tagIncest/TabooBaby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 03

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 03


Warning: This is the third chapter in a long, sometimes slow, edgy and very kinky incest tale. Each chapter builds on previous chapters. This story contains topics such as small breast fetish, female and male domination/submission, cuckoldry, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, feminization, panty fetish, sissification, embarrassment/humiliation, masturbation, father/daughter, mother/son, and bi-sexuality. It is not intended to be a "Quick Read", but rather a shocking and detailed look at the way two kinky people find each other, the way their relationship blossoms and the experiences they enjoy and endure.


We both got out of the car at the same time and as I walked over to her side, she was bending down looking at the dried cum stain on the side of the car door. "I guess I do owe you a car wash." We both laughed as she squatted down to take a closer look. I stood to her side so I could try to get a peek down her shirt and when she saw me trying to look, she stood up and put her hands on her hips.

"You were trying to see my little boobies again, weren't you?" Patty asked. "Yes," I answered, "but you stood up too fast and I didn't get a chance to see anything."

"Good." She replied. "I told you -- no looking for now! Let's save that for later."

We held hands as we walked toward the mall entrance. It didn't take long for me to feel the warm, sticky wetness in my crotch start to move around and I started to worry the pools of cum inside my underwear was going to seep through out to my jeans. As we walked, I tried to adjust my wet and sticky cock into a more comfortable position. Patty, seeing what I was doing, burst out laughing and said, "Suck it up, big man. I told you I'd get you cleaned up once we got inside."

Even though walking was a bit uncomfortable, it didn't deter me from enjoying the short walk into the mall holding Patty's hand in mine. I felt so pumped up walking with her -- and I wanted everyone to see her with me. I felt proud and I felt victorious. What a wonderful feeling this was, just walking with this angel and holding her hand. We were a couple.

When we got inside the mall, she stopped and put her hand to her chin and said, "Okay, let's see..... we've got to get your crotch cleaned up first or you'll be complaining like a little boy all day, so...."

Seeing a layout of the mall with a list of stores a few feet away, she tugged me over there and I stood behind her while she figured out where we were, and where we were going to go first. Being a mall expert, it didn't take her long and when she turned around, I could tell by the sparkle in her eye that she'd come up with a solution to my "Cum-In-The-Crotch" problem.

"Okay," she said, "Here's the plan...... just down that way, there's a department store. You go down there and go to the baby department and get a small package of baby wipes -- you know, those things Mom's put in their diaper bags to wipe off their babies when they change their diapers. Those are exactly what we need to clean up the little mess in your pants, you Naughty Boy." The smile on her face told me her 'Naughty Boy' comment was going to be a playful nickname I would probably hold for a long time, and quite honestly, I was proud of it.

"You've got to be kidding me?" I moaned.

"No, really, Paul," she answered, "that's exactly what we need. And I'm going to go down that way and get you some fresh underwear, and then we'll meet back here and you can go in restroom and clean yourself up, put on your fresh undies and we'll be done and ready to shop for panties in fifteen minutes. Okay?"

Actually, her plan sounded good and if it meant my crotch wouldn't be wet and slimy for the duration of our day, it worked for me.

"Sounds good," I replied.

"Oh!" She said, stopping me as I started toward the department store. "One more thing, what's your waist size? I mean, so I can get the right size underwear for you."

"Uh, like a 34, I guess." I said.

"Okay. Now, you're going to wear what ever I get and not put up a fuss for me, right?" She asked.

"Why? What do you have in mind?" I answered.

"Well," she replied, "remember you're going to buy me underwear today and I'm guessing you'll expect me to wear it. So, all I'm saying is that if I buy you underwear, I expect you to wear it without any objections. That's all."

"Yeah, okay. No problem, whatever you get is fine." I said.

With that, we both started to go in the direction of our stores, but I only got a few steps before I turned around to watch her. She turned around, too, and after waving at each other, we both continued on our way.

I found the department store and just like she said, the baby department had several different kinds of baby wipes and I quickly found what I was looking for and before too long, I'd paid for them and was on my way back to meet Patty.

