Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 10


"Look," PJ said, trying to help me understand the myriad of thoughts filling my head, "the bottom line is fairly simple. She needs a man that is comfortable being in a Sissy role and accepts the fact that she's having regular sex with me. We never thought we'd find that person. Then you came along and over time, your relationship with Patricia blossomed into exactly what she was looking for. And the most remarkable thing is that she's exactly what you need, too. The fact that the two of you are so much in love only proves that you are meant to be together."

"Remember," he said, "I told you this would be a difficult conversation and that you'd feel hurt and angry. Just give me a few more minutes and I'll let you talk."

"So," PJ continued, "you're probably wondering where that leaves us, and I can clear that up for you right now."

"I'd like you to go to the Hazel Institute," PJ explained, "and let them do what they do. When they're done, I'll know for sure if you're the right man for Patricia. I'll know if you can willingly accept playing both the husband and the Sissy role and if you can accept her relationship with me. If you'll do that, and if the results say it will work, I'll give my consent to your marriage and do everything within my power to make your marriage a long and happy one."

When PJ finished speaking, he looked at me across the table. "I know it's a lot to grasp and get your mind around. We're asking a lot, I know that, too. But, Paul, I want you to know something else..... in all the years Patricia has been dating, not one of them ever got as far as a fourth date. I've encouraged your courtship and given the two of you every ounce of support I could and I'd be proud to have you as my son in law. If you can accept the conditions I've spelled out, I give you my word you won't regret it."

The shock had gone away and I wasn't mad anymore. I guess I understood why Patty and PJ kept everything from me – I mean, it's not like they could have told all this any earlier. Any other person would have run for the hills, but, once I got over the hurt of Patty's deception, the more I thought about it, the more it all made perfect sense. I'd already accepted the fact that I was a Sissy, and I already accepted the fact that eventually, Patty was probably going to have other sex partners. Plus, PJ already knew everything about me, and he seemed comfortable with the situation. Given all that, what could be safer than keeping it in the family?

"What do they do at this institute?" I asked.

"The Hazel Institute is a private facility, Paul." PJ began. "It's out in the middle of nowhere and they will treat you with first class service, I guarantee it. They have a golf course, gym and other activities you can use. It's a secure facility with gates, but, you can leave anytime you like. The gates are just to keep others out. Everything they do is private - just between you and the staff..... and well, Patricia and I, of course. They have a complete and highly regarded clinical staff, including doctors, nurses, therapists and counselors."

"What I mean was," I replied, "what would they be doing to me?"

"I'd ask them to evaluate your readiness and acceptance to be married to Patricia under the conditions I told you about earlier." PJ answered. "Specifically, do you love Patricia enough to be both her husband and her Sissy? Along with that, are you making an honest and truthful decision knowing what kind of life you'll have, and, I'd also ask them to give me an idea of your long term compatibility with both myself and Patricia. If all that works out okay, I'll bless your marriage and the two of you can start your lives together."

"Seems so easy," I mumbled, "but, how exactly will they do that?" I asked.

"Paul," he said, "that's probably a question they can answer better than I. But, knowing that Patricia and I have both been there multiple times, that ought to tell you I trust them and think highly of them. I promise you'd be able to leave at any time if you didn't like it or change your mind about staying with Patricia. As long as you uphold your portion of the Non Disclosure Agreement, you can walk away at any time with no repercussions what so ever."

"And when would I do this, and, how long would I stay there?" I inquired.

"I would think you should allow at least a week there." PJ answered. "As far as when? Well, that's up to you. I could probably arrange it to start tomorrow, or the next day if you wanted to start that soon. But, your dating period with Patricia is over as of right now. You either go to the Institute or you've seen Patricia for the last time."

"You mean I couldn't see Patty again if I don't agree to go?" I asked.

