tagIncest/TabooBaby Girl Calms Aunt Anastasia

Baby Girl Calms Aunt Anastasia


Kirsten's biggest fear was being caught. The newly appointed A.D.A. of St. Paul was petrified of her other life being exposed. And right now, the biggest threat to her security was her father and uncles. She had been the men's doll baby since she had been born. Kirsten was the talisman of the Vaalensorrd men. She was their plaything. Educated at the best schools, dressed in the finest clothes, coddled at spas and hotels across the world, Kirsten was, at her core, a trained whore. However, she needed to go Rio for a conference and she needed to go alone. She was staying with Constantia at her ranch and was going to fuck and be fucked with abandon. Constantia did not allow men, other than her slaves, within a ten-mile radius of her ranch. The Vaalensorrd men were not amused by this turn of events. Not that any of them had planned on coming…until Constantia had called her ex-husband to inform him their daughter was spending two weeks with her in Brazil and their was nothing he could do about it. The gauntlet was thrown and Kirsten was caught in the middle.

Kirsten pulled into Erik's winding driveway, smiling like she always did at his wife, Anastasia's, winter castle that her father had built for Anastasia and Erik on their wedding day. The door was opened by Lorring who took her wraps gracefully, and disappeared to heaven only knows where. Kirsten almost passed the library when she notices Anastasia's petite, blonde frame sunk in the cushions before the fire, the ever present flute of champagne in one hand and tears streaming down her face. "Anastasia?" Kirsten queried worriedly. Anastasia was a doll of a woman who shown Kirsten nothing but affection since the first time they had met. Kirsten had swallowed Eric whole and was yanking the pearl string out of his ass while he screamed and pulsed buckets down her throat when Anastasia had walked into bedroom. Kirsten had no idea how Erik had managed to fix the situation. Eighteen months later, she was Anastasia's maid-of-honor at one of St. Paul's most lavish affairs.

Anastasia began to cry harder, actually spilling the contents of her flute. "Doll Baby," Kirsten crooned, removing the glass from her aunt's hand and wrapping her arms around her. Kirsten felt Anastasia's arms wrap around her, her petite little form shaking with emotion. Kirsten went onto autopilot, giving Anastasia a breast massage, feeling the long, hard peaks of her itty-bitty A-cup breasts strain for more. In less than two minutes, Anastasia's pussy convulsed as Kirsten manipulated her nipples with the ease of experience.

"God damn it, Kirsten," Anastasia hiccupped, half-heartedly pushing the beautiful girl away from her, "this is all wrong. I've been watching the home movies and the videos and looking through the photo albums…I don't want that kind of life. I don't want…"

Kirsten narrowed her eyes. "I'm an anomaly, Doll Baby," Kirsten said, pinning her aunt's hands above her head with one hand while finding her aunt's pussy with the other. "Gustav and Constantia were competitors. They made an arrangement. They married in order for Constantia to inherit and they bred in order for Gustav and his brothers to either have an heir or a plaything." Anastasia sucked in her breath as Kirsten viciously twisted her clit clockwise then counterclockwise, before her fingers started manipulating her folds and slits. "Erik married you because you are a vision. You bewitch him with your tiny body and old money ways. He does everything he can to make you as happy as you make him." Kirsten gave pause as she spread Anastasia's legs wider and began open-handed spanking her pussy. As Anastasia began to convulse, Kirsten stroked her hair, releasing her arms. "Any children you and Erik decide to have will be raised to become world leaders. They will have the traditional childhood, the traditional youth rebellion, and then take their place at the world table."

Kirsten rubbed her slowly across Anastasia's abdomen, "Do you have a baby growing in here?" Kirsten asked quietly. When Kirsten nodded her head, Kirsten breathed a sigh of relief. The Vaalensorrd brothers hated emotion. "That's wonderful news, petite cherie. Does Erik know?" Kirsten shook her head empathetically. "That is bad, Doll Baby," Kirsten scolded lightly, massaging Anastasia's tiny body, making her relax, while her head bent down to suckle at Anastasia's tiny breasts. Kirsten's lips brutally pulled on her aunt's nipples in search of nourishment that was not yet being produced. Her teeth nibbled a pattern of frustration up and down the long erectiles, making Anastasia scream in delight. Kirsten worked her greedy mouth down Anastasia's body, bringing her aunt to the brink of a fantastic climax, before stopping cold turkey and settling back on the opposite end of the overstuffed sofa. She took out one of the long, thin brown cigarettes her Uncle Lars brought back with him from Turkey and began to smoke it idly.

