tagLoving WivesBaby, Scratch My Back

Baby, Scratch My Back


"What do you want?"

"I don't know, what do you want me to want?" She was mumbling into the pillow.

This scene was not going well. Maggie was on her knees with her head down on the bed and she was holding her naked cheeks open with her pussy and asshole totally exposed. At my request.

"I'm like this because you asked me to 'spread 'em.' I thought that's what you wanted."

I did. I do. But what I wanted her to do now was to want something sexy, something dirty. I gave the set-up, it was her turn.

"Just fuck my hairy cunt until I have a massive. Wet. Cum. Does that work?"

No. But I did it anyway. ....

"Why do you do that?" Maggie asked, as we were lazing around after our epic pleasures. "It's just embarrassing. You know it's not the way I get turned on, acting like a porn chick."

"I don't want that. I just like hearing you say what you want. It turns me on. But I want you in heat too."

"I love turning you on, so I'll do anything you want. I want to make you happy in bed. But it sure doesn't get me hot."

It's not about what I want. I already know what I want. "I am happy. Couldn't you tell? My dick exploded with happiness. But if I heard your sexiest thoughts, the things you never say out loud I know we'd both have an amazing time."

"'But this, but that.' I told you to fuck my hairy cunt, I tell you to stick your tongue in my ass no matter how I feel about it, I flop my boobs around the way you like."

"How about the real stuff?"

We've gone around and around with this. We have a really good sex life, I just want it to go further, to great. Maggie won't let go and let me know what's going on inside that beautiful head.

"My 'real stuff' doesn't seem to be yours. I get so wet around you... It's so damned hard to be your sex queen."

"You don't need to be a fuck goddess... hell, you actually are my fuck goddess. Just let me know what it is that gets you wettest. That's what's real."

"Stop. You're going to make me cry if we keep this up." Her tone started to change. "What's real is how much I love that cock of yours," she cooed as her arms curled around me and she rubbed biggish breasts against me, and her damp cooter against my flaccid joystick. "Scratch. That turns me on."

And so we go around and around, again.

Maggie starting cooing again as I lightly moved my fingernails across her back. I guess she was right, we all get aroused in different ways and this was clearly one of hers. If only she'd say things out loud a little more.

"Oh God, I wish a man could feel how good that is," she sighed, starting to writhe just a bit. "You want my turn ons? Baby, scratch my back and you'll get me howling all my inner dirties."

OK, I kept scratching.

"Slower," she said, "go slower." Just like she'd say when I was rubbing her girl bits. "Sloooowwwer. Yessss." Her thighs opened up and grabbed my leg. "Put your knee up in my twat," and she started a sloooowww hump on my leg. "Now, yesssss, isn't that lovely?"

This was indeed getting good. Different.

I could feel her wetness started to leak out on my leg, and we kept up the scratching and humping for what seemed like an hour. However long, it was enough that I could feel myself recovering and the void between my legs was beginning to fill up.

"Oh, your johnny is getting happy? See what can happen when you do it my way?" She was right, I never got hard again that fast after an orgasm.

"What's gotten into you?" I was wondering out loud.

"Quiet now." She stopped a bit before she purred, "Hmmm, you know what would be nice?" No, I didn't. "It would be so sweet if you'd wet your finger and just rub it up and down my clit. Stop, don't go in, just slide over my button."

She was slippery. Really, really.

"Ummmm, good." Pause. "Do you think I'm dirty?"

"Yeah you're dirty, you're my wanton woman."

"No, not trampy, you know..."

Oh, this one. Whenever I start moving near her rear end she starts with the "no, it must be stinky back there," or "it's an output, not an input." It's her variation of "Off limits! Stay away!" But it's usually only when I'm making the move over there.

My hands opened up across her cheeks and started rubbing slowly. "You know you're not dirty, we just had a shower. It smells like you, sexy."

"I don't know, you know? It's not right, is it?"

Jeeez. "I'll stay away Margaret Mary. I promise." A Catholic girl. No, I guess, just a girl.