"Correct." PJ said, sympathetically. "If you can't tell me you'll agree to go and give me a date in the immediate future, then when we're done talking, I'll walk you to your car and I'll take Patricia out of the country on the jet tonight and we'll just go on vacation. It's harsh, I realize, but that's the way it has to be."

I thought about all this for a minute as he sat serenely with his fingers interlaced, waiting for me to say something.

"PJ," I said, "since you seem to know everything about me, what do you think my chances are of getting through all of this with your blessing to marry your daughter? Can you be honest with me about that?"

"Paul," PJ replied, "I don't have to think about my answer to that question. There's no doubt in my mind that you're a good, honest, hard working man and you'll make a good husband and a good Sissy for Patricia. I've never been more confident about anything else in my life. But, when it comes to Patricia, I just need the extra assurance from experts that we're not making a mistake. I urge you to go, Paul." PJ said as he smiled over at me. "The sooner you do it, the sooner I can walk her down the aisle to you."

I stood up and took a step toward the rose bushes surrounding us. One rose caught my eye and I leaned forward to smell its fragrance. I turned around and looked up at the back side of the huge mansion, trying to locate Patty's bedroom window. It was easier than I thought - it was the only one with a girl's silhouette in the window.

"Can I pick this?" I asked PJ, pointing to the rose whose fragrance I'd enjoyed. "I'd like to give it to my fiancé if that's okay with you."

"Does this mean you've made a decision to go, Paul?" PJ asked me.

"Absolutely." I answered. "But, I want something from you, too, PJ. You have to agree to let me propose to her immediately. And I mean tonight – like right now. A conditional proposal only, but, you have to let me ask her and you have to let her answer. If she says 'Yes', I can go to the institute as quickly as you can set it up."

"Agreed!" PJ said enthusiastically, sticking out his hand to me. "You've made the right decision, Paul. Let's go tell Patricia the good news."

I picked the rose as he watched and smiled. On the way back to the house, I asked him if I could do the talking with Patty. I told him I knew exactly what I wanted to say, and he told me that would be perfect. As we walked into the house and up the stairs to Patty's room, I was so excited, my heart was thumping and my face was flushed. As he stopped in front of Patty's door, he pulled me beside him and put his finger to his lips. "Sssshhhh" he said.

"Patricia." PJ called through the door, knocking three or four times. "Patricia, open the door." He called out.

Within a few seconds, my A-Cup Angel opened the door and stood there looking at us. PJ, nodded to me and then stepped to the side so I could move right in front of Patty. I pulled the rose out from where I was hiding it behind my back and held it out.

"Patty," I began, as I got down on one knee in front of her, "you would make me the happiest man in all creation if you'd say you'll marry me."

Patty was obviously shocked. Saying nothing, she turned her head to look at her father. For a second, PJ stood there with a scowl on his face, but after a second, he broke out into a huge smile and nodded his head up and down slightly. Patty's eyes lit up and her hands flew up to her cheeks. "Daddy? Really?" She asked.

"Go on." PJ replied, laughing. "Answer him. This is what you've been wishing for all these months. Give him your answer, Baby Girl."

I thought Patty was going to pass out. She'd became animated and was jumping up and down once she figured out I was proposing to her in front of her father. When her father gave her permission to answer, she finally shouted "Yes!"

Pulling me to my feet, Patty thrust herself into my arms and kissed me deeply. "I love you so much!" She exclaimed. Then extracting herself from my arms, she jumped into her father's arms and she kissed him on the lips, just as deeply as she kissed me. I saw his hand reach up to capture one of her tiny nipples between his fingers and he tweaked it as they kissed. Neither one made any attempt to hide their actions, but I wasn't offended at all. I knew the score now.

Shortly, Patty looked over at me and then up at her father. "But, Daddy," she started to ask, "what about...."

"He agreed to go, Baby Girl." PJ interrupted. "His proposal and your acceptance is contingent on his successful completion at the institute. Once he's done there and everything checks out, the two of you are clear to marry."