"Kirsten, finish me!" Anastasia screeched, her tiny fists curled into balls. "God damn it! I'm so close!" she cried, tears beginning to leak down her face.

Kirsten shrugged.

"Kirsten, please!" Anastasia began to wheedle, getting on her knees before Kirsten, attempting to uncross Kirsten's firmly crossed legs. Kirsten swung her top leg with a bit of force, catching Anastasia below the ribs and sending her crashing backwards. Anastasia curled into a ball and began to cry. "Kirsten, please…please, baby girl. I need….I need…"

"Am I some sort of freak to you?" Kirsten asked, steel lacing her voice.

"No, baby girl, no…" Anastasia started crying again, crawling back to Kirsten.

Kirsten waited until Anastasia was in range and then kicked her again. Anastasia stayed put, whimpering quietly. "You know my history. You know why I was hatched. Do you really believe the brothers Vaalensorrd are going to raise their children like this?" Anastasia shrugged, her little body racked by sobs. "Doll Baby," Kirsten said quietly, "Gustav and Constantia made a pact. After Constantia became pregnant, the brothers and their cohorts put her through her paces. I cannot blame her for giving birth and never looking back." Kirsten took another long drag on her cigarette. "I was raised to be a tool for the brotherhood. Gustav has his family. Lars has his family. Jory, Dag and Tait all have their families. And, now, you and Erik are going to begin your very own family." Kirsten put out her cigarette and held her hand out to Anastasia whom eagerly leapt to her feet and ran to Kirsten's side. Kirsten stroked the trembling body before her, assuring Anastasia softly, "You are going to be a fabulous mother. Erik is going to be a fabulous father. And I am going to be the relative that the Vaalensorrd children know about but whom they do not know."

"No, baby girl. You're a part of the family."

Kirsten placed her finger lightly on Anastasia's lips. "No, Doll Baby. I'm not. I'm a relative, who was bought a very, very good position in the service of St. Paul, and I will be able to earn a very good salary and have a more than generous pension. The brothers have been saving for me since my birth. I am wealthy. In thirty years, after all the children are grown and have their own people positioned in the local, state and national political arena, I will be able to retire quite nicely, choosing young men and women for my companions."

Anastasia smiled at Kirsten uncertainly. "But, won't you come around…"

"I'll be at the christening, petite cherie, but that is all. You may come around for a cup of tea, if you like, once the baby is born. But this will be one of my last visits to the palace." As the waterworks threatened to turn on again, Kirsten got businesslike. "Stand up and face forward." Kirsten barked.

Anastasia complied swiftly, sucking in her breath as Kirsten began to root around in her ass. Anastasia began to arch, but Kirsten pushed her down. Anastasia was bent in two, her hands on the ground beside her feet. With a brutally efficient movement, Kirsten had Anastasia's cheeks spread wide, causing her to cry out in pain. But waves of pleasure followed as Kirsten began to work her magic mouth up and down the folds of her ass.

Anastasia began to cry again as she screamed baby girl's name over and over again. Fingers and then a fist slid in and out of her rosebud as Kirsten's mouth brought her over and over again to orgasm. The pictures and films of Kirsten's youth ran rampant through Anastasia's mind as her body convulsed through different levels of ecstasy.

Spent and completely satisfied, Anastasia watched the girl-woman before her smoke one of Lars long, Turkish cigarettes. Not a hair out of place. She looked completely at ease and not like a woman who had just fucked another woman silly for the last three hours. "I want to go to Rio with you next week. I want to stay at the ranch with Constantia and have a little…uh…experience, before I am shackled to the roll of wife and mother."

Kirsten sighed deeply; knowing there was no way Erik was going to allow that to happen when Erik's voice said from somewhere behind them, "That's a brilliant idea, darling. I think Anastasia should accompany you, Kirsten."

Both women snapped their heads around to view the daunting form of Erik Vaalensorrd fill the doorway.

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Baby Girl Goes to Rio

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