Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 10


I watched as she held my cock in her hands, kissing it and coaxing it to get harder. As I stiffened all the way under her touch, she took me into her mouth, closed her eyes and began to suck on me.

Patty's blowjobs aren't like any other blowjob I've ever received. When Patty sucked my cock, it was like she was making love to it. She knew how to make a cock feel good; it's not like she was sucking under duress or anything like that. She really enjoyed doing it and she did it well. Normally, Patty would take her time, play with it and tease me – you know, bring me close and then back off, and repeat that cycle until I was begging her to let me cum.

But tonight, as soon as she got on her knees, it seemed like all she wanted was my cum in her mouth. I was hard quickly and she dispensed with all the teasing she normally did. She slobbered all over me, sucking me and jacking me – and I swear she wasn't down there more than a minute before I knew I was going to cum. I thought she might ease up, but she kept on.

In between sniffs of her panties, I watched her take my rod into her mouth and before I knew it, I was panting and gasping for breath, ready to blow. As she sensed I was ready, she gobbled my cock all the way down and as I felt the first contraction of my cock into her mouth, she pulled back and wrapped her lips around my cock head and started to tongue me.

"I'm gonna cum, Baby!" I exclaimed, an instant before I exploded into her mouth.

Patty greedily sucked all my juice down, like an eager high school cheerleader on a date with the star football quarterback. The sensation she gave me with her tongue was making me shake and churn as she drained me. "Oh, God!" I groaned, pumping my hot seed into my lover's mouth.

She drank it all down, every bit, which was unusual since she usually held my cum in her mouth and then shared it with me in a kiss. But, tonight, she was on a mission to eat my cock and she wanted my cum to herself – all of it.

When she was done, she finally stood up and kissed me lightly and then apologized. "Sorry," Patty explained, "I couldn't help myself. I had to have you all to myself this time." Then she smiled and told me not to worry, saying, "I'll share with you next time."

We melted down onto my bed, lying side by side and just looking into each other's eyes. After a while, she rubbed my chest with her hand and asked me the question I knew was going to come. "So," Patty asked, "how was it?"

I knew very well what she was talking about, but I played dumb. "How was what?" I replied. "The blow job you just gave me?"

"No, silly!" Patty answered, slapping my chest and grinning at me. "You know what I mean, Paul. I was referring to the reward Angie and I gave you today."

I'm surprised she waited this long to ask. But, I was honest with her, telling Patty I enjoyed my first cock very much. In fact, I enjoyed everything about my visit with Angie. And it wasn't just the cock I sucked that made the day special for me. It was more. It was much more. It was the way Angie led me to the realization that I was a Sissy. And the cunning way she exposed me, took my picture in my panties and chained my cock and balls to the floor. In reality, it was the whole experience that put a new perspective in my head about myself, Patty and our relationship together.

For example, before today, I probably wouldn't have accepted the fact that someone else might have intimate sexual contact with my A-Cup Angel besides myself. But, once it became clear to me that I was a Sissy, remarkably, I was willing to accept it. Sure, I was in love with Patty, and the man part of me didn't want to share her or let her have sex with another person.

But, the Sissy part of me knew I had to share her, if that's what she wanted. And if my newly acknowledged bisexual desires drove me to have a cock every so often, doesn't that allow her to go outside our relationship if she wants to? I knew this was a dilemma we'd have to work through, but, I also knew that Patty was seriously turned on with male-male sex, so having an occasional cock to satisfy my urges would probably be okay with her.

Patty told me more than once I could have a man with her complete blessings. Of course, at that times she'd said it, I just assumed she was saying that because the idea of it turned her on, but, in retrospect, I think she suspected my bisexual interests, and her comments were a way to prepare me.

So, instead of answering her question directly, I explained to Patty – in detail – what happened between Angie and I, and the way each step of Angie's explanation affected me. I told Patty how I wanted to live my daily life as a man, and how I wanted her to me mine, exclusively. But, outside of work, and socially in public, being a Sissy and living the Sissy lifestyle sounded really good to me.