Patty was happier than any time I'd ever seen her before. She stood with her father, looking back and forth between the two of us. "You told him?" Patty asked. "You told him everything?"

"Yes," PJ replied, "we discussed it all and I'm satisfied he understands and fully accepts the situation."

"Oh, Sweetheart!" Patty moaned, melting into my arms again. "It will be so perfect, Paul. I just know it's going to be perfect – for all of us - me and you and also for Daddy."

"I think a little champagne is in order. Don't you, Paul?" PJ asked as he led us down the stairs and into the sitting room where a bottle of bubbly was already on ice with three waiting glasses. We toasted our engagement and laughed and hugged each other. As we cajoled, I told PJ to go ahead and see what he could do to get me to the institute as quickly as possible. I could be ready to go as soon as they were ready to have me.

We all sat on the love seats in the sitting room, with Patty sitting on my lap for a few minutes and then switching to her father's lap. As soon as she arrived there, his hand found its way to her thighs, and then a second later, Patty opened her legs and her father slipped his hand right up into the crotch of her shorts. PJ looked over at me as I stared at what he was doing, and then slipped his finger under Patty's short shorts, obviously rubbing my Angel's pussy.

Patty peered over at me and smiled shyly. She bit her lower lip as PJ's fingers moved up and down her slit underneath her shorts. I started getting hard as I watched him finger my A-Cup Angel, and Patty was obviously enjoying it, too, because her eyes were closed and she'd tilted her head back and spread her legs further, allowing her father more access to her pussy.

"Take your shirt off, Baby Girl," PJ said to her, "there's no need to be covered so much in front of Paul now. If he loves your chest as much as you say, then I think he should be able to see it here at home."

"Of course, Daddy." Patty replied. Then only a few seconds later, Patty lifted her shirt over her head and settled back onto her father's chest and put her arms around his neck. She looked over at me again and smiled when she saw my eyes watching her father's fingers playing between her legs.

"On your wedding night," PJ said to me, "once I've taken my daughter's virginity and cum inside her, you'll be able to make love to your new wife. I'm going to let you watch me take her, Paul. And when I'm done, I'm going to watch you. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?"

I simply nodded my head in agreement as I watched him finger Patty. I couldn't believe how hot this was – watching him finger her pussy and get her so excited. He knew what he was doing, too, because Patty was writhing on his lap and bucking slightly with each wag of his finger. It wasn't long before she started to moan. Her eyes were open now, looking straight at me as his fingers worked away at her. Then all of a sudden, she made a grunting sound and closed her eyes. "Oh, Daddy, I'm gonna cum..... I'm so close."

My raging cock was thundering inside my pants, but I was hesitant to do anything more than watch PJ bring Patty to her climax, no more than six feet from me. The feelings I felt watching her cum under his touch were mixed – it was a nasty show to watch, but I felt jealous and happy for her at the same time.

When Patty's orgasm was over, he whispered something in her ear and she came to sit on my lap. "Paul, Daddy is the only other man I'll ever want. If you can accept him touching me and fucking me, we'll all be gloriously happy." The look on her face told me she was preparing me for what to expect as her Sissy, and I knew at that exact moment I'd be servicing him. She reached down to press her palm against my cock and then she kissed me long and hard.

After another minute, PJ put his glass down and said, "Okay, you two, break it up. There's just one more order of business to attend to and then I think we can call it a day." Both Patty and I settled into a cozy hug to let her father finish what he was about to say.

"Patricia," he began, "earlier today I told you you'd have to be punished for sneaking around outside my office door while Paul and I talked. It's time for that punishment."

The mood in the room instantly changed and the look on Patty's face became quite somber. She got up off my lap, lowered her eyes and simply said, "Yes, Daddy."

"But," PJ continued, "in celebration of your engagement and in anticipation of your marriage, I think Paul has earned the right to witness your punishment, Baby Girl. Do you object to that, Paul?"

