tagBDSMB Is for Bacon

B Is for Bacon


This is our 3rd date. I have spent all week in anticipation of tonight, grinning like an idiot every time I think about it.

You have messaged me with instructions for my outfit; Corset, fishnet stockings and heels...

"Fishnet stockings practically demand heals."

I ask if I should come straight from work and you can help lace me up or arrive ready to unwrap. I think you are surprised by my willingness to travel across London in little more than my underwear and you quickly agree to the latter suggestion.

Late running meetings, cancelled trains and my inability to walk quickly in my 4" stilettos make me very late. I'm nervous as I ring your doorbell, remembering your talk of the cane last week. Will this count as a transgression to be punished? If it is, will I be able to take what you give?

You open the door and smile. You can see already what half of South London has witnessed, the shiny, black stiletto heals, the fishnets, and as I enter up the step to your doorway, a clear flash of stocking tops and a glimpse of thigh. You undo the bottom two buttons of my coat and release a whistle as you see the bottom of my burgundy and black corset, the black, retro suspender belt, my sheer black panties, the fishnet stockings emphasising the curves of my long legs and the torturous heals. You pull me into an embrace and kiss me, warming me after the scantily clad journey.

"Poor kitten, you're practically frozen." Leading me me into the flat you add, "I've lit the fire for you, come in and we'll warm you up."

I walk in, grateful for the warmth and remove my coat, inspiring another whistle and grin of appreciation. You make me feel sexy, like I am irresistible, and I blush with nervous excitement.

We sit before the fire, drinking red wine, nibbling on cheese, stroking, kissing and chatting as I gradually warm up.

You ask me how it felt travelling in my kinky attire.

"Cold!" I laugh, "I liked it more than I expected, but it was terrifying, I hadn't realised just how high the slits in my coat opened and it was hard not to give the game away."

You seam to approve of this response, but you begin to admonish me, "I don't remember including knickers in my list, Kitten. So you were wearing more than we agreed."

I groan. This doesn't bode well.

"Now I'll have to punish you for not obeying instructions."

You bring out a black pencil.

"I have a system. Every time you misbehave I will give you a black mark, and later this will add up to the number of strokes of the cane I will have to administer to your sweet behind."

You lean forward and put two black lines on my right breast where it swells above the corset.

I stare at them, remembering all you told me last week about your thin, switchy cane, and the pain it was capable of inflicting. Will I be able to handle this?

"Now I have put two marks on there for now because you were late and because you did not follow instructions."

I tremble. You said 'For now', that means I may end up with more if I'm not careful. I will have to be on my best behaviour tonight.

I unclip my stockings and remove the panties, reattaching the stockings as you watch.

You mention that you have told your friends about what we did and ask me who I talked to, and what I said. I mention that one of my friends found your use of the alphabet for our safe words was sweet and you smile.

"What word did we use last week?"


"Hmmm, so lets carry on with the food theme. What is a fruit beginning with B?"

"Well there's banana, but I guess that could come up in the bedroom," I say with a cheeky grin.

"How about Bacon?" You ponder, "Yes, the bacon fruit."

We smile at each other and it is decided.

I am becoming impatient for us to be in a scenario when I might need to say "Bacon" (though I am determined that I will not say it if I can help it.) Eventually you put me out of my misery and lead me to your bedroom. I am thrown onto the bed and you start spanking me with your bare hand until I am a squirming, mewing mess.

You pull roughly at the laces of my corset, allowing me more room to breathe, then flip me over to unfasten the front. As my breasts are exposed you begin to slap them, turning them rosy and warm as my bottom. With my nipples at attention, you ask me about my experience of clamps and how the pegs felt last time we played.

Though I am sensitive, I confess that I liked it, that they had not bruised too badly and only been tender about a day later. You mention that when you used the vibrator on me I had been pulling on my nipples.

"Do you often do that when you masturbate?"

"Yes, Sir. Or at least I do when I can."

"And you enjoy the sensation?" You push me to confess.

"Yes." I answer a little quieter.

You reach into a draw and pull out a pair of large metal clamps, attached to each other with a chain.

"Now these are a little nastier than the pegs, they have teeth."

I bite my lips, nervous and excited by the idea of more pain. You reach down and gently clasp my breast and attach the first clamp.

It hurts less than I expect, but as you pause and watch my reaction as the nipple begins to throb and I realise that the pain will come soon enough. Satisfied that I have realised how they work and I've not yet complained or used our safe word you attach the other.