When I got back to our meeting point, Patty wasn't there yet, so I hung out and waited for her. After a few minutes, I finally saw Patty walking toward me, but she had her cell phone in her hand and she was talking as she walked. After a second, she stopped and turned away from me, but kept talking and then after thirty seconds or so, she closed her phone and walked the rest of the way.

She was smiling at me when I met up with her. She reached up and kissed me and then told me we were all set up for my fantasy.

"What?" I asked.

"I promised you I would let you have your fantasy of being naked in front of someone, didn't I? Well, it's all set up." She answered. "You could be a certified exhibitionist before the night is over."

I looked at her as she smiled back at me. When we first talked about it, I kind of thought I might take her back to my place and we would do it there, but it sounded like she had other plans.

"You promised you weren't going to chicken out," she reminded me, "you're not changing your mind now that I've gone to a lot of trouble to set it up, are you?"

"Well, no," I muttered, "but can you tell me what you've got in mind?"

"Nope." She answered, as she hooked her arm into mine and started to walk toward the restroom where I was going to clean up and change into the underwear she bought me. "It's a surprise and I promise you're gonna love it. I told you before you needed to trust me on this. As long as you do, you'll get a chance to experience something that will stay with you the rest of your life, believe me. I'll be there with you, Baby, so don't worry about it."

By the time she finished talking, we were standing at a hallway that led us to the rest rooms. "Did you get the baby wipes?" She asked.

I handed her the bag and she looked inside and nodded her head and said, "Excellent."

Then, she opened one of the bags she was carrying and dropped the baby wipes down into the bag and took my hand in hers and looked up at me. "Now, Paul, you remember how you said you weren't going to put up a fuss about the underwear I got for you, and I'm going to take you at your word on that. So, here you go," she said as she handed me the bag, "you go get changed and I'm going into the Ladies room for a minute. I'll be right here when you get out. Oh, and don't forget to throw those yucky boxers away so we don't have to carry them around all day."

Thinking nothing of it, I watched as she disappeared into the Ladies room and I turned and walked into the Men's room. Finding an open stall, I walked in, closed the door and kicked off my shoes. Moving pretty quickly, I pulled my jeans off and hung them on the hook on the back of the stall door. Looking down at my boxers, I could see that the huge cum I had as a result of Patty's handjob totally soaked my underwear, not to mention everything from my waist down was a slimy, sticky mess.

More and more I was thankful for Patty's idea of the baby wipes and new underwear, so I shucked off my boxers, opened up the baby wipes and started to clean myself off. The baby wipes worked wonderfully -- they cleaned up all the cum from my cock and balls, all over my skin and even got all the globs out of my pubic hair. I had to smile to myself when I caught a whiff of the baby powder scent the wipes left all over me -- it was actually rather nice.

Since I was already in the bathroom, I went ahead and did my business so I wouldn't have to stop in here again later, then used another baby wipe to clean everything one more time, front and back, and when I was done, I felt clean, fresh and ready to go.

Reaching into the bag to fish out the underwear Patty bought for me, I found another bag with the top folded over and stapled. Pulling that bag out and opening it up, there was a neatly folded package of red tissue paper held together with a large, glimmering sticker that said "Bridal Boutique" in embossed lettering. When I opened up the tissue paper, there was a hand written note from Patty that said, "Don't forget, you promised you would wear these. I got the exact same ones for me, and while you're putting yours on, I'm putting mine on, too. Just think, Paul, we'll be underwear twins today. See you soon, you Naughty Boy."

Reading her note again to make sure I really read what I thought it said, my mind came to the only logical conclusion possible. With trembling hands, I continued to unwrap the tissue paper to find exactly what I suspected was in there.

Obviously, Patty had thought this through very carefully from the beginning. First, when she gave me the handjob in the car, she quickly tucked my cock back into my boxers before my climax, knowing full well my cock would spew hot cum all over me and fill my underwear with sticky sperm. Then, the little sneak made me promise I would wear whatever underwear she bought for me. Her ruse of sending me down to get the baby wipes allowed her the opportunity to shop by herself, enabling her to pull off her devious plan without a hitch. And yes, there in the tissue paper, just as I suspected, was a pair of women's panties. I felt a flood of embarrassment spread over me along with a familiar sense of excitement.

