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Baby Come Back Ch. 01



I can't help the way I feel.

I know you have told me repeatedly that there is no hope for us but somehow I feel that I can change your mind. Please do not tell me I cannot. We have been through so much together, all these months, all these days of constant love and heartache to find love again just around the next corner. You cannot tell me it was all for nothing. You cannot make me believe that the feelings we once shared are now mine and mine alone.

Yes you can say I am stubborn. You can say I refuse to see the truth right before my eyes. You can say I am a fool. I may be all of these things. But I am not a quitter. I refuse to give up on us. Not until I know for sure that there is nothing I can do to make you mine once more. I love you until the end of time, always and forever. You know this. I have told you often enough.

I said those words to you nearly every day when we were together. I would say them in your ear as we shared an umbrella on a rainy street. I would say them to you on the phone when we curled up to sleep in our separate beds. I would say them to you on your machine, reminding you of my heart when distance kept us apart. They have never changed since the first time I said them to you.

So how can it be you no longer feel them? How can you have grown away from me?

Like ivy running wild, I want to pull you back as the distance between us grows with each passing day. I want the chance to remind you of all the times we loved so passionately. I want the chance to touch your flesh again, my fingers lightly tracing the tips of your breasts, watching your chest rise and fall with each gentle breath.

I want to taste the warm sweetness of your mouth in a kiss. I want to feel your tongue pressed against mine. I want that passion inside us once again, the passion that was ignited that August night and rekindled each night thereafter when we were in each other's arms. How can you deny us that?

Perhaps you think I am a fool and perhaps you do not share the fond memories that I do. Yes we were not perfect. Yes we often fought and made up only to fight again. But that is what couples do. It is their way of finding the edges of the circle, the strength of the bond that holds them together. You cannot deny the bond is still there. It is. It always will be.

I am not asking for a commitment. I am not asking you to come back to me and swear you will be forever mine. I just want another chance for us. One more chance is all I ask. Do not say no right off. I want you to consider your answer. I want you to remember.

I want you to remember that weekend where we rented the cabin upstate. I want you to remember how we had made all these plans for sightseeing and hiking and tours of the area. And I want you to remember how we had, instead, lit a fire and laid before it, making love all weekend until we could do nothing but sleep.

I want you to remember that night we had tickets for that dreadful play and how we sat through the entire thing holding hands and gathering strength from each other until the curtain finally fell and we were able to escape, giggling all the way to the car.

I want you to remember that dinner party you had where I met all your friends. I helped you make the dessert before and a small dot of flour remained on my chin. Your friend Jenny pointed it out to us at the door and we both laughed embarrassed as I wiped it away.

I want you to remember that Christmas we spent together, the one we thought would be the first of many, where we exchanged practical gifts until finally, as the bells tolled midnight, I handed you the box with the gold bracelet inside and you cried. I carried you to bed then and we made love, your tears still damp on your cheeks. Tears of happiness you called them, saying you loved me, loved the life we had. Do you forget that?

I want you to remember. Is that too much to ask? When you do, I will be here for you.

Forever and always yours,


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