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Baby-Making Machine


Once again my period had started exactly on schedule. Dirk and I had been trying to have a baby for seven years now with no luck. We had seen countless fertility specialist, and had every possible test run. My ovulation cycle was regular and predictable so we knew which days we were most likely to conceive, Dirks sperm count was high and the sperm were highly active. But the doctors could not explain why we could not have a baby. We joined a couple of support groups for childless couples. To make matters worse Dirk had recently received a promotion at work, which required more travel on short notice so it was becoming more difficult for us to be together during the most likely days for us to conceive.

All the frustration was beginning to take it toll of my outlook on life. I found that I couldn't just enjoy have Dirk's 7 inches of cock inside of my pussy, and I certainly couldn't enjoy having him pump my mouth full of his sweet jism. The process had become a full time job. I had reached the point were I had to have Dirk's sperm in my pussy on the right days or not at all. The third month in a row that Dirk had to be out of town I began to have these strange dreams.

A dark robe clad figure appeared before me at the foot of my bed but strangely I was not frightened. He reached out and grasped my by the ankles and I felt as if I was floating as he pulled me out of the bed. He pulled my out to the hall and down to the basement, where he laid me down on Dirks workbench. The figure walked over to the far corner of the basement and started to rummage around through some boxes the previous owners of the house had left. Dirk and I had never taken the time to go through these boxes. When the figure finally stood up and turned around he was holding a large screwdriver. At this time I became extremely frightened and screamed. I woke up screaming and drenched in sweat. I got up, pulled off my gown, took a long hot shower and tried to go back to sleep.

The next night the figure was back again with a rose in his hand. I felt as if the rose was his apology for frightening me. As I took the rose in my hand I again felt as if I was floating and the figure led me down to the basement again. This time as the figure sat me down on the workbench I could see that he had already set out a number of tools at the end of the workbench. The figure turned and walked over to the far corner of the basement again and began to take some odd looking object out of the boxes. Occasionally the figure came over to the workbench to retrieve a tool as he built something out of the parts he had removed from the boxes.

When the figure was done he came over helped me down off the workbench and led me over to the contraption he had built. It looked a little like an excersize machine with some boot like shoes for my feet to go in, a wide seat, a handhold above my head and no rails across the front of the machine. The stranger bowed to me and then indicated that I should try out the machine. I walked around the machine looking at it and then started to step into it when the figure stopped me like I was doing something wrong. I shugged my shoulders to indicate that I didn't understand. The figure then removed his robe and held out one of his arms as if offering to hold my gown. The figure was clearly a well-built man like my husband, however his dick appeared to be very small and flaccid perhaps 2 or 3 inches long. Somehow his facial features remained vague in spite of the other details that I could see.

After I had removed my clothes and handed them to the stranger, I climbed onto the machine. As I started to pedal the machine the stranger turned a knob on the machine and it started ticking like a timer. The stranger then neatly folded my clothes and his robe and placed then on the workbench. The figure came back over and stood in front of me and indicated with a cycling action of his hands that I should pedal faster. As I pedaled faster I noticed that his cock began to swell and grow longer. After several minutes the figure again indicated that I should pedal faster. As I began to pedal faster I saw his cock twitch and grow a little bigger so I began to pedal a little faster ever couple of minutes. Every time I speeded up his cock grew a little bigger. When the timer went off his cock had grown to the same size as Dirk's. The figure held out a hand as if to indicate that I should stop. As soon as I stopped pedaling the shoes clamped down grabbing my feet. The pedals then moved up and apart spreading my legs wide apart. The stranger then knelt down and started to rub my clit in a circular motion. In a few minutes I had a tremendous orgasm. The figure then stood up and slowly pushed his cock into my still convulsing slit. Just as the stranger fully buried his cock in my pussy I woke up.

The phone next to the bed was ringing. Dirk was calling to say that he had been awakened by a strange dream. I told him that every thing was all right but that I had been having a very sexy dream about him and that he had called just as the dream Dirk had plunged his hard cock deep into me. Dirk laughed and said that he would love to do just that. We talked for a little while and Dirk said that I should enjoy the dream Dirk because it was going to be another couple of days before he could make it home.

