tagFetishBaby Jamie Ch. 03

Baby Jamie Ch. 03


James arrived home, glad to be done with his taxing work day. The house smelt fantastic, like a rich heavy stew, perfect for the cold winter week it had been. His smile widened when he realised that Sarah must be here if food was cooking. He put his bag down, took off his shoes, and hung his keys on the key rack.

"Sarah" He called out.

No response.

"Sarah?" He called again.

He walked through the lounge into the kitchen. There was a terracotta pot in the oven. The bathroom door was open. Maybe she is lying down? He thought.

He padded his way down the hallway, and carefully pushed open the bedroom door, not wanting to disturb her should she be napping.

To his surprise, she was sitting in the middle of his bed, cuddling a teddy bear to her chest and beaming at him. She was wearing a frilly pink and white Lolita dress, a pacifier tied to a ribbon pinned onto her dress with a my little pony badge, and knee high white socks. Her long blonde hair was tied up in high pigtails with a large pink bow headband. She was also wearing light make-up, big lashes, rosy pink cheeks, lip gloss. She had a light blue leather collar around her neck, this had a pink star name tag attached to it reading "Lolly." She was the perfect picture of a Lolita little girl.

"Hello." James greeted tentatively "Who might you be?"

"Mommy told me not to talk to strangers." Sarah said in a perfected imitation of a sulky child.

"Ok, well, let's figure out who I am in this situation. Then we won't be strangers." James reasoned with her "So who am i?"

Sarah giggled with abandonment.

"Silly billy, how do you not know who you are?" She questioned him, staring at him intently.

"I am not sure exactly what we are playing here Sarah." James explained plainly.

"I'm not Sarah, I'm Lolly." Lolly corrected, pointing to the name tag on her collar, "I am this many years old." She held up 5 fingers.

"Am I your daddy?" James asked, not feeling comfortable with the role reversal. He wasn't sure how well he would go acting as the dominant partner.

Sarah smiled at him brightly, "Nooooo, dumb dumb! You are my sister Jamie!"

James smiled. This was new, and could potentially be fun. He had never discussed with Sarah whether she was dominant or submissive. He just figured with her taking the reins and playing along as the dominant mommy that was role she felt comfortable in. He felt like a selfish arse for not discussing this with her. This was obviously her way of showing him she was into different things.

"You're a switch?" James asked her.

"Noooooooooo silly." Lolly rebuked him "I'm a yiddle girl."

"I am Jamie." He confirmed to her.

"You don't look like Jamie." Lolly countered, pouting and hugging her teddy closer to her chest. "You're dressed like a smelly boy!"

"You're right, I need to change my clothes." Jamie replied.

He walked over to the wardrobe, opened it up, peering inside for what he was going to put on. This was new too. Whilst he had played "Jamie" several times now Mommy always dressed him. The freedom to dress himself was thrilling, but also daunting as he felt like he no idea what he was doing. Furthermore, to dress himself in little girl's clothes seemed like the final step in embracing his kink and admitting he loved playing at being a little girl.

He looked over at Lolly, who was now happily suckling on her pacifier. So pink, white, frilly, and girly. He should pick an outfit to counter balance that. He loved Sarah's clothes. Clothes and costumes. She was a girl whom loved to dress in a quirky style. After much deliberation, he chose himself a black velvet Lolita dress. It was black velvet and lacey on the top, with a black ribbon synching corset style thread up the front, and a red tartan puffy skirt. He picked out a pair of red knee high socks with black ribbons on the top as well.

He dressed himself with Lolly watching him intently. He looked at himself in the mirror. He felt a bit silly, but liked the dress. Lolly fell over on the bed laughing at him.

"What?" Jamie asked her exasperated.

"You puts your dress on backwards silly!" She exclaimed, climbing off the bed to fix him up.

"Thanks." Jamie replied timidly.

"Why you no wear your collar?" Lolly asked frankly.

"It's in the cupboard, but Mommy isn't here." Jamie explained.

"I thought you could only be 'Jamie' with your collar on?" Lolly quizzed him.

James thought about it, though this was not strictly the case, he liked this open playful "Lolly" and wanted to please her. He fished his collar out of the cupboard and fastened it around his neck. It felt strange. He had never collared himself before. Looking in the mirror his pink and white lace collar didn't really match his gothic Lolita dress, but he decided it didn't matter all that much.

"Oooh, your collar is sooooo pretties." Lolly exclaimed.

"Err...Thanks." Jamie replied, blushing. He had no idea where this night was heading.