"Well, maybe..... Maybe you can slide in between my pussy and my asshole? Just don't go in. Anywhere." I can do that. "Hmmmm, feels so good when you do that."

Hmmm is right. Typically, Maggie only let me near her ass if I begged or she'd had a couple martinis. But this was a different song and dance. A backside dance, and I wasn't complaining.

"It would be so great if we were doing this on a blanket on a beach." Another new idea. "At night, when it's warm. We hear the ocean lapping, the air would be wet and I'd be wet. You'd be scratching my back, rubbing my cunt with your leg and your finger, your cock would be getting hard on my stomach..." She was whimpering in my ear and with every sigh, she was right, my penis kept inflating.

"Do you want me to...?"

"Shhh," she cut me off. "You wanted a game, this is my game. Keep quiet and let me play." You got it baby.

"Can you suck on my nipple and still do the other stuff? That would be super good." Done. The whimpering just got a little louder. "It feels so decadent to be rubbed everywhere at once. If we were on the beach, so many other lustful things could happen to us."

"Like...?" Where was this going?

"Like we'd be so quiet, rocking back and forth, and the moonlight would be barely showing our bodies, that when a man is walking down the beach, he'd almost trip over us making love."

"A man?" "A man almost trips over us." Her leaky pussy let out a gush. "But when he sees what we're doing he stops and doesn't make a sound. He's pretty much staring at our bare asses moving back and forth, and he does nothing more than watch." Maggie was really sliding around on my leg now, she was so wet. "I can't believe I'm letting another man watch me fuck."

"We aren't fucking yet."

"Shhhh, I know, silly. But, we're going to now."

Maggie rolled me on my back, jumped on top, and spiked herself on my completely hard dick, all in one motion. "Ahhhh, yes. We're fucking now, aren't we? And the man is watching my big, fat ass go up and down on your cock, while you're watching my big, fat titties bouncing in your face. Just like you like them, hmm?"

She was sure right about that. Her melons bobbling around wildly while her sloshy pussy was fucking me was one of the most mesmerizing sights I didn't have to imagine. My hands were on her hips, and the feeling of her up and down started to slow down so she could just savor the feeling of me inside of her.

"It feels so amazing when I'm fucking you and you pull my ass cheeks apart, but wait!" She took a big, dramatic breath. "Wait, your hands are still holding my hips, but my ass is being spread. The man isn't watching anymore, he's rubbing his hands across my ass."

The man. I could have told her that, I guess. If we'd really had a man there, I would have seen him bending down over us. But, like the lady said, this was her party. And her party was making her cream so much I sometimes could barely feel her cunt on my erection.

"My mind is so inundated I can't seem to understand what's happening to me. A minute ago you were just scratching my back and now some strange man is holding my ass open while you're fucking me. Do I want him do anything else?"

"Are you asking me?"

"No, I don't know what I'm saying. It's all so overwhelming."

You can say that again. "What do you want me to do?"

"Just keep fucking me. And sucking my nipples. Yesss, put both of them in your mouth at once. Suck them slowly. Ohhhh. I need to figure out whether I want this man to join our fuck scene or not."

"It sounds to me like he's already joining, whether you want it or not."

"Shhhh, I'm thinking." I don't know, based on her cunt juice, she'd already decided. "It sounds like he's taking his pants off. Is he?"

I nod stupidly. This whole thing was crazy. Maggie'd never said anything about wanting a threesome. This whole thing was a shot out of the night.

"I can feel his weight on top of us, his breathing on my neck. And he's sliding up and down between my cheeks. His cock feels so nice there, like yours does when you're there." Which, I should add, wasn't allowed all that often. "Wet your finger on my cunt juice and rub it around my ass. Don't go in." I know. "Yet." Whoa.

"Rub the ring, uhhhh, suck my titties. It's so hot having two men having their way with me. Rub it som'more. That's good."

"Suck them more, harder. Fuck me harder too. Oh God, stick it in, stick your finger in my ass. Oh my God, I'm being fucked everywhere."