After I hung up the phone, I removed my gown and crawled back in to bed hoping that the stranger would return. When the stranger reappear he acted pleasantly surprised that I was sleeping in the nude. The figure led my to the basement again. This time, I quickly climbed on the machine and began to pedal as the stranger set the timer and stood in front of me. This time I tried to pedal a little faster then the last time hoping that would make the timer run faster. Instead the stranger's cock grew even bigger and it was easily 8 inches long when the timer rang.

The shoes grabbed my feet then moved up and apart spreading my legs wide apart again. The stranger than moved forward and slowly pushed his cock into my wet cunt. The stranger than slowly began to fuck me long and deep gradually picking up speed. I felt my own orgasm building quickly and just as my pussy clamped down on the figure's cock, I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

I just lay in the bed for a few minutes enjoying the afterglow of a very satisfying orgasm. Then I got out of bed took a long shower, when downstairs got some coffee and went to work. Throughout the day I kept replaying the dream in my head. Finally in the middle of the afternoon I couldn't concentrate on my job so I went home.

I went downstairs to the basement. Nothing looked out of place, Dirk's workbench was covered with stuff as usual and the boxes in the corner were covered in dust like they hadn't been moved in years. Disappointed that the machine wasn't there I slowly went back up the steps. I decided to go for a dip in the swimming pool, but I didn't fell like going upstairs to get my bathing suit. So I striped and jumped in naked. After swimming laps for 30 minutes, I got out and lay down on one of the lounge chairs next to the pool to dry off.

The next thing I knew the stranger was back again leading me to the basement. I noticed that even though his cock was limp it was definitely bigger than the first time I saw it. This time I starting pedaling fast before the figure had even set the timer. I pedaled as fast as I could the whole time and was amazed as the strangers cock grew to a length of 11-inches. The shoes grabbed my feet then moved up and apart spreading my legs wide apart again. The stranger than moved forward and quickly pushed his cock into my wet pussy. The stranger than began to fuck me fast and deep. I felt an orgasm building quickly and as my pussy clamped down on the cock buried in me. I woke up to the sound of my doorbell ringing.

As I ran through the house I grabbed one of Dirk's dress shirts out of the dryer and slipped it on as I reached the door. When I opened the door all I could see was a giant flower arrangement. I quickly placed my signature the delivery boy's paperwork, thanked him and apologized for not having a tip for him. He said that was OK, the sender had included the tip. Dirk had sent me some flowers. As I read Dirks message I realized that Dirks shirt was wide open and that I indeed given the delivery boy quite a tip after all with a good view of my slick pussy.

That night as I crawled into bed I could hardly wait, and I couldn't go to sleep either. Finally I fell asleep and again the stranger appeared and led me to the machine. This time as I climbed on the machine I noticed the that the figure's cock appear to a little bigger than Dirks even though it was hanging down flaccid between his legs. I started pedaling as fast as I could and then I reach over and started the timer, however this time I set the timer to a longer time then the stranger had been setting it. When the timer rang this time my legs were like lead and the stranger's cock was at least 14-inches long. Again the machine raised and separated my legs. I watch mesmerized as the stranger slowly impaled me with his pole. I could fell every ridge and vein as they passed over my clit and I stared to cum just as base of his cock touched my clit. He starting fucking my slowing and every time the base of his cock touched my clit my pussy would contract again. Slowly the stranger picked up speed and finally I felt his hot juice hit my insides and then I passed out. When I woke up, I was in my bed and the sheets were soaking wet with my own pussy juice.

The next 3 nights the stranger appeared and each time his cock grew a little longer till on the third night it was 22 inches long. Each time I awoke after the stranger had fucked me I had to change the bed sheets because they were soaking wet with my own juices.

When Dirk got home I told him about my reoccurring dreams. Dirk suggested that we finally go through the old boxes in the basement. As we opened the dusty boxes we found these incredible futuristic looking parts. It took Dirk a couple of days to build the machine. As soon as Dirk finished the machine I climbed onto the seat and set the timer and pedaled as hard as I could. My legs got a good work out but nothing magical happened. That evening Dirks pager beeped and he had to go out of town again but only overnight.