The nipple clamps feel heavy, like they are pulling me down. You gently tug on the chain and I gasp as the sensation blossoms and fire runs from my trapped nubs all the way to my cunt. You slip your hand between my legs and I am slippery with excitement.

Slowly, teasingly, you begin sliding your fingers up my slit, spreading my juices and drawing out my pleasure. As the heat and pressure build, you spank me, hard, bringing me back to earth. I move my hand towards my mouth, instinctively going to bite down and you stop me.

"You did that last time Kitten. Did you know you fill your mouth when you're going to cum?"

"No Sir," I reply, surprised by this revelation.

"You're to keep your hands away tonight."

You continue slipping your fingers inside me, and lower your head to my cunt. Slowly licking up towards my swollen clit, finally vibrating your lips against it as you slip your fingers in and out of my tight hole.

I am overwhelmed with sensation, the heavy, biting of the clamps, mingling with stretching and licking. Occasional spanks only serve to stoke my flames higher still and as I start to cum I lose control of my actions and my hand unconsciously moves towards my mouth.

"Eeow!" I cry out in pain as you slap my breast.

"You're disobeying orders Bitch."

I whimper, and you move up beside me on the bed. Turning me on my side, you spank my bottom hard, over and over until I am quivering and mewling in your arms. You slip your hands back between my legs and waves of pleasure come crashing over me. You gently release my tortured nipples sending further waves of pain, mingled with ecstasy through my system.

You kiss me and stroke me, as I gradually recover my senses, giving me a chance to recover. You inspect my nipple and comment on the red marks that will clearly become bruises.

"I am a terrible man," you tell me, smiling. You lean down and gently suck my nipples, soothing them with your tongue.

"I'm afraid you've earned yourself another black mark, mistress kitten."

"Oh-No!" I exclaim, and wriggle down on the bed, burying my head into your side.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't know what I was doing," comes my voice, muffled against your side.

"Yes, but you disobeyed and now you've got to learn. How many marks does that make it?" I look up, you know exactly how many marks I have and you smile at me.

I supress the instinct to be cheeky and tell you the wrong answer, but you can tell its what I'm thinking. I try to distract you, leaning over and taking your nipple in my mouth I flick my tongue and graze my teeth around your sensitive nubs. As I do so, my hands begin to explore your body, gently caressing your soft skin, teasing with light touches at first, then grabbing and massaging you as I get more exited.

As my hand gently wraps around your hardening cock you spank me, spurring me onwards. I roll my hand around the head before sliding it down and back up again, using your precum as lube, then using my mouth to add to the sensations.

I shift up on the bed and straddle you, positioning my wet and needy cunt above your hard shaft and I rub you against my clit, circling round then moving you down you rub around my hole. I slip you back and forth a few more times, teasing you with the sensation until you spank me hard, surprising me into dropping down.

As you sink into my hot, wet pussy, my muscles contract around you and I begin slowly rising and falling in steady rhythm, impaling myself upon you before rising till I am almost completely empty before sinking back down again.

Pinching nipples, tugging my hair, spanking my red and tender arse, we rise and fall, building and swelling with every movement, quickening the pace until I lose control, bucking on your cock with abandon.

You move me around so I am on all fours at the end of the bed and you stand behind me. You rub your cock up and down before slipping inside, making me gasp at the new sensations brought from this angle. You grasp the lintel on the ceiling above for support as you slam roughly inside me. Periodically you let go to deliver a round of almighty slaps and I cry out, no longer able to distinguish pain from pleasure. You roughly grab a handful of my short, blonde hair and I am yanked upwards standing on my knees now and held up straight by the roots of my hair as you slam into me.

Over and over you thrust inside me and again I am cuming around your still hard cock.

At last we collapse together on the bed. Gasping for air, suddenly sleepy and, for the most part, sated.

"You've left me too tired to punish you now," You tell me, and I tense, waiting to see if this means I am in the clear.

"How many strikes did we say you had?"

"Two Sir," I reply – and as I say it I know it is wrong and I hope you will not call me on it.

You frown, get up and return momentarily with the black pencil.

"You forgot one." And you add another line to my now smudged breast.

I want to curl up in a ball and hide. You hold me and let me burrow into you and kiss me gently putting me at ease but still teasing me every now and then. Eventually we curl up together to sleep, but as I snuggle back into spooning you, you plant a couple of little kisses on the back of my neck and it is as though you have sent an electrical current though my body.

"You really are very sensitive there aren't you Kitten?" You remark.

"Yes, Sir."