"Do you want to play with me Jamie?" Lolly asked candidly. She was like an open book. Lively, direct, openly curious, full of questions.

"Yes." Jamie answered feeling awkward, not knowing what to do. This was much harder without Mommy around to tell him what to do.

"What do you want to play?" Lolly asked excitedly.

"Umm... I don't know." Jamie answered shyly.

"Hmm... well... Mommy has a horsy... and she rides it, and lets me ride it sometimes. She said I should not play with it if she is not around, but I won't tell her if you don't?" Lolly gushed her words out like she couldn't contain her excitement. She was an energetic, fun little thing. Jamie found her very appealing. He had never seen this side of Sarah, and he had to admit he found it both endearing and a massive turn on.

"Mommy never showed me, or let me play with the horsy." Jamie pouted. He had no idea what this 'horsy' was.

Lolly hopped off the bed and pulled out what looked like a grey semi-circle tube cushion thing.

"Helps me lift it on the bed." She told Jamie.

It was light, and Lolly could have lifted it by herself, but she was clearly enjoying role paying as a little girl. Together they lifted the object into the middle of the bed. The grey material felt like pleather, the dome / tube was firm probably fashioned out of plywood, with a soft cushion coating under the pleather outer. On the top in the middle of the 'horsy' was a hole. Lolly pointed to it.

"That's where you put the magic wand to make the horsy magical." She explained to him.

"How is it magical?" He asked bursting with curiosity. He had never seen an object like this before.

"You put in the magic wand and it buzzes and tickles and then you get a magic tingly feeling and then it feels like an explosion inside of you! But a good one!" Lolly babbled out excitedly.

She retrieved Mommy's magic wand from the bedside table and inserted it into the hole in the horsy.

"You ride it first, I don't know what to do." Jamie told her.

"Yay! Okies!" Lolly replied visibly delighted.

She switched the wand on and mounted the horsy. Jamie saw a flash of her my little pony panties when she hitched up her skirt to mount the horsy. The front of his dress stuck out where his little clitty was showing his evident arousal. He realised he forgot to put his panties on. He picked out a pair covered care bears from the cupboard and quickly put them on. Sarah giggled at him.

She lowered herself onto the horsy.

"Oooh" She squealed.

She rocked slowly back and forth on the horsy, trying to get the wand in the right position. She put her hands under her dress skirt, moved aside her panties and opened her pussy lips so her clitty had direct contact with the wand head. She moved around some more trying to find the sweet spot. She moaned deeply when she found it. She rocked slowly back and forth on it, receiving her first wave of the I'm-going-to-orgasm feeling of pleasure.

"OOOOOO" She gasped "Ooooh Jamie, the horsy is so fun to ride."

Jamie watched her mesmerised. Watching her convulse involuntarily and her eyes roll back into her head. It was a huge turn on.

Lolly's pleasure waves came quicker and quicker.

"Oh Jamie, it feels so good." She informed him. "It tingles so good. Mommy's not here, but I am going to cum. Please don't tell Mommy Jamie... ooooh... Ohhh. Ooooooooooo."

She fell forward off the horsy onto the bed as her orgasms took her body over. Jamie sat her up on the bed and cuddled her hard.

"That looked fun." He noted.

"It, was." Her lower lip wobbled like she was going to start crying. "I was a naughty girl. Mommy is going to tell me off."

"No, no Lolly. You are a good girl. I won't tell Mommy." He reassured her, holding her tightly against him. "You are so beautiful, you made me so excited. Look."

He took her hand, and put it up under his dress making her touch his engorged little clitty.

"Oh" Lolly giggled "You need to feel good and tingly too Jamie. You ride the horsy."

Jamie looked at the horse dubiously. This was designed for women, he was uncertain it would work for him. Not wanting to upset Lolly he mounted the horsy. The vibration felt good. Better than he expected, he felt a slight build up, but not enough to tip him over the edge. Lolly watched him struggle for release.

"It's ok." She comforted him. "Sometimes it doesn't work for Mommy either and she lets me use just the magic wand on her, shall we try that?"

"Yes please." Jamie answered dismounting the horsy.

"But first... well... Mommy told me, that you kiss her." Lolly stated.

Jamie moved over to her and kissed her on the mouth.

"Not there silly!" Lolly scoffed, pushing him playfully. "She saided you kissed her in her very special place and it makes her feel as nice as riding the horsy. Can you give me kisses like that?"

Jamie smiled at her "I would love to. Do you want to ride my face like the horsy?"

Lolly looked confused "I wouldn't hurt you?"

