tagAnalB-Day Ch. 02

B-Day Ch. 02


Friday night seemed to come too soon. Even so, I'd mentally drafted my getup far in advance; I was feeling particularly competitive.

I put on my tallest velvet heels, and I hiked my little natural breasts with a pushup cami. The fancy (read: overpriced) sheer chiffon top I'd ordered online fit me perfectly, as was my cherry-red miniskirt. I tried to lay on the slutty eyeshadow as heavily as I could get away with.

Evander seemed to appreciate the effort, though in his usual understated manner, the only praise he offered was "You look good, girl."

In the world of such a discriminating man, I've come to learn that this is a huge compliment. I tried to take it as such, though part of me wished he'd be a little more expressive. Meanwhile, he merely wore slippers, khakis and a white t-shirt. Beautiful guys like him have it too easy.

Mariko showed up at our front door at exactly 9 pm. She looked a little different I'd imagined.

I'll admit, I was inclined to be cattishly judgmental. In person, she looked much more her age. Her skin was a bit more porous and splotchy than I felt had been advertised.

Her hair was considerably longer than expected as well, falling shoulder-length and dyed dark auburn an inch past the root. This all confirmed to me that her photos were not exactly current.

Also, apart from a chic straw fedora and blood-red lipstick, her presentation was disarmingly plain—a drab wool sweater, bluejeans, burlap handbag, and worn white sneakers. Yet as much as I wanted to nitpick, it had to admit that she was undeniably, viscerally sexy. Much more so than I, and she didn't seem to even try that hard.

I considered that maybe she was trying to downplay herself for my sake, but either way I saw not a whit of disappointment in Evander's eyes. He seemed spellbound. I immediately felt out of sorts.

Although she was of small frame like myself, there was a "bigness" to her aura. It was a shameless air, defiant even, and as she sauntered into our apartment unhesitatingly, I found myself tensing up.

Evander looked down at me, smiling. "It's okay," he said, patting my shoulder. I felt my heart slow down as his large warm hand graced me, but even his gentle consolation couldn't completely calm my nerves at the moment.

"Hi, Mariko. My name is Abi...Abigail Khaing. And this is—"

Mariko sucked her crooked teeth and interrupted me, staring me down with her sly eyes. "You dunno know how to fuck your man?" she snapped with a smirk on her thin crimson lips.

I paused, then squinted, my brain suddenly processing her implication."What? Of course I know how to! I-it's just that..."

"Haha! You dunno how to fuck your man, eh? Okay honey, you will learn it tonight. Watch and learn," Mariko said teasingly, placing her bag on the floor next to her, then pulling up her shabby sweater to reveal her bare, perky breasts.

Her nipples were caramel-tan and positively tiny, standing erect. I saw Evander's eyebrow raise.

"Hi Mr. Evander," she said with a voice oozing exaggerated flirtatiousness. Evander chuckled, looking highly entertained. I saw that telltale bulge begin to form under his khakis. She clearly did too, because her eyes met it expectantly, a wide smile now on her face.

"Hi, Mariko," he simply said back in a relaxed, upbeat tone. I stared at him, seeing how focused he was on her as she stood half-naked in our well-lit living room.

"Abi," she said to me without breaking eye contact with Evander, "you suck his dick now. Get your man ready for me." "I..." I sputtered, not expecting her to be so commanding.

"Do as Mariko says, Abi," Evander said to me calmly, the bulge in his pants now extending almost halfway to his knee. He clearly was not off-put by this woman's tone as I was. In fact, he seemed quite enamored of it.

I hesitated. This was another thing I was insecure about—my gag reflex. I've been working on it, but it's still an impediment when I go down on him. He seems to enjoy my attempts, but I can never tell if it's good enough for him; often he stops before he even orgasms and remarks that, yes, it's "good enough." Sigh.

I dropped to my knees and leaned in, feeling him tower over my little body. I grabbed the cold steel of his belt buckle and tugged it loose. With shaking hands I unbuttoned his pants, feeling his dark weapon swell against my forearm through the thin cloth.

Gripping him by the waist, I tucked my thumbs under the stretchy lining of his silk boxers and, hooking my middle fingers around his belt loops, slid everything down slowly.

Inch by inch, my lover's weighty, dusky penis revealed itself. The further down I pulled, the wider Mariko's eyes became.

"Oh," Mariko exclaimed with a mixture of real and affected surprise. "Does it have...an end?"