I told Patty I wasn't sure how to strike the balance between being a man and a Sissy, but, I needed to figure that out. "I think the answer is pretty clear, isn't it?" Patty asked.

When I asked her to explain what she meant, she quite simply said, "You just go on as you always did, living as a man - and you save the Sissy part for when you're with me – only when we're together and only when it's safe for us both to be Mommy and Sissy. But," Patty explained, "when you transform into your Sissy role, you do it fully. You'll stop being Paul and start being Sissy, and I'll stop being Patty and start being your Mommy."

"See, what I mean is," she paused as she propped herself up on her elbow and took my hand in hers, "there's no reason to drastically change anything, Sweetheart. I love you as a man with all my heart. The fact that you've now accepted the fact that you're a Sissy opens up opportunities to both of us. You get to live out your fantasies, and I get to live out mine and we get to do it all together."

"Honestly," she continued, "I'm excited about this. I'd love to see you with another man – that really turns me on. I love the idea of being your Mommy and you being submissive to me, and I think you like it, too. So this will work out perfectly for both of us."

We talked it all through, taking easily an hour to discuss it. I promised I wouldn't go outside our relationship unless I was in my Sissy role and being led by her. I even told her that when we were role playing, she could fully live the Mommy role and have whatever contact she wanted with others, and I would play the faithful Sissy role for her. In return, Patty promised me she would be faithful to me. In her Mommy role, she would be selective and always be aware of my feelings.

Patty got silent, though, and was deep in thought for a few minutes. When I asked what she was thinking about, she said, "It doesn't hardly seem fair though, Paul – I mean to you. You might start to regret it and then you'll see me as some kind of dominating bitch taking advantage of you just for my own fun."

I could understand what she meant, but, I assured her that I really did want to be her Sissy, and it would enable me to satisfy my submissive and bisexual desires. We finally agreed to try it, and if either of us ever thought it was going astray, we'd discuss it with the other. "But," Patty said emphatically, "I want you primarily as a man, not as a Sissy. Sissy is for play time, but in real life, you have to be my man and mine alone."

That was fine with me since it was exactly what I wanted, too. After all, I had my business to run, and my friends and a social standing to keep up. As long as I had an outlet to live out my Sissy dreams, I would be satisfied.

We spent the night in each other's arms, cuddling, kissing and hugging each other. During the very early hours of the next morning while Patty slept soundly next to me, I made the decision to go see Patty's father, PJ, and try to find out why Patty wouldn't agree to marry me.

And that brings me back to where I started this story – back to the middle of chapter 1 where I went to see PJ to ask for help in getting Patty to marry me – and I'll pick it back up from there now.


I'd gotten to know PJ Wallingford, Patty's father, fairly well by now, having dated his daughter for almost two years. We'd developed a good relationship and we'd been able to joke around with each other as well. When I decided to come see PJ about why Patty wouldn't marry me, he wasn't surprised. He knew Patty and I were in love and he knew I'd eventually come to him for answers. What I liked about his demeanor during our meeting was his openness and his honestly. He did, although, scare the crap out of me.

Yes, I was surprised when I learned I'd have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and property assignment document before he would talk to me about Patty, but, in essence, he was just trying to ensure our conversation remained private. Given his position in the financial community and his circle of friends, I suppose I could understand why he was playing it safe. Still, I knew there had to be a reason for the secrecy and the assurances he needed before he would talk to me. So risking my future, my business and personal reputation, I signed all the documents and it seemed like I was going to finally have the answers I was longing for.

We had a wonderful dinner that evening. PJ and I cooked while Patty puttered around the huge kitchen, watching and helping when she could. For the most part, she just hung looking cute. It was difficult for me to pay attention to the cooking duties with Patty dressed in her skimpy short shorts and the almost obscene t-shirt she was in. Her nipples were sticking out from her tiny chest begging to be pinched and tweaked. Her father didn't appear to even notice, and that seemed very unusual to me.

PJ was a wiz in the kitchen, that's for sure, and my mouth was watering by the time everything was ready. Patty kept our wine glasses full while we ate, and as we finished our meal, PJ tossed his napkin up on the table and said, "Paul, what do you say you and I take a walk out in the garden while Patricia cleans up all the dinner mess?"