"No, I would love it. I thinks you would taste delicious." He reassured her.

"Oh okies." Lolly said, looking a bit unsettled. "What do I need to do? I wants to get it right."

Jamie laughed at her.

"Don't worries. It's more about me getting it right." He said putting her at ease. "I will lie down on the bed. You will take your knickers off. Then you will sit on my face the same way you did with the horsy."

Lolly nodded her head determinedly.

"Okies. Lie down on the bed." She bossed him as she wriggled out of her my little pony panties.

Jamie lay supine on the bed. Lolly crawled over to him, sat upright on her knees and swung her left leg over his face. He reached up and opened up her folds.

She yelped and stood up on her knees.

"You didn't tells me you were going to do that!" She accused hotly.

Jamie giggled at her.

"How am I meant to kiss you properly if you don't open your lips?" He countered.

Lolly considered this a fair statement and lowered herself back down onto him. He was shrouded with her pale pink dress, a white clad little foot on either of his head. He reached up again opening her folds gently. He licked her slowly, savouring her sweet piquancy.

"Oooh Jamie." She cooed.

"Good?" he asked, voice muffled by her soft bare pussy.

"Ah hah." She confirmed. "Do it again."

He did as she requested, relishing her moan of pleasure. He took her clit in his mouth and sucked it lightly.

"Oooh." She cooed again. "It makes me feels melty good."

He sucked harder. She clasped her hands onto the bed head in front of her, his actions making her feel weak at the knees. Her breath in hitched in her throat. He flicked his tongue over her clit repeatedly, leaving her gasping atop him. Unconsciously, she moved her hips grinding her hairless, pretty, little pussy over his tongue and ridge of his nose. He held his tongue still and firm for her to scour against. After a while of letting her ride him he grasped her hips above him, holding her still, and sucked, and flicked her clit some more. Her thighs were quivering at either side of his head. He brought one hand down and under her dress. She remained held in place with his other hand. He slipped two fingers into her, his palm facing away from her pert bottom. He made a gentle 'come hither' gesture inside her.

"OOOOOOOOOOOO" she panted desperately.

He held pressure on her upper wall and sucked her clit hard.

"Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh Jamie." Lolly sobbed "I feel like I might have an accident."

"It's ok Lolly." Jamie coached her. "It's a good thing. Let it go."

He sucked hard on her clit again and made three 'come hither' motions before deftly withdrawing her fingers.

Lolly felt herself crest into orgasm, but also felt a mind melting flood gush out of her and down Jamie's face. She fell sideways off his face and lay panting on her side in the foetal, sobbing and gasping.

Jamie rolled over and spooned into her.

"Shh. Shh Lolly, it's ok." He comforted her.

"No. Oh no." Lolly sobbed, "I made a big mess."

"No Lolly, it was a good mess." He snuggled against her tightly.

"Really?" She questioned hopefully.

"Really." He affirmed "I promises. Look at me."

Lolly rolled over to face him. Looking right into his smiling eyes.

"You are wonderful Lolly." Jamie praised her.

"I won't get into troubles?" She sniffled.

"No, you did a good thing." He told her "And I won't tell Mommy."

"Okies" She said quietly.

"I will make a mess when you make me feel good and tingly too." He told her.

"Really?" She asked again, eyes wide.

"Really." He affirmed.

"Maybe we should put a diaper on you then?" She responded, sounding more confident and in control.

"That's a good idea." Jamie said, feeling butterflies in his stomach at the thought of being diapered.

"Lolly, would you do something for me?"

"Anything!" She answered earnestly, her big blue eyes wide and innocent.

"Mommy puts a pacifier in me before diapering me." Jamie confessed looking bashful.

"That's easy!" Lolly enthused.

"Not a pacifier for the mouth... one for... um... one for my special place." He clarified, blushing deeply.

"Oh." Replied Lolly, eyes wide in shock. "You will teach me what to dos?"

"Of course." Jamie assured her.

He went to the cupboard and took out a diaper, butt plug, and lube. He lay the diaper on the bed and positioned himself on top of it. Lolly moved into position between his legs. She picked up the butt plug and looked at it confused.

"You put the juice on it. Lots of juice. Then very slowly put it in my special place." Jamie explained.

Lolly devotedly lubed up the butt plug. Jamie brought his knees up to his chest, exposing his pink little tunnel. Lolly put the tapered tip of the butt plug against his pink little button and pushed it slowly but firmly.

"Is that ok?" She asked nervously.

"That's great Lolly. You are doing great." Jamie told her. "When I tell you, push it all the way in. I need to relax or it will hurt."