As I held them up, I felt like someone had punched me in the chest, knocking all the air out of me. My hands were shaking and admittedly, my cock started to twitch. The panties were pure silk, according to the tag, and a size 'Medium'. The tag also carried a logo which read "Bridal Secrets", and I instantly knew that these weren't just your average, everyday women's panties. Being real silk, they probably cost $60 a pair. They were sparkling white and across the back there were five or six rows of ruffles that I'm sure were there to create that look of innocence when a new bride wore them for her husband on their wedding night.

I envisioned Patty in the ladies room, laughing hysterically -- rolling all over the floor in fits of laughter having pulled off such a complicated caper.

But after a minute, I realized she wouldn't do that. I sensed there were the beginnings of real feelings between us -- something I think she realized, too, something neither one of us would jeopardize. The more I thought about it, the more I saw this as an act of acceptance on her part. She knew I had an attraction to panties. Hell, I even told her straight out I did. She was going out on a limb here to tell me she accepted my panty fetish. But, would she accept the rest? That part of my panty fetish I didn't tell her about?

As I agonized over what I was going to do, the worst of all possible things happened. My cock got hard. And it wasn't just hard -- it was really hard! At that point, the decision was made for me and I had no other choice than to give in.

I held the panties out and stepped into them, pulling them up to my thighs. Looking down at them, I got a whiff of the baby powder scent left over from the baby wipes and pulled the bridal panties up the rest of the way. I wasn't surprised to find that they fit me perfectly. Patty had planned this well and pulled it off. The proof was in the fit and the way my erection was throbbing inside my new panties.

Now, you can probably guess by now that this wasn't the first time I'd slipped into a pair of panties -- not by a long shot. I guess it's not hard to understand how someone with a panty fetish such as mine would expand their interest to wearing panties, too, but I learned from experience it was much smarter to keep that secret from my girlfriends.

When I wasn't dating or going out with a girl, I frequently wore panties under my regular clothes and I had a fairly decent supply in my underwear drawer at home. I didn't have a huge guilt complex about it; pure and simple -- I liked the way they felt on me and I liked the way they looked, and they gave me a constant sense of arousal whenever I wore them. As a hard and fast rule, though, I never wore them out on dates or in any possible situation where my secret might come out accidently. I felt it was pretty safe to wear them to work and in fact, I'd worn them the day I first met Patty at the airport.

I smiled to myself reflecting in the irony of the fact that the day I first saw her tiny breast buds, I was sitting next to her in some very comfortable panties with my cock straining against the soft material, and here I was now, about to go out and see her with another erection, but this time, she would know I had panties on.

I knew in my heart I was going to have to eventually come clean with Patty in regard to my full panty fetish and my panty wearing habits. I decided I would just wait for the right time, be honest about it and see what happens. Since she bought me the bridal panties and was encouraging me to wear them, I felt there was a good chance she would accept it. It's a long and involved story, but, I've been wearing panties off and on since before I was a teenager, and honestly, I couldn't see myself giving them up. So, if this became an issue between us, then it's better to find out now before I get involved any deeper. I don't want to live a lie and I knew my life long interest in panties wasn't going away anytime soon.

I took a second to arrange my hardened cock inside the silk panties and I then pulled my jeans on and stepped into my shoes. Just slipping my jeans over the panties felt different, and I ran my hands down the back of my butt to feel the ruffles before I zipped up and buttoned. I felt a burning blush come over my face thinking about Patty standing outside the door waiting for me knowing I was wearing real silk panties with ruffles -- you just can't get more 'Girly' than that.

Standing there for a minute, it brought back a lot of memories from when I was a lot younger, and how I used to put on my Mom's and my Sister's panties. But knowing Patty was waiting for me, I shook those memories out of my head and readied myself to see her. I reached over and took the note Patty had written me and put it in my pocket, dropped the baby wipes inside of one bag and threw my cum soaked boxers into the other bag.

