tagIncest/TabooBaby Boy Ch. 04

Baby Boy Ch. 04


Mark watches helplessly as his son, Jake, taunts him with Mark's wife---and Jake's mom----Amber.

"And dad?" Jake said, not tearing his eyes away from Amber's enormous nipples.

Mark stared at Jake, seething and in total shock.

"Most of all, dad," Jake said, "this pussy is mine."

And with that, Jake plunged his throbbing cock deep into his mom's pussy. Amber wasn't expecting it, so she threw her head back in shock, followed quickly by a deep moan of pleasure, as her son's dick found its way to the bottom of her pussy.

"It must be nice to have your pussy filled up with cock for once, huh?" Jake asked his mom.

Amber opened her eyes slowly, and a smile found its way across her lips. She looked up at the evil grin of her own son, whose dick she was becoming addcted to already. Jake winked at her.

"That's right, baby," she said. "This pussy hasn't ever had a dick this big."

Jake looked over at Mark, who had his eyes shut.

"Fine, don't look," Jake yelled. "But listen to what mom says, dad."

"Yeah, baby," Amber moaned, as Jake pulled his cock out of her, slapping it against her pussy lips a few times. "Sorry to break it to you this way, Mark, but this pussy's been aching for some real dick for a looooong time."

"And dad's dick isn't big enough, is it, mom?"

"God no! Have you seen that tiny thing?" Amber said, laughing.

Jake hopped up from the edge of the bed, and Amber moaned.

"Baby boy? What're you doing?"

Jake stood over his dad, whose eyes were still squeezed shut.

"I want to see dad's cock," Jake replied over his shoulder.

He reached down and began yanking at Mark's pants. Mark opened his eyes.

"What the fuck are you doing???" he cried.

With a quick tug, Jake broke his dad's pants button, and had them halfway down his hips. Mark struggled, but with his hands behind his back, there wasn't much for him to do.

"Shut the fuck up, dad," Jake said as he pulled Mark's boxers down.

"Stop it, son. Stop it right now. Just untie me and we can talk about----"

But it was too late. Mark's flaccid, unimpressive, pale cock was exposed. And Jake was laughing.

"Holy shit, mom! You weren't lying! Look at this tiny thing!"

"Move, baby boy! Let mommy see." Jake stepped aside, and Amber caught sight of her husband's shriveled member. Mother and son burst into genuine laughter.

Jake reached out with his foot and nudged Mark's cock to the side. Mark was screaming, making incomprehensible sounds. His humiliation was reaching new heights.

"Why's it so soft, dad?" Jake asked. "Why isn't it big and hard like mine?" And with that, Jake grabbed a handful of his meaty cock and turned to his mom, who was still giggling. "Mom, why is dad's cock so soft?"

"Probably because he's embarrassed by what you have there, baby boy."

"Oh, of course! Dad? Are you humiliated that you son's dick is so big, and yours is so small?"

Mark just stared up at his son, too shocked to reply. Jake kicked him lightly in the stomach and returned to the bed.

"Here, mom. Show dad what you do with big cocks."

Amber crawled onto all fours, her son's juicy cock bobbing in front of her mouth. She opened her mouth and looked up at him.

"You want dick?" he asked her.

"Uh huh."

"Do you want THIS dick, mommy?"

Amber nodded, her eyes wide----doing her best schoolgirl impression.

"Do you want to show daddy what a good little slut you can be?"

And Amber took the cue, moving her head forward and aiming her mouth over Jake's cock. She wasn't subtle or gentle this time. She immediately took to slurping up and down on it, violently. She focused on letting her spit bubble out of her lips, so in just moments Jake's dick was coated in her saliva, dripping off his balls. She was moaning, too --- a wanton, lustful moan of a woman who's being turned on for the first time in years.

Jake giggled a bit, enjoying the moment. He turned to his dad, who had gone into some sort of catatonic state. He was on his side. He was staring at them. But his eyes seemed glazed over, dead almost. Jake screamed out at him:

"Dad! Pay attention!"

Mark blinked a few times, and he seemed to refocus on the scene before him: his wife, her enormous tits swaying beneath her, on all fours, working Jake's cock for all it was worth, and Jake … his son … staring him in the eyes, smiling an evil smile.

After a minute of intense sucking by Amber, Jake pulled out and walked back to Mark. A thick glob of Amber's spit dangled from the head of Jake's engorged dick. Jake shook his hips once, and the saliva fell, landing on Mark's forehead. Jake laughed. Amber laughed, as her hands found her way to her clit. And Mark began to cry.

This was as bad as it could get. Or so he thought…

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by Anonymous

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by Nikkita_Dark04/11/18

I'm curious as to what happens next. Are we ever going to get a back story as to why dad gets humiliated? Still a very good ready.

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by TheOneRik11/11/17

Poor Mark

I know it has a humiliation tag, but I just feel plain bad for the father. I mean, he really has done nothing to deserve the way his wife and son are treating him. It seems they are really hateful to him,more...

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by C_frommn06/10/17

Or So He Thought

Where is the Rest. it looks like another 2 or 3 Chapters to finish the Story.

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