her top exposed a line of toned midriff and her skin was smooth and clear, from the flush of her cheeks to the deep shadows of her cleavage. The anticipation was palpable, her nipples pressing outward from the hemispheres her globes, made through the thin fabric of her shirt, lifting with each breath.

"Are you sure?" Kelly asked with a sly smile, her hands on the button of her jeans. She caught me in her piercing green eyes, and I felt a huge surge of desire.

I nodded vigorously, grinning broadly. Kelly unzipped and peeled her jeans down to the knee. Underneath she was wearing a strange undergarment, which must have been used to conceal her package. She rapidly undid several Velcro straps, worked her thumbs under the waistband, and bent over, pulling the underwear and the jeans to the floor and stepping out of them. She straightened, grinning and blushing furiously, and placed her hands on her hips. I almost fell off the couch!

She was fucking enormous. It was as if, because her hips were wider that the average man, her entire package had been scaled up to fit. Her testicles hung 4-5 inches and each were easily the size of a jumbo egg. Her dick hung 6-7 inches and looked to be about 4 fingers wide, partially erect and growing. She was smooth and hairless except for a small tuff at the base of her cock.

"Like it?" She asked, glancing at my crotch and smiling knowingly.

I realized I was hard as a rock, and my mouth and eyes were both wide open.

"Fuck Kelly, you're fucking huge," I said, unable to hide the awe in my voice. She laughed.

"You can touch it... if you want, " she said, stepping closer.

I reached out and ran the tips of my fingers down the length of Kelly's cock. I could feel the soft skin sliding fluidly over her hardening shaft and the spidery veins that were emerging. It was too thick to wrap my fingers around and continued to grow in my grip until Kelly reached full erection. I found myself slowly stroking the full length her hard cock almost absentmindedly. Kelly's dick was over 11 inches long. Her thin skin slid easily over her rock hard shaft, which had begun to twitch and pulse. The sheer size of it was casting me into a trance. It dominated my field of vision; her wide, flaring cock head waving hypnotically inches from my face.

"Kiss it..." she said softy. I looked up and locked onto her beautiful green eyes.

I leaned forward, pulled her dick horizontal and slowly pressed my lips against the warm smooth skin of Kelly's helm. Our nerves connected in the sensation, her mouth opened in a shocked gasp and my insides seemed to ignite with an unfamiliar hunger. I lifted her dick and kissed down its length, inhaling the musky scent of her with my nose pressed against the side of her cock, exhaling against her. I lifted my freehand to cup her heavy balls and they filled my entire hand. I knew Kelly would cum buckets, and I wanted to see it happen.

"Mmmmm Austin, your lips feel sooo good on my dick," She purred, her voice hoarse with arousal.

I opened my mouth slightly, and began moving up Kelly's long shaft with short licks, which ended with wet, sucking kisses. I was getting lost in Kelly's arousal as her dick pulsed in my hand. The skin of her cock was warm and alive against my lips as I moved softly up the shallow divot formed between the iron core of her length and the swelling cum channel that ran along the underside. I traced a thick purple vein with the tip of my tongue from the thick base of her cock, curving and branching up the dizzying height of her massive cock, to her proudly bobbing helm. I licked and sucked along the ridge of her cock head while stroking her length with one hand, and she began running her fingers through my hair. I moved back so that Kelly's massive cock was lined up against my slightly open mouth, my tongue tickling her tip with little flick.

"Oh fuck Austin, please suck my big dick," Kelly moaned, pressing forward.

I kept my lips tight but relaxed my jaw, covering my lower teeth with my tongue while she pressed forward. I was trapped in her eyes, watching her mouth open to a perfect "O" of pleasure as the head of her dick popped into my warm mouth. The rich taste of her skin had me salivating instantly. She slid a couple more inches of her shaft between my lips and I could feel her veiny skin sliding over her thick shaft. I began sucking and moving up and down, my cheeks hollowing in to press against the ridge of her helm as it moved in my mouth, tongue swirling around her helm on the upstroke and slithering along the base on the down stroke.

"Holy...holy shit Austin," Kelly moaned, "I can't believe you're sucking my dick, I can't believe my best friend is sucking my dick! fuuuck Austin. I love you so much! fuck, your mouth feels so good on my big dick...." Her eyes were half closed with pleasure, one hand squeezing and kneading her breast, the other on the back of my head, caressing me encouragingly.

Sucking Kelly's massive cock was fucking amazing, I was loving it. I could feel every twitch and throb of her arousal; taste every drop of pre-cum oozing into my tongue. I began working in my hands, cupping her huge balls and running my fingernails over them, stroking her dick towards me as I bobbed deeper onto it, and pulling the loose skin down her shaft as the wet seal of my lips pulled toward her leaking helm. Kelly's dick began pulsing more frequently and her balls started to tightening.