This was really unbelievable. I love anal play. At least, I love thinking about anal play. Maggie, not so much. She went along with me as often as she could face it, she would talk dirty to me about ass fucking, and licking her ass, occasionally she'd even let me lick her there. But that was usually as far as it went. Which was OK, because I usually shot off like a rocketship from all the talk, but while the actual thing wasn't really necessary, I still wanted it to go a little further. And, suddenly, here we were.

"Can you reach the goody drawer?"

Our toy drawer.

"Get the black goody."

Maggie's favorite dildo was a shaped piece of soft black silicone with a vibrator inside. There a kind of open handle on one end, and a round head at the other. She's never said anything about it being black, but she ignores the cream colored one she has that's exactly like it.

"Put some lube on it until it isn't cold anymore." She never lubed it, she was always juicy enough it wasn't necessary. "Put on some more, a lot." And put it where? "Just put back there. Turn it on. But don't push yet, let me get used to it."

Am I hallucinating? No, I'm just following her party. Her new anal party.

"The black guy's cock feels so big at my tiny asshole --the black guy?!-- "I don't know how he's going to fit it in. But if he just pushes against me just a little," this was my signal to push just a little, "maybe I'll get used to it. Keep fucking my cunt hole while he's pushing in my back hole."

You bet I kept fucking her. My cock was working overtime and I was sweating up a sex storm.

"Both my holes are going to be dicked by my men."

My men?

"Oh, how did I become such a dirty slut? I'm so ashamed that I love this so much." She buried her face in my shoulder. "It's so humiliating to want a black man's cock up my ass."

"Don't be, you're still my...."

"Oh shush! I love it, I love being a slutty whore with two dicks in me! Push it in more, I think I can take it."

Her wish was my command.

"Oh! Oh my! OH! Pull it out, it hurts. No, push it in some more, put the whole head straight up my ass! That's it. OH! Yessss, it's in, it's all the way in my hole."

And sure enough, after all these years Maggie was getting her ass reamed.

"Push! Push motherfucker! I've got a black man's dick up my shit hole! Pushitin! Fuck my fucking asshole, fuck my fucking cunt! Oh God! OhGodOhGod!"

Maggie was getting so wild it was all I could do to hang on while I was pistoning both dicks --mine and "the black guy's"-- in and out of her.

"Now slow down, slow down, slooooowww doowwnn. I really want to feel myself getting double fucked. Ohhh my, both your cocks are slamming me so good. Can you fill his cock too?"

I surely could. "His" cockhead was bumping up against mine. Weird. It was really starting to feel like there was another man in the room with us. But, it even though I'd cum just a little while ago, the heat from this unexpected orgy was...

"My balls are boiling, I'm getting ready to explode."

"Don't you dare!" she shouted in between heaves. "I've waited this long to get long to get my poop chute filled, I want to make the most of it."

Poop chute? Really? Poop chute? How about your dirt road?

"You like him fucking my dung hole? You want to do it next?" she teased.

"Now? You bet." I started pulling out. What did I do so right today?

"No such luck buddy, not now! Let me have my black man's dick for now. You'll got plenty of chances to bang the back door."

I was going to take her at her word. It looked like life was taking a turn for the sexier.

"Let me make the most of my first threesome pal," Maggie was starting to rev up again.

"I want to feel your cum shoot up my hairy hole while I'm getting it from behind." She was starting to pump on me again. "I'll take a cum enema from you next time."

She lifted herself up again. "Squeeze my nipples, twist them until I can't stand it!" she demanded. "Owwww! Yesss!! Just like that! Twist my fat fucking titties, fuck me, fuck my pussy cunt, fuck my fucking smelly fat ass you motherfucker!!!"

She was amazing.

"Shoot! Shoot your motherfucking cum in my motherfucking cunt! Shoot it deep so I can cum tooooooo!!!"

And we did, once and for all. Both of us. And the black guy too, I guess.



"What did you think of that, you ass fucker?"

"I didn't fuck your ass, some black guy did." I was still very, very happy.

"He did, didn't he?" Maggie smiled, with a dreamy, faraway look in her eyes. "But you, you scratched my back."

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