For the first time, we all shared a knowing chuckle. Of course she'd seen photos of his penis, but there is certainly something about seeing it up close that drives home just how generous his endowment is, and how beautifully shaped it is as well.

As the unveiling of his smooth cocoa-colored shaft continued, Mariko slipped a hand down her jeans and moaned embarrassingly loud. It was clear that this woman was as brazen as she was actorly.

"Oh, I see. It is a monster! Big dark monster," Mariko said with a playful whisper, her nipples visibly standing on end as she finally was able to see Evander's blessed penis in all its glory.

Finally, the bulbous mushroom head slipped out from under the cloth veil, catapulting upward stiffly. "So perfect! Koi no yokan..." Mariko said, followed by another loud moan that made me hope our neighbors couldn't hear.

I had honestly never seen Evander so erect before. I could see the smooth brown skin of his penis strain against the firm tissue underneath. It was Mariko having this effect him, of course, not me.

I swallowed hard, trying to block out envious thoughts. Part me of hated our new guest already, and as I saw her and Evander's eyes lock, I almost snapped.

I shook myself out of my funk, determined not to let her have all the fun, and I gripped my lover's hefty penis in my hands with determination. The familiar feeling of his engorged veins pulsing rapidly in my palms inspired me, and opened my mouth wide.

"Show respect. Look up at your man when you suck him," Mariko demanded. "You are a very lucky girl, Abi." I nodded in agreement, and did as told. I glanced up at Evander with my best look of focused desire that I could muster, slowing the movement of my eyelids to a crawl.

Evander's penis slowly pushed its way through my widened lips, filling the entire expanse of my tiny mouth from cheek to cheek.

It felt heavy and warm on my tongue, the taste bittersweet. Evander's an impeccably clean man, but sweaty cock will always taste like sweaty cock, and I've learned to savor the taste.

I began sucking him off. I started bobbing my head up and down on the wide bulb, conjuring up as much saliva as I could muster from the depths of my throat.

He put his big controlling hand on my head, stroking my temples at first, then lightly tugging my hair towards him as he swayed his hips gently back and forth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Mariko furiously strumming her clit under her pants, and knew that she was every bit as aroused as we were. She continued to address me brashly.

"Abi, I think Evander's penis is so very big. Maybe too big for you. What you think?"

I merely nodded, giving her a stifled "Mmhm!" through my clumsy slobbering as I intrepidly tried to push Evander deeper into my throat.

I immediately regretted trying to show off, as I felt acid well up in my gullet. I began to gasp and hack, blinking as tears formed at the edges of my eyes. I pulled away, still heaving, strings of drool still running between my lips and his humongous member.

"That's all she can do?" Mariko taunted. I felt frustration mount in me, but said nothing.

"Hmm, she's still learning," Evander said casually, eyes still locked on her. I then heard him address me. "Open wider, Abi. Remember what I said about no teeth?"

Mariko laughed at me again. I said nothing and opened my mouth wider, feeling my jaw jack open uncomfortably and my lips stretch. I continued to messily slurp him down as best I could, my saliva glands running like a faucet.

I was still determined to hold my own. Gathering some of the spit around his glans, I began to slide my two tiny hands up and down the shiny length of his impossibly fat shaft. I figured if I couldn't go deep, I'd at least give some service along the rest of his member.

That didn't seem to elicit any strong reaction from him, though. If he noticed, he didn't seem to care. I closed my eyes, unable to look up at him anymore. I felt ashamed that I couldn't please him.

Mariko sniggered, then waved her hands dismissively. "Phh, she is so boring. Why she can't go deeper?" She asked Evander, who shrugged again in response and joined in laughing with her.

I suddenly felt so small. Not just physically in contrast to Evander's towering physique, but also to Mariko, whose personality seemed to fill the room and blot out my own entirely.

I heard her huff loudly. She further disparaged my meager oral skills with a sneer as she unbuttoned her jeans. She then disregarded me for a moment and focused on her grand prize.

"Forget her. So you like ass, Evander?" I could taste crystalline droplets of pre-cum on his head. I suppose my desperate oral service was "good enough," as he would say, as his response sounded undisrupted if nothing else.

"I do, Mariko," he said as he tugged my hair towards him forcefully. I immediately felt like I was going to gag, but I collected myself.

I felt my little girlcock begin to twitch in arousal, creating a sticky little dot at the crotch of my underwear. I loved hearing his deep, confident voice as he nonchalantly used my face.