That night the stranger came back. This time as I started to climb on the machine the figure stopped me, wagged his figure at me like I was doing something wrong. Then I realized that I was wearing my nightgown. I removed my gown, folded it up, handed it to the figure and climbed onto the machine. Suddenly it dawned on me that I had been wearing clothes when I tested the machine for Dirk. The figure set the timer and I started pedaling. This time his cock grew long enough that I suck on the head of it while pedaling. I could feel his cock continue to grow while I sucked on it and pedal the machine. When the timer rang, I watched nearly 2 feet of cock plow into my slit and I knew what to do.

The next afternoon when I got home from work I heard the water running in the shower. I quickly ran upstairs shedding my clothes as I went and waited for Dirk to step out of the shower. As soon as Dirk stepped out of the shower I grabbed his hand and dragged him down to the basement. Along the way I told Dirk about the last dream and how I thought it meant that the machine only worked if we were naked. Once there I positioned Dirk in front of the machine and hopped on the seat. I set the timer and started to pedal as fast as I could. I kept my eyes on Dirk's cock. Dirks pole quickly grew to its normal 7-inches and than it slowly grew bigger and bigger. As his cock grew bigger Dirk could only stair at it in amazement. As Dirks cock reached 9 inches long the timer rang. As quickly as the machine could lift and separate my legs, Dirk was shoving his new longer cock into my wet slit. As soon as Dirk stopped cuming, and Dirk could step back, I pulled my legs together and started pedaling again and set the timer. This time I pedaled until Dirks cock had reached a full 12 inches long before the timer rang. This time after I had cum twice on Dirks longer cock, I felt his jism pumping into my pussy. We rested for a few minutes before taking a dip in the pool and going to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and found Dirk in the basement drinking a cup of coffee while staring at the machine. So I quickly got on machine set the timer and started pedaling as Dirk set down his coffee and kicked off his boxers. I pedaled as long and as hard I thought I could before the timer rang then Dirk plunged his longer cock into my slit. Twice a day for the next week we made use of the machine. Dirks cock grew to an awesome length of 24 inches before he was called out of town on business.

That night the figure visited me again. His cock remained large like I had seen it the last time. Only this time he got on the machine and motioned for me to stand in front of him. He set the timer for a short period of time and started to pedal. The timer rang, the stranger got up and walked over to the workbench. He picked up a jar from the workbench and began to masturbate. As the figure arched his back he pointed his cock at the mouth of the jar. When he had finished coming he set the jar down and returned to the machine. The stranger repeated this cycle two times pedaling longer and faster each time. Each time the amount of cum he shot into a new jar increased.

As the stranger got on the machine for the forth time I walked over and picked up a new jar. This time when the timer rang I reached forward and wrapped my hand around his cock and slowly started to slide my fingers up and down his shaft. When the stranger 's cock started to pulse I aimed it at the new jar. His cock jerked about 20 times as his load nearly filled a one-pint jar. I carefully carried the jar over to the workbench. When I came back to the machine empty handed, the stranger looked questioning as if to ask where was the jar. As I stepped in front of him I pointed to my pussy and set the timer.

The figure started pedaling and I motioned for him to pedal faster and faster. While the stranger pedaled I slowly rubbed one of my fingers back and forth lightly over my clit, occasionally sliding my finger deep into my cunt. As soon as the timer rang I climbed on to the strangers giant cock. I began to slide up and down on his pole gradually picking up speed. Soon I felt the stranger's cock spurt and I slid down onto his cock as far as I could. I could fell each splash of the strangers cum hit the walls of the cunt. Each spurt of his cock caused the walls of my cunt to contract tightly. On about the 25th or 26th spasm, I passed out.

When I awoke I was in bed again. I could hardly move for several minutes. In fact I called into work sick for the day. At about noon I finally got up changed the sheets on the bed and went out to the pool. After swimming for nearly an hour I laid down to enjoy the sunshine and fell asleep. I woke up startled when I felt someone standing over me. Dirk had managed to sneak up on me. I quickly told Dirk that I had to show him something new about the machine. As we walked down the stairs I told Dirk about the latest dream.

