tagLoving WivesBaby, I'm Home

Baby, I'm Home


NOTE: This is a continuation of "Old Friend Visits", you may want to read that story first before moving on to this one.

* * * * *

I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I sensed a subtle change in my wife, Kristy, lately. She seemed a bit more upbeat than usual these last two weeks. Kristy's lovable by nature, but recently she has been so sweet she'd be dangerous to a diabetic. Really. Even the 5 times we fucked the past couple weeks have been different. As if she just discovered how good a dick was. I'm not complaining, but when your usually docile wife suddenly fucks and sucks you like a porn queen, it's bound to make your eye brows raise as to... why?

Anyway, it has been 3 days since I blew a wad in her so my libido was skyrocketing like mad. Naively I figured she was feeling near the same. As I drove home from work all I thought about was fucking her until we both passed out covered in our own juices. I was determined to give her twat every drop of scum my balls could muster. There's nothing better than dumping a full load into a tight, ultra-wet pussy.

During my drive home I squeezed my black tenting cock dreamily as I thought of her. I wondered if I should just jump her bones as soon as I walked thru the door, or, wait until we both got ready for bed. Finally I decided I would feel her mood out and take it from there.

Kristy got home a half hour before I did. Her day had been ordinary as usual, the highlight being a call from Suyi, whom (unknown to me) she had fucked 4 times in the past two weeks. Being that it was Friday, she knew she wouldn't get the opportunity to see or speak to him again until Monday. So he had called to wish her a good weekend and to think of him until they saw each other again.

Kristy smiled to herself as she removed her shoes and hair clip from her auburn hair. It cascaded down her pale neck to the middle of her back, just inches from her full heart-shape ass. She was as happy as she could remember being in a long while. She had two men she was in love with. One treated her like a queen and fucked her the way she loved it, the other (me) stood by her thru the worst of times and had an uncanny knack for making her come one blistering orgasm after another. Still, she felt a little guilty at times, but she couldn't help herself. She had two loves and they were both dynamite in bed in their own way.

Though she had sex with Suyi a day ago, she still felt a hunger in her cunt. Since dropping in weight from 180 lbs to around 150 with her new diet, she found that her sexual appetite increased proportionately. She had every intent of coming as many times as possible this weekend. She almost pitied Derek's dick, because she was going to be merciless.

Kicking off her nylons, she went into the master bedroom. Crawling into bed she laid on the comforter and nestled up to the pillow Derek slept on. She could faintly smell his aftershave wafting up to her nostrils. She grinned as she closed her eyes and savored the masculine fragrance. A familiar tingling crept up her thighs. Clamping her thighs tightly, she squeezed them together, the pressure stimulating her clit. Her hips rolled slowly in pleasure as her thoughts drifted to sex. Specifically long, hard, pre-cum oozing cocks.

Black and huge sliding hotly between her overheated cuntlips. Pounding into her relentlessly from cockhead to balls until finally convulsing and saturating his thirsty cunt with scalding cum. The thought alone caused a powerful shiver to travel down her lithe spine. Her wetness was starting to seep thru her panties. Kristy moaned and clenched her legs tighter as an orgasm swept thru her trembling full figured body. The release made her already soaked underwear even more drenched. After a slight sigh, she dozed.

Shortly thereafter, I arrived home and fumbled with my keys with the door lock. Letting myself in, I noticed that the house was quiet. Something stopped me from calling out to my wife. Instead, I set my keys on the dining table with a quiet clank. After a quick scan of the living room, where Kristy usually waits for me, I walked into the bedroom. I saw my young, redheaded wife sleeping peacefully in the middle of the bed. Lying on her stomach, her slitted short skirt rode up enough that the bottom of her ass cheeks was visible.

The pink strip of her thong parted her butt, deliciously framing the lightly freckled globes. While her legs were parted, giving me a nice view of her puffed pussy lips on both sides of her thong. My dick jumped painfully in my khakis, straining against my zipper, as if it could smell her sex through the material. As Kristy slept on, I crept closer. Eyes wide and glued to her ass, I slipped onto the bed behind her, between her stretched legs.

My weight on the bed disturbed her, but she didn't wake up. It did cause her to shift her position by lifting her right leg, bent at the knee. Drifting back to sleep, her pussy parted a little further open. The thong strap slid up to quickly fill the space. Her skirt rose higher, making her lewd posture even more wanton.