Our guest took a step closer to us and placed her hands on her hips. "Mm, that's so dirty, Evander. You are a dirty boy! Why you want to fuck my ass?"

"Why wouldn't I, Mariko? You brought it to me. Straight to my front door, even," Evander said as his grip on my head tightened. I felt goosebumps rise on my arms and legs.

Her voice again filled the room. "Mmm, yes Evander. You are quite a dirty boy, so I am a dirty girl. I think it is a perfect match." "Perhaps," he replied without a care in the world. "Turn around, Mariko, and let me see what you're offering."

With an exaggerated swivel, Mariko turned around and jutted her little backside out, turning her head to fix him with her signature stare. I could hear him faintly chuckling under his breath, the vibration of his abs trailing to my lips.

His eyes fell right on her butt, and I could sense him scrutinizing its shape, visualizing it through her raggedy jeans. It only took a split second. He didn't ogle like some guys; he made his assessments quickly.

Squinting, he stroked the scratchy salt & pepper stubble on his cheeks, then nodded his head in conservative approval. Mariko's voice became slightly more tremulous as his confidence seemed to intoxicate her.

"So...do you like my ass, Evander? My sweet momo-jiri?"

"It's fine, Mariko," he replied as his penis swelled deep in my mouth.

"What kind of ass do you like to fuck most? Your girlfriend is Asian. You like to fuck Asian ass the most?"

"Nah, it's not like that," Evander said cooly. "I like all kinds of women. It just so happens that I have you two in this room. I could easily have a different arrangement." Looking sufficiently convinced, and quite entranced now as well, Mariko turned towards us again and took another step closer. She quickly yanked her jeans down around her ankles and kicked them off, revealing that she had no underwear.

Now plainly visible, her fingers returned to their position at the tender peak of her feathery, untrimmed crotch. Stepping in profile, she then swerved her hips towards us and pulled one of her ass cheeks to the side.

That deep puckered anus of hers—the one that first flashed across our computer screen only weeks ago—was finally there for the taking. I wanted to turn and view it fully, but I remembered my orders to look up at him.

The moaning from her lips was less affected now, easing to a slow, consistent purr. "Mmm, dirty boy. This is what you want, yeah? You like my ass?" Mariko mewled, her naked body writhing before him right on our carpet.

Evander nodded again, his dark balls flexing as his penis pulsed again in my small mouth.

Though I couldn't completely turn my head to view her, my peripheral vision afforded me a view of her impeccably lean and fit physique. It looked even sharper in person.

Maybe the small imperfections I'd noticed in her were merely my own immature, insecure projections. Whatever the case, in that moment I couldn't imagine a sexier woman standing in our apartment, nor a sexier man, and I felt myself submit fully to the dynamic already well underway.

I finally understood that for tonight, I was nothing more than a curious helpmate here, an eager mouth to keep Evander pleased until he was ready for the grand prize. And ready he now was.

"Enough, Abi. That's good enough," he said, patting me on the head and releasing his grip. A stream of drool still gushed from my mouth, dripping onto the carpet in splotches.

At least I could breathe now, I thought to myself, though I still shivered at the thought of what was happening.

"I'm ready," Evander said, replacing my hands with his own as he gripped the shaft of his long shadowy penis.

Mariko paused. She looked at me, then him. Her face suddenly went deadpan and her volume increased.

"I need to shit first. Bathroom?"

I gasped. "Oh my god..." was all I could let out. I was astounded by how crass she could be. This woman did not have an "inside voice."

"Right down the hall," Evander said, pointing past the kitchen. She smiled.

"Thank you, sweetie! Make sure your man stays hard, Abi, so we can 'ketsu no ana de yaro' all night long," she yipped as she temporarily removed herself from our living room.

"Evander...did she just say what I think she said?" I asked as I started to massage his balls dutifully. He shrugged, looking content to merely kick back and enjoy the wild show.

"Yeah," he said vacantly as he removed his shirt and stepped out of his sandals."You prefer she hold it in?"

"Um, I mean not if she actually has to use the toilet—I mean, it's not my business to say—" "Shh, Abi baby. Just do what she said, and keep playing with my balls. You know I like it when you do that," he said, flashing me his potently charming, toothy grin. I sighed, fumbling with his large testicles as he stroked himself, still as stiff as a board.

I began wondering if Mariko talked so loudly because she wanted our neighbors to hear. Maybe she got some kind of exhibitionist pleasure out of it. Maybe she was trying to make some kind of statement. Maybe she was just a tad crazy.