Opening the bathroom stall door, I walked to the sink to wash my hands and dropped the bag containing my soiled boxers into the trash can. Good riddance! Then, after taking a deep breath, I opened the door and walked out of the restroom. Patty was standing right there waiting for me.

"Oh, Paul..... you were in there a awful long time..... uh, I got a little worried." She said with a serious look on her face. "Are you mad at me?" She asked.

I could see she wasn't the smiling and bubbly Patty she was ten minutes ago. To answer her question, I pulled her to me and whispered down into her ear, "How could I ever be mad at you? Why on earth would you think that?"

She looked up at me and I felt her hand reach around to the back of my jeans. Then feeling her hand push down inside the waist band toward my butt, she felt the ruffles on the back of the panties and jumped up, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"So, you're okay with it?" She asked. "You were in there so long..... God, I thought you saw them and sneaked out on me, or something."

"I would never do that, Patty." I replied. "And yes, I'm perfectly okay with it."

She was smiling again and the sparkle had returned to her eyes. "Do they fit okay? Did I get the right size?" She asked.

"They're perfect," I answered, "although, they might be a little tight in front right now."

My answer made Patty giggle and then she asked, "Do you like them?"

"Patty," I replied, taking a deep breath, "I don't have the right words to say right now, but, I think this is one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me. And, yes..... I love them. Like I said, they're perfect."

She reached down to take my hand and held it to her chest, between her tender breasts and softly asked me, "This isn't the first time you've worn a pair of panties, is it?"

"No," I answered, "it's not. But, I don't want you to get the wrong idea, so I should probably explain it to you some time."

"Should we talk about it now?" She asked.

"We can," I replied, "if you want to. Think we can find a place that's quiet?"

"There's one of those coffee places right next door to the store where I got our panties. It looked empty when I walked past it. Want to go there?" She asked, looking at me hoping I would say yes.

"That sounds like it would work." I said. "You're not freaking out on me, are you?" I asked.

"No," she answered, "but, you've got me a little worried now since you think you need to explain something. Can we just go talk?"

Patty reached up on her tip toes to kiss me and she hooked her arm into mine and we started walking. We didn't say much, but, half way there, she put her arm around my waist and pulled me closer to her as we walked. I definitely felt a sense of closeness with her and I knew this would be a make or break conversation, but, I also knew it had to be done. I owed her that much.

We each got a frappuchino and found a booth at the very back of the place to sit down. Sure enough, with the exception of a teenage girl behind the counter waiting on a couple who was placing their order, we were the only ones in there. As the couple got their order and walked back out into the mall, Patty reached over to clasp my hands in hers and simply looked at me.

Feeling it was my responsibility to begin, I started off by telling her how beautiful she was, and even though we really hadn't known each other very long, I was starting to feel strongly about her. "I'm glad to hear that, Paul," she chimed in, "I feel the same way."

"So," I continued, "because I'm starting to feel that way, there's some things I need to share with you because I don't want to get further down this road and find out there's some 'show stoppers'."

"Well," she sighed, "I'm really starting to worry, now. But, okay, I understand."

I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to tell her about my panty fetish, so I started out cautiously, saying, "Patty, every time I've ever talked to anyone about this, it's always turned out bad for me afterward. But, I'm hoping it will be different with you -- that you'll listen, and you won't judge me by what you're about to hear. Is that something you can do?"

She told me she would listen and hear me out, which is all I could ask. Then after getting my thoughts together, I began. "My Mom was a single parent when I was growing up and we didn't have a lot of money. So, sometimes I used to wear some of my sister's clothes when she outgrew them. She's a couple of years older than me, and when I was about nine, Mom started putting my sister's underwear and pajamas in my drawer. She told me no one would ever know I was wearing girl's clothes and it would help save some money and make it easier to buy food and other things we needed. Since I'd grown up with just her and my sister in the house and seen them in their panties just about everyday, it was easy for me to accept and I didn't think it was such a big deal."

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