We quickly removed our clothes and Dirk climbed on to the machine and started pedaling while I set the timer. I kept encouraging Dirk to pedal faster while teasing my clit and occasionally spreading some of my juice on his semi hard cock. Each time that I slid my hand up his cock it got a little stiffer as it grew to its new length of nearly 24 inches. When the timer rang I quickly jumped on his cock and started to ride up and down as fast as I could. Soon I felt his cock pulse and pump a load of jism deep into me. As soon as Dirk's pole stopped twitching I climbed off and started the timer again. We repeated this three more times that night. The last time I hopped off of Dirk's cock just as he started to cum and pointed his cock into one of the mason jars and he nearly filled the one-pint jar.

The next day Dirk was called out of town because of a major failure of a piece of equipment. Dirk predicted that he would have to be gone a week to get thing taken care of properly. During that week the stranger returned each night to show me new features of the machine. Positioning the pedals in an upright position and pedaling with my arms, I could enlarge my tits. Knelling at the foot of the machine and pedaling with my hands caused my pussy to become tighter. There was also a position to firm up my tits. Pedaling in the reversed direction in a position caused a reverse action. If I pedaled backwards while the stranger stood in front of the machine his cock decreased in size.

When Dirk returned home, I told him to take a week of vacation. Dirk was reluctant to take a week of vacation but relented after I told him that the dreams had continued each night of the week with new features of the machine. For the next week we practically lived in the basement trying all kinds of combinations. When Dirk returned to work he was given another promotion this time resulting in very little travel out of town.

Two weeks later, my period was late. Finally I was pregnant. The next 8 months were wonderful and difficult at the same. We were so happy to have a baby on the way. However it was difficult because so many of our friends in the support groups were still trying. I was also a little depressed because the stranger stopped appearing.

Finally a couple of days before my due date, Dirk was stuck out of town by car trouble and the stranger came back. I awoke to find the figure standing next to my bed placing a rose on my stomach. I took his hand and he led my to the basement again. The stranger helped my to knell at the foot of the machine and then indicated that I should pedal backwards. As I started to pedal I suddenly understood that the stranger was and always had been trying to help me. As my pussy gradually loosened, I began to feel less cramped, and I began to pedal faster. Suddenly I felt the baby turn and start to move and I realized the baby was on his way now. I looked over at the figure and he appeared to be smiling and gave me an OK sign. Just then I felt my water break and I awoke in bed. The bed was soaking wet and it was getting light out side. I tried to call Dirk but got no answer at his hotel room. I called the doctor and the ambulance. Just as they were putting me in the ambulance Dirk came running up. Dirk had not been able to sleep so he had gotten one of our friends to come pick him up.

Six months latter we invited all of our friends from the support groups to the house, simply telling them that we wanted to thank them for their support with a special gift. We arranged for a babysitter to take care of our son.

The party looked like any other party in the beginning. After a few minutes Dirk stood and asked for everyone attention. Dirk started with a toast to good friend and their help. Dirk and I led everyone down to the basement. I began to tell our friends how a stranger had come into my dreams and brought us a machine to solve our fertility difficulty and that we wanted to show them the machine and how it had helped us.

I then went through all the details of the dreams, however every one remained skeptical. I then offered to demonstrate the machine. I pulled my dress over my head, unclasped my bra, kicked off my shoes and peeled down my panties. As I hopped on the machine I asked who wanted to volunteer. At first no one moved or said a thing, not even Dirk. After a minute, one of the women, Rachel spoke up and said why not she would try anything once if it promised to help her get pregnant. As she pulled her husband, James, forward to the machine I got up out of the seat. I explained how the machine worked and watched as she and her husband undressed. James's cock was already erect as he stepped in front of the machine. Rachel began to pedal as I set the timer and encouraged her to pedal a little faster. Soon James's cock began to twitch and swell and grow. As soon as Rachel notice James's cock lengthen to 7 inches from its original 6 inches she began to pedal much faster.

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