Looking closer between my wife's plump creamy thighs, I began rubbing myself thru my pants. I didn't want to wake her, but my hormones were kicking into full gear. I methodically slid my hand up her straightened leg towards her crotch. I was inches away from her pussy when she purred contentedly in her slumber. As I touched her cunt, I noticed moisture on her panties. Looking down, I saw that they were indeed drenched and that some of the juice coated her inner thighs. I continued to massage her pussy, deliberately increasing the pressure.

"Glad you made it home, honey. " She said to me sleepily, as she began to gyrate her hips against my invading fingers.

I retracted my hand to stroke the swells of her buttocks. Kneading the supple flesh, alternating between halves. Returning my hand to probe her twat, I nudged the flimsy string aside and inserted two fingers into her wet and warm pussy. Manipulating the folds masterfully, I reached the clit and pulled on it gently.

Kristy felt desire start to well inside of her again as her body responded by releasing more cream onto my now slippery fingers. I pushed them deeper and Kristy groaned loudly. Rising up on her elbows, face in the pillow, she arched her ass up to me to give me better access. Her mini-skirt rose up to just below her waist. Ass now in plain view for my lust filled eyes.

"How was you day, baby?" I asked.

"Let's just say I'm very happy it's over and that you're here. I missed you so much. "

"I missed you, too. "

"I think something else misses you also. " she murmured as she got up fully on her knees and pushed back towards me. My hand was covered in her cream, I eagerly licked it off my fingers.

"It's even better tasting when it's fresh, " she flirted as she glanced back at me wickedly. I then leaned into her until my nose was just beneath her asshole and gave her pussy a lingering lick.

"Ooh, " Kristy panted, " That feels so good, sweetie. "

I continued lapping her cunt noisily. Her nectar painting my eager tongue as I pushed it into her sloppy hole and wiggled it. Withdrawing it, I finished giving her pussy lips a cat bath.

Kristy reached one hand underneath her plump belly and started stroking her fiery clit. She was rapidly building towards a massive orgasm. When my tongue brushed over her asshole, she exploded.

"Aaaah!!!" she cried repeatedly as her cunt spasmed violently. This made me lick all the faster. I made sure my tongue plunged occasionally in to her gritty hole. Her come slowly subsided as the aftershocks made her ass quiver and sent pleasure ripples to her twat. Pulling her hand from her clit, she hugged a pillow with both arms and collapsed. Her ass was still suspended lewdly in the air.

We were both breathing heavily when I unzipped my pants and hauled out my coal black 8" cock. Overcome with lust I yanked aside her thong roughly and lined my dick up to Kristy's gaping tunnel. Without warning I shoved into her viciously. Filling her up instantly. My wife wailed loudly as my balls collided with her now sensitive clit. I began pumping into Kristy's submissive cunt as hard and as fast as I could. She surrendered her body to my thrusts by lowering her face further into the pillows as possible. Practically howling into the pillow, it did little to muffle her passionate screams. She adored getting banged in this fashion. Leaning over her back with one hand on her hips, I shoved my cock into her slavering hole with jarring impact. Kristy squeezed her eyes shut, fingers clasping the bed sheets, her mouth hanging open. Still I steadily pounded her.

Her desire rose again, and she began to thrust back as hard as I was pushing forward. The room filled with clapping sounds as I impaled her cunt savagely. "I'm gonna come, baby!" I half shouted.

My sweet pussy wife threw her ass back fiercely, at the same time, grinding her hips obscenely. That was all she wrote for me. It felt like a damn burst as hot jizz launched from my straining cock. I was screaming now and she joined me as her third orgasm of the day struck. Still fucking at one another, we could hear a squelching, squashy sound as her deep cunt gulped up my sperm. It was so loud our cat nearly ran from the room with it's ears twitching wildly. I kept fucking her as steams of cum leaked down her inner thighs and a beaten froth began to form. As we came down from our erotic high, Kris spun around and started licking at the foam that covered my entire dick. It didn't take long for her mouth to look as if she was auditioning for a "Got Milk" ad.

Wincing from the sensitivity, I pulled my cleaned dick away from her. "Spoil sport, " she teased.

I kissed her messy, chubby face and she giggled as my whiskers tickled her chin.

"I love you, Kris. "

"I love you, too, Derek. "

With our cum still smeared on her face, we both laid down and slept peacefully.

To Be Continued...

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He is married to a whore doesn't know it yet, interesting when he finds out.

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