As he and I stood up from the table, PJ turned to Patty and said, "Patricia, when you've got everything cleaned, I want you to go to your room and stay there until I come for you."

I was a little taken back with PJ's tone of voice and the firmness at which he'd spoken to Patty, but, I didn't say anything. "Yes, Daddy." Patty replied. Then turning to me, Patty gave me a kiss and a quick hug. "I love you, Paul," Patty whispered in my ear, "no matter what happens while you're with Daddy, please remember how much I love you."

PJ was waiting for me patiently at the archway of the dining room door. He watched Patty hug and kiss me, and he was half-smiling as I left her behind and joined him for our walk in his garden. I followed PJ down the stairs and to the garden door, which he held open for me as I stepped outside into the warm evening air.

"Every time I see you and Patricia together, I realize how much the two of you were meant for each other, Paul." PJ remarked.

"Thank you." I answered. "I hope you know I was being honest with you earlier when I told you how much she means to me. I love her, Sir. And she loves me."

"Even a blind man could see that, Paul." PJ said. "That's why I hope you're going to have an open mind while we talk."

"I assure you, I've got an open mind." I replied. "Plus, you've got my word this will be a private conversation and I've signed the papers you asked me to sign. So, if it's alright with you, can we get on with it? I don't want you to take offense to this, but, you're standing between me and the woman I love, Sir. I really want to get this done."

"No offense taken, Paul, and I appreciate your motivation. But, please stop calling me 'Sir', would you?" PJ smiled as he answered me, and then made a gesture with his hand toward the garden.

"When Patricia was a teenager, she was a bit of a handful." PJ started out. "Always in trouble.... hanging out with the wrong crowd – that kind of thing. I won't go into all the messy details, but, the last straw came shortly after she turned eighteen when I received a call from the Police at three in the morning saying she'd been picked up joy-riding with a bunch of her friends in a stolen car. When I went to pick her up, thankfully the desk sergeant had put her in a holding cell to sober up. She was half drunk, yelling profanities at everyone, and she was almost naked. Apparently, while they were joy-riding, they were also drinking. The little asswipes she was with dared her to take off most of her clothes, and when she did, they threw them out the car window. Oddly enough, a police cruiser saw her pants fly out the window and that's when they were pulled over."

PJ stopped and turned to face me. "I tell you, Paul, that was the worst night of my life – having to see my daughter in just a flimsy shirt and her underpants at the police station. They were all looking at her and, well..... I think you get the picture."

I could sense the pain and anguish in PJ's voice as he told me this story, and I imagined how humiliating it must have been for him. As he turned to continue our walk, he said, "In the following days, an acquaintance of mine - who I understand you've met, Angie, told me about a place I might want to look into. That's when I first heard about The Hazel Institute."

When he mentioned Angie's name, my ears perked up. I immediately recalled the first time I met Angie the night Patty stripped me and gave me my first exhibitionist experience, and making me masturbate in front of a crowd of people. Then my mind went to the day we visited Angie at her Villa and the incredible things I did there. I could feel my face turning red as I stood next to PJ, but, I also had to wonder exactly what kind of relationship PJ had with Angie.

"When I first arrived at the Hazel Institute," PJ continued, "I wasn't impressed at all. But at their encouragement, I stayed for a few days and by the time I left, I was absolutely convinced they could help me turn Patricia's behavior around and time has proven me right." He said stopping again and reaching out for my arm. "Patricia graduated from college with honors, she's never been in a lick of trouble since that night with the stolen car, and most of all – I got my sweet little girl back."

"PJ," I interrupted, "just so you know, Patty loves you very much and she's always cognizant of your expectations. She'd rather die than disappoint you. Surely, you must know that?"

"It's nice to hear you say that, and, yes, I know exactly what you're referring to." PJ replied.

"You know," I added, "I've always wanted to tell you this," I paused for a second and then added, "It's been difficult for me to compete with you for Patty's love."