"I don'ts want to hurts you Jamie!" Lolly fretted.

"You won't, I need to relax. That's my job not your job."

Lolly sighed in relief. Jamie felt himself relaxing around the half-inserted butt plug.

"Ok. Now Lolly."

Lolly pushed the butt plug all the way in. She looked at Jamie, to make sure she hadn't hurt him. He sighed in what looked like pleasure.

"It feel good?" She asked.

"Yes Lolly. You did a good job. You're a good girl." Jamie told her, and was rewarded with her beaming smile.

She fastened him into the diaper. She picked up the magic wand and switched it on it's lowest setting. A dull hum filled the room. Jamie knew Mommy had the wand, but she had never used it on him before, and he was uncertain of Lolly's intentions.

Lolly ran it up his left leg, the vibrations tickled. He jolted his leg away from the wand. Lolly giggled mischievously.

"You're ticklish!" She proclaimed eagerly.

"Please don't do that." Jamie pouted.

She moved the vibrator to his right leg, tickling him again.

"LOLLY DON'TS" he yelled. "I don't want to play if you are going to be a mean girl."

"Ok. Sorry Jamie. No more tickles." Lolly promised.

Lolly took her free hand, rubbing, feeling for his hard little clitty through his diaper. Despite his protests, she felt he was enjoying this.

He moaned at her touch. She felt out the tip of his little clitty with her hand. He thrust against her hand for more pressure. Lolly moved the wand up onto his diaper. The diaper dispersed the vibrations in a strangely pleasant way. Jamie felt his excitement building, and was surprised. He thought vibrators were only effective for women. In spite of himself, he found himself gyrating his hips to find the wand with his little clitty, for more direct pleasure. Lolly teased him for a while, deliberately moving the wand away from his rigid little clitty. Giggling playfully, adding to his feeling of intoxication. The more he strained to get the vibrations to the sweet spot, the more she enjoyed herself. She felt a new surge of hot wetness between her legs, and a pooling of desire in her stomach. She found she was breathing as heavily as Jamie was. This was fun!

She moved the wand onto the tip of Jamie's little clitty. He groaned loudly. Jamie bucked against the wand, moaning incoherently the whole time. His stomach pulsated, and his legs tensed. His cheeks clenched around the butt plug, adding an extra sensation of fullness. His need for release was evident.

"Are you going to make an explosion?" Lolly asked him innocently.

Jamie nodded vigorously. Breathing, and sucking hard on his pacifier.

Lolly moved the vibrator away from him, and giggled maddingly. Jamie whimpered with need. Feeling unfulfilled, and embittered. He felt like crying, he was so close to release.

"Beg me." Lolly said playfully.

"What?" Jamie asked dumbly.

"Beg me like you beg Mommy." Lolly stated clearly.

"Please Lolly. Please don't take the magic wand away. Pwease, I'll do anything. You make me feel soooooooo good. Please Lolly."

Lolly nodded, satisfied and gratified with his begging.

She turned the wand up to high, and placed it back against Jamie's diaper, close to his little clitty. The increased vibrations were felt by Jamie. He reared and humped his hips, whimpering trying to get closer to the wand. Lolly took mercy on him and positioned the wand downward, onto the tip of his little clitty. He let out what could almost be described as a wail of relief or need or both.

He felt his need well up, moving up the shaft of his clitty. He implored permission to cum with his eyes.

"Yes, yes, yes" Lolly encouraged. And he came. His little tummy spasming rhythmically, his legs tense, his face red with strain. His release spouted out, filling the front of his diaper.

Lolly switched off the wand. She put her hand down the front of Jamie's diaper, bringing out sticky little fingers. She rubbed it between her fingers curiously.

"It's sticky." She concluded.

Jamie could do nothing but laugh. He laughed until Lolly fell onto the bed cuddling and laughing with him.

"I like you Lolly." Jamie concluded, kissing her forehead.

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by Anonymous05/28/17

What's Next ? :)

Loved the series! So whats next? Now that Lolly has sticky fingers, is she gonna make jamie lick them clean? Is this where he develops an appetite for cum? I hope so!! SO many directions this could go.more...

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loved it all!

I have just finished reading all 4 of your stories. You certainly have a way with words. I could eat your vocabulary! I found your writing so unbelievably sexy.

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Great twist! Haven't come across anything quite like it. This chapter was lots of fun.

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by Anonymous12/27/16

Loved it

Awesome story cant wait for more

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by Anonymous12/26/16

Loved the two littles

New concept for me. Loved it. Very much a turn on!

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