My daughter, Melody, wandered into my office looking for a ride home. This was not unusual. Maybe two or three times a week she chose to spend the 45 minute journey with her old dad, rather than with the kids on the school bus.

That week a new guy had just started in my office and his reaction to seeing Mel was surprising, to say the least. When she looked at him he blushed to the roots of his hair and, I couldn't help noticing, got a huge erection in his tight trousers!

During the ride home that night, I looked at her in a new light. When had I last looked at my teenaged daughter properly – to me she was just my baby-girl and always had been.

She was our only child – although we had both wanted more kids. It sure wasn't from lack of trying! Janet had always willingly opened her legs to me every night of our marriage – other kids just hadn't come along. Because we had Melody we had never bothered to find out why and had no idea whose fault it was.

But, I digress. Back to Melody – she was a typical high school student. She was quite pretty but not drop-dead gorgeous. She was wearing her short red school skirt which showed off her long, tanned legs – she got those from me – and she was wearing a tight red school blouse which accentuated her over-large breasts - she got those from her mother. They had always been one of Janet's best features and still were!

I noticed that Mel did look very sexy in her school uniform and I could certainly see why Simon had reacted as he had.

Over the next couple of weeks, I started taking more notice of her. I noticed how she always wore her skirts too short, her tops too tight – and on more than one occasion I was sure that I had glimpsed a bare bottom on following her upstairs!

And when watching television of an evening, she always parted her legs slightly and rubbed herself and I found myself wondering what her pussy was like!!??

Until then, I had never even thought of my daughter as having a pussy! I had never thought of her as a sexual woman before in my life!

Now I caught myself wondering about her all the time. Whether her pussy was hairy (like her mum's) or was it smooth and clean shaven (as in magazines I looked at)? Was she still a virgin (I doubted it looking at her) or had some lucky lad already plundered her deep, dark, wet hole?

I found myself getting hot thinking about her – it was wrong I told myself, but I couldn't stop.

I also noticed that the more I watched her, the more blatantly sexual she became. It was like she was deliberately teasing me, tempting me – her own father!

One night, when her mother was at an evening class and Melody and I were watching TV together on the sofa, I casually put my hand on her bare thigh and said, "Hey baby, just when did you get to be so big huh?"

With that, she pushed out her chest proudly and said, "I know Daddy - I'm a 32DD – do you like them?"

And before I could say that that wasn't what I had meant at all, she had started to unbutton her blouse! Her breasts began to come into view – large, round, creamy globes. I swallowed as she continued to unbutton her blouse and pushed it apart revealing a very tight, little black bra.

I could clearly see her large breasts with their darker nipples; the bra was way too small for her and her breasts overflowed considerably.

As I watched her she casually said, "Do you want to touch me Daddy?" I looked at her to see if she knew what she was suggesting and oh yes! Looking into her eyes, she knew exactly what she was suggesting!

Eyes wide open, she parted her legs further and hitched up her little skirt so that I could just see her naked dark hairy mound and could imagine her pussy lips beneath ......

"Daddy?" she pleaded and with this, I reached out and tentatively stroked one breast. She opened her legs wider and pushed one of her fingers into her waiting hole. I watched transfixed as my teenaged daughter began to masturbate in front of me!

Still watching me, she reached behind and unhooked her little black bra and her large, unfettered breasts fell out.

Unable to resist, I dropped my mouth to one breast and sucked in one large, engorged nipple as I brushed away her hand and began to finger her pussy myself. It was warm and moist – just as I had been imagining. My daughter's warm and moist pussy .....

Suddenly – coming to my senses - I slapped her face hard, called her a slut and left the room - hating myself for my weakness!

The next day, still feeling angry with myself, I came home from work early, knowing my wife would be at work and Melody at school - but I was wrong.

As soon as I let myself into the house I could hear noises coming from upstairs. Following them I found Mel in our room, on her knees, topless, in front of a boy I had never seen before, with his cock in her mouth!

Shouting, "You stay right where you are you little slut!" I manhandled the boy out of the house and bounded back up the stairs, intending to read my "sweet, innocent" little daughter the riot act!

However by the time I got back upstairs, she was lying on my bed, totally naked, with her legs wide open. Pouting at me she said, "What's the matter Daddy? Are you jealous? Do you want to fuck me yourself Daddy?"

I stood there absolutely dumbfounded as she continued, "Oh yes Daddy. I want you to fuck me Daddy! I want your cock in my sweet little pussy Daddy!"