"Fuck, wait, I'm going to cum soon," she said, taking her dick by the base in one hand and pressing against my forehead with the other. I kept my lips tight and sucked hard as Kelly slowly pulled her dick out of my mouth, but she held off from orgasm.

"Fuck Austin," she said, "that was goddamn amazing"

She pounced on me, monstrous cock waving wildly and jabbing me in the belly. I collapsed backwards with her on top, hands on my neck and chest, kissing me deeply, passionately, breathlessly. Kelly's thick lips stuck to mine as we tasted each other, exploring each other's lips and mouths with half lidded eyes and newfound intimacy.

"Why...the fuck...do you still... have... clothes?" Kelly asked, breathlessly between kisses.

"Why.... the fuck.... do you... still have.... that shirt on?" I retorted, grabbing a firm handful of each breast to emphasize my point. Kelly had to break the kiss. She started laughing into my collarbone, flinging her thick gorgeous hair into my face as a consequence.

"Pfff pfff Ptuh," I exaggerated spitting her hair out and Kelly looked up and laughed anew, sitting up on my lap with a big grin. I was intensely aware of the warmth and texture of her round ass in my crotch, two firm globes of feminine muscle pressing onto my hips, surrounding my hard cock, as well as the weigh of each of Kelly's giant balls on my lower belly. She grabbed my shirt on either side of her enormous cock and pulled it up and over my head. Then she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her shoulders along with her bra, releasing her massive breasts to bob, jiggling as gravity pulled at them in vain.

I felt my breath catch in my chest as I saw Kelly fully nude for the first time. No amount of oogling through clothes could have prepared me for the unfiltered glory of her naked body. I had spent a huge chunk of my life jerking off to detailed imaginings of what I was seeing now, and my imagination simply could not do her justice. Her thick chestnut hair draped along her gracefully neck and over her athletic shoulders, falling unevenly across one of her perfect breasts. Her hair slid off the peak of her breast where her hard nipple projected from a dark tan, silver dollar sized areola to collect in the valley of her cleavage and between the outside of breast and her shoulder. The topside of her breast sloped lightly but the underside of each breast was unbelievably round and perky, rising with each breath. Not far below, the head of Kelly's giant organ wavered and pulsed with her heartbeat, the thick cum channel on the underside of her cock widening slightly toward the base where it merged into her ball sack. Her palm-sized testicles rested against my abs, loose and heavy. On either side of her giant dick, her flat belly flared from her waist to her wide, muscular hips. As well as feeling it against me, I could see the swell of her ass over her smooth thighs. Between her perfect ass, breathtaking breasts and jaw-dropping cock, I was speechless.

"Hey, up here," she said. She had a crooked grin on her beautiful face, knowing how much I appreciated her body, and her deep green eyes were smoldering with aroused amusement. I sat up, taking her lips in mine, grabbing her ass and pulling her close, pressing her tits and cock against my bare chest. I could feel her rock hard nipple pressing into my pecks, the wet, rubbery helm of her dick and the 9 inches of shaft rubbing into the groove of my abs as her arms wrapped around my head and pulled me deeper and more urgently into our kiss. Holding her naked in my arms, I was in ecstasy, and my cock was throbbing painfully in the confines of my pants.

"...Austin... pants..." she said softly, slowly breaking our kiss. She pushed my chest down to the couch and spun 180 degrees in one fluid motion, setting her knees down on about level with my nipples. I was so distracted by the incredible view of her puckered hole, nestled deep in her full ass that I barely noticed her efficiently taking my pants off. Suddenly my boner sprung free and slapped against my belly where her thick, soft hair was brushing over my hips and thighs.

"Awww, it's beautiful," Kelly said sweetly. I had never really been insecure about my size, but her 11 inch monster was easily twice as big in every way. Even her balls, which now hung inches above my face, dwarfed mine without comparison. She easily wrapped her fingers around my shaft and lifted towards her face, backing slightly to line up. She kissed the tip and looked down between her legs to catch my eyes under her breasts and beside her pendulous cock and balls. She had a mischievous sparkle in her eyes and a big grin clearly knowing her dick put mine to shame. I was embarrassed but more aroused then ever, sheepishly averting my eyes to the testicles, which now hung inches from my face.

"Fuck Kelly, you're fucking hung. My dick and balls look childish compared to these," I said sheepishly, cupping her balls and stroking her long thick cock. She laughed and I could feel her breath on my average sized dick as she stroked it easily with one hand.

"Austin you a have beautiful dick, it's not a competition. I know you love my big dick so just enjoy it and let me take care of this," Kelly said, giving my cock a tug. She was right, I was in love with Kelly's dick and the fact that it completely outclassed mine only turned me on more, igniting a fire to please in my belly I have never felt with any other girl. She was stroking faster now, and swirling her tongue around my tip, before slowly enveloping my cock head in her warm, wet mouth.

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