"I have to apologize for that, but, it's unavoidable." PJ said, gesturing to a covered table a few feet away inside his garden. As we sat, he reminded me that I needed to keep an open mind and mentioned the fact that I'd signed the papers agreeing to keep our discussion secret.

"Patricia and I have been to the Hazel Institute many times since I first went there – five times for me, and four times for her. I've learned a lot there, Paul. For example, I learned that I was the biggest reason Patricia's behavior was so bad. I was so focused on the business; I never paid her any attention. I just gave her money and thought that would make her happy. I found out she was never interested in the money - all she ever wanted was me. She wanted me to spend time with her and take her places. She wanted to be the most important thing in my life. She wanted me to love her and hold her." PJ said.

"I think every girl wants that from her father, PJ." I remarked.

"Perhaps." He answered. "But, I'm sure not in the way Patricia wanted. You see, Paul, Patricia wanted me to be her father and her lover."

My jaw must have dropped because PJ stopped for a minute to let me compose myself. Then, he continued explaining, telling me that with the help of the Hazel Institute, they came to understand what each of them needed from each other – not only as father and daughter, but as male and female, too. They entered into an arrangement that allowed Patty to have her father as a lover, and as a father. Since then, the two have lived in complete love and harmony. PJ added that neither he, nor Patty, wanted any of that to change.

"I know what you're thinking." PJ said. "And the answer is 'No'. I haven't had sexual intercourse with Patricia. Not yet, anyway. But, I have to be honest in telling you that we've done just about everything else a male and female can do together sexually. She has quite a sexual appetite, as I'm sure you know, and I've enabled things so she has the ability and opportunity to safely enjoy her sexuality to the fullest extent possible. I'm sure you've wondered how a young virgin could give such an excellent handjob or perform oral sex as well as she can. The answer is that she was taught these things, and more, at the institute."

I was shocked. Patty never gave me a straight answer about anything concerning her father. Not that she ever lied to me, but, she always danced around the issue or changed the subject on me. I knew Patty had some kind of relationship with Angie, and now I know why – probably through her father. PJ probably had a hand in Patty's friendship with Wilma and Fred, too. Sitting there listening to PJ, I felt like I was kicked in the gut. The woman I loved was living a secret life that she never shared with me, and my heart was breaking with every word he said.

"This is probably a good time to tell you this," PJ said, "and I know what I'm going to say next is going to hurt you. So, before I say any more, I want you to try to hear me out before you lose your temper and do anything rash. If you can do that, I think there's a way everything will work out the way you want it to."

I could only nod my head at this point. I couldn't help being angry with Patty - after the way I'd opened my soul to her and confessed all my desires and fetishes. Then, I find out from her father she was groomed to be his plaything...... probably sucking his dick and doing whatever else her father wanted.

"Paul," PJ said as he continued to speak, "Patricia and I have no secrets between us – none at all. She's told me everything about you, everything the two of you have done together and everything you've ever talked about. I know all about your panty fetish, the night you exposed yourself at the store and everything that went on at Angie's." PJ stopped for a few seconds and then continued, saying, "Basically, every time Patricia came home from being with you, she told me everything you said and did."

"Now, please don't be mad at her." PJ said quickly. "She didn't have any choice in the matter. Part of our agreement is that I have the right to control who she sees socially, and that includes dating. She either had to tell me everything or I wouldn't let her see you. So, Paul, I've known all along everything about you and I've approved all along the way, especially after you went to see Angie and the way you so quickly accepted your destiny as a Sissy. That's very much going to be a key factor in your happiness if you decide to stay with Patricia and get married."

"In what way?" I asked.

"Well, for starters," PJ replied, "It will be me, and not you, that makes love to her the very first time." He said, looking me straight in the eyes. "It will happen on her wedding night. And after that, I'll have sex her on a regular basis. You'd be her husband, and once I took her virginity, she would be your wife. But her sexual relationship with me will never stop. This is what she wants and needs, Paul. She obviously couldn't tell you all this until we knew you were the right man for her, but, believe me, she wants us both."

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