I didn't know what to say - I just watched amazed as she began to masturbate, all the while talking dirty to her own father. When had my sweet, innocent, baby-girl become so coarse? When had she turned into such a slut? And why did she want me to fuck her - her old man?

And, damn it, when had she got so fucking sexy?

Before I could make any comment she pulled her pussy lips wide so that I could see inside her wet swollen pussy. She wriggled her little hips – making her large breasts jiggle - enticing me into the room. "Come on Daddy! I've been waiting for you Daddy!"

And, to my shame, I gave in. I walked forward until I was beside the bed. She reached out – unzipped my trousers and took my rock-hard penis into her hand.

"See - you do want me Daddy. Your cock wants me Daddy!" and with this she knelt up and began to suck my penis into her warm, moist mouth.

Well – I'm only human so, with a groan, I dropped one of my hands onto the top of her head and held it there whilst I started to fuck my own sweet daughter's mouth hard!

With the other hand, I started to explore her heavy, overlarge melons – dropping to her sweet pussy – it was warm and wet and tight. I started to plunder it with my fingers – just as I had yesterday but this time – I had no intention of stopping!

If this was what she wanted – fine - she'd get it!

As I was about to cum she stopped and said, "Oh no Daddy. Not in my mouth. I want you in my pussy!"

And with this, she pulled me down onto my bed and pushed me onto my back. She hitched herself up to straddle me with those massive 32DD bouncing breasts right in my face.

Smiling, she lowered herself to the tip of my rock-hard penis and without warning, pushed all the way down with my cock going all the way up inside her tight, hot, wet little pussy. We both gasped as her tight vagina gripped my shaft.

I'd like to say that I forgot it was my young 18 year old daughter that I was fucking – but I didn't. I knew exactly who I was fucking and it just made it even more exciting!

Using my hands on her hips, I guided her up and down on my long shaft – burying myself right up to the hilt, deep inside her. I sucked one of her large nipples into my mouth and I started to bite on it.

When I was about to ejaculate, I began to withdraw but Melody's vaginal muscles clamped around me and she said, "No Daddy – I want you to cum inside me. I want you to fill my pussy with your cum Daddy! It's alright Daddy, I'm safe Daddy."

Well – I was beyond the point of no return so, with a loud grunt, I shot my load straight up into her waiting, warm, sweet little dark tunnel.

When I had completely emptied myself into her, she sat there (still with my cock inside her) and smiling said, "Thank you Daddy," and gave me a long, searching kiss with her tongue deep inside my mouth – which I returned willingly!

"I hope you've just made a baby in my belly Daddy! I'm not on the pill Daddy – I lied! But won't you just love fucking me when I'm all fat and swollen with your baby? Won't you like that Daddy?"

In answer, I roughly pushed her onto all fours and from behind her I said, "And just for that, baby girl, I'm going to bust your ass too!"

She gasped and said, "But Daddy. I'm a virgin there. No-one's ever fucked me in my bottom before!"

"Well – no time like the present then!" I said gleefully and I positioned my already hardened cock at the entrance to her dark, tight, unprepared asshole – holding onto her hips.

She screamed loudly as I pulled her straight back – impaling her on my shaft, feeling her tissue tearing inside at the violation. But it didn't stop me fucking her in her virgin ass until I was ready to cum again – this time deep into her bowels – all the time with her screaming and bucking against me.

And after that afternoon, I filled her fertile, unprotected little womb and her tight, virgin asshole with my hot, sticky semen every single day!

She was like a drug. After that first time, I just couldn't stop and, more to the point, I didn't want to stop!

Now she rode home with me every night of the week and every night we stopped in a lay-by and fucked in the car – she became very adept at manoeuvring herself!

And every night, after her mother was asleep, I would slip into Melody's room and we would fuck until the early hours. I just couldn't get enough of my horny, sluttish baby-girl! And she obviously felt the same way about her old man!

And yes! She was soon carrying my baby deep inside her fertile little belly – so it obviously wasn't my fault we only had one kid!

And, as her belly got fatter, and her tits got bigger, we told her mother that she had been knocked up by an old boyfriend and that she wanted to keep the baby! Her mother had no reason to doubt the story and suspected nothing – why should she?

And Melody had been right – I did indeed enjoy fucking my fat and swollen baby-girl. In fact, the fatter she got - the better! I even fucked her the day she went into labour! And I surely do love drinking at her milk-filled titties!

We have already decided that she will be breast-feeding both the baby and me – at least until I get her "with child" again! And, who knows, maybe my loving daughter will give me all the kids my loving wife obviously couldn't?!

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