You continue to plant kisses and nibble along my neck and up to my ear, curious at how I lose all control, enjoying the sensations as my wriggling arse rubs up and down against your hardening shaft.

I whimper and gasp and you bring one hand around to massage my cunt.

"Please, give me more," I beg.

"I already have 3 fingers inside you," You reply

"Oh god, I need more please!"

You reach down with your other hand and begin alternating between the two, twisting and sliding one in as the other is removed, stimulating me to the point of complete submission of my body and mind. As I buck and cry out in pleasure I lose myself completely and wave after wave of pleasure crashes over me.

You bring a hand covered in my juices to my lips, letting me lick my juices from your fingers and I groan. I love to taste myself on you.

Soon you shift and straddle my shoulders, replacing your fingers with your cock which I suck eagerly into my mouth, enjoying the feel of you along my tongue and between my lips. Tasting the mixture of sweat and our combined fluids along your length.

Throughout the night we wake each other, touching, kissing, tasting, rubbing. You have found my weakest point and exploit my neck mercilessly. At one point you push your finger and out of my virgin asshole after rimming me, later presenting me with this finger to suck. Unthinkingly I do your bidding, tasting my ass but beyond caring I am so high on endorphins and serotonin.

We sleep...

When we wake, and are chatting in the morning, you suddenly ask if I've been gagged. You bring out a metal gag and expand the bars inside my mouth, leaving me panting slightly and unsure of what to do with my tongue. You watch me, curious as to my response. You wriggle your hand between my legs and feel me growing wet. You tease me, flicking my clit and spanking my bottom and watching my reactions behind the gag.

I don't mind my sudden inability to speak, but my tongue feels so out of place and all I can think of is kissing you. The removal of this simple privilege is driving me increasingly wild and your attentions to my posterior are not helping with this.

Eventually you take pity on my and release the gag and induge me, allowing me to jump on top of you, ravishing your mouth, enjoying the free use of my lips and tongue and putting them to good effect.

Finally you put a stop to my antics and get up. I watch you, with a growing sense of foreboding and you reach into the cupboard.

With an evil grin, you slowly remove the dreaded cane from its hiding place and I know I have not escaped my punishment. You flex it, and show it to me. I know you enjoy watching me fill with fear and I want to be strong but I'm just not sure I can take this.

You use the cane my feet, gently tapping at first, then getting harder until I am squirming on the bed.

"Get up on all fours." You command.

Reluctantly I do as I am told, battling every instinct that has me wanting to run from the room.


You are playing with me, gently, but firmly tapping me once with the cane


I relax slightly, perhaps you will not go too hard....



That one hurt. At first it is mostly shock, but then as you let it sink in I begin to feel a deeper burn.



This one hits lower, right at that tender spot where my arse meets my thigh. I know you have gone easy on me but that was harder than the one before it and it burns hot like a brand long after impact.

"That one will leave its mark for a day or so."

I shower and dress, getting ready to return home and get back to the real world. Before I leave I curl up in your arms, and eventually I find my hands roaming your frame, enjoying the feel of you, trying to delay my departure. I pull you on top of me and we kiss, deeply and passionately and I rub myself against your leg like a horny teenager all over again.

Spoiling me, although you know I should be leaving you take my hint that I want to be tied up before I leave.

With my clothes still on you wrap and knot me securely into the rope. Shifting my jeans to ensure a tight hold between my legs. The blinds are open and only a thin gauze curtain stands between our scene and the world. You sense my nervousness and tease me. I gasp as you pull the rope tight around me and you continue. A van engine revs for sometime and as you finish it pulls away down the street and I realise they were able to look right in the window and I blush but this doesn't last for long as you complete your knots and I and smile, excited and ecstatic to be bound.

You throw me onto the bed, eliciting a mew of pain as I land on my still tender behind. You pull out your vibrator and set to work. I had assumed that with the jeans on the sensations would be less extreme but I could not have been more wrong.

Now, with the rope knotted tightly around my crotch, as you apply the wand to the knots it sends strong vibrations not just through the rope but all through the denim, shivering a vibrating all the way to my knees and I loose control one last time. You play me expertly, alternating the intensity and gradually building to full strength till you have me writhing and screaming with pleasure.

Eventually you let me up and, though I am unsteady on my feet, you manage to unbind me. I am half in the room, half on another planet and you gently get me together and remind me I have work to do.

I leave, with your promises of a task to complete burning in my brain, leaving me wondering what challenge you will set me in your absence...

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