The look that spread over Patty's face was pure horror. "Please, Daddy. I don't think that's necessary." Patty said with a fearful look in her eyes.

"I think it should be Paul's choice." PJ said, looking over at me.

"She knew she was misbehaving, Paul," PJ continued, "and she's going to be punished whether you're here to watch or not. Those are the rules she's agreed to. Isn't that right, Baby Girl?"

"Yes, Daddy." Patty said. "I deserve to be punished because I misbehaved."

"PJ," I interrupted as I stood up close to Patty "considering the stress we've all been under today.... the whole thing about the documents, the institute, the discussion and the proposal, do you really think it's necessary to punish her? You know how excited she was. Can't you overlook a tiny mistake?"

As soon as I said it, Patty moved her body right next to me. She urgently tugged on my arm and shook her head as if she was telling me not to say anything. But, I ignored her, and turned to PJ and said, "How about giving her a break tonight?"

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Paul." PJ explained. "You see, it's the way we do things. When she misbehaves, she gets punished. But, given the circumstances and your concern for the one you love, I'll give you the option of taking her punishment for her."

I almost laughed when he gave me the option to take Patty's punishment. What was he going to do? Make her stand in the corner? I'd never once seen Patty with any kind of marks or bruises, and I knew he loved her too much to hurt her, so without even thinking about it, I said, "Okay. That's fine. I'll take her punishment."

"Oh, no. That's not necessary, Paul." Patty said quickly, looking up into my eyes. "It's no biggie."

"Paul, it's your choice." PJ said.

"I'll do it." I said again.

"Sweetheart," Patty said, yanking my face around so I'd look right at her, "I'd really prefer you just kiss me good night and go on home. I can handle this. Just go on home, and I'll call you first thing in the morning."

"I insist," I said, looking at Patty and then her father, "If you're giving me the option, then I've made the decision to take the punishment for her. Whatever she was going to get, just give it to me. No hard feelings and no grudges, either."

Patty gasped when she heard what I said. "No Paul, don't do this." Patty said, shaking her head and pleading with me. "You have no idea what you're saying."

"Think wisely, Paul." PJ added. "If you agree and then back out she'll get it twice or three times as bad as she would have. Are you sure you want to take her punishment?"

"Daddy!" Patty exclaimed, looking at her father as she started to cry. "Please don't do this, Daddy. I'm begging you!" Patty's eyes were red and tears were coming down her face. She was hugging her father and looking up at him. "Please, Daddy, no......"

PJ looked at me and simply asked, "Well? I need an answer from you, Paul."

Patty's face turned to me as she hugged her father and mouthed the words 'No' to me about three or four times. But, I wasn't about to let my fiancé be punished like a little girl on the night she finally accepted my marriage proposal – that sure wouldn't be very manly of me, so I answered PJ's question. "I'll do it and that's final." I said.

"Paul, I can see you're determined to take her punishment, and so you shall." PJ replied. "That's quite admirable and chivalrous."

Patty buried her face into her father's chest and cried. I realize she didn't want me to do this, but, I couldn't figure out why she was almost hysterical.

"Patricia!" Her father said. "Stop this crying right now or he'll get double because you're acting like a three year old."

He gave Patty a few moments to stop crying, and she did, but the way she looked at me afterwards broke my heart. Her eyes were red and her face was puffy. She could only shake her head from side to side as she looked at me.

"Take him up to your room and get him ready." PJ said softly. "And I mean the same exact way you get yourself ready for your punishments, Patricia. I'll give you exactly sixty minutes. If you're not ready when I come in, it will be double for him. And, since you pitched such a fit over the whole thing, I'm going to let you help, Baby Girl."

I was beginning to get a little worried now – it was starting to sound very scary. PJ looked at his watch and said, "You're time is running. I suggest you get moving."

As Patty took my hand and led me out of the room, PJ said one more thing.

"Patricia, don't tell him how I punish you. Just have him ready when the time is up, and don't disobey me on this."

To be continued.

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