It seemed possible that all of those things could be equally true, but I didn't have the mind to think deeply about it. Especially when I heard the toilet flush distantly.

"Jesus," I muttered, my heart racing. I heard the muffled rush of water, and then her footsteps, bare feet on the carpet thudding swiftly.

My fingertips went cold. Mariko sprinted as she rounded the bend, smiling and stark naked.

"Ready!" she said as her hand immediately returned to her crotch. Evander stepped out of his khakis and walked past me, leaving me to sit on the floor. He cupped Mariko's small pillowy bottom in the palm of his hand and drew her to him.

I saw her stand on her tip-toes as he leaned in. His body eclipsed hers. I heard a deep breath, then a moment of silence.

They were kissing. Oh my God.

I almost felt tears well up in my eyes, but I held them back. I knew any drama would ruin my lover's gift, and besides, I knew this feeling would pass.

I'm a big girl. I signed up for this, and I can take it, I thought to myself as I saw her small shin wrap behind his big sinuous calf.

"Abi, go get the lube and condoms," he ordered. I glared disdainfully at Mariko, that little slithering bitch in heat, as she grappled his athletic frame for dear life.

I wanted to tear her from him, but instead I found myself just obediently rising from my spot on the floor, walking to the coffee table and opening the small drawer underneath it. That's where he'd placed the items; we'd worked out every detail in advance.

I picked up the tube of Astroglide and the pack of Durex XXLs and brought them over, my eyes downcast. "Uh..here you go," I said, looking down at my stylish outfit and feeling dumb for bothering to get dressed up for the occasion.

"You okay, Abi?" Evander asked, looking back at me with a twinge of concern on his face. "Your eyes are a little red."

"Yes, I'm fine," I said, unable to look at him. I felt my nipples press stingingly against my clothing. My girlcock still privately pitched a tiny pup-tent against my underwear. The dual emotions running through me had me so confused.

"Aww, she acts sad like a crybaby, but she likes it too. So? What are you waiting for, Abi?" Mariko hissed at me nasally. "Put on his condom. Get him ready."

I sulked, unaware that my muddled arousal showed so transparently. I ripped open the plastic condom packet, then placed the elastic ring over the bronze head of Evander's massive penis, pinching the tip.

Even this size condom looked tight on him, and as I rolled it further and further back over his shaft, I found that it only barely covered him completely. I'd never put one on him before; I never really had a reason to until now.

It was kind of fun to do, and the loving look he gave me as I pulled it up to the bushy base of his penis renewed me with trust. I could get through this. I smiled weakly and squirted some lube on my hand, then pumped the length of his cock with my slippery fingers.

For the first time, I heard him moan slightly, his eyes still on me. I jerked him off good for a few seconds, then stood back.

Mariko snatched the lube from my hands. "Get back down and watch, Abi," she said. I sat down on the carpet and looked up at the two of them without a sound.

She took tube of clear saline solution, unscrewed the cap, then poked her finger inside of it. Retrieving a small amount of the slick material, she spread it around the open grooves, then reached behind her.

With a grunt, she shoved the tip up her ass as she hovered over me. I saw her forearm tense as she squeezed the tube, pushing its entire remaining contents into her bowels.

"Ngh," she let out as she emptied all of the lube inside of her, her face scrunching, but her eyes never leaving me.

"Abi, I tell you why I say you are lucky. My husband, he is a small man. Short, bald British chap. He only married me to be a trophy wife. Always away on business, never has time to fuck me. Then, even when we fuck, it's just a tiny penis! It looks like a bean sprout! So I told him to do my ass instead, but he never likes to."

"Oh..." was all I could manage to say, my eyes wide.

"He is not a handsome dirty boy like Evander, he is a BORING old man. So I never touch his shrimp dick anymore, because he cannot please me. I told him if he won't fuck my ass, I will get someone else to." "I-I see...""He does not believe I will do it! He think he owns me. You understand?" she said, breathing heavily as she vigorously squeezed the dregs of the Astroglide up her rectum.

Without thought, I found my own hand trailing under my miniskirt. "Yes, Mariko. I understand," I found myself saying, my little girlcock throbbing under my dress.

Tossing the hollow bottle aside, Mariko's smile returned and she swung around, bending over with her hands touching her feet as she stood. She began wiggling her cute little ass in front of us, a copious amount of lube oozing from the dark recess